Reviews, comparisons, and tips for antivirus and anti-spyware security software.

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Internet Archive's malware museum takes you back to the days of cheeky viruses

The Internet Archive is creating a repository of the darker aspects of computer culture: malware.


Trend Micro flaw could have allowed attacker to steal all passwords

A discovery by a well-known Google security researcher provides further proof how antivirus programs designed to shield computers from attacks can sometimes provide a doorway for hackers.

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The most innovative tech products, services

Reader nominations for what security products they felt changed the tech industry.

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The 4 most insecure areas of online behavior

When it comes to online security, experts and users don’t always agree on the most effective ways to stay safe.

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Looking back: Viruses that led to a path of destruction

VirusesImage by BixentroThe world of computer viruses has changed drastically over the last 25 or so years. In the early days, internet users were very naïve towards email attachments, contributing to the alarming speed that viruses...

Google fine tunes spam catching tools

Postmaster Tools aims to give admins greater insight into why messages may not get through

Critical flaw in ESET products shows why spy groups are interested in antivirus programs

The flaw could allow attackers to fully compromise systems via websites, email, USB drives and other methods

Windows 10 will allow apps to actively scan their content for malware

Developers will be able to have their apps talk to the locally installed antivirus programs through a new API

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Antivirus shootout: 7 old-school vendors show off new tricks

Signature-based AV a relic?Image by ShutterstockIn an era when businesses are scrambling to defend against sophisticated advanced persistent threats (APT), signature-based anti-virus may seem like a relic. But traditional anti-virus...

Vulnerable Dell support tool now detected as risky software

Older versions of Dell System Detect contain a serious vulnerability that allows hackers to install malware on users' computers

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Antivirus doesn’t work. So why are you still using it?

Standalone antivirus is no longer effective at stopping today’s increasingly sophisticated barrage of key loggers, backdoors, rootkits, Trojan horses, worms and spyware.

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BitDefender, Kaspersky top list of best Windows 8.1 antivirus software

What's the best antivirus software to buy right now? In February 2015, the list includes BitDefender, Kaspersky, and Avira.

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AVG lauded for fast vulnerability response

Security researchers from Tel-Aviv-based enSilo are congratulating antivirus vendor AVG Technologies for its fast response to a security flaw in one of its programs

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D'oh! Panda Security mistakes itself for malware, quarantines crucial files

An antivirus firm was left scrambling for a solution after it locks some users out of their own PCs.

Jeb Bush's email cache held another surprise: Viruses

There is old malware in attachments included in the Outlook email files

VirusTotal tackles false positive malware detections plaguing antivirus and software vendors

VirusTotal is gathering file metadata from trusted software makers to integrate in its online scanning engine

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Security Concerns Cloud Federal Data Center Overhaul

Government CIOs are in the midst of an ambitious effort to modernize their data centers, but consolidation, virtualization and the cloud bring fresh security challenges.

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Death of Antivirus Software Greatly Exaggerated

After years of predicted demise, AV software continues to protect.

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