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Bad migration experiences leave IT bosses gun-shy

IT pros are hesitant to take on migration projects because a previous one left a bad taste in their mouths. However, they may only have themselves to blame for that.

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What role should the CFO play in a system implementation?

When I help companies select new finance and accounting systems, the conversation immediately turns to the size, roles and makeup of the implementation team. This blog post will cover various options for the role the CFO or VP of...

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Project management: To debrief or not to debrief

If you're a project manager or part of a project team, you know all about the hurried pace of this field. Once projects near their close, is debriefing useful or a waste of time?

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What’s your IT department’s strategy for website downtime?

Downtime doesn't just affect ecommerce sites. It can bring any business to a halt as IT workers scramble to find a fix.

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8 keys to ecommerce success

Ecommerce business owners and experts discuss how you can make your online store stand out from the crowd.

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Use reverse engineering to help users set requirements for big software purchases

Collecting detailed software requirements from users can be painfully difficult. See how rewriting features as requirements helps develop a comprehensive requirements list for selecting enterprise software.

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Why do so many business transformation initiatives fail?

Some companies achieve breakthrough performance results from their transformation initiatives, but they are rare. They fail because of organizational pushback, like tissue rejection in an organ transplant. What enables the successful...

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10 UX best practices for ecommerce success

Experts in user experience and ecommerce share their top tips for how to get consumers to enjoy, stay and buy on your website.

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7 tips for future CIOs

Thomas Lord, CIO of UGI Utilities, reflects on the evolving role of the CIO and shares advice for up-and-coming IT executives.

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Becoming the ITDM (IT diplomat)

Today’s IT decision-makers are under pressure to venture across the aisle and work with their business counterparts, but for many of them, specific ways to do this remain elusive and the potential conflict remains an occupational...

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CIO reflects on a career of successful turnarounds

Looking back on a number of different corporate turnaround experiences, Marty Miner, CIO of Leidos, found that organizational design is key to success.

Today's CIOs mean business

To capture the spirit of this year's 2016 CIO 100 winners, three simple words say it all: We Mean Business.

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Oracle buys NetSuite: What does this mean?

Oracle announced on July 28th that it acquired NetSuite. What does this mean for companies that are looking to move their finance function into the cloud? What does it mean to companies currently on NetSuite? How will Oracle position...

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Want your startup to be paperless? These 8 tips will get you there

Storing paper files is costly and relatively unscalable, takes up space in your office and makes you less geographically flexible. Printing pages just to do things like sign documents is wasteful and time-consuming. Follow these tips...

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The role of the BHAG

In previous posts, we discussed the importance of balancing the current capabilities of cloud-based finance and accounting systems against future requirements. In this post, we will explore the role 'big hairy audacious goals' should...

Software evaluation payoff

The payoff from a rigorous software selection

With major software purchases, the key to maximizing success is preparation. Even if you already know what software you want, there are still numerous benefits to a rigorous evaluation & selection. And maybe the favored software is...

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How to get rid of the digital dust by creating a sustainable device plan

A corporate sustainability program that includes policy, procedure and a plan for recycling technology devices not only benefits the environment, but may also add to your operating bottom line.

Big Data Governance Storytelling

Beyond Acronyms: Humanizing big data and information governance through mindful storytelling

Six tips for effective data storytelling, as learned from work being done at the Navy.

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