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coachella music festival

How venues are using technology to reinvent event marketing

Event marketing isn't just handing out flyers and radio commercials anymore, it's pure technology.

IT in healthcare

How big data is disrupting healthcare and life sciences

Like all industries, healthcare and life sciences are ripe for disruption.

artificial intelligence / machine learning / network

Will AI really replace all our jobs?

The robots are indeed coming. But should we really be scared?

man walking garage

Enterprise analytics gives responsible control over data exploration

Data becomes information through communication. We want as many smart people to have easy access to rich data. Enterprise analytics is a control for leaders to avoid indulging in 'elaborate rubbish'. For every task there is a tool...

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The growing impact of artificial intelligence on workplace collaboration

AI and machine learning algorithms are increasingly being brought to bear on collaborative business workflows and processes for automation and to enable intelligent conversational experiences. There is a paradigm shift in digital...

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‘DVR for data’ gives TIAA deep insights into its digital business

Retirement wealth manager TIAA built an analytics system to gauge how its digital services are performing in real time, giving IT an immediate pulse on how consumers are responding to them.

02 education

How big data is disrupting education

A deep dive into how big data technology is disrupting the education industry.

blue duo ton compass

Trailblazers: Notes from the new data frontier

Trailblazers have to overcome obstacles – both old and new – as they navigate new terrain. And their reward for choosing to pioneer, rather than follow, gives them a first-mover advantage.

new york times building

The New York Times is winning at digital

The NYT just released a blockbuster earnings report attributable heavily to their digital transformation. Insiders share the five key secrets to their surprising success.

The case for data-centric audit and protection in the Information Age

As the rise of the Information Age has made data more valuable than ever before, hackers have never posed a more severe societal threat than they do today. The examples of major security breaches are so numerous even from only the...

healthcare cost of medication

What Quest Diagnostics’ new study tells us about healthcare IT and value-based care

The shift towards value-based care is real, however the pace of change will depend on addressing several structural and technology challenges.

man holding money with growth

How to assess whether your data is worth the dollars

Most companies fail to see or understand the inherent worth of data in respects to marketing; however, this data can have enormous value.

big data cloud

3 reasons big data analytics goes wrong

Big data is driving revolutionary change in a host of industries. But it is now, more than ever, susceptible to misuse

medical heart rate monitor ekg hospital

Improved continuous monitoring of hospital patients boosts staff efficiency

Healthcare CIOs should study CEM and alarms and notifications platforms for potential productivity gains.

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New tool tallies your big data debt

The free Dremio Big Data Debt Calculator is a new tool from data analytics startup Dremio designed to help enterprises estimate the unplanned cost that stems from the use of non-relational data management technologies.

sap analytics cloud mobile for ios

SAP seeks to speed analytics with AI technology

SAP wants to speed up how analytics adapt to change. It's doing that by embedding SAP Predictive Analytics' machine learning capabilities in S/4Hana.

ibm 16 qubit processor

IBM makes leap in quantum computing power

IBM has some new options for businesses wanting to experiment with quantum computing.


SAP wants to help enterprises learn from their smart devices

SAP has added machine-learning to its Leonardo IoT software suite to help businesses handle data gathered from smart devices more intelligently.

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