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sap analytics cloud mobile for ios

ibm 16 qubit processor

IBM makes leap in quantum computing power

IBM has some new options for businesses wanting to experiment with quantum computing.


SAP wants to help enterprises learn from their smart devices

SAP has added machine-learning to its Leonardo IoT software suite to help businesses handle data gathered from smart devices more intelligently.

man walking garage

Content analytics shows us alternative pathways to success

Writing is evidence of thinking. We hire knowledge workers to think and then convert their thinking into action. People produce content that looks like work, based on what they think work should look like. An important part of content...

it security salaries

The NHS ransomware event and security challenges for the U.S healthcare system

The malware attack on the U.K National Health System (NHS) draws attention to the need for urgent building code upgrades in healthcare data security. While short-term fixes may enable hospitals to recover their data and resume normal...

qvc streaming primary

How QVC uses streaming analytics to drive revenue

Real-time analytics on transactional data -- combined with historical and other data -- help the home shopping retailer respond to trends in the moment.

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Can you teach ethics to algorithms?

If we want ethical algorithms, we have to implement features to encourage our own ethical behavior

mountain support climbers

Review: Tableau takes self-service BI to new heights

Tableau strengthens its case with cross-database joins, browser-based authoring, and geo-analysis improvements

golf hole ts

How an AI caddie could improve your golf game

Arccos Golf is leveraging the data generated by its golf performance tracking system to provide a subscription-based artificial intelligence caddie to help golfers make data-driven decisions on the course.

healthcare it tech health

Data scientists compete to create cancer-detection algorithms

Nearly 10,000 data scientists recently competed in the Data Science Bowl to develop machine learning algorithms that can more accurately detect cancerous lesions in CT scans.

3 replication bulldogs twin

Is data for good really that good?

In which Jill advocates for smashing siloes and making better use of data to find ways to improve animal-rescue efforts and other charitable initiatives.

What is deep learning really?

Which deep learning network is best for you?

Open source deep learning neural networks are coming of age. There are several frameworks that are providing advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (A.I.) capabilities over proprietary solutions. How do you determine...

devops tattoo

Career advice: Moving into DevOps

A programmer asks our Premier 100 IT Leader how to make the change.


Cisco bolsters analytics clout with Saggezza buy

Cisco bolsters analytics clout with Saggezza buy

intel optane memory 2

FAQ: 3D XPoint memory – NAND flash killer or DRAM replacement?

3D XPoint is a new class of non-volatile memory that can boost server and PC performance for real-time data processing. In the future, it will likely take on the data center DRAM’s role.

Available R-powered visuals

Power BI to add Premium service; private dashboard is free no more

Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled a Premium enterprise service for its Power BI data visualization platform.

artificial intelligence

What do cognitive science and swarm intelligence have in common?

The future of artificial intelligence is self-organizing software. Multi-agent coordination and stigmergy will be useful in our quest to discover dynamic environments with decentralized intelligence.

Road sign with the word Governance on it

The new paradigm for big data governance

A new paradigm has emerged that brings data governance to big data. Instead of heavy-handed restrictions on data usage and documentation, big data governance is agile, collaborative and efficient. It engages, not separates, analysts...

Maplight, Money in politics, lobbying

Maplight data analytics helps 'follow the money' in politics.

'Follow the money' was the advice for reporters investigating Watergate. Researchers now use technology to analyze the influence of money in government.

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