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Nissan CEO: We will have an autonomous vehicle next year

Nissan chief executive, Carlos Ghosn, said the company's first vehicle that can drive on highways by itself will hit the streets of Japan in 2016.

Hyundai Motor to release semiautonomous car this year

But infrastructure and traffic codes lag technology

speeding car highway road bridge lights traffic

Coding for cars: The next generation of mobile apps

Developers will need to rethink UIs, connection strategies, and how to capitalize on new data streams -- especially as autonomous cars start rolling off the lots

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Car talk: Innovation vs. privacy

On the journey to the Internet of Everything, the auto industry can't look at innovation through the rear view mirror.

French self-driving car goes for a spin around Paris monument

Valeo and Safran expect self-driving cars on the roads by 2020, but on the way they must navigate stop lights, pedestrians ... and cannons

Intelligent Speed Limiter

Ford to put brakes on speeding with new tech

Ford's upcoming Intelligent Speed Limiter system monitors road signs with a camera mounted on the windshield, and slows the vehicle as required.

internet of things iot stock

FTC wants to keep closer watch on the Internet of Things

A new office will look at the privacy implications of smart homes, connected cars, mobile payments, and big data.

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Are smart cars putting our safety at risk?

Smart cars are savvy, technologically advanced, and computerized devices connected to navigation and entertainment systems, but they also record personal data and have the potential to be hacked. Who owns that information?

Foxconn partners with China's Tencent on smart electric cars

Foxconn's CEO has said he hopes to make electric cars priced less than $15,000

mercedes benz f 015 side view

Riding in the Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept car, the self-driving lounge of the future

You could drive this car, but wouldn't you rather relax, sit back, and chill with your friends? That's what the self-driving F 015 is all about.

Driverless Audi to travel from Silicon Valley to New York

The UK's allocated £100m for driverless technology needs to be put to good use to beat the US to the finish line

tesla supercharging in gilroy

Tesla announces over-the-air upgrade with range assurance

Tesla today announced the coming availability of version 6.2 of its OS, which will automatically tell drivers where charging stations are and when they're driving out of range. The company also announced version 7 of the software,...

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Tesla's Elon Musk says driving may someday be illegal

The Tesla founder said at an Nvidia conference that humans may not be allowed to drive for safety reasons once autonomous cars are ubiquitous.

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Self-driving Audi to drive from California to New York

Delphi and Audi are planning to send a fully-autonomous vehicle from San Francisco to New York City in order to test the vehicle in various roadway and weather conditions.

2014 ford f150 cockpit

Ford uses Microsoft cloud to seamlessly update cars

Ford Motor Co. is moving to automatically update its cars infotainment systems using Microsoft's Azure cloud service.

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Hertz is installing car cams that point at drivers

Unbeknownst to some drivers, Hertz has been upgrading its “NeverLost" onboard navigation assistant with a tiny internal cameras. But the company says it has not activated them, yet.

Elon Musk: Teslas could drive themselves, today

Tesla founder Elon Musk said that its Tesla electric cars could drive themselves today, but not with the reliability that they need to make them safe. But it's only a matter of time, and of hardware.

Tesla dashboard

Elon Musk promises to end Tesla range anxiety

Tesla's CEO tweeted that he'll hold a news conference Thursday to herald an over-the-air software upgrade for Model S vehicles that will affect their usable range.

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