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This CEO fosters a data-oriented company culture

BNY Mellon Investment Services uses a data dashboard, analytics, APIs and a social network to enhance the customer and employee experience, says CEO Brian Shea.

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Why the world's top computing experts are worrying about your data

World experts in computer science and mathematics spent an afternoon at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany Tuesday trying to figure out how the widespread collection of data about consumers can be prevented from causing harm.


Despite Microsoft partnership, NFL leans on Amazon to store new stats data

Even though the league has agreed to use Microsoft technology in some instances, it's storing new data generated from real-time player tracking with AWS.

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The 15 biggest enterprise ‘unicorns’

These are 15 of the highest valued enterprise software companies that have received venture funding but have not yet been sold or gone public.

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Managing data in a mobile and cloud world

A simple strategy for standardizing metadata can improve decision-making, data governance and data security. (Insider; registration required)

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Hortonworks looks to 'Internet of Anything' with acquisition

The open source Hadoop distribution vendor aims to bring together streaming analytics and rich historical analytics with the acquisition of the key contributor to the Apache NiFi project and the creation of Hortonworks DataFlow.

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Data analytics help doctors develop cancer treatment plans in a day

The Collaborative Cancer Cloud will leverage big data analytics to help medical institutions sequence individuals' DNA and develop a precision treatment plan in 24 hours.


Researchers can store data in DNA; the hard part is retrieving it

Researchers have discovered a method for storing information in DNA that can last for at least 2,000 years and which takes up a fraction of the space required by hard drives and other electronic media.

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Why big data will be a big deal for the new HP

Big changes are afoot at HP as the company prepares for a split up this spring. Big data software is expected to be a pillar of the new Enterprise focused HP company.

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How IBM’s deal to acquire Merge could transform health IT

A bid made early this month by IBM to acquire Merge Healthcare could radically change the practice of medicine. Its effects might take shape through the first practical applications of artificial intelligence -- not in the diagnosis...

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How the University of Wisconsin is closing the data science skills gap

When the University of Wisconsin asked businesses what they were looking for in employees, nearly all of them said, ‘data scientists.’ The university responded with an online data science master degree program to help bring more...

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Why an analytics culture change needs strong data stewards

Why organizations need data stewards to chart their path towards being data driven and analytically savvy.

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CERN's data stores soar to 530M gigabytes

CERN's data requirements are growing at massive rates: Every experiment with its Large Hadron Collider creates 3GB of data per second. So the agency is relying on its public-private partnerships to develop new storage, networking and...

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13 big data and analytics companies to watch

Most of the newcomers not surprisingly have a cloud element to their offerings, leading to every sort of X-as-a-service pitch you can imagine.

Servers in CERN's Geneva data center

IBM’s insatiable appetite for healthcare data

There’s obviously a great sense of urgency to realize the full potential of Watson, but for that to happen, IBM needs data – and lots of it. Can Watson 'see' far enough into the future to tell if it’s going out play out as expected?

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Bringing enterprise analytics to the cloud

Cloud solution partners are creating new methods to long time problems such as parallelizing statistical processing and automating common data integration tasks. As we move into the era of self-service analytics, a number of vendors...

Beacon technology: Download our free PDF

In this free PDF download, you’ll get a top level overview of beacon technology – what it is, and how beacons use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless links to communicate with mobile devices. In the enterprise, there are several...

Connected Vehicles

How data science can turn the vision of connected vehicles into reality

Data-science-driven predictive and prescriptive analytics can transform connected vehicles to improve safety and mobility, provide new 'infotainment' options, and result in a cleaner environment.

Microsoft, join $5.3 billion Informatica buyout

A new CEO takes the helm at the newly private data-integration firm

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