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IT leaders struggle to sway business stakeholders

These aren’t easy times for CIOs, many of whom are still striving to align their work to business requirements. Deloitte explains why and what to do about it.

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Little-known SaaS provider helps CIOs corral IT costs

Apptio’s founder and CEO discusses how CIOs are using its SaaS product to deliver transparency and business insights into the costs and value of technology.

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How the API economy is igniting a cultural shift in businesses

As the fast eat the slow, CIOs need to redefine the role of IT and enable the broader business to speed up the pace of innovation through self service.

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Why CIOs need to take the lead on digital transformation in 2017

Market leaders and digital experts still don't know on who should lead digital transformation. 2017 will be a big year for the emerging digital economy, and it is time for CIO's to combine their technical knowledge with a deep market...


3 signs your next project could be nonstrategic

Address these issues if tech projects must make strategic contributions.

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Buying the best BPM for your needs

Business process management software can be thought of as 'the oil that lubricates corporate machinery.' With dozens of competitors on the market, use the reverse-engineering technique to find the BPM software best suited to your...

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Enterprise analytics isn't about competitive advantage

Competitive advantage used to mean something. Competitive advantage is a core part of the sales pitch for analytics. But the strategic CxO is wary of buying into that. Because analytics isn't about competition

Ensuring the quality of 'fit for purpose' data

John Ladley, President of First San Francisco Partners, shares his thoughts on data quality. He says quality is more than just accuracy -- quality must also be focused on data's usage and its timeliness, relevance and accuracy....

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Measuring business-IT convergence

Everyone talks about business-IT alignment. But how do you measure it? What metrics can you use to assess the relationship between business and IT? In this article, we cover some of those metrics and help you get started on your way...

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How to execute tech projects like business projects

We need to put tech projects in the business context. Here are the three steps for doing that.

2 male executive standing on fever line reaching out to each other showing partnership or mentoring

Is your IT group struggling in the effort to become a strategic partner to the business?

CIOs and IT groups keep trying to transform their service delivery so that it addresses the strategic needs of the business stakeholders. But often it isn't recognized that the organizational structure slows down speed and...

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CIOs, CTOs playing greater role in technology decisions

New research from Deloitte shows that CIOs and CTOs at mid-market companies are in the drivers' seat more often when it comes to technology decisions.

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Use reverse engineering to help users set requirements for big software purchases

Collecting detailed software requirements from users can be painfully difficult. See how rewriting features as requirements helps develop a comprehensive requirements list for selecting enterprise software.

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6 keys to getting more than minimal value from digital initiatives

Digital technologies – analytics, automation, cloud, cognitive computing, mobile and social – are disruptive and hot, and I see a lot of companies implementing these technologies to achieve better business results. I also recognize...

The BT era: because business outcomes are the only constant

Why the BT era is more important than the digital era

Technologies and "eras" change. The only constant is the need for specific business outcomes.

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Why do so many business transformation initiatives fail?

Some companies achieve breakthrough performance results from their transformation initiatives, but they are rare. They fail because of organizational pushback, like tissue rejection in an organ transplant. What enables the successful...


What is your pace as a change agent?

Are you a new leader that joined an organization and you have observe a lot of opportunities for improvement. The solution is in your head and you may have already identified a solution. But is your pace too fast as a leader?

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How to revive a dying automation project

What would you expect when the top executives in a Fortune 500 company decided to embrace robotic process automation (RPA) aggressively across their services lines and even go so far as to signal to Wall Street and the investor...

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