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Bing gains search share after Windows 10 gives it a hand

It's no surprise that Microsoft has banked on Bing growth: The company hoped that increased advertising revenue from Bing searches would replace some of the money lost as Windows license sales continue to fall.

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Google Chrome gets new iOS beta program

Google is now letting iPhone and iPad users take a cutting-edge version of its browser for a spin. The company quietly launched a new Chrome for iOS public beta program on Friday.

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Firefox finally fires up on the iPhone

Mozilla on Thursday launched Firefox for iOS, making the browser it long resisted coding available for iPhones and iPads.

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Firefox finally comes to iOS

If you use Firefox on a Mac or Windows you can finally get your browser of choice on iOS.


Yahoo rolls out slick new search results exclusively for U.S. Firefox users

Yahoo really wants U.S. Firefox users to stick with Yahoo as their default search engine. So much so, the company is willing to provide everyone else a sub-par experience on the desktop.

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Google finally cutting off Chrome updates on Windows XP and Vista

Google announced Tuesday that it will finally stop providing updates to users of Microsoft's nearly geriatric, insecure operating system.

FCC swats down petition for mandatory Do Not Track support

The FCC won't regulate sites like Google and Facebook. Will ad and tracking blockers do the job instead?

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FCC won't force websites to honor 'Do Not Track'

The FCC has dismissed a petition that would have required some of Web's largest firms to honor "Do Not Track" signals from consumers' browsers.


Firefox again flirts with dangerous 10% user share level

Mozilla's Firefox, returning to a multi-month cycle of user share losses, is again flirting with the dangerous 10% milestone, according to data from Net Applications.

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Vivaldi beta browser's trick to lure in power users: Mashing Chrome and Opera together

If you imagine Opera built on top of Chrome, you'll have a decent idea of what the new Vivaldi browser beta is like.

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Mozilla keeps your browsing private with new Tracking Protection feature

Firefox users who want to keep their browsing under wraps have a new tool to use, thanks to Mozilla’s launch of Private Browsing with Tracking Protection in its latest browser release on Tuesday.

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Chrome user share swells to record 31%

Chrome in October reached another major milestone in user share as Internet Explorer and Firefox again shed fans at ruinous rates.

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New beta build of Windows 10 enhances Microsoft Edge

As part of a massive suite of Windows 10 news on Thursday, Microsoft rolled out a new beta version of its PC and tablet operating system to members of the Windows Insider Program.


Microsoft bows to Chrome's dominance, delivers Office Online add-on for browser rival

Bowing to the reality that Google's Chrome has become the world's fastest-growing browser, Microsoft today launched a Chrome add-on for quickly accessing Office Online apps and their documents.

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Firefox's new anti-tracking features best Chrome and Edge

The latest version of Mozilla's Firefox browser packs a set of new privacy features that block cookies and online analytics services, and disable user tracking.

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Microsoft confirms no add-ons for Edge browser this year

Microsoft has confirmed that its Edge browser, the new default for Windows 10, will not get the support for add-ons in 2015 it once promised.

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Microsoft says Edge browser extensions will arrive in 2016

Microsoft says that designing a safe, reliable Edge browser is its first priority.

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2 good reasons to avoid Microsoft's Edge browser

Microsoft Edge doesn't current support browser extensions, and a new feature spotted in a leaked version of Windows 10 is sure to annoy anyone who wants to use Chrome or Firefox instead of Edge.

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