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You can now use an iPhone to log into a Windows 10 PC, Microsoft says

Apple's iPhone isn't always a good pairing for Microsoft's Windows 10 PCs, but you'll be able to use the phone's biometric authentication features to log into PCs.

samsung note7 iris setup

How it works: Iris scanning improves smartphone security

Samsung and other vendors are beginning to incorporate iris scanning into their mobile devices. We examine how this security technology works, its advantages and its drawbacks.

Chromebooks may add fingerprint scanning, following Android and Windows

A thread on Google's Chromium code repository suggests fingerprint scanning is being built into future Chromebooks, which would help the platform catch up with Android and Windows.

iris scan security 138208300

Iris scans as ID grow in use

Iris scanner technology is emerging in smartphones, including the new Samsung Note 7, but is expected to come soon to cars and ATM machines to verify a user’s identity.

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Note7 iris scanner not quite ready for prime time (video)

The iris scanner in Samsung's Galaxy Note7 smartphone is a breakthrough in mobile biometric authentication. Unfortunately, it's also not reliable.

Fujitsu demos iris scanner that unlocks smartphones (3)

Kill a smartphone password with a scan of your eye

The hardware and software to make iris scanning a key feature is now in place for smartphones and PCs.

Will biometrics save InfoSec?

Banks are under assault from cybercriminals at an alarming rate. Passwords, PINs, and secret questions all have significant limitations. Will biometrics save banks? Watch the video and lets discuss. (8 minutes)


Forget fingerprints; Iris scans could validate mobile payments

Newer biometrics technologies beyond the use of fingerprint scans could boost adoption rates for mobile payments.


Add-ons bring Windows Hello to all Windows 10 PCs

Mouse Computer has add-on sensors that will allow the Windows Hello security system to work on any Windows 10 PC.

google io androids

Protecting yourself from Google’s protection racket

If identity validation involves complex AI computation, then no one except the behemoths will be able to do it anymore, which may be the idea.

angle touchid

Why your iPhone-unlocking fingerprint is susceptible to FBI search warrants

A judge is forcing a woman to unlock an iPhone with her fingerprints, but does this violate the Constitution?

Fingerprint reader on laptop

Microsoft might be eyeing a Surface phone with a trackpoint/fingerprint reader

Microsoft's new patent filing envisions a trackpoint with an embedded fingerprint sensor, enabling Windows Hello in mobile devices.


7 steps to biometric bliss

Every time you access your phone via fingerprint reader, you’re using biometric identification technology. So, while biometrics on the consumer side has become commonplace, a number of barriers have blocked widespread biometric...

hp elite x3 dock (Embargo to noon ET 2/21/2016)

HP offers Windows 10 smartphone with fingerprint and iris recognition security

HP targeted security-conscious business users and IT with its announcement of the Elite x3 smartphone that runs Windows 10 Mobile. It ships this summer.

samsungveinpanent 2

You're so vein: Samsung files a patent for a vein-scanning smartwatch

It's actually not that weird. Rather than using your fingerprint, this technology merely recognizes you by your vein structure.

facial recognition biometrics

Ta-ta to passwords and PINs; faces and fingerprints to rule the future

Biometric security technology is gaining market share over traditional passcode methods. Facial recognition will be a $450 million market by 2019 and fingerprint readers will reach $2.6 billion by 2020.


Iris scanning simplifies cash aid for Syrian refugees

The United Nations is using an iris-scanning biometric ID system to streamline the delivery of money to Syrian refugees in Jordan.

tobii eyex stock crop

Windows Hello comes to older PCs with upgrade to Tobii's EyeX eye tracker

Tobii's eyeX eye tracker has added support for Windows Hello, becoming one of the first standalone peripherals to allow Hello to be used with older PCs that are upgrading to Microsoft's latest operating system.

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