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BMW wants to park your car with a smartwatch

Cars will be able to find a parking place on their own by 2020 with the help of sensors and digital plans

sync 3 apps screen

ford sync 3 music

Ford SYNC 3 in Pictures: Ford's Infotainment System Gets a Sweeping, Phone-like Revamp

Not surprisingly, the new SYNC looks and feels a lot more like a smartphone.

Ford's new SYNC will be more like your smartphone

SYNC 3 will begin rolling out to new vehicles in 2015, but the existing 10 million SYNC customers won't get it

telematics dashboard

150M Passenger Cars Will Connected to the Internet by 2020

The number of passenger vehicles connected to the Internet will skyrocket over the next five years, with 60% to 75% of them capable of consuming, creating and sharing Web-based data.

Honda's FCV

Here's Why Hydrogen-Fueled Cars Aren't Little Hindenburgs

Hydrogen gas is 16 times lighter than air, ignites with just a tenth the energy required to combust a gasoline-air mixture and is stored in fuel tanks pressurized up to 10,000 psi. But hydrogen-fueled cars are unlikely to go up like...

2015 nissan versa note asphalt

Nissan Opens Competition for Next Connected Car Technology

Searching for developers, designers, IT professionals who have a great idea for the connected car

AT&T signed up 500,000 cars for its 4G network last quarter

Audi and GM are both offering in-car 4G connections through AT&T

Ford wants to keep drivers alert on the long road to autonomous cars

Automation will gradually ease driving, but drivers will have to stay alert

32774 cor sabreai interior o2 fnl lr

Ethernet is Coming to Cars

One of the largest suppliers of automotive chips for in-vehicle electronics announced a new Ethernet board and software that will connect instrument clusters, infotainment systems, cameras and sensors over 100Mbps Ethernet.

tesla model s digital panels

Tesla S Teardown Reveals it's More Like a Smartphone Than a Car

Tesla’s virtual instrument cluster comes from the same company that supplies Apple with display tech for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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Breakthrough Batteries Last 20 Years, Charge 70 Percent in Two Minutes

If the breakthrough battery tech hits mainstream it could revolutionize electric cars—and end the forced obsolescence of smartphones.

distracted driving

Only 14 U.S. States Have Handheld-While-Driving Bans

Even though use of handheld devices while driving has become a dangerous and growing epidemic in the US, many states still have not enacted nor enforce a usage ban.

Volvo Hopes to Prevent Truck Accidents with New Tech

Honda revealed its plans for "collision free society", Volvo following suit for truck business

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Mercedes-Benz Shows Off Self-Driving 18-Wheeler

Mercedes-Benz revealed a new Highway Pilot system that combines sensors and cameras with a cockpit computer system that allows long-haul trucks to drive themselves.

General Motors Puts First Cybersecurity Chief in the Seat

As automated driving looms, security gets more complex

Orange Offers 'Smart App' Dev Tool and Global M2M Location Service

The company has created a new entity, Orange Applications for Business, to bring together its network and application integration services

Virtual model car wireless internet security

Once Your Car's Connected to the Internet, Who Guards Your Privacy?

As more mobile devices connect to in-car infotainment and diagnostic systems -- and cars wirelessly connect to other vehicles, automated homes and roadways -- where you are and what you’re doing in your car could suddenly become very...

MIT-bred technology would let cars help each other avoid traffic jams

The RoadRunner system would use virtual tokens and vehicle-to-vehicle wireless LANs

China's Baidu partners with BMW on driverless car research

Baidu revealed earlier this month it is working on its own driverless car

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