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IPhone 6S launch in Palo Alto
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ios mfi games

iPad Pro: Get MFi controller compatible games

See an updated list of games that offer MFi controller compatibility for the iPad Pro. The games on the list also work with other iOS devices.

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8 Black Friday iPhone apps to help you shop smarter

It's a jungle out there. Let these apps be your machete through every Black Friday ad, with built-in shopping lists and expert advice too.

tim cook apple

Apple redditors give Tim Cook a blistering performance review

Apple CEO Tim Cook gets some severe but necessary feedback from redditors in a recent thread. Will he listen to them?


5 mobile apps to help you survive (and thrive) this Thanksgiving

These five free mobile apps for Android and iOS devices can help you shop for holiday groceries and gifts, find the best routes to wherever you're going, work off desserts and, if you must, count calories.

IBM Watson Web San Francisco

IBM Watson Trend iOS app promises Black Friday insights, but mostly fails

The new Watson Trend app puts IBM's machine-learning, natural-language-processing, big-data-crunching platform to work for you to help you find information on products of interest. Unfortunately, the 'insights' it provides are mostly...

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6 must-have gifts for Apple's biggest fans

Cool gifts for Apple fans who love anything and everything that comes out of Cupertino.

mozilla firefox san francisco

Firefox finally fires up on the iPhone

Mozilla on Thursday launched Firefox for iOS, making the browser it long resisted coding available for iPhones and iPads.

black friday deals apple 2015 1

Best Black Friday 2015 deals on Apple iPhones, iPads, Watches & More

Best Buy, Target, Staples and others cater to Apple fanboys, fangirls with Black Friday deals

Evernote latte

New Evernote iOS handwriting features no match for Microsoft Surface, OneNote

The Evernote iOS app is ready for Apple's iPad Pro, thanks to new sketch and handwriting features. However, Microsoft still offers the best mobile stylus and annotation experience.

live photos ios 9

iOS 9: How to take Live Photos and use them as Lock Screen wallpaper

How you can take Live Photos on your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus in iOS 9, and use them as wallpaper on your Lock Screen.

red mailbox

Junk mail and spam got you down? Get these 2 apps

During the holiday season, your already endless streams of unwanted email and junk 'snail mail' only escalate. These two apps can help you battle the deluge and reclaim your mailboxes.

ios in app purchases

iOS game developers aim their harpoons at money-bloated whales

iOS game developers try to harpoon deep-pocketed whales with in-app purchases. Some of these gamers are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on free to play iOS games.

iphone 7 bezels

iPhone 7: Apple should steal some hardware ideas from Android

Android has some useful hardware lessons to teach Apple for the iPhone 7.

logitech k811 bluetooth keyboard

Why Logitech's K811 keyboard beats Apple's new Magic Keyboard

Apple's new Magic Keyboard doesn't cut it compared to Logitech's K811 keyboard. The K811 keyboard offers easy Bluetooth switching and back-lit keys for a slightly lower price.

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New 4-inch iPhone rumor excites Apple's customers on Reddit

An analyst's report suggests a new 4-inch iPhone is coming next year and that has some Apple customers very happy indeed.

Apple iPhone 5S (4)

Many US enterprises still running XcodeGhost-infected Apple apps, FireEye says

Dozens of U.S. enterprises are still using Apple mobile apps seeded with malware, a clever hacking scheme revealed last month known as XcodeGhost.

apple watch iphone

Apple Watch is $50 cheaper if you also buy an iPhone

Apple lowers the price of the Apple Watch by $50 when you purchase it in select stores along with an iPhone.

Apple logo on blue iPhone 6S leather case

My Kafkaesque nightmare with the iPhone Upgrade Program

Getting an iPhone through Apple's new subscription-based upgrade program is supposed to be easy. It doesn't always live up to that promise.

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