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Ideas for better business writing

Improve your business writing with text-to-speech proofreading

Anybody involved with purchasing enterprise software will do a lot of business writing. See how using text-to-speech can dramatically improve that writing.

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Is the patient the cure to AI healthcare ills?

The expectations of big data and artificial intelligence disrupting the medical industry has been less then impressive to date. Why is that?


6 secrets for getting your next budget approved

In order to get new IT initiatives off the ground you will have to create a compelling budget. Use these six tips as a guide and you will definitely gain points in the board room.

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Do IT groups really need to move to a software-defined environment?

Pay close attention to the competitive advantage levers in software-defined IT.

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CIOs need to reconceive the process design for IT support services

How to improve business users’ satisfaction and productivity.

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How to keep requirements wish lists from crippling software purchases

Requirements wish lists can paralyze a major software purchase. This article considers ideas for dealing with the problem.

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Are your IT performance metrics measuring the right things?

CIOs need to make sure IT metrics align with business users’ expectations.

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Phishing for W-2s

Recently, companies have been receiving requests to send a copy of their W-2s as part of a phishing scheme. How would your organization respond? Some old school, common sense approaches can prevent your staff from releasing personal...


CIOs need to avoid a mistaken path to DevOps

Fundamental operational changes required for DevOps.

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How CIOs can deliver a breakthrough business transformation

Reasons why transformations falter and three things a CIO can do about it.

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What do we mean when we say 'business-IT alignment'?

We talk about business-IT alignment, but what does that really mean? Here's a look at the business strategic plan and the corresponding IT strategic plan, and how to align them to maximize value.

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How GE will bring the Industrial IoT to life

The venerable General Electric is undergoing a profound change as the result of digital transformation and the Industrial Internet of Things. Its evolution is providing insight into what's coming for the industrial sector overall.


A CIOs workout plan for building talent muscles

Digital disruption is continually infusing itself into nearly every aspect of the way all industries and business functions go about their work and the management of IT talent is perhaps more affected (and affected more quickly) than...

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CIO alert: Purchasing is not positioned for emerging IT models

CIOs need to be careful about how they engage with purchasing.

byod challenges for it leaders

BYOD continues to add challenges for IT leaders

A recent study shows that more workers are turning to personal mobile devices to get work done, but businesses need to consider not only the security threats, but also the effect on company culture.

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How writing better requirement details drives software purchase success

We look at four places where requirement descriptions are used, and consider how writing better description details can help make a major software purchase more successful..

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How IT can help users help themselves

A high-quality, self-service knowledge base search can help users help themselves and ease pressure on your IT department.

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IT service management, pink elephants and Martin Short

Sounds like some sort of strange dream, doesn't it? It's not — it's the Pink16 conference I attended last week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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