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business planning

How to create an effective business continuity plan

A business continuity plan outlines procedures and instructions an organization must follow in the face of disaster, whether fire, flood or cyberattack. Here's how to create one that gives your business the best chance of surviving...

focus lens camera

The powerful link between focus and creative output

Creative output requires a lot of hard work and perseverance; it isn't always about flow.

cutting costs

The hidden costs of poor software purchasing exposed!

Many companies think they know how to purchase software when they have little idea of the process! This article looks at 3 places where money is squandered

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The innovation equation includes culture and a system

In a world where you either innovate or go out of business, advice on how to create a culture of innovation within your company is everywhere. But real change doesn't come solely from overhauling a company's culture – a company must...

Public binoculars against cloudy sky

Cloud vs. clouds: A CIO’s conundrum

A reminder that redundancy (both multi-region as well as multi-provider) should be part of any cloud strategy, as well as a yearning for dynamic real-time interoperability between cloud providers to minimize cost and maximize...

parental leave retention

Reducing employee turnover by engaging your workforce

Involuntary attrition is the silent killer of organizational productivity. Here is a common sense approach to minimize it.

reaching out / handshake / new connection / teamwork

Why CIOs must co-lead CX, customer experience

Forrester recently gathered top Customer Experience (CX) professionals from around the world for the Forrester CX Forum in New York. Extensive data was presented to support the argument that delivering a seamless customer experience...

gender equality scale

3 steps to reduce bias

This discussion suggests we need to change behavior across three dimensions: Have To, Ought To and Want To in order to reduce the effect of gender bias on decision making.

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What CIOs need to know about authentication

Email is so critical to business communications today that many assume it's a safe and trustworthy medium, but recent cyberattacks prove it's not. What CIOs need to know about authentication and DMARC, a key tool to address this...

analyze / inspect / examine / find / research / data / charts / graphs / magnifying glass / code

You can't build enterprise AI if you suck at data & analytics

Executives are anxious to jump on the AI bandwagon, but many organizations lack the requisite data & analytics infrastructure or executive culture to build production machine learning systems.

problem solution blackboard

Everyone in IT at Intuit is a business problem-solver

How Atticus Tysen, CIO of Intuit, is bringing IT into the heart of the business

confusing it strategy

The 5 key components to creating a goal-oriented technical operation

How to build a technical operation that is aligned with your business objectives and is focused on making targeted improvements.

2 join hackathon

Why a hackathon may not be a good strategy for your company

Hackathons, or hackfests, are getting a lot of buzz for being a collaborative, crowdsourced way of generating new product or service ideas. Sometimes they’re even touted for ideas that drive change and create a competitive advantage....

7 challenge or conflict

Conflict-of-interest traps ensnare enterprise software implementations

Avoiding these two conflict-of-interest situations helps ensure the software you select meets your needs and the implementation is completed on time and on budget.

cloud man megaphone

How a job candidate’s experience affects your brand

New research reveals that how candidates are treated in the job search process directly impacts how they view your company as consumers.

expect delays

Why software implementations are usually late and over budget

Enterprise software implementations usually take substantially longer and cost more than planned. When going live they often cause major business disruption. Here's a look at the root cause of the problem, with suggestions for...

requirements management

Avoid ambiguity when writing requirements for software purchases

Ambiguous requirements can lead to purchasing software that doesn't meet expectations. Here are some simple techniques for avoiding ambiguities in your requirements.

outsourcing checklist

Don’t rush into outsourcing software development

In a rush to save money, companies often plunge into software development outsourcing, quickly select a supplier and expect that team to produce great software right away. They skip the careful evaluation required to determine which...

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