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The Week in iPhone Cases: Meet HEX's latest stingray-inspired pattern

This week's roundup of new iPhone cases features a new wallet case and look from HEX. Plus, a case that glows in the dark.

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iPhone 7 rumors: It's all about the camera

The new iPhone doesn't come out until September, but that won't stop the rumor mill from churning at a furious pace.

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Apple hit with $626M damages in case filed by patent licensing firm

A jury in Texas has ordered Apple to pay $626 million for infringing four patents held by a Nevada-based patent licensing company.

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Why Apple rolls in iPhone profits while Android manufacturers starve for cash

Why is Apple making so much money from its smartphone while so many Android device manufacturers can't make a decent profit?

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Apple, don’t make the smaller iPhone a second-class device

Why not offer a 4-inch iPhone with the latest features?

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How one aging iPhone 4 destroyed a Texas family

A man charged with theft after taking away his daughter's iPhone 4 has been acquitted in Texas. The man still possesses the smartphone, but he no longer has a relationship with his daughter.

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Why a small iPhone could be a big moment for Apple

Apple's rumored iPhone 5se could find the sweet spot between size, features, and price.

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Apple expected to finally introduce wireless charging with the iPhone 7

Wireless charging has proved wildly popular, with 90% of respondents to a recent survey saying they want it in the next smartphone. Apple has been a standout among makers in not adopting it, but IHS believes that's about to change.

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Buying a Refurbished iPad is Actually a Good Idea

Apple's online store is currently selling iPads at a discount. The catch? They're refurbished. Should you buy one? We say yes.

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Why have so many 4-inch iPhone owners refused to upgrade?

Sixty percent of iPhone owners from before September 2014 have refused to upgrade to a larger iPhone. Why are they holding onto their smaller iPhones?

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Is Wall Street too stupid to understand Apple and the iPhone?

Wall Street analysts seem to think that 'peak iPhone' is here, but are they just too dumb to understand Apple and its iPhone?

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How Apple's new speed bump could make it a stronger company

The last time sales were stagnating, a new product category emerged to change everything.


Apple iPhone sales stall. What's going on?

Apple sold 74.8 million iPhones in the last three months of 2015 -- a record, but it’s the slowest iPhone growth yet, so what’s going on?

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10 lesser-known facts about Apple's product design

From the iPhone to the Apple Watch to even its product packaging, Apple pays extreme attention to detail when designing its products. Here are some interesting facts about Apple's product design.

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Beware of an iPhone-crashing link being passed around on Twitter

It's more of an annoyance than anything, but still, try to avoid it.

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Report: Instead of releasing an iPhone 6c, Apple will upgrade the iPhone 5se

Apple is releasing a new mini iPhone this Spring, but reports say it could be an upgraded version of the 4-inch iPhone 5s with curved edges and Live Photos.

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Google paid Apple $1B to be default iPhone search engine; Android profits revealed, too

Court documents show that Google paid Apple a $1 billion fee in 2014 in order to remain the default search engine on the iPhone, a report from Bloomberg noted yesterday.

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5 fun action games for iOS newbies

Not sure where to start to find great action games for your iOS device? Have a blast with these five fun action games for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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