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CEO Tim Cook Calls Merchants' Refusal to Accept Apple Pay a 'Skirmish'

Apple CEO Tim Cook called the battle with retailers like Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS and others over mobile payments only a "skirmish" while speaking at the Wall Street Journal's technology conference.

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Here’s Why Rite Aid and CVS Turned Off Apple Pay

Recent moves by the drugstore chains to stop taking mobile payments from Apple Pay and other NFC-enabled systems are part of a heated battle between retailers and credit card companies,

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How CVS and Rite Aid’s Wrongheaded War Against Apple Benefits Walgreens

The drugstore chains are betting on a competing mobile payments app that isn't even here yet.

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CVS Disables NFC Terminals, Stops Accepting Apple Pay, Google Wallet

Reports indicate that the company is working with other retailers on a separate mobile payment system due next year.

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Apple Admins Convene in The Mini Apple

Apple in the enterprise is a way of life for attendees of JAMF Software’s annual user conference.

Apple Hands 8 Execs Stock Awards Worth Up to $27M

Apple recently awarded eight executives stock grants worth almost $13 million each at Thursday's closing price, with another $14 million potentially up for grabs.

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Apple: A Pox On Your House!

I had the Yosemite upgrade downloaded and ready to roll but I was putting it off until I had some time when I wouldn’t be using my iMac. Pages not being able to access iCloud pushed me over the edge …

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Apple, Amazon, and the Growing Importance of Tightly Integrated Experiences

One of the star features of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite is how tightly integrated and seamless the user experience has become across all Apple devices. It's something that only Apple and a handful of companies can pull off, but it's also...

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Security, Payments Experts Talk Apple Pay

Three security and payments industry experts discuss the pros and cons of Apple's new iPhone-based contactless payment system, Apple Pay.

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4 Security Tips for Apple Pay Users

A payments industry expert shares four tips to help you get safely and security started with Apple's new contactless payment system, Apple Pay.

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Vintage Apple-1 Sells for a Record $905K

A 38-year-old working Apple-1 personal computer sold Wednesday at auction for a record $905,000, almost double the auctioneer's high-end estimate.

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OS X Yosemite Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Some tips to get the most out of Apple’s new operating system.

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I Thought the iPhone 6 Plus Was Too Big; I Was Wrong

A month ago, columnist Michael deAgonia bought an iPhone 6 based on the assumption that the larger iPhone 6 Plus would be too big. Then he had a chance to use the larger phone.

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Apple's Mobile Enterprise Strategy

How Apple could boost its sales in the enterprise.

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Topcoder Now Has 3,700 Swift Devs

The Topcoder developer community already has 3,700 Swift developers on its platform just nine weeks after the programming language became available.

NFC Chip Implants: First Apple, Now This Guy

It's hard to steal Apple's thunder on anything these days, but a self-professed "body modification" enthusiast might have done just that: He's had an NFC chip implanted in his hand.

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Mac Revenue Tops iPad as Apple Sells Record 5.5 Million Computers

Apple said it sold a record 5.5 million Macs in the September quarter, boosting sales by 21% year-over-year during a stretch when the overall PC business remained in the red.

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Bottom Line: Should You Upgrade to OS X Yosemite?

Chris Breen considers the advances Yosemite brings to the Mac and what it means in Apple's vision of our computing future.

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