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Risk mitigation

18 enterprise software selection risks and how to avoid them

Buying enterprise software can be a risky proposition. Having an idea of the risks faced when selecting such software helps organizations to develop mitigation strategies.

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The benefits of doing a detailed enterprise software requirements analysis

Doing a detailed requirements analysis before selecting enterprise software helps identify best-fit software and reduces implementation risks. This article answers the question of how much detail should be in those requirements.

The ENIAC Computer

Innovation lessons from the first computers

You can learn innovation lessons from the pioneers of computing. Hint: It takes vision and project management skills to achieve success.

digital strategy map

Creating your digital playbook

Do you really need a digital playbook to be a digital company? Jill Dyche discusses strategy's role in digital planning.

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5 project meeting myths

Let's examine 5 common myths about project meetings and why they just don't seem as important to everyone else as they seem to the project manager.

Final checklist

3 ways to minimize enterprise software selection risk

While a data-driven software selection focuses on requirements, the demo, product audit and reference checks reduce project risks in other ways.


Comparing enterprise software is like apples and oranges

When selecting enterprise software, comparing software products against each other does not identify best-fit products. This can lead to selecting the wrong software, and missing the opportunity to maximize ROI.


Your project sucks - here are 5 ways to fix it

You are leading an issue-riddled project. It seems that nothing is going right. Before throwing in the towel, try these 5 strategies to regain control of the mess you're currently managing.

just say no to the project

5 reasons you should turn down an IT project

Not all IT projects should be taken on. There are often good reasons to turn a project down. Being a smart project manager means knowing why and when to say no to a project.

project on track

Key steps to getting your IT project back on track

By knowing your project financials, meeting often and having detailed, useful status reports, you will get your project unstuck or keep it from getting derailed in the first place.

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Best practices for cloud spring cleaning

Technical debt comes from many software practices, but most of them are pretty obvious and the result of intentional choices. In the cloud, though, there are some insidious and barely visible new sources that contribute to software...

The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy

Monetizing your corporate data...or not

Under pressure to manage data as an asset, CIOs and other IT executives are discovering data monetization, the practice of assigning a financial value to data. But such an exercise can be talent and funding-intensive. What questions...

Requirements Analysis

How to make more successful enterprise software purchases

When purchasing enterprise software, some organizations wait for the implementation phase to flesh out fully detailed requirements. See the advantages of moving this work to the requirements gathering phase of the project.

Approach aggressive sales people with caution

Buyer beware: How auditing RFPs can help you make smarter enterprise software purchases

Aggressive salespeople and “over-optimistic” RFPs can doom enterprise software projects. Audit RFPs to verify they meet requirements as claimed before purchasing the software, and avoid software disasters.

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Hit the jackpot when selecting enterprise software by using RFP scoring

Enterprise software RFPs with open questions requiring short essay answers are difficult to evaluate. See how RFP scoring takes the gambling out of selecting best-fit software. Know how well the software will work in your environment...


Why you must rate enterprise software requirements

While rating requirements for importance is critical to selecting best-fit enterprise software, other benefits that flow from the exercise are reduced implementation costs and improved end user buy-in.

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Turbo-charge ROI when buying enterprise software

Meet or exceed target ROI when buying enterprise software by selecting the best-fit product for your particular needs.


When buying enterprise software: The devil is in the details

When selecting enterprise software, poorly written requirements are a problem. Consequences include missed deadlines, not selecting best-fit software, unrealized ROI, and occasionally outright failure. Use these guidelines and tools...

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