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What is a data scientist? A key data analytics role and a lucrative career

Data scientists uncover insights from massive amounts of data to help shape or meet business goals. The data scientist role is becoming increasingly important as businesses rely on big data and data analytics to drive decision-making....

12 Microsoft Power BI success stories

12 Microsoft Power BI success stories

Microsoft Power BI provides organizations with self-service business intelligence tools that allow users to analyze, visualize and share data using the familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Here are 12 success stories built on Power...

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Here’s why behavioral analytics is the next generation of business intelligence

Behavioral data analytics isn't an impossible or expensive task for CIOs anymore.

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Business intelligence data is getting even more user friendly

CIOs have virtually no reason to ignore business intelligence data now.

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Breaking down artificial intelligence to form a starting point for adoption

To leverage, communicate and sell the power of artificial intelligence, we first must capture its essence.

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How big data is disrupting the real estate industry

When it comes to making real estate deals, data analysis is quickly becoming the leading factor in the decision-making process today.

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8 companies using big data to disrupt real estate

Here's how top companies are using data to target the right clients in the real estate industry and prepare more unique offerings.

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The incredible, shrinking shelf life of healthcare technology strategy

A perfect storm of policy uncertainty, marketplace transformation, and technology evolution has made strategic planning increasingly difficult for CIOs.

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Data science key to Monsanto improving its supply chain

A drive toward digitization in the supply chain has created major efficiencies for Monsanto, while underscoring the need for a culture of IT 'transformation agents.'

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From big data to good data: closing the gap between data governance and business insights

Despite increasing spend on big data technology, many organizations still struggle how to make sense out of the massively growing digital universe.

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10 hot data analytics trends — and 5 going cold

Big data, machine learning, data science — the data analytics revolution is evolving rapidly. Keep your BA/BI pros and data scientists ahead of the curve with the latest technologies and strategies for data analysis.

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How big data is disrupting the healthcare industry

Big data is enabling real-time monitoring, better preventative care, fraud prevention and more.

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Big Data, Little Brain

The increasing popularity of big data overlooks the importance of considering the manager's domain expertise. Agent-based simulation combines data and expertise to solve complex problems in many different areas.

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How big data is changing the role of the CMO

Big data is making CMOs more accountable than ever.

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Social intelligence: How to mine social media for business results

By blending automation and expertise, a strong social intelligence strategy can transform social media data into actionable insights — and help shape your company’s products, advertising and customer experience.

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Three ways to make sense out of dark data

To address the challenge of dark data, use artificial intelligence to unlock unstructured data, deploy modular and interoperable digital technologies, and build traceability into core design principles.

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The death of traditional retail and how data will lead its evolution

Is retail dead? No, it's simply evolving and adapting to our technological world.

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14 big data certifications that will pay off

Data scientists and data analysts as well as engineers and developers with the skills to work with big data technologies are in demand and well-compensated. Want an extra edge looking for your next job? Get big data certified.

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