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nexus 6p and 5x

Google announces two Nexus phones, Android 6.0

The ability to separate work and personal apps and services -- known as containerization -- is now built into the OS.

first look google mobile 1

First Look: Android M, for Marshmallow

Google officially rolled out Android 6.0 at a special event on Tuesday.


Nexus 5X, 6P: What you need to know

The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are available for preorder and start at $379 and $499 respectively.

The Blackphone 2 front and back

Silent Circle aims at the enterprise market with Blackphone 2

The Blackphone 2 is designed to meet the management and security needs of enterprises, while not alienating workers who will end up using it for their personal affairs as well.

google logo white

Here's what we expect Google to announce on Sept. 29

Not one but two new Nexus phones? A new Chromecast? The final release of Android Marshmallow? Google could do it all tomorrow.


BlackBerry confirms Android-powered Priv phone coming later this year

BlackBerry's rumored 'Venice' phone now has an official name, but not much else in the way of official details.

google play store

US antitrust authorities could follow EU in investigating Google's Android deals

Antitrust authorities in Europe are investigating whether Google illegally forces smartphone vendors to install its own app suite on phones running the Android open source operating system. Now, it seems, US authorities may be ready...


Here’s what you can expect to see at Google’s Nexus announcement

What to expect when you’re expecting Nexus phones.

Russian authority finds Google guilty of antitrust abuses

Google abuses its dominant market position to force smartphone vendors to install its apps on Android phones, the Russian antitrust authority has ruled.


Cyanogen chief plans to integrate Cortana, calling Windows Phone 'dead'

Though Cyanogen chief executive Kirt McMaster believes Windows Phone is a dead OS, he plans to take its Cortana digital assistant and integrate it deep into the Cyanogen OS.


iPhone 6S vs. Android: How innovative is Apple’s new phone, really?

There's no denying the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus seem fantastic, but some of its new features sound really familiar.

Jeff Bezos with Amazon's Fire phone

Amazon runs out of stock of its Fire phone, likely for good

Amazon's Fire smartphone is finally out of stock on the company's website after almost a year of availability.

note 5 tips primary

15 tips and tricks to get the most out of your Galaxy Note 5

The Note 5 can do a lot of great stuff, you just have to know where to look.


Sony squeezes 4K into a smartphone

Sony's Xperia Z5 Premium packs a 4K screen, but we couldn't tell the difference.

150902 sony xperia z5 1

Sony hopes new Xperia Z5 Premium will wow with 4K screen

Sony is hoping the Xperia Z5 Premium’s 4K screen and 23-megapixel camera are a winning combination.

huawei mate s front

The Mate S is Huawei’s best-looking phone, but the price is steep

The Mate S from Huawei Technologies has a design that rivals any other Android-based smartphone, but the price is equally awe-inspiring.

blackberry venice

Photos of BlackBerry's Android-powered 'Venice' phone leak online

BlackBerry's first Android effort is starting to look more likely.

edgeplus 9366

Galaxy S6 Edge+ review: Samsung’s great, big, unnecessary phone

It’s fast and nice to look at, but the Edge+ is one splurge you'll really have to consider.

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