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Why Nvidia Shield could rule the living room

Nvidia Shield could become the ultimate entertainment platform. Here's why.

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Trend Micro: 6 most popular homebrewed terrorist tools

Terrorists are developing and distributing encryption tools that protect privacy of their communications, and other apps that include a news-feed compiler and DDoS attack software, according to a Trend Micro report.

38 productivity-enhancing Android apps for the enterprise

Android at work: 38 business-worthy apps

For Android to win over the enterprise, it needs the right apps -- and these offerings definitely mean business

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Phishing apps posing as popular payment services infiltrate Google Play

Researchers from security firm PhishLabs found 11 phishing applications hosted on Google Play this year, targeting users of popular online payment services.

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Uber might charge you extra for making your driver wait

Uber's pilot program will charge passengers a per-minute waiting fee after 2 minutes, or a $10 no-show fee after 5 minutes.

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Motorola's former president returns to Google to head new hardware division

Rick Osterloh will oversee Nexus devices, Chromebooks, OnHub, and Google's ATAP division, as well as Google Glass.


As tablet sales take a dive, analysts expect smartphone vendors to launch convertibles

A new report from IDC tracks the tablet's ongoing decline, while detachable tablets like Microsoft's Surface rise in popularity. Now smartphone vendors are getting into the act, applying their mobile acumen to compete with PC vendors....

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10 Android apps developers will love

From full-blown IDEs to essential resource utilities, these Android apps bring powerful programming features to smartphones and tablets

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iPhone sales drop in Q1 reflect a market that remains flat

Apple iPhone sales declined 16% in the first quarter, but it's important to remember that the overall smartphone market has also flatlined.

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Gmail for Android now supports Exchange on all devices

No longer limited to Nexus devices, you can now use Gmail to handle all your work and personal email.

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What the Google I/O schedule tells us about the future of Android

Google will push Android into virtual and augmented reality while nudging developers to embrace Material Design and lightweight apps.


Drone deliveries are arriving at a golf course in Japan

Online retailer Rakuten will start a drone delivery service at a golf course in Japan

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Malvertising attack silently infects old Android devices with ransomware

Attackers are using two known exploits to silently install ransomware on older Android devices when their owners browse to websites that load malicious advertisements.

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Google I/O to shine a spotlight on Android

Android's newest features will get plenty of attention at the Google's developers conference next month

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LinkedIn Students app helps graduates get gigs

Students and recent graduates are LinkedIn's fastest-growing audience, and the company this week released a new app that's designed to ease the post-college job search process.

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Next big thing in smartphones might be small

Early smartphones were huge, so manufacturers scrambled to shrink them. Then came the phablet movement. In the future, phone size won’t be the focus and the emphasis will shift to internal improvements and additions.

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LG G5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7: Which one is right for you?

Having trouble choosing between two of this year's biggest flagships? Let us help.


LG G5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

Having trouble choosing between two of this year's biggest flagships? Let us help.

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