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thor table marvel pinball

Defeat the forces of evil in Marvel Pinball!

Great pinball graphics and gameplay take you into Marvel's universe of superheroes and diabolical villains.

38mm stainless steel with classic buckle apple watch

Want an Apple Watch right away? Order the 38mm Stainless Steel with Classic Buckle

One of the smaller 38mm Apple Watches is shipping fast!

apple watch 3up

Hands-on: 48 hours with the Apple Watch

Enthusiasts rushed to be the first to pre-order the new Apple Watch. Now that it's arrived, was it worth the wait? Our reviewer offers his first impressions.

ipad live long and prosper

Apple's iPad will live long and prosper

Don't fret about recent iPad sales, it still has a bright future.


Apple Pay, activity tracking, and telling time: Using Apple Watch without an iPhone

The Apple Watch pairs with your iPhone over Bluetooth, but when you're out of range, it can still do a few things all on its own.

apple watch unboxed

Tapticgate mars Apple Watch rollout

The media pounces on Apple because of Taptic Engine defects.

apple watch

Tattooed Apple Watch owners report sensor troubles

If you have a swatch of black ink tattooed on your wrist, your Apple Watch might have trouble sensing your skin.

sex apps in ios app store

Sex and the Apple Watch

Apple called the Apple Watch their most personal device ever, and they weren't kidding!

apple watch beauty

10 killer tips to get your Apple Watch set up just right

The Apple Watch will be more useful when it delivers the right notifications in a font size you can read, with haptic feedback that doesn't make you jump out of your chair.

apple watch skeptic true believer

An Apple Watch skeptic becomes a true believer

The Apple Watch is far more than just a notifications add-on for the iPhone.

Apple Watch and Apple Pay

How Apple Pay is streamlining healthcare payments

Apple Pay has been making headlines in retail an option for mobile payments, but Instamed is the first to bring contactless payments to healthcare.

Vintage Apple-1 close-up

Antique Apple-1 sells for $236K on eBay

The Apple-1 antique personal computer listed on eBay earlier this month sold for just over $236,000 last week.

apple pay

Discover finally joins the Apple Pay party this fall

Apple now has support from all major U.S. financial institutions as it takes Apple Pay global.

apple watch owner reviews

Apple Watch owners shame pro reviewers

Skip the pro reviews and find out what new owners of the Apple Watch think about their devices.

apple watch calls time on apple retail

Hands on: The first Apple Watch apps for road warriors

30 first-gen apps show promise, but still make you wonder about smartwatch utility

apple watch calls time on apple retail

The 23 top Apple Watch apps you should get

With more than 3,000 Apple Watch apps already available, finding the best ones for new Watch owners isn't easy. Columnist Michael deAgonia did it so you don't have to.

google maps pee android

Yep, that's the Android mascot peeing on Apple in Google Maps

Now THAT apple will definitely keep doctors away.


Apple Watch teardown findings: 205 mAh battery, upgrades unlikely

Apple's first smartwatch is surprisingly easy to repair in some ways, but don't expect to upgrade the internals over time.

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