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General Motors Puts First Cybersecurity Chief in the Seat

As automated driving looms, security gets more complex

Orange Offers 'Smart App' Dev Tool and Global M2M Location Service

The company has created a new entity, Orange Applications for Business, to bring together its network and application integration services

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Once Your Car's Connected to the Internet, Who Guards Your Privacy?

As more mobile devices connect to in-car infotainment and diagnostic systems -- and cars wirelessly connect to other vehicles, automated homes and roadways -- where you are and what you’re doing in your car could suddenly become very...

MIT-bred technology would let cars help each other avoid traffic jams

The RoadRunner system would use virtual tokens and vehicle-to-vehicle wireless LANs

China's Baidu partners with BMW on driverless car research

Baidu revealed earlier this month it is working on its own driverless car

General Motors' Automated Driving Technology in Cars By 2016, Says CEO

General Motors (GM) will release connected cars as well as cars that can be driven hands-free by 2016, chief executive Mary Barra announced.

Verizon Auto Share Service to Launch Later This Year

Verizon announced a vehicle-sharing service that allows drivers to load an app on a smartphone or tablet to securely rent a car or truck.

Ducati Ups Its IT Strategy to Secure Racing Trophies

Ducati take a data-led approach to racing

Foxconn invests in building electric cars in China

The company is already a partner with Tesla Motors

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Insurers Will Now Be Able to Track Driver Behavior via Smartphones

A new set of mobile apps will allow insurance companies to track driver behavior so they can offer discounts to safe drivers and alert emergency service providers when accidents happen.

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Drivers Want Their Cars to Get to Know Them Better

More than 80% of drivers under 35 think their in-vehicle technology is lacking and not intuitive to their needs, a new survey revealed.

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Tesla Recruits Hackers to Boost Vehicle Security

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors wants security researchers to hack its vehicles. The Silicon Valley based high-tech carmaker will hire up to 30 full-time hackers whose job will be to find and close vulnerabilities in the sophisticated...

Carmakers Put Apple's CarPlay in the Slow Lane

They're also looking to include Android, which IHS says will dominate the market


Car to Car Communication Technology

This video from CNET gives a brief overview of dedicated short range communication (DSRC) technology making its way into most cars in the near future.


Skully Heads-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet Available for Preorder

The augmented reality helmet is on sale for $1,399 on Indiegogo with an expected ship date of May 2015

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Why Analytics Makes Tesla Better Than Jaguar

The Tesla isn't a perfect car, especially in a market still dominated by gas guzzlers. But the company's widespread use of analytics to study its vehicles improves the customer experience and offers a lesson to automobile industry...

5 Wireless Chargers That May Be in Your Next Car

Wireless charging in cars is expected to take off next year -- but in the meantime, here are five cars that currently offer that feature.

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Navdy's Planned Heads-Up Car Display Works With iPhone or Android

The HUD can be controlled by hand gestures or voice commands

Panasonic to Help Tesla Build Battery 'Gigafactory'

Panasonic has penned a deal with Tesla Motors to help build the electric-car startup's "Gigafactory," which it hopes will produce half a million electric-vehicle batteries per year.

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