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Apple CarPlay

android auto hyundai

Android Auto makes debut on Hyundai Sonata

Android users can now enjoy access to their smartphone features when driving in the 2015 Hyundai Sonata with Navigation.

geeky license

World’s geekiest license plates

Images of vanity plates so geeky that others took geeky snapshots of them.

Android Auto

Hyundai becomes first to use Android Auto in production cars

Hyundai will begin using Android Auto in its Sonata infotainment system, making it the first major carmaker to use it in production vehicles.

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Uber's first autonomous car goes out for a test drive

"This vehicle is part of our early research efforts regarding mapping, safety and autonomy systems."

How Addison Lee, the '40-year-old startup uses innovative tech to quash Uber

In the middle of deploying Wi-Fi to 5,000 cabs

google self driving car male staffer on road may15 2015

Google's self-driving car: How many Googlers are driving this thing?

Test drivers, test bicyclists, test pedestrians...Google's video shows how many people it takes to help a car drive itself.

Google's self-driving cars hitting the streets of California

A "safety driver" will be onboard and will use a removable steering wheel to take over if there are any mishaps

Driverless cars: car crashes were all to do with human drivers, not autonomous system, Google claims

Google's driverless cars have crashed 11 times

cio run cloud

Automotive retailer drives into the cloud

Asbury Automotive replaces three data centers with 100 percent cloud-based systems -- so IT staffers can spend most of their time working with the business.

hacking connected car

The five coolest projects at AT&T Labs

Many of the projects are close to being completed.


The first self-driving 18-wheeler hits the highways

The Freightliner Inspiration Truck from Daimler Trucks is the first licensed autonomous commercial semi to operate on an open public U.S. highway.

Palo Alto CEO: Beware the Internet of Things – and watch your car

Corporate IT security pros need to consider the Internet of Things as a new and dangerous attack vector – oh, and we all should be particularly worried about the safety of our cars, says the top executive at Palo Alto Networks.

ford gt christopher svensson

The Ford GT is absolutely sick with high-tech innovation and you need to know why

Forget about Teslas, Google cars and Apple cars. The 2017 Ford GT is a high-tech tour-de-force, and Ford does it all with a gasoline engine, lightweight materials and advanced aerodynamics.


Ford GT: A high-tech exotic with a 'shrink-wrapped' carbon-fiber chassis

High-tech cars aren't just about parking assist and electric motors. Listen to Ford CTO Raj Nair geek out on lightweight materials and aerodynamics you've never seen in a production car.

bmw mini augmented vision 3

BMW does in-car augmented reality

BMW demoed a unique new set of AR glasses that provide a range of both in-vehicle and out-of-car functionality designed to enhance the driving experience. The MINI Augmented Vision glasses are also somewhat stylish — at least compared...

the new idrive controller 16 750x499

Think your spouse is needy? Your car is going to catch up soon.

Self-driving cars will have to get their driver's attention -- somehow -- if road conditions change.

BMW i3 electric vehicle won green car award with help from Verne Global's Icelandic data center, CTO claims

The automotive giant wanted every aspect of the car's production to be as environmentally-friendly as possible

Nissan Renault outlines its driverless car journey

Carmaker says safety, convenience and improved mobility for elderly are the main drivers

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