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retention and engagement

9 Reasons Good Employees Leave -- and How You Can Prevent It

The average tenure for IT workers is less than 3.8 years, according to Payscale. And while you’ll never eliminate employee turnover, these strategies can help you motivate and ultimately retain your best talent.

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Better Flights and Light Bulbs: 2 Case Studies from the Front Lines of Innovation

Innovation takes many forms. This article details how the U.S. government and startup companies are innovating to change the world for the better.

public cloud

Yamaha Joins All-in Migration to the Public Cloud

Seeking to shift IT staff away from maintenance tasks to focus on innovation, Yamaha has dropped its hosted data center in favor of AWS.

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How to Make Your 2015 Planning Session the Best Ever

Annual planning meetings are common events as companies put one year in the books and look ahead to a new year of challenges and opportunities. Bob Ronan provides a template for making your meeting productive while also suggesting...

Price tag for troubled SAP project will skyrocket to nearly $1 billion, audit says

An 'overly ambitious design' and poor training are cited as reasons for the mess at a New York gas utility

7 Free Online Collaboration and Project Management Tools

Get the most out of your team and your budget by taking advantage of these free collaboration and project management tools.

MongoDB adds support option for community edition of its NoSQL database

The service provides as low as a two-hour response time, but leaves out the bells and whistles from MongoDB Enterprise

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Shootout at the TCO Corral

A recent dust up in which VMware accused Amazon's AWS model of "biases and inaccuracies" is par for the course. The more important underlying question: "How do IT buyers protect themselves from making faulty decisions based on these...

entrance barrier

How to Overcome Hidden Barriers to Open Source Adoption

Your organization may be unintentionally biased against free software. Here's how to recognize and overcome that bias -- in procurement agreements as well as in IT departments.

What Does the Future of Work Look Like?

Users increasingly come to the office clamoring for the same functionality, utility and speed that they enjoy on the devices they have at home. This is profoundly affecting the future of work (and the future of IT) in four key ways.

Avoid a Tech Catastrophe and Step Away From the Button

It's only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose when fiddling with switches and power cords

careers 17

How to Judge a Job Candidate's Personality (and Why You Should)

An emphasis on evaluating personality traits is helping firms find, attract and retain talent by using targeted interview questions that gauge more than technical aptitude.

Build your own mobile apps

How CIOs Can Boost Mobile App Adoption

Nearly 80 percent of mobile apps are abandoned after their first use, according to some reports. What can IT leaders do to keep that initial spike from plummeting after a couple of weeks?

maze complex complexity

Simplifying IT Pays Off With Big Savings, Better Business Success

Companies can improve their business outcomes and their technology efficiency – and reap big cost savings -- by reducing their IT complexity, according to a new report by IDC.

BYOD Users Work Longer and Earlier

According to a recent survey, the average BYOD-carrying employee works an extra two hours and sends 20 more emails every day.

10 Bad Coding Practices That Wreck Software Development Projects

Most of the time, software developers do the right thing. On those rare occasions when they don't, bad things can happen. Avoiding these common coding practices will make your work easier -- and your software more secure and scalable...

Why One CIO Is Saying 'No' to BYOD

A growing backlash threatens to thwart the BYOD movement. To illustrate the trend, the CIO of a large electrical contractor explains why his company will 'never have a BYOD environment.'

Oregon Closer to Suing Oracle Over Obamacare Website Woes

The state is playing the blame game, according to Oracle

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