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Teradata brings MapR Hadoop into the data warehouse

Enterprises benefit from extending their data warehouse architectures to handle big data workloads, Teradata says

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Glassbeam Integrates Its IoT Analytics Platform With Spark

Machine data analytics specialist Glassbeam is updating its Internet of Things analytics platform with advanced machine learning and real-time analytics capabilities via integration with the Apache Spark in-memory cluster computing...

HP plugs the Vertica analytics engine into Hadoop

HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop promises to pair the reliability of SQL with the scalability of Hadoop

Salesforce Lightning Connect marries old apps to new

Salesforce1 Lightning Connect is a new tool to connect the company's cloud with legacy data sources.

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Enterprises Moving Big Data Workloads to Public Cloud

More than half of large enterprises are either already using public cloud resources for their big data analytic needs or plan to do so, according to a report by Gigaom Research.

Demand for MySQL Skills Will Not Die Out in Era of Big Data and IoT, Says Percona CEO

NoSQL and Hadoop will coexist with MySQL relational tools

Platfora Brings Analysis to Internet of Things Data

A customized version of Platfora's data analysis platform can work with data from Internet of Things systems

10 IBM Watson-Powered Apps That Are Changing Our World

IBM is investing $1 billion in its IBM Watson Group with the aim of creating an ecosystem of startups and businesses building cognitive computing applications with Watson. Here are 10 examples that are making an impact.

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My Big Data Has Schizophrenia

There are many business models that lends themselves for the monetization of Internet of Things (IoT) and big data convergence. The critical success factor is to generate context sensitive, real actionable alerts.

IBM drills into the energy industry for cognitive computing advances

A new partnership with Spanish energy company Repsol may lower the costs of finding new oil fields

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Microsoft Adds IoT, Big Data Orchestration Services to Azure

Looking to expand on the big data capabilities of its cloud platform, Microsoft has introduced Internet of Things streaming analytics, data production and workflow services for Azure.

BitYota cloud data warehouse gets a boost from Microsoft Azure

The BitYota cloud data warehouse can ingest semi-structured data natively, for instant analysis

IBM sends Cognos, SPSS to the cloud

IBM continues to migrate its portfolio of enterprise software to the cloud

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Intel Turns to Wearables, Big Data to Fight Parkinson's

Medical researchers today have only a rudimentary understanding of how Parkinson's disease progresses in patients. In collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Intel is helping researchers use wearable devices, the Internet of...

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A CFO's View of Consumer Data

Big data and 'second screens' have transformed media buying, says Greg Walsh, CFO of IPG Mediabrands.

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Big Data Wars: How Technology Could Tip the Mid-Term Elections

It’s Project Ivy vs. VoterGravity as Democrats and Republicans deploy competing data analytics platforms.

Big Data Digest: Rise of the think-bots

This week in big data news, a bevvy of data-crunching analysis-centered startups came out of stealth

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8 Big Trends in Big Data Analytics

Big data technologies and practices are moving quickly. Here's what you need to know to stay ahead of the game.

Booz Allen Takes Data Science Training Online

Aiming to make data science training more accessible, Booz Allen Hamilton introduces a hands-on online training course complete with gamification elements.

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