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15 best boss fights ios games

mophie charging case

33% off Mophie Juice Pack Protective Charging Case for iPhone 6/6s - Deal Alert

With the push of a button, this case's built-in rechargeable 1,840mAh lithium-ion polymer battery gets you an additional 22 hours of talk time, 16 hours of internet use, and 17 hours of video playback.

20 best new iphone ipad games 1 intro

20 best new iPhone, iPad games

Disney, Marvell, arcades, rabbits and more will entertain you on your iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet.

refurbished apple products

How does Apple clean its refurbished products?

Refurbished Apple products can be a great bargain, but how does the company clean them before selling them to its customers?


Does the iPhone need a ‘panic button’?

A new ‘panic mode’ for your iPhone might help keep your data more secure. And with the current legal decisions regarding Touch ID, this iOS feature is now vital.

apple store luxury retail

Apple Stores could open in India by the end of 2017

According to a new report, Apple is opening Apple Stores in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai in the next 18 months.

wireless charging case

50% off Spigen Tough Armor Volt iPhone 6s case with Wireless Charge Receiver - Deal Alert

The Tough Armor Volt for the iPhone 6s enables your device to be wireless charging compatible while keeping it tough and protected. It's list price is currently slashed 50%.

privacy door

FBI/Apple privacy fight left out a major player: The data carriers

The debate over privacy does not begin and end with the recent battle between the FBI and Apple over unlocking an iPhone. The major carriers of the data in smartphones and other devices are also very involved in government access to...

disable touch id

Stick it to the man: Disable Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad

A recent court ruling shows that law enforcement officials can require you to use Touch ID to unlock your iPhone or iPad. So here’s how you can disable Touch ID on your iOS device.

How to use an Android Wear watch with an iPhone—and why you might want to

Android watches can't do nearly as much as an Apple Watch (with iOS), but there are upsides.

apple watch iphone 6s plus granite

The REAL 'real reason' Apple made the Apple Watch

Despite an amusing report to the contrary, Apple's main motivation behind the release of its first smartwatch was not to improve the overall health of its customer base and change modern healthcare.

mobile enterprise apps

SAP design chief talks details of Apple deal

SAP's chief design officer says modern workers have high expectations for the enterprise apps they use each day, and the company's recent deal with Apple is designed to elevate business software and enhance the overall SAP user...

apple logo ipad pro

Apple's SAP deal means more iOS enterprise apps

Apple continues to make headway in the business world. This week it landed a significant partnership with SAP that could have a major impact on mobile productivity.

apple ibm

Why Apple's awkward approach to enterprise is paying off

Apple inspires a level of excitement among IT pros today that every enterprise vendor should covet, thanks at least in part to progress in its deal with IBM. However, Apple remains plagued by a number of key shortcomings that keep it...

gs7vsiphone6s  4

Smartphone camera shootout: Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6S

Let the games begin: We tested the Samsung Galaxy S7 against Apple's iPhone 6S to see which flagship device is the best overall smartphone camera.

apple global warming propaganda

Enough with the political propaganda, Apple!

When will Apple stop pushing its far-left politics on its customers? You can’t even visit the iOS App Store without having Apple’s sanctimonious political propaganda shoved in your face.


3 features that would make the iPhone 7 truly innovative

The iPhone 7 doesn't have to be mind-blowing to get us excited for an upgrade.

angle touchid

Why your iPhone-unlocking fingerprint is susceptible to FBI search warrants

A judge is forcing a woman to unlock an iPhone with her fingerprints, but does this violate the Constitution?

apple logo

What Apple's first down quarter in 13 years really means

All eyes are on Apple after the company suffered its first period of revenue decline since 2003. The next iPhone release will be a defining moment for the company, according to analysts.

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