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Volvo cars to start talking to each other

Cars will warn other cars of road dangers thanks to a cellular connection

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Toyota Mirai

Toyota Begins Production of its First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Toyota this week held a ceremony marking the beginning it its production of the Mirai, which will begin selling later this year at a base price of $57,500.

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Toyota Won't Support CarPlay, at Least Not Out of the Gate

New Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz models will have CarPlay baked in, but not Toyotas.

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With $15 in Radio Shack Parts, 14-Year-Old Hacks a Car

A 14-year-old boy taking part in a cyber-hacking challenge -- after just one night with $15 worth of Radio Shack parts -- was able to communicate wirelessly with a vehicle's internal bus and control some mechanical functions.

Sensors and lasers will help Volvo's self-driving cars stay on the road

The cars will be packed with loads of technology to ensure a safe trip

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Apple Wants its Cars in Production by 2020, Report Says

Bloomberg says Apple wants a car on the assembly line within five years. The company is certainly hiring automotive brainpower aggressively.

Apple is said to recruit engineers for car development project

Apple's recent hires include a Mercedes-Benz executive who led its Silicon Valley R&D center

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Urban Engines: Using Data to Power a Better Commute

One startup is collecting data to help track what it calls "The Internet of Moving Things" and improve urban commutes.

BMW Developing High-Tech Goggles to Help Drivers Park

BMW will showcase its take on, now defunct, Google Glass as soon as April

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Security, Privacy Gaps Put U.S. Drivers at Risk of Hacking

New standards are needed to plug security and privacy gaps in cars and trucks, according to a report released by U.S. Sen. Edward Markey.

Tesla Model S 17-in infotainment screen

Over-the-Air Software Coming Soon to Your Next Car

As Tesla Model S's sat quietly in their garages, Elon Musk tweeted that the all-electric vehicles will receive wireless upgrades to their powertrain – boosting their performance. This first-of-its kind wireless powertrain upgrade is...

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Ford Drives Scheduling with Artificial Intelligence

At Ford Motor Co., managers who were struggling to devise a schedule for the growing number of people in a three-year program for new hires found a solution in artificial intelligence.

Uber Backs Driverless Car Research With New Technology Center

Would you hail a cab without a cabbie?

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SanDisk Enters the Auto Industry, Sets Sights on Wearables

SanDisk today released a new line of automotive-grade flash storage, and said it sees that -- and wearables -- as a key area of growth for NAND in the coming decade.

A Fifth of Cars Will Have Joined the IoT by 2020 - and Kitchens Will be Next

The connected kitchen will bring food and drink manufacturers 15 percent savings analyst says

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Gartner Foresees 250M Connected Vehicles on the Road by 2020

As part of the growing Internet of Things trend, Gartner expects one in five vehicles on the road worldwide in 2020 to have some form of wireless network connection.

Ford Palo Alto R&D

Ford Opens Autonomous Vehicle R&D Center in Tesla Territory

Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto will focus its research on speeding up innovation in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data.

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GM Says it's Open to Talks with Google, Working on Self-Driving Tech

General Motors Co., which already is working on autonomy technology, is willing to talk with Google about getting self-driving cars on the road.

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Verizon Unveils Aftermarket Vehicle Diagnostics Service

Verizon today announced an aftermarket vehicle diagnostics and roadside assistance service targeted at more than 200 million cars with OBD2 ports but no native telematics systems.

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