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iPhone 6s Plus

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Our favorite fitness apps for Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPhone

Getting in shape or staying healthy is easier with these apps, whether you're on the go or in your living room.


Why is the new emoji in iOS 10 so controversial?

In iOS 10, Apple changed the revolver emoji to look like a squirt toy gun. Critics say that the change will cause confusion, miscommunication, and do nothing to solve gun violence. Here’s why they’re wrong.

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Apple's habits peg Sept. 7 for iPhone 7 reveal

If past practice is a guide, Apple will unveil the newest iPhones in just over three weeks, on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

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Tim Cook's first 5 years: Apple's CEO on failure and why he still believes in surprises

From Steve Jobs to the Apple car, Cook looked back at Apple's past and looked ahead to its future in a wide-ranging interview.

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iPhone: Do you keep battery percentage on or off?

Some users love having the battery percentage displayed on their iPhones, while others have absolutely no use for it whatsoever.

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Taking stock of Apple's 2016 acquisitions

Apple’s acquisition this past week of Turi, a Seattle machine learning company that has its roots in the open source GraphLab project, brings to six the number of deals Apple has made this year that have gone public.

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CIOs express mixed emotions on Apple’s enterprise evolution

Not all IT leaders are happy with Apple choice to largely keep the enterprise at arm's length, but the company has made notable progress in business. These developments, large and small, helped changed the IT industry's perception of...

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Apple TV Remote app can replace your real remote — with 1 exception

The new Apple TV Remote app for iOS replicates the majority of functionality in the fourth-generation, Siri-enabled hardware remote control, but it lacks a very important feature.


Why does the iOS 10 lock screen reveal so much?

In iOS 10, you now have an unprecedented access to your apps and services right from the lock screen. But is this convenience worth compromising our privacy?

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Zagat restaurant app for iOS gets major makover

Google acquired restaurant-rating service Zagat in 2011, and it has essentially been MIA ever since. But Zagat is back with a useful new iOS app and simpler rating system foodies will love.

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iPhone ASP decline shows Apple's Services strategy at work

Apple said the 40 million iPhones it sold in the June quarter brought in an average of $595 each, the largest year-over-year decline in average selling price in two years.

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Apple reports second straight quarter of declining iPhone sales

Apple has reported its second straight quarter of falling iPhone sales, hit by stiff competition in China and the ongoing slowdown in the worldwide smartphone market.

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Financial analysts forecast another downturn for Apple's iPhone, Mac

Apple later today will again announce a downturn for all three of its primary product lines, according to independent and institutional financial analysts.

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Kindle Oasis and two must-have mobile apps for summer 2016

CIO.com mobile tech reviewer James A. Martin highlights the best mobile device and apps he reviewed so far this summer, including a pricey ereader and two useful productivity apps.

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Do Not Disturb is one of the best features in iOS

Many iOS users love Do Not Disturb because it prevents annoying interruptions while they are trying to sleep or otherwise prefer not to be disturbed. Here's how you can turn it on and configure it.


Did Pokemon Go bring AR to the iPhone?

Pokémon Go has made us spend more time in augmented reality than on Facebook. But we've been using our iPhones for AR for a while now.

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SoftBank buys ARM: What will Apple do?

SoftBank will buy ARM for $32 billion. Should Apple be worried about its ARM licenses? Will Apple make its own bid for ARM?

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During coup attempt, Turkish president appears via Facetime on live TV

In what could be another first for our connected world, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan placed what appeared to be a Facetime call into a national news broadcast early on Saturday while the world tried to figure out if a...

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