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Google self driving car

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Connected vehicles as a technology platform: Don Butler, Ford Motor Company

Don Butler, executive director for connected vehicles and services at Ford Motor Company, discusses digital transformation in the automotive industry. Butler talks about what Ford means in terms of automobiles being connected and...

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Audi admits 2.1 million cars cheated emissions tests

Two of Volkswagen's subsidiaries have admitted to using software that cheated emissions tests. Audi admitted that 2.1 million vehicles worldwide, including almost 13,000 in the U.S., and Czech-based Škoda Auto said 1.2 million of its...

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How the DMCA may have let carmakers cheat clean air standards

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act has allowed carmakers to claim protection of their embedded code, which kept independent researchers from probing vehicle software and likely allowed Volkswagen to cheat on emissions far longer...

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EPA details how VW software thwarted emission tests

A letter to Volkswagen from the U.S. EPA details how cars were able to detect they were being tested for emissions and placed the engine in a "clean" mode during those tests.

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A diesel whodunit: How software let VW cheat on emissions

Volkswagen, which has admitted to cheating on emissions tests on its diesel cars, was able to use software that could detect when a car was being tested. A standard software development audit trail could pin down the culprit.

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Review: Ford's SYNC 3 is more like a smartphone, but there's still room for improvement

After driving a 2016 Escape with the new QNX-based SYNC 3 in-vehicle infotainment system, I can say for certain that Ford's now headed in the right direction for providing owners a more seamless mobile experience.

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Tested by AAA: People park worse than self-parking cars

Humans lose out to the machines this time. In tests conducted by the American Automobile Association, self-parking cars did the deed faster and more precisely than human drivers.

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Hold the hovercraft: These technologies are reinventing transportation

Transportation technology is advancing quickly and will soon change the way we get from point A to point B. Here are the most promising advances, from hyperloops to autonomous vehicles to re-imagined personal transport devices.

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Apple committed to producing an electric car by 2019

Several new reports indicate that Apple is now fully committed to producing its own car by 2019. But how much of an autonomous vehicle it will be remains unclear.


Apple reportedly sets 2019 date for first electric car

Apple is targeting its first electric car for release in 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

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Volkswagen said to use software to fudge emissions tests

Volkswagen is being investigated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board for allegedly using software to mislead emissions tests.

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Apple meets with California DMV, hinting that public car tests could happen soon

What if Apple's self-driving car is much further along than anyone realizes?

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Cortana in the car: Microsoft may use its digital assistant to get back on the road

Microsoft has built a prototype connected car with its Cortana digital assistant built in, linked to a heads-up display on the windshield.

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Autonomous driving features in electric vehicles can save $1,800 in battery costs

More efficient autonomous driving features, such as self parking and adaptive cruise control, will play a big role in boosting the mileage in electric vehicles, not only saving individual owners $1,800 over the lifetime of a vehicle,...

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Study names the five most hackable vehicles

A forensic research firm has published a list of the industry's most hackable and least hackable vehicles based on how easy it is to wirelessly access their computerized systems.

Apple brings down apps, mainly Chinese ones, with malware

Intel sets up talking shop to improve automotive security

Intel is creating the Automotive Security Review Board to help the automotive industry use its hardware in a secure way -- and to persuade security researchers to help it find bugs in its own automotive hardware.

Google names ex-Hyundai exec head of its self-driving car operations

Google has appointed John Krafcik, a former Hyundai exec and more recently president of auto sales website Truecar, to run its self-driving car operations.

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AT&T makes a big push into IoT

In the expanding universe called the Internet of Things, even garbage bins will be networked together wirelessly. That way, a central console -- perhaps one that's monitored automatically -- can know whether a bin has been overturned...

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