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iPhone sales drop in Q1 reflect a market that remains flat

Apple iPhone sales declined 16% in the first quarter, but it's important to remember that the overall smartphone market has also flatlined.

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Why Tim Cook is still optimistic after Apple's growth stalled in Q2 2016

Apple made $10 billion last quarter, but the rapid growth of 2015 has slowed, and Q2 2016 saw the first decline in year-over-year revenue in 13 years.

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Apple stumbles in the world's biggest smartphone market

Last year, Apple was on a gravy train in China. Sales of the iPhone were booming, and the country looked poised to overtake the U.S. in terms of its contribution to Apple’s business. Suddenly, things don't look so rosy.


Apple reports first drop in iPhone shipments

For the first time since it launched, shipments of the iPhone dropped year-on-year and pushed Apple revenue and profit down.

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Financial analysts forecast first-ever year-over-year decline in iPhone sales

Apple will announce downbeat results from the first quarter of 2016 later today, according to nearly three dozen financial analysts.

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Why don't more people use FaceTime Audio for voice calls?

FaceTime Audio is a great alternative to traditional phone calls, and it doesn’t use nearly as much data as people think. The sound of FaceTime Audio calls is also usually better than cellular phone calls. So why don't more people use...

The iPhone 7 won't have 'many attractive selling points,' analyst says

By Apple standards, 2016 might be a not-so-great year for the iPhone. But 2017 could be huuuuge.

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Next big thing in smartphones might be small

Early smartphones were huge, so manufacturers scrambled to shrink them. Then came the phablet movement. In the future, phone size won’t be the focus and the emphasis will shift to internal improvements and additions.

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Hands on: The iPhone SE -- a classic design with modern hardware

Apple's new iPhone SE offers the latest smartphone technologies in a smaller, 4-in. size that will appeal to users who don't big phones.

The FBI paid more than $1 million to hack the San Bernardino iPhone

FBI Director James Comey still won't say who hacked the San Bernardino iPhone for the FBI, or how the hack works, but we now know it was expensive.

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What Siri’s WWDC scoop could mean for this year’s event

Siri’s role in WWDC isn’t likely going to be limited to her loose lips.

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Apple to pay $24.9 million to settle Siri patent lawsuit

Apple has agreed to pay US $24.9 million to a patent holding company to resolve a 5-year-old lawsuit accusing the tech giant's Siri digital assistant of infringing one of its patents.

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Looking for common ground in Apple vs. the FBI

In today's congressional subcommittee hearing, Apple and the FBI highlighted the ways they do work together already, but couldn't agree on a path forward.

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iPhone 8: Good riddance to the iPhone’s aluminum casing!

Rumors are flying that the iPhone 8 will have glass casing instead of aluminum. Does it make sense for the company to do such a radical redesign with the iPhone 8?


Which iPhone battery case should I get?

Which battery case should you get? Watch as we review Apple’s ergonomic Smart Battery Case, Mophie’s more affordable Juice Pack Reserve, and Kuke’s battery case with external storage options.

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When is WWWDC 2016? Just ask Siri

According to Siri, WWDC 2016 will be held from June 13 to June 17.

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Fake iCloud scam site wants your Apple ID and password

Watch out if receive a text message telling you that your iCloud account is set to be deactivated. It’s a scam designed to get your Apple ID, credit card information and password.

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Is the iPhone SE a cheap cannibal of Apple’s higher-end phones?

Why would Apple offer a high-end phone at a low price unless it’s worried about sales? Examining previous phone upgrades, it’s clear it fits previous patterns.

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