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Microsoft edge little black dress Cortana results

Microsoft locks down Cortana: Blocks integration with other browsers, search engines

Only Microsoft's Edge browser and Bing will be allowed to perform searches made through Windows 10's Cortana, Microsoft said Thursday.

yahoo headquarters

Yahoo's Firefox deal risks dropping into the red

Yahoo's deal with Mozilla making the search provider Firefox's default in the U.S. increasingly looks like a bad deal for Yahoo.

opera vpn enabled popup

Opera browser build adds a first: Free, unlimited VPN for secure surfing

After Opera successfully integrated native ad blocking into its browser, its next trick is even more dramatic: a free, built-in VPN, with unlimited bandwidth to boot.

chrome extensions

Chrome extensions will soon have to tell you what data they collect

Google is making it harder for Chrome extensions to take users' browsing data without them knowing about it, thanks to a new policy the company announced Friday.


Skype for Web goes plugin-free in Microsoft Edge, sort of

Microsoft Edge now supports Skype calls and video chats without plugins, but conditions apply.

chrome browser

Chrome abandons XP, Vista and older versions of OS X

Google released Chrome 50, and as promised last year, dropped support for Windows XP and Vista, along with three older editions of Apple's OS X.

mozilla firefox san francisco

Mozilla explores radically different browser as Firefox leaks share

Mozilla is trying to come up with a next-generation browser, but seems uncertain whether to retain the current Firefox technology or switch to something else.


4 ways Chrome's Safe Browsing protects you from devious Internet dangers

Google Chrome protects against many threats online. Here's a breakdown of some of the biggest threats.

HTTP Internet website

U.S. newspapers threaten to sue Brave browser maker over ad-blocking scheme

More than a dozen newspaper publishers threatened the maker of the new Brave browser with legal action if Brave Software pursues plans to replace websites' ads with its own.

microsoft edge logo

Microsoft's Edge will make Flash less annoying in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft is following Google's lead by adding an auto-pause feature for unnecessary Flash content in the Edge browser.

microsoft edge

Edge freezes Flash content; imitates Chrome and Safari

In both Chrome and Safari, users can click the Flash content to activate it. Without a click, the content remains visible but static. Edge will work the same way.

Vivaldi download

New browser Vivaldi targets those tired of UI austerity

Vivaldi today launched its same-named browser, delivering a boutique browser that hopes to steal some share from the better-known rivals.

first look vivaldi 1

FIRST LOOK: Vivaldi 1.0, the new Web browser for the old school

The team behind Vivaldi, including Opera browser co-creator Jon von Tetzchner, is hoping that their new browser’s blend of throwback functionality and modern tech will catch on. You can download Vivaldi here on Macs, Windows or Linux,...

browsers ie safari opera chrome firefox

Microsoft continues to bleed browser share at record rates

Microsoft's browsers last month continued to swirl toward the drain of second place.

Top 25 free apps for Windows 10

Top 25 free apps for Windows 10

Here’s the best of the best for Windows 10. Sometimes good things come in free packages

microsoft edge

Edge browser edges Chrome in early adoption sweepstakes

Microsoft says its newest browser, Edge, increased its usage faster than did Google's Chrome after its 2008 launch.

ad blocker blocker

Microsoft: No baked-in ad blocker for you!

Microsoft does not plan to build an online ad blocker into its Edge browser, a company engineer said today.

safari technology preview

Apple mimics other browser makers, produces Safari developer preview

Apple today released its first developer preview of Safari for OS X that gives website designers and app creators a continuous sneak peek of the browser.

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