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Software evaluation payoff

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How to get rid of the digital dust by creating a sustainable device plan

A corporate sustainability program that includes policy, procedure and a plan for recycling technology devices not only benefits the environment, but may also add to your operating bottom line.

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Brexit, Custer's Last Stand, Disco Demolition Night and other regretful project decisions

History says if we don't learn from our mistakes, we are bound to repeat them. Don't let egos and stubbornness bring your project down.

Big Data Governance Storytelling

Beyond Acronyms: Humanizing big data and information governance through mindful storytelling

Six tips for effective data storytelling, as learned from work being done at the Navy.

Software aquisition funnel

The enterprise software acquisition funnel

Like sales & marketing, software acquisition has a funnel. See how to use this funnel to reduce the pains so prevalent with major software purchases.

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Proposals are an elaborate shell game

How do you know if the proposal you are reviewing is trustworthy? These are the questions to help you discern killer from filler.

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Measure your employees’ results, not their time

The future of work is in autonomy. If you keep a tight leash on your employees, your company will suffer in the long run.

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Tips for creating relationships across IT and business boundaries

In today’s fast-moving digital world, creating relationships that enable and sustain collaboration to solve problems or create new value is a key to success. CIOs need to create relationships between their IT teams and the business...


How do you know if you are getting a team that is faking it?

Here are some key staffing questions and answers that can help keep consultants honest.

The pain of partial or outright software failure

17 painful ways a major software purchase can go wrong

The pain of a major software purchase going wrong can lead to wishing the project had never been started. However, by then contracts are signed and it is too late to do anything about it. Read and be warned!

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Is your IT ready for the digital age?

Technological advances in the digital age are profoundly impacting the business models, competitive forces, customer behaviors and regulatory environments. The ability to exploit the speed of business change has therefore become a key...

applicanty tracking systems

Top 10 applicant tracking systems

Choosing an applicant tracking system is a critical, and daunting, task. but consulting and advisory firm Capterra looks to help narrow the field with it listing of top 10 ATS.

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How to survive a management audit

How would you fare if auditors walked in the door tomorrow morning and started scrutinizing all your processes, policies and procedures? Here are descriptions of several types of audits and four tips for making your management audit...

Being competitively strategic in business

6 competitive IT strategy tips from state government CIOs and CxOs

Even CxOs of state and local governments must stay competitive. But how can IT departments compete amidst budget constraints and red tape? Learn six mindful takeaways to be competitively strategic, even in tough conditions.

hardware management

Best practices in hardware asset management

Several trends are drawing increasing attention to hardware asset management, which begs the question: Do you know where your computers are?

lazy developers

7 habits of highly effective developers

Writing good code doesn’t take as many hours as you may think. Here’s how the best get it done. (Hint: being lazy is a good start.)

Discovery through Research

Are you building the right solution?

Bringing the right product that provides value to your end users warrants an Agile process in discovering whether the solution being built will be used. Using lean principles and kaizen to validate ideas with end users saves costly...

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How to master disaster recovery in a DevOps world

Organizations that are adopting DevOps methodologies are realizing actual benefits to disaster recovering planning from taking that approach.

Ensure your software evaluation & selection delivers the anticipated business value

Knowing when a full software evaluation project is worthwhile

Based on your software budget, here's how to estimate the resources needed to ensure you select the best-fit enterprise software for your particular needs.

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