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data analytics trends

IT wants (but struggles) to operationalize big data

Big data leaders at large companies are bullish on the capabilities of big data analytics, but are struggling to break down data silos and make data accessible.

cio quick big data

CIO Quick Takes: How to make big data count

Sure ... data is big these days, but what are companies doing with all that newly-mined information? To find out, we asked three CIOs about how big data analytics pay off for them.

cloud computing

Google says welcome to the Cloud 2.0

Enterprises' initial entrance into the cloud is over and they are witnessing the arrival of the Cloud 2.0. That's the word from Diane Greene, senior vice president for Google's cloud businesses.

master key golden

A key factor in the CIO's ability to drive change

A major player in the space pointed out the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) but said it’s not evolving much beyond the use case of predictive maintenance. Why aren’t use cases and revenue opportunities in the IoT exploding? I...

Redis NoSQL

Lightning fast NoSQL with Spring Data Redis

Redis isn't your typical NoSQL data store, and that's exactly why it hits the sweet spot for certain use cases. Get started using Spring Data Redis as a remote cache server to store and query volatile data

datameer 6 analytics visualization

Datameer gets an overhaul to make big-data analytics easier

The rise of the citizen data scientist has placed a new premium on easy-to-use analytics tools, and on Tuesday Datameer announced a fresh version of its namesake platform designed with that imperative in mind.

analytics spending

Big data and analytics spending to hit $187 billion

In its new "Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide," research firm IDC forecasts revenues in the market will increase more than 50 percent over its five-year forecast period.

cray urika gx supercomputer

Need more analytics speed? Cray wants to light a fire under your big data

It's no secret that analytics is eating the enterprise world, but if there's anything in perpetually short supply, it's speed.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cortana

Microsoft updates Dynamics CRM with a new IoT twist

Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 2016 software has been updated for spring, and the new release brings with it a brand-new tool to help companies tap the Internet of Things for their customer-service efforts.

deep thinking ai artificial intelligence

Accenture aims to accelerate AI adoption

The global services company is creating a new artificial intelligence practice around IPsoft's Amelia cognitive agent, with an initial focus of deploying virtual agent technology for clients in the banking, insurance and travel...


Stale beer no more: This app can tell you when it's past its prime

There's a good chance your tastebuds would tell you when you're drinking stale beer, but now science has come to the rescue to spare them that pain.

robot art einstein

Can robots make art? Yes - but don't ask them to write a poem

Robots can paint, but when it comes to writing, they shouldn't quit their day jobs. That's the combined conclusion from results of two contests announced this week.

sparkpredict ar app

Building artificial intelligence models with Internet-of-Things data

SparkCognition, a company with automatic model-building technology that sifts sensor and other instrumented data to predict failures and breaches, has added an augmented-reality layer to its user interface. Now, managers can "see"...

img 7674 large

How healthcare is handling a flood of advancements

Hang on tight! The world of healthcare is changing fast. Learn how health systems are managing their current trajectories of prolific innovation through leadership and technology.

sap digital consumer insight

Who's in your store right now? SAP's new data service can tell you

Marketers can tap virtually limitless volumes of data about customers' online activities, but the offline world isn't nearly as forthcoming. That's where SAP aims to help.


With Assistant, Google wants to always be with you

Google is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to power Assistant, a new product that will follow users through their lives, helping them out with daily tasks and answering their questions.

cdo50 primary and Drexel to honor 50 analytics innovators

The Analytics 50, a collaboration between Drexel University's LeBow College of Business and, will recognize 50 of the most innovative analytics executives.

cmu herb

Faced with a bunch of obstacles, this robot got creative and surprised its makers

Dealing with obstacles is an inevitable part of life, and it looks like robots may be surprisingly adept at applying creativity to the challenge.

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