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windows 10

Windows 10 review: It's familiar, it's powerful, but the Edge browser falls short

Microsoft's Windows 10 melds the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 into a unified experience, building its new OS upon a redefined Start menu, its Cortana digital assistant, and the powerful Task View function.

Firefox's Windows 10 design specs

Mozilla to focus on minimizing desertions to Edge with new Windows 10 Firefox

The bare-bones message Mozilla hopes to use to retain Firefox users will be, "Privacy, speed and choice from the browser the world trusts."

Firefox for Windows 10

The Takeaway: With Firefox for Windows 10, Mozilla hopes to keep its users

Mozilla plans to release the Windows 10 version of Firefox in August or September, and hopes that doing so will allow it to keep users from jumping ship to Microsoft's Edge browser.

android browser

Review: The best browsers for Android smartphones

A comparison of Chrome, CM Browser, Dolphin, Firefox, InBrowser and UC Browser on speed, features and HTML5 support.

flash update

Adobe patches Flash to quash last two zero-days unearthed in Hacking Team's cache

Adobe updated its Flash Player to quash a pair of zero-day flaws found in the cache of documents hackers stole from the Hacking Team surveillance company.

flash update

Mozilla blocks all Flash in Firefox after third zero-day

Neither the second nor the third vulnerability had been patched by Adobe as of late Monday, although the company has promised to do so this week.


How to disable Flash Player: Why now's a better time than ever

Recent security exploits illustrate how Flash has outstayed its welcome, even on desktop web browsers.

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Prepare for a future without Internet Explorer

IE is on its way out, so it's time for IT and Web services creators to make the switch to the modern Web

mozilla firefox san francisco

The Takeaway: Why Firefox is picking up the release pace

Mozilla has decided that its current 18-week development schedule is too slow, and it plans to speed up the delivery of new features for its Firefox browser.


The 10 best Android apps to run on your Chromebook

The web is great and all, but these Android apps rise above the performance and quality of their Web-only cousins.

windows 10 tiles background

With a month to go, Microsoft issues new Windows 10 build with Edge browser brand

Microsoft on Monday released another build of Windows 10, the first with the Edge browser branding.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

Yahoo growth stalls months after Mozilla deal

Yahoo's share gains since November from a deal with Mozilla may be a clue about whether the search company can attract more users through a just-announced contract to change Internet Explorer's and Chrome's default search through...

google voice search

'OK Google' hotword detection yanked from Chromium after user revolt

OK Google is a handy feature, but it's a proprietary code and including it by default in an open source browser is a no-no.

Chrome tools every Web developer will love

Chrome tools every Web developer will love

Chrome DevTools and powerful add-ons lend keen insights into your code

Chromebook Productivity Tips

6 productivity tips for Chromebook power users

These smart features make working on a Chromebook snappier and seamless

ad blocking safari ios

Ad blocking in iOS 9 won't kill the Web

Journalists have a hissy fit after Apple announces ad blocking in iOS 9.

The Takeaway: Firefox may get multi-processing after all

Mozilla, which has been talking about adding multi-processing to its Firefox browser since 2009, appears poised to finally take the plunge.

chrome browser logo

Google recants, restores old UI to Chrome bookmarks manager

Google retreated after Chrome users revolted against a change in the browser, saying that it has given up on a radical redesign of the bookmarks manager -- for now.

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