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google self driving cars

google self driving car mountain view june 25 2 15

Google's self-driving car is now driving itself around the city of Mountain View

Keep an eye out for the adorable little clown car, tooling along at 25 mph on the suburban streets of Google's hometown.

cwjuly2015 klossner microsoft automotive cartoon

Microsoft at a crossroads in the automotive tech market

Microsoft is being squeezed out of the in-vehicle infotainment business, but it's by no means giving up on the automotive industry. It may have a future as an OS-agnostic provider of cloud-based services.

driverless car next prototype

Google boosts its driverless car fleet in anticipation of new trials

Google is ramping up its driverless car project in California.

Jaguar Land Rover wants to read driver's brainwaves to predict car accidents

UK car firm is researching how to bring medical and aerospace technology into the car to prevent accidents

Google's driverless car fleet to double as it prepares for new tests

The company operates more than half of the autonomous cars permitted to drive on California roads

range rover remote control app

Land Rover shows off remote-control app and self-driving features

Land Rover developed a mobile app that lets drivers control their SUVs in sticky situations, from outside of their vehicles, as well as an autonomous system for multi-point turns.

Jaguar Land Rover invests in M2M tech that lets cars warn each other of potholes

Research taking place at the carmaker's UK facility

Mercedes battery

Mercedes takes on Tesla with its own home and commercial batteries

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its own brand of energy storage units to enable households and businesses with photovoltaic systems to store surplus power for later use.

google self driving prototype may 27 2014

Google reveals its self-driving car accident record

Google's self-driving vehicles have been involved in 12 minor accidents since 2009.

16 ford esp sync 3

Toyota eyes Ford's latest smartphone interface

Toyota is exploring whether to use Ford's open-source, mobile device API, called SmartDeviceLink. The software lets drivers control smartphone apps through dashboard buttons, display screens and voice recognition.

16 ford esp sync3 03 hr 7

Ford to roll out BlackBerry OS-based entertainment systems this summer

Ford announced that it will begin rolling out its all-new Sync 3 communications and entertainment system, which is based on BlackBerry's QNX OS, with the 2016 Escape and Fiesta.

My future roads paths businessman

CIOs need to plan and prepare for disruption

A recent survey indicates that a number of CIO’s don’t think their industry is facing the prospect of disruption, meaning they're not preparing appropriately. Disruption is a reality, you must prepare and adapt.

cellphone driving texting

Cellphone use involved in more than 1 in 4 car crashes

Latest National Safety Council estimates cite handheld/hands-free calls and texting for crashes

car tech

How the car industry is becoming an information business

Information transparency will drive business change at Toyota Financial Services, says CFO Chris Ballinger.

Apple CarPlay

GM to offer both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on most vehicles

Following Hyundai's announcement this week that it will offer Android Auto in its sedans, GM today announced it will offer both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as options in most of its vehicles.

android auto hyundai

Android Auto makes debut on Hyundai Sonata

Android users can now enjoy access to their smartphone features when driving in the 2015 Hyundai Sonata with Navigation.

geeky license

World’s geekiest license plates

Images of vanity plates so geeky that others took geeky snapshots of them.

Android Auto

Hyundai becomes first to use Android Auto in production cars

Hyundai will begin using Android Auto in its Sonata infotainment system, making it the first major carmaker to use it in production vehicles.

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