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Ford Palo Alto R&D
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verizon obd2 diagnostics dongle

Verizon Unveils Aftermarket Vehicle Diagnostics Service

Verizon today announced an aftermarket vehicle diagnostics and roadside assistance service targeted at more than 200 million cars with OBD2 ports but no native telematics systems.

vegas 100020322 orig

Best of CES 2015: The Gadgets and Gear That Wowed Us Most

CES is a cavalcade of new products, one after the other, as far as the eye can see. Some stand out more than others.

bosch traffic jam safety car

Bosch's Traffic Jam Assist Takes Stop-and-Go Driving Off Your Hands, Literally

The system uses a camera and radar to watch ahead and handle heavy traffic so you don't have to. It's both liberating and a little scary.

bmw 360 degree collision avoidance car

BMW's Latest Self-Driving Car Brakes Automatically for Obstacles When You Don't

Just try hitting a wall in this car; it'll stop itself before you do. BMW's 360-degree Collision Avoidance tries to protect the driver from all-too-human mistakes.

datadrive 01

Ford Touts Self-Driving Car, Launches Global Mobility Experiments

At CES today, Ford displayed its future self-driving vehicles and announced 25 experiments with drivers in locations around the world to test new connectivity technologies and emerging driving trends.

toyota mirai fuel fell cover engine sf auto show

Toyota Wants More Hydrogen Cars, and it's Giving Away 5,680 Patents to Make it Happen

One word: Fuel. If Toyota wants its hydrogen cars to succeed, it needs more hydrogen filling stations. Giving away patents will encourage more cars and therefore more stations.

Amsterdam traffic controllers offer commuters personalized route advice

Dutch traffic control will use a mobile app to control traffic flows and keep things moving on Amsterdam's busy roads

mercedes benz cambot white robot

The Real Star of the Mercedes-Benz Keynote at CES Was This Little Robot

Its name is Cambot. It represents approachable technology. What about adorable, even huggable? Well, watch it for yourself and you'll see.

Toyota Releases Thousands of Patents for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tech

As Tesla did with its fast EV charging technology, Toyota has decided to offer its hydrogen fuel cell technology to other carmakers and the renewable energy market for free.

Volvo Unveils Collision Prediction Technology for Cyclists in Vegas

The two-way communication system pinpoints the proximity of a connected car and a cyclist's smartphone app using GPS

Mobile App Eases Anxiety of Stranded Motorists

Car crisis? Agero's Roadside Connect system lets customers know where the tow truck is and when it will arrive.

onstar 4g cadillac

The Connected Car’s Consumer Future: GM OnStar 4G LTE Can Find Donuts, Parking, or a Hotel

Maintenance alerts. Coupon offers. Even Priceline room reservations. Using connectivity to help drivers find services is a big part of GM's plans for its OnStar program and its growing fleet of 4G-LTE-enabled cars.

back2future 1

The "Future" is Now (Well, in October)

15 things Back to the Future II got right (and horribly wrong)

Tesla's 3-Minute Battery Swap Pilot for Model S Cars Sets a New Bar for EV Charging

The battery-swap service will take about three minutes and cost about as much as a full tank of premium fuel, but it'll be much faster than using Tesla's free Supercharging stations.

Google vehicle prototype

Google Looks for Partners as it Unveils Autonomous Car Prototype

The search for a car manufacturing partner continues -- after more than two and a half years.

android auto micro usb connection copy 580 90

Google May Launch a Native Android Auto, Making Your Car a Big Mobile Device

According to a report, Google is planning to launch a native version of Android for car infotainment units that will offer the same Internet connectivity as a smartphone.

BMW wants to park your car with a smartwatch

Cars will be able to find a parking place on their own by 2020 with the help of sensors and digital plans

sync 3 apps screen

Ford Dumps Microsoft for QNX, Unleashes New Functions in Sync v3

Ford this week announced the third generation of its Sync in-vehicle communications and entertainment system, which replaces Microsoft with Blackberry’s QNX platform.

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