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How similar are OS X and Linux?

In today's Apple roundup: What are the similarities between OS X and Linux? Plus: Why Apple bought FoundationDB, and reviews of the new 13-inch Macbook Pro with Force Touch.

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Deep-dive review: New 13-in. MacBook Pro brings Force Touch to the trackpad

Apple's 13-in. MacBook Pro offers the innovative Force Touch trackpad that brings new features and abilities, along with generally improved performance.

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Tim Cook op-ed: Pro-discrimination ‘religious freedom’ laws are dangerous

"This is about how we treat each other as human beings."

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The new MacBook Pro literally is twice as fast

Benchmark tests on a new MacBook Pro show it can pin the needle at more than 1,400MBps.

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Inside Apple's gigantic Apple Watch rollout

The Apple Watch may or may not be an impressive piece of design or technology. But one thing is certain: Apple's retail preparations for selling the watch are amazing.

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Apple's next big thing might not be the stuff of rumors

Who needs a car, when Apple could just focus on more tightly integrating and adding value to the products we have now?

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Apple Watch and its wireless tech

Apple hasn't called its upcoming Apple Watch "magical" as it did with the iPad in 2010, but its wireless components have some spellbinding features. Whether the embedded NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi elements contribute to the success of...

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Tim Cook on Steve Jobs and why Apple Watch will be the first smartwatch that matters

Smartwatch makers try to replicate the experience of a phone on your wrist. Apple's CEO says that's the wrong approach.

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Apple's Health app really needs a redesign

Opinion: Apple should bring the simple, readable interface from the Apple Watch's Activity app to the confusing Health app for iPhone.

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Why Apple may go its own way with wireless charging

Apple has filed several patents on wireless charging over the past 10 years, but hasn't added the feature to any of its devices. If it does so, the technology will likely be proprietary.

apple watch apple pay amex american express

How the Apple Watch could increase Apple Pay fraud

Criminals are already exploiting Apple Pay to make fraudulent purchases, and the new Apple Watch could actually make it easier, and cheaper, for the bad guys to use stolen card data to make in-store purchases.

With Apple Watch en route, Apple Stores give Jawbone and Nike Fuelband the boot

Apple keeps whittling down the number of fitness trackers in its retail stores as it makes way for the Apple Watch.

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12 early Apple Watch apps for business

Apple's first smartwatch is set for release in April. These 12 business apps for productivity, travel, ERP, CRM and more, should be available shortly after the Apple Watch, and all are valuable tools for professionals.

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Why is Apple avoiding wireless charging?

Samsung recently announced its Galaxy 6 and S6 Edge will have native wireless charging. Other, less-popular mobile devices also have it. But Apple has shunned the technology so far with its iPhone models and with its most mobile...

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FAQ: Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch

Catch up on everything we know about the Apple Watch before its April 24 debut.

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Outage hits Apple services, including iCloud and App Store

Because of an Apple services outage, users have been unable to sign into iCloud and App Store services since before 3 a.m. PT.

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Apple 'Springs Forward' With More Than Just the Watch

While Apple Watch was the main reason Apple execs were on stage Monday, they had a lot more to offer than just rehashing the new wearable's features.

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5 Everyday Technologies Apple Killed in the 12-inch MacBook

Apple's quest for ultra-thin simplicity in the new 12-inch MacBook has left a lot of technology in a shallow grave, replaced by a single Type-C port.

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