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Avoid ambiguity when writing requirements for software purchases

Ambiguous requirements can lead to purchasing software that doesn't meet expectations. Here are some simple techniques for avoiding ambiguities in your requirements.

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KTLO is not just radio stations

KTLO is the effort by an IT organization to support and maintain the things they have done previously

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Software wildcatting: 4 ways organizations launch wrong projects

Oil companies no longer drill in our backyards, hoping to strike oil. How come software practice is still stuck in the past?

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Tips for building a culture around 'business outcomes'

The new era of IT demands a new kind of IT professional -- one who has both the business and the technology skills to get the job done.

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Why APIs are key to closing the IT delivery gap

As a technological revolution takes hold and turns entire industries upside down, companies of all sizes are turning to APIs to speed up.

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Why adopting microservices is easy in theory, but not reality

Microservices can deliver tremendous speed and agility—but getting there requires cultural and organizational transformation in addition to new technology.

cio cmo relationship

Can transformation ruin relationships?

Transformation is typically a thankless job but to stay relevant in the market place, companies have to go though it and someone like you and I have to do the "dirty" work. These initiatives are not for the faint-hearted, and as a...

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Is the business-IT gap intentional?

IT and business executives must decide whether to transform the way their organizations interact. Maintaining the status quo may feel safe, but it’s risky. To determine if the relationship has reached a tipping point, ask two...

Strategy: Plan A or B arrows

Can you say what strategic outcomes your project is targeting?

To make a strategic contribution to the organization, your technology project must be specific about three categories of business outcomes.

cutting costs

The impact of new digital business models on IT services

On-shoring is becoming more in vogue. Like many U.S. CIOs and their C-suite colleagues, you may be actively exploring how to duplicate or offset the loss of cost benefits from offshore/labor-arbitrage services. I have good news for...

2015 it workforce hiring trends handshake arrows agreement

How to partner with the chief digital officer to drive digital transformation

Does your organization have a Chief Digital Officer or does it require one? How CIO can grow their leadership responsibilities by defining initiatives, aligning responsibilities, leveraging agile practices, and measuring key...

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IT-as-a-Service model essential in digital transformation

Some issues never seem to go away, including business users’ demands for IT departments delivering against business needs – and doing it quickly to gain or sustain a competitive advantage. Legacy infrastructure and processes make it...

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The IT-business gap remains

The 2017 State of the CIO reports finds that while IT generally still has control of the tech purse strings, business and IT leaders disagree about the CIO's role.

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Seizing the value of the surge: How to use M&A to reshape your IT organization

There is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the sharp increase of work from M&A to redefine the IT workforce and organization. Leaders can better align technology functions to strategic focus areas by pushing internal resources and...

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Five ways to beat the project transition blues

Transitioning from sales to delivery for an IT project is an age-old challenge. Learn five ways to improve your chances of having a successful delivery by focusing on these transition tactics.


Should you do program synergy differently in the digital era?

Wherever multiple projects are involved, synergy becomes a useful goal. Synergy is about executing projects in such a way that they will together eventually generate business outcomes greater than the sum of the outcomes from their...

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Get your company ready for artificial intelligence

Companies need to resolve issues regarding data quality, ERP and business process improvement first, before implementing artificial intelligence solutions.

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What is driving your strategic intent?

What is your strategic intent? More importantly, what are the key drivers that are influencing the direction you take? And are you going in the right direction? Here is a look at strategic intention and how you can make sure you are...

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