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AI gets down to business

New tools and troves of data have CIOs turning to neural nets and machine learning to deliver real-world results. Here’s how six 2017 CIO 100 leaders put AI to work.

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CIO July/August Digital Magazine: Honoring the 2017 CIO 100 winners

New tools and troves of data have CIOs turning to neural nets and machine learning to deliver real-world results. Here’s how six 2017 CIO 100 winners put AI to work.

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The incredible, shrinking shelf life of healthcare technology strategy

A perfect storm of policy uncertainty, marketplace transformation, and technology evolution has made strategic planning increasingly difficult for CIOs.

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What makes a great chatbot? Laser focus on customers

Chatbots are all the rage right now but they’re virtually useless unless enterprises nail the customer experience. Here’s how to ensure your chatbot initiative pays off.

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What is the tech industry’s responsibility to talent in the age of automation?

Could our industry become a sector where layoffs are more prevalent than skills shortages?

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TD Ameritrade accelerates innovation with agile, design thinking

Your innovation center may indeed move fast and break things, but if you actually want to get products to market, don't underestimate the importance of agile development and design thinking.

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Success secrets for conversational commerce

1-800-Flowers was an early pioneer in the world of conversational commerce. Now that their Facebook Messenger and Alexa platforms have been live for a full year, they shared some key "lessons learned" from their conversational...

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Big Data, Little Brain

The increasing popularity of big data overlooks the importance of considering the manager's domain expertise. Agent-based simulation combines data and expertise to solve complex problems in many different areas.

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Technology-led innovation in digital health: The law of inverse relationships

Digital health solutions, especially those built on emerging technologies, face a conundrum of high investments and low returns in the near term. Crossing the chasm requires an understanding of key market factors.

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Will predictive AI finally solve the multi-billion-dollar downtime problem?

Downtime for today’s large, complex businesses means more than a simple inconvenience.

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AI policy should be based on science, not science fiction

Speculative fear shouldn’t lead us into creating an omnibus regulatory structure to oversee all AI research. A fear-driven policy approach could significantly slow the development of AI systems that will make our homes and roads...

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Three ways to make sense out of dark data

To address the challenge of dark data, use artificial intelligence to unlock unstructured data, deploy modular and interoperable digital technologies, and build traceability into core design principles.

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Machine intelligence: Build your own vs. as-a-service

We’re entering the first years in which virtually any enterprise that wants to harness machine intelligence will be able to. But how can enterprises know when they should develop in-house specialties in machine intelligence versus...

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AI in healthcare: The unevenly distributed future is here

There is a rapidly growing body of use cases for AI technologies in healthcare. Mainstream adoption may be a bit further along.

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How new IT operating models stave off digital disruption

These CIOs have disrupted their IT departments to stay ahead of digital changes driving their respective industries. Here is how they did it.

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APIs, ecosystems, and the democratization of machine intelligence

Machine intelligence is on the verge of being democratized. Business leaders should stop thinking of machine intelligence in theoretical terms and start thinking of it as a force ready to be embedded in countless aspects of daily...

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3 steps to create a digital banking relationship center

The digital banking relationship center is at the heart of today’s digital bank. CIOs can help improve the digital banking customer experience by taking three steps.

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The hidden risk of blind trust in AI’s ‘black box’

Companies intent on weaving AI more tightly into the fabric of their businesses are seeking to better explain how algorithms make their decisions, especially where risk and regulations are involved.

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