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BlackBerry posts second straight earnings gain

CEO John Chen also predicted sustained profitability in the current fiscal year that started March 1.


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BlackBerry teams with Samsung on locked-down, high-priced tablet

BlackBerry announced SecuTABLET, a pricey new tablet PC built with Samsung hardware and the Android OS that’s designed for public sector and government use.

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New BlackBerry CSO Calls Security 'War of Good vs. Evil'

BlackBerry's new CSO David Kleidermacher has 23 years of IT experience and expertise in IoT technology, and he will presumably play a key role in the company's future IoT security strategy.

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BlackBerry CEO's Desperate Comments Spotlight Severity of 'App Gap'

BlackBerry chief exec John Chen's recent comments on application and content neutrality come off as desperate, writes's Al Sacco, and could represent a panicked reaction to the company's growing 'app gap' dilemma.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen Proposes Profoundly Stupid 'App Neutrality' Law

BlackBerry's developer support has sunken so low that the company is now seeking a government bailout.

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BlackBerry's Limited Edition Gold Passport Costs $900 (UPDATED)

BlackBerry today released a limited run of 50, $900 golden BlackBerry Passport devices.

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BlackBerry Jumps into Smartwatches with BBM on Android Wear Devices

BlackBerry demonstrated its Messenger application on Android Wear smartwatches at the International CES trade show.

topmobilestories2014 collage

Top 10 Mobile Stories of 2014's Al Sacco rounds up 10 of his most popular mobile stories published in 2014, including an article that compares and contrasts the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, a showcase of quirky-yet-valuable wearable devices and a couple...


Boeing, BlackBerry Working on a Smartphone That Would 'Self-Destruct'

It sounds like something out of old spy movies, but it isn't.

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An In-Depth Look at the BlackBerry Classic

A closer look at the new BlackBerry Classic smartphone with photos from the device's New York City launch event.

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BlackBerry Classic review: A killer smartphone for keyboard lovers

The BlackBerry Classic is the best smartphone the company has ever released, according to's Al Sacco. However, it's not going to lure away many iPhone or Android users, or significantly increase BlackBerry's market share. And...


Video Look at the Upcoming BlackBerry Classic Browser, Apps

BlackBerry is trying to go back to its roots with the upcoming BlackBerry Classic smartphone, and it's teasing the device with bits of information and video clips, including this video of its browser and apps.

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A $550 Trade-in is Unlikely to Lure iPhone Users to Passport, But BlackBerry's Trying Anyway

Assuming there are any iPhone users just waiting for a reason to switch, this deal's actually not the best way to trade.

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OK, BlackBerry, What Else Have You Got Besides Security?

The once-dominant mobile-email player’s latest pitch is irrelevant for today’s smartphone buyers. Can the company’s BYOD pitch save the day?

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BlackBerry bolsters its enterprise pitch

BlackBerry announced a renewed enterprise focus on Thursday, including a partnership with Samsung that provides secure mobile software for certain Samsung Android smartphones and tablets.

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BlackBerry Promises a Blast From the Past with BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry tries to bring back the sort-of glory days, or at least, hold onto its most faithful users, by teasing an even better version of its once-legendary phone design.

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BlackBerry Passport Productivity Tips, Tricks and Keyboard Shortcuts

BlackBerry's new Passport smartphone is packed with valuable productivity features. Here's a list, directly from BlackBerry, of more than 30 tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts to help you get the most out of your new Passport.


Passport Sellouts at 200,000 Preorders Reveal a More Modest BlackBerry

BlackBerry boasts of numbers that would make larger companies wince

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BlackBerry Passport Sells Out; CEO Foresees Profitability in 2015

BlackBerry's new qwerty Passport smartphone quickly sold out just hours after going on sale online, with another 200,000 back orders waiting in line, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said in an earnings call.

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