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IT spending 2015 mid-year reality check

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Feds advance open data roadmap despite challenges

The DATA Act aims to bring transparency to government spending, but officials are mindful of the compliance burden and cultural challenges in effecting reform.

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Why you need to convert IT consumers into investment partners

CIOs need business partners to make the bang worth the buck.

PmaaS - the new kid on the block

Why you should outsource your IT Project Management

There are plenty of reasons to outsource the PM function. But first, let's re-examine the outsourcing conundrum and take a fresh look at Project Management as a Service – the new kid on the block.

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How to determine what your users need vs. what they want

Business people request dedicated printers, new laptops, new cell phones, MiFi devices, portable mice, and other bright shiny objects for two reasons: Good reasons and not-so-good reasons. Your job is to determine who gets what new...

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4 ways to cut application development and maintenance costs

Adopting a managed services or fixed-fee approach for application work can yield significant savings. But IT organizations that rely on staff augmentation can also cut costs through proactive management.

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What is IT's strategy for replacing laptops?

Deciding when to replace laptops is more complicated than just waiting for them to break.

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CIO poll reveals a sharp increase in IT spending

The latest CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook survey reports that the majority of IT leaders will increase spending on new projects in the coming year.


IT funding potholes

Don’t keep making the same mistakes year after year. (Insider; registration required)

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5 ways to negotiate smarter during your next Microsoft renewal

Have a Microsoft enterprise agreement renewal on the horizon? Be prepared - some of the old negotiation truisms are being thrown out of the window.

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Trip report from the 2015 ITFMA conference

There is a cadre of IT practitioners with the souls of money managers. These are the beleaguered people that manage the messy business of IT. I recently addressed a conference of these folks, and this is my trip report.

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How to destroy productivity in three easy steps

Find out three easy ways to destroy your employee's productivity. raising your labor costs and adding to your resource capacity woes.

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Your hidden 'everything else' resourcing problem

Are project deadlines sliding past like a large truck on an icy highway? Are most of your projects over their budget or over their estimates? Your organization may have an "everything else" problem.

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Global IT spending shrinks as dollar strengthens

A rapidly rising U.S. dollar has created a "currency shock," prompting Gartner to decrease its global IT spending forecast.

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Why you should be spending more on security

As the cost and likelihood of security breaches increases, CIOs need to boost security measures -- and spending -- to mitigate the risk to your business.

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Is Your Security Software Sitting Unused on the Shelf?

Your security software isn't working? It could be because your company is one of the many that doesn't actually use the products they buy. Getting IT involved early in the purchasing process and turning to cloud could help fix the...

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CIOs Report That Spending Is on the Rise

IT leaders expect to see bigger technology budgets in the coming year, according to CIO’s most recent Tech Poll. However, while spending in key areas is up, CIOs aren't buying into all the buzz-worthy trends.

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White House Wants 10% Hike in Cybersecurity Spending

The Obama administration, in its proposed FY 2016 federal budget, wants more money for cybersecurity research, technology and investigators

Twenty-Eight Percent of Security Spending Wasted on Shelfware

The average organization spent $115 per user on security-related software last year, but $33 of it, or 28 percent, was underutilized or not used at all, according to a new report from Osterman Research

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