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Ensure your software evaluation & selection delivers the anticipated business value
data transformation

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Startups can't ignore the importance of file management design

Whether your startup business is a solo operation or spanning multiple offices, you’re going to need to save and share data. And in order to do that effectively, you’ll need to design a good storage and management system that will...

project management success

6 tips to ensure you meet project deliverables dates

Deliverables are the life's blood of project management so it only makes sense to do what you can to safeguard against the most common pitfalls.

digital economy

How to manage workers in the gig economy

The gig economy hasn't made life any easier for HR pros who face more paperwork, stricter compliance regulations and a revolving door of temporary workers. But HR departments that shift to a professional employer organization, or PEO...


Using KPIs to measure a project team's effectiveness

Key performance indicators play an indispensable role in project management and aid in measuring the success or failure of project activities. Understanding KPIs and selecting the ones that are best-suited to measuring a specific...

Make the effort to discover your requirements

Why software requirements development matters

A thorough requirements analysis takes time and money, but helps an organization to truly understand what they need and want. That understanding is a critical part of the ultimate success of the new software.

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Are you paying too much for outsourced resources?

Many companies in mature, offshore, FTE-based outsourcing environments experience substantial bloat and are paying too much for the resources. And they’re blissfully unaware of the outsourcing bloat.

Requirements management tools

Gathering and managing software requirements for buying or building

When developing software requirements it can be helpful to use existing products for inspiration. It is also useful to have several tools that can be used to manage those requirements.

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Why service level agreements are dead

Service-level agreements drive the wrong business outcomes. If you’re like many CIOs, the chances are your company compensates third-party IT service providers for something they didn’t do or pays them twice for something. Technology...

privacy policy

Privacy policy or privacy notice: what's the difference?

Is there a difference between a privacy policy and a privacy notice? Some of the confusion comes from a company’s description of their privacy practices on their website being called a privacy policy. Some people ask, “Isn’t the...


What is cyber insurance and why you need it

Cyber insurance can't protect your organization from cybercrime, but it can keep your business on stable financial footing should a significant security event occur.

project schedule

When will the product be done?

Clearly knowing the schedule and budget for delivering an Agile based project is challenging. Using story pointing, velocity charts and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) also known as Minimum Viable Set (MVS) are key methods to minimize...

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5 obstacles that kill adaptivity

It's nice to say that you want your organization to be adaptive, but before heading down that path and becoming frustrated by slow progress, do you understand five obstacles that could be holding back progress in a major way?


What kind of ERP solution do you seek, Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

When evaluating a new ERP system, companies have a hard choice to make. Do you they want something that can satisfy their needs best right now or are they looking for solutions that will grow with them long term and meet needs that...

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How an online real estate company optimized its Hadoop clusters

Every night, Trulia crunches more than a terabyte of new data and cross-references it with about 2 petabytes of existing data to deliver the most up-to-data real estate information to its users. Here's how it ensures consistent...

Ideas for better business writing

Improve your business writing with text-to-speech proofreading

Anybody involved with purchasing enterprise software will do a lot of business writing. See how using text-to-speech can dramatically improve that writing.

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Is the patient the cure to AI healthcare ills?

The expectations of big data and artificial intelligence disrupting the medical industry has been less then impressive to date. Why is that?


6 secrets for getting your next budget approved

In order to get new IT initiatives off the ground you will have to create a compelling budget. Use these six tips as a guide and you will definitely gain points in the board room.

directional signs

Do IT groups really need to move to a software-defined environment?

Pay close attention to the competitive advantage levers in software-defined IT.

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