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Ask Watson or Siri: Artificial intelligence is as elusive as ever

At O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop World, the expert on AI assessed the state of machine smarts

Cray Announces Monster 1,500 Core Big Data System

Turnkey Big Data analytics, integrated software for high performance data processing


Hadoop Platform, Apps Represent $1 Trillion Opportunity

Hadoop will evolve into an invisible foundational data infrastructure technology this year, says Cloudera Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer Mike Olson. Now's the time to focus on building applications on top of the platform, he says....

Hadoop World: The executive dashboard is on the way out

The O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York points to new ways of analyzing data

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12 Things I Hate About Hadoop

Hadoop is a wonderful creation, but it's evolving quickly and it can exhibit flaws. Here are my dozen downers

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Hortonworks Boosts Support for Enterprise Needs in HDP 2.2

The latest version of the Hortonworks Data Platform distribution of Hadoop adds numerous features with a special focus on enterprise requirements around governance, security and operations.

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MapR Makes Its NoSQL Database Freely Available in Community Edition

The in-Hadoop NoSQL database is now available for unlimited production use as part of the free MapR Community Edition of Hadoop.

The Weather Channel forecasts heavy NoSQL ahead

The Weather Channel has found that MongoDB is speedy and hastens the process of developing new apps

Big data digest: Set your happiness gadget to bliss

It all started in Chile, says a New Yorker writer. We look at more big data news in this week's web roundup

IBM Watson New York Genome Center

Watson Shows the Power of Intelligent Computing

It was a big week for Watson, which opened a new headquarters in the Big Apple and took center stage at IBM's Think Forum. The type of intelligent computing that Watson provides (or other vendors will soon provide) can improve...

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Analysts React to Symantec Split Announcement

On Thursday, Symantec said that it would separate into two business units; one that focuses entirely on security, while the other sticks to information management. Symantec's announcement follows similar ones from Hewlett-Packard and...

Businesses Must Exchange Private Data with Partners to Drive Efficiencies, Says Berners-Lee

Consumers also need to realize value of their own data

IBM Watson HQ Opens for Business in New York's Silicon Alley

The 12-story IBM Watson Global Headquarters will open its doors in the heart of New York City's Silicon Alley tomorrow morning in an effort to attract talented students and entrepreneurs.

IPsoft seeks to grow the 'brains' of virtual assistants

The Amelia virtual help software can assess a body of knowledge and answer specific questions, IPsoft claims

Slideshow: 6 Key Attributes of CAOs [Chief Analytics Officers]

Chief Analytics Officer: The Ultimate Big Data Job?

As organizations seek to not simply corral data, but apply it strategically across the business, analytics experts are making their way into the C-suite.

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In Depth

Asset Managers Crave Location Data

Visually seeing and tracking your company's assets can help save money, time and trouble.

The Best Open Source Big Data Tools

Top picks in distributed data processing, data analytics, machine learning, NoSQL databases, and the Hadoop ecosystem

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Big Data Analytics Gets Smarter With Location-based Services

Mapping intelligence isn't just for retailers anymore. Advanced analytics uses location data to reveal new insights about customers and strategy.


CEO Says Big Data Drives Towing Business Forward

Technology has turned the towing business into an information business, according to Dave Ferrick, CEO of Agero.

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