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'Attack of the Data Silos 2': Coming soon to an enterprise near you

ERP was supposed to get rid of the silo problem, but today's do-it-yourself analytics trend threatens to bring it back

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MapR adds self-service SQL Analytics

MapR Technologies updates its Hadoop distribution with Apache Drill 1.0 to support schema-free SQL analytics for big data.

Tableau revs its analytics engines with an online speed injection

Also new in Tableau Online 9.0 is a sync feature for on-premises data

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5 hot trends in software development hiring

Hiring trends change as fast as technology, and it's important to keep your skills up to date. Here are 5 of the fastest growing trends in the tech industry -- and the software you need to know.

Oracle zeroes in on Hadoop data with new analytics tool

New offering focuses on spatial and graph capabilities

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ADP delivers big data platform for workforce management insights

The payroll processing titan is leveraging data from its 600,000 clients and their 24 million employees to provide human resources professionals with benchmarking and predictive analytics

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Pentaho adds orchestration for Apache Spark jobs

Pentaho has announced native integration of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) with Apache Spark, enabling the orchestration of Spark jobs.

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Pivotal rolls out Hadoop distro update, new query optimizer

Pivotal releases a new version of its Pivotal HD Hadoop distribution built on the open source ODP big data kernel, along with a new cost-based query optimizer that promises up to 100x performance upgrades for Greenplum and HAWQ.

Big data companies argue their case at Demo Traction

The recent event gave up and coming companies four minutes to explain why they matter, followed by Q&A with judges.

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IBM Watson adds hybrid cloud developer tools

Watson Explorer helps developers build hybrid cloud cognitive applications using data sets resident in a mix of on-premises, public and private cloud environments.

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Decoding big data buzzwords

Accompanying the big data craze is a new lexicon all its own. We identify and dissect some of the key terms and buzzwords.

IoT to drive network traffic growth

Anticipating IoT traffic growth? Why a colo, not the cloud, might be in your future

The Internet of Things is coming, and drastic traffic growth is going to blow your network sky-high. Should you scale up your on-premises data center? No. Should you move to the cloud? No. The best strategy may be to move your...

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Companies must teach employees to swim in oceans of data

Analytics is becoming a part of the job at every level of the organization, but few companies are prepared

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Can a startup democratize big data apps?

With its new Adatao Data Intelligence Platform, the Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup claims it will do for data intelligence what the iPhone did for the mobile Internet.

Microsoft to offer three new ways to store big data on Azure

Azure to feature a data warehouse, a 'data lake' and the ability to pool multiple databases

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IBM researchers make quantum computing breakthroughs

IBM's Experimental Quantum Computing group's development has enormous potential for overcoming big data simulation and optimization challenges.(Includes infographic.)

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Government security workers have a big data problem

Better analytics could help government workers improve security, but they are hindered by tight budgets and many say they're already overwhelmed by the data they have now.

DataTorrent grabs $15M in funding to help make sense of big data -- fast

DataTorrent, which claims its Hadoop-based software can process billions of events per second, has received $15 million in Series B funding.

SAS enlarges its palette for big data analysis

SAS offers new tools for training, as well as for banking and network security

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