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Microsoft's stream processing engine boosts Bing, Azure services

Microsoft Research built Trill to radically speed up queries against real-time data

New SAP Hana tool aims to put Big Data insights within closer reach

Featuring Hadoop support, the rapid-deployment service targets enterprise users with streaming and unstructured data


MapR Offers Free Hadoop Training and Certifications

The free on-demand training initially focuses on Hadoop and HBase but will expand to other ecosystem technologies. Certification exams will also be available for developers, analysts and admins.

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Data Analytics: Are We There Yet?

Organizational data analytics is a journey, not a destination.

big data risks

How to Mitigate Data Monetization Risks

Big data represents a substantial asset for your organization, but it's also a potential liability. Here's how to assess and mitigate the risks of your data initiatives.

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How TD Ameritrade's Chief Data Officer is Driving Change

CDO for almost three years, Derek Strauss has pushed through organizational change and launched many large-scale initiatives

Microsoft to acquire R language powerhouse Revolution Analytics

Microsoft will plant the R statistical language in its Azure machine learning services

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CEOs Have Rosier View of Data Initiatives Than Rest of Management

A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit reports hat CEOs tend to have a much more positive view of the current status and benefits of data initiatives than lower-level management in their organizations.

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6 Ways Big Data Could Damage Your Business

Few businesspeople—even C-level executives—truly understand what a revolutionary force Big Data is, or the disruptive threat it represents for businesses of all kinds.

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How Big Data Analytics Can Help Track Money Laundering

Criminal and terrorist organizations are increasingly relying on international trade to hide the flow of illicit funds across borders. Big data analytics may be the key to tracking these financial flows.

Big Data Digest: How many Hadoops do we need?

This week in big data news, brings a new data processing framework, and computers that are more intimate with your feelings

Computers may soon know you better than your spouse

Researchers found that statistical modeling software could accurately assess someone's basic personality traits using their Facebook likes

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Building a Culture of Content as Data

CIOs must ride the wave of content marketing by emphasizing the content over the containers.

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10 Top Big Data Stories of 2014

Big data has been a big topic at in 2014. Here are the 10 most-viewed big data stories of the year.

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Big Data and CRM Help Public Broadcaster Attract More Donors

Data quality projects show Boston's WGBH how to segment customers for more lucrative target marketing.

Oracle hopes to better target online advertising with Datalogix acquisition

Half the money spent on advertising is wasted -- the question is, which half? That's the age-old question in adland. Now Oracle is hoping to help its customers answer that question with the acquisition of Datalogix, which collects...

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5 Big Data Technology Predictions for 2015

Big data technologies have evolved at a torrid pace that shows every sign of continuing in 2015. MapR CEO and co-founder John Schroeder predicts five major developments will dominate big data technology in the new year.

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Data Scientists are the Perfect Cure for Blue Jean Syndrome

A practitioner CIO's perspective on the emerging role of data scientists and the true potential of big data analytics in solving non-trivial business problems.

British Team Wins Tata's Formula 1 Big Data Challenge

The jury included 2014 Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton

IBM detects skin cancer more quickly with visual machine learning

Cognitive computing could improve the ability to spot melanoma early on

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