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Business owners and their processes

Why you can skip business process analysis when purchasing COTS or cloud software

Many people think process analysis and optimization should be done before embarking on a software project. This article explains why it is unnecessary when buying commercial off-the-shelf or cloud software.

software audit

7 hidden compliance risks to avoid before your next software audit

Intentional non-compliance in the enterprise is very rare. Yet most enterprises wouldn’t 'pass' a major IT vendor audit thanks to seven hidden compliance risks.

Software selection committee meeting

8 reasons why committees fail when selecting enterprise software

While organizations use committees to select business-critical software, real world experience shows this doesn’t work as expected. Here's a look at why committees struggle with software decisions and what path leads to more...

job search tips

5 tips for getting the project management job you really want

When we are searching for a job sometimes we're just firing off our resume late at night. Every once in a while there is that job we really, really want or are a great match for. Follow these five tips to get noticed for that job.


The case for agile in the enterprise

In part 1 of our instructional video series, 'Making Sense of Agile,' Joe Mack discusses the eight benefits of using an agile methodology in your development environment.

Front Loader

9 ways front-loading requirements can reduce enterprise software risk

When purchasing enterprise software, detailed requirements must be developed at the start of the project or during implementation. By examining uses for requirements, we make the case that front-loading requirements development...

10 habits of high growth companies

Traction Watch: The habits of high-growth companies

How do high-growth companies operate? in this video from DEMO Traction, growth hacker and Qualaroo CEO Sean Ellis explains ten key habits that lead to high-growth.

Teamwork gears workers cooperation mechanics process

4 essential characteristics for effective IT productivity

For organizational productivity initiatives to be successful, they must have four basic characteristics. They must be aligned with organizational goals, holistic in nature, systematic in execution, and measurable.

Maximize results for the effort

How to maximize vendor response and value gained from RFIs

When suitable vendors fail to respond to a request for information (RFI), projects get delayed and sometimes the wrong enterprise software is selected. This article summarizes ideas for maximizing RFI responses from vendors.

contract fineprint thinkstock

5 ways to negotiate smarter during your next Microsoft renewal

Have a Microsoft enterprise agreement renewal on the horizon? Be prepared - some of the old negotiation truisms are being thrown out of the window.

Failure frustration anger user man worker

How to manage rogue IT end users

Business people sign up for Software-as-a-Service to get a part of their job done. To shut them down without understanding and meeting their needs is to fail to do your job.


Don't be fooled by 'fake cloud' finance systems

The cloud is a hot topic and trend today for finance and accounting. Everyone is claiming a 'cloud' offering, but not all clouds are the same. Here's how to distinguish a 'true' cloud from a 'fake cloud'.


Using process to eliminate bias when selecting enterprise software

When selecting enterprise software, process is more important than analysis. The right process also reduces or eliminates bias.

Two people trying to communicate using tin can phone

How effective communication can improve the IT/business relationship

Effective communication is essential to improving the relationship between the business and IT. The business/IT communication can be particularly strained. What can you do to improve communications?

itil hp

How to get started with ITIL

Of all the concepts in IT, ITIL may be the most misunderstood. Here’s a look at what ITIL is, why you might consider using it and where/how to get started.

tight rope finance

Trip report from the 2015 ITFMA conference

There is a cadre of IT practitioners with the souls of money managers. These are the beleaguered people that manage the messy business of IT. I recently addressed a conference of these folks, and this is my trip report.

Risk mitigation

18 enterprise software selection risks and how to avoid them

Buying enterprise software can be a risky proposition. Having an idea of the risks faced when selecting such software helps organizations to develop mitigation strategies.

predictive model data user magnifying glass graphs man

The benefits of doing a detailed enterprise software requirements analysis

Doing a detailed requirements analysis before selecting enterprise software helps identify best-fit software and reduces implementation risks. This article answers the question of how much detail should be in those requirements.

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