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Shark Tank in the C-suite

Executives are bringing venture capital in-house.

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Tech Salary Guide 2016

It’s another great year for those working in tech, as salaries across every vertical saw significant increases. Here are the average tech salaries for 2016, according to data from Robert Half Technologies.


The 60 minute project manager

By using 60 solid minutes a day to focus on all the key activities that each project needs every week, you can keep your projects on the path to success.


4 ways CIOs can speak better CFO

Meetings with your CFO don’t need to be intimidating. Here’s what you need to do to leave with the money you need.

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IDC says big data spending to hit $48.6 billion in 2019

The research firm predicts the market for big data technology and services will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23.1 percent through 2019.

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Accenture invests in artificial intelligence R&D

Accenture says it is committing a significant portion of its global research and development to artificial intelligence and is opening a new Accenture Technology Lab and Centre for Innovation in Dublin, Ireland.

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Despite stingy budgets, IT still finds ways to bolster business

Gains in automation and reliability are having an impact on how IT departments are spending their money.

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Federal IT outsourcing spend alarmingly poorly managed

The U.S. government is leaving billions of dollars on the table due to poorly managed and duplicative IT outsourcing deals, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office.

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GE uses lots of data to keep IT spend down

The key to getting the maximum value out of every dollar spent on IT, according to GE executive director of sourcing Sam Guertin, is a combination of in-depth knowledge and tough negotiation.

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How do you define project success?

How does your organization and how do your customers measure project success? Timeline? Budget? Quality?

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IT budgets to jump 2 percent, still not enough, says Gartner

The 'talent crisis' is just about universal, the consulting firm's new survey says.

IT spending 2015 mid-year reality check

2015 reality check: IT spending, confidence on an upswing

2015 continues to be a solid year for IT, with budgets rising, confidence growing and IT-business alignment strengthening. The pace of hiring dipped mid-year -- an indicator of the tight market for talent rather than a harbinger of a...

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Feds advance open data roadmap despite challenges

The DATA Act aims to bring transparency to government spending, but officials are mindful of the compliance burden and cultural challenges in effecting reform.

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Why you need to convert IT consumers into investment partners

CIOs need business partners to make the bang worth the buck.

PmaaS - the new kid on the block

Why you should outsource your IT Project Management

There are plenty of reasons to outsource the PM function. But first, let's re-examine the outsourcing conundrum and take a fresh look at Project Management as a Service – the new kid on the block.

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How to determine what your users need vs. what they want

Business people request dedicated printers, new laptops, new cell phones, MiFi devices, portable mice, and other bright shiny objects for two reasons: Good reasons and not-so-good reasons. Your job is to determine who gets what new...

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4 ways to cut application development and maintenance costs

Adopting a managed services or fixed-fee approach for application work can yield significant savings. But IT organizations that rely on staff augmentation can also cut costs through proactive management.

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What is IT's strategy for replacing laptops?

Deciding when to replace laptops is more complicated than just waiting for them to break.

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