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IBM detects skin cancer more quickly with visual machine learning

Cognitive computing could improve the ability to spot melanoma early on

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Stanford 'High-Rise' Chip Takes on IoT and Big Data

Stanford University researchers have built a multi-layered "high-rise" chip that could significantly outperform traditional computer chips, taking on the hefty workloads that will be needed for the Internet of Things and big data.


How Predictive Analytics Can Help Set Perfect Hotel Room Prices

By mashing together years of data from a multitude of sources, startup Duetto is helping hotels optimize their room pricing. And in this tight-margin world, a small increase in revenue per available room makes a big difference in...

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How CIOs Can Prepare for Healthcare ‘Data Tsunami’

Research firm IDC predicts an exponential increase in healthcare data, including data from new sources outside the control of IT. In response, CIOs need to prioritize compliance in governance policies and get a handle on 'shadow IT.'

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Facebook: Don't Advertise With Us If You Don't See Clear ROI

Facebook put its money where its metaphorical mouth is when it comes to advertisers' dollars and suggested companies that don't have confidence in Facebook's capability to demonstrate clear advertising ROI should bring their ad...

Startup rethinks databases for the real-time geospatial era

SpaceCurve's new database platform offers large scale real-time geographic data analysis

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12 Most Eye-Popping VC Tech Deals of 2014

While the three largest venture capital deals of the year in the technology industry went to consumer-focused startups, most of the other top investments went to companies building products that could reshape the enterprise IT...

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The 5 Worst Big Data Privacy Risks (and How to Guard Against Them)

There are enormous benefits from Big Data analytics, but also massive potential for exposure that could result in anything from embarrassment to outright discrimination. Here's what to look out for - and how to protect yourself and...

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What Does All That Healthcare Data Really Mean?

Amid the push to open access to more healthcare data, government and industry officials caution that datasets must come with context in order to provide meaningful insights for patients and researchers.

HP rolls data analysis tools into the cloud

Online versions of HP Vertica and IDOL will be available as cloud services in 2015

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How UPS Uses Analytics to Drive Down Costs (and No, it Doesn’t Call it Big Data)

When you have an organization the size of UPS, every single little bit of efficiency that can be squeezed out of daily operations translates into a big deal.

Startup SQLdep aims to help DBAs stay sane

The company's tool automates analysis of SQL code

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Review: Spark Lights a Fire Under Big Data Processing

Apache Spark brings high-speed, in-memory analytics to Hadoop clusters, crunching large-scale data sets in minutes instead of hours


Internet of Things Helps Asthma Patients Breathe Easily

Medical device company Aerocrine, which specializes in devices that help physicians diagnose and monitor asthma, is using new IoT-focused services from Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to reduce device downtime and help its sales and...

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How to Navigate Big Data in Healthcare

Kaiser Permanente CMIO John Mattison cautions healthcare organizations to take a hard look at the way they approach data to ensure that health information is an asset, not a liability. He also cites the need for a new role: a health...

Goldman Sachs Invests in Big Data Startup

Leads $15 million funding round for financial analytics firm

Data Security

Network Security Needs Big Data

As the inadequacies of perimeter-centric defenses become clearer, the zero-trust model grows more appealing. As for ZTM, it will need big data to succeed.


States Get Mixed Report Card on Using Data to Improve Education

The Data Quality Campaign is a national, collaborative effort to improve the availability and use of high-quality education data to improve student achievement. Though school districts are beginning to embrace DQC, much work remains.

Teradata brings MapR Hadoop into the data warehouse

Enterprises benefit from extending their data warehouse architectures to handle big data workloads, Teradata says

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