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CIOs, CTOs playing greater role in technology decisions

New research from Deloitte shows that CIOs and CTOs at mid-market companies are in the drivers' seat more often when it comes to technology decisions.

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Use reverse engineering to help users set requirements for big software purchases

Collecting detailed software requirements from users can be painfully difficult. See how rewriting features as requirements helps develop a comprehensive requirements list for selecting enterprise software.

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6 keys to getting more than minimal value from digital initiatives

Digital technologies – analytics, automation, cloud, cognitive computing, mobile and social – are disruptive and hot, and I see a lot of companies implementing these technologies to achieve better business results. I also recognize...

The BT era: because business outcomes are the only constant

Why the BT era is more important than the digital era

Technologies and "eras" change. The only constant is the need for specific business outcomes.

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Why do so many business transformation initiatives fail?

Some companies achieve breakthrough performance results from their transformation initiatives, but they are rare. They fail because of organizational pushback, like tissue rejection in an organ transplant. What enables the successful...


What is your pace as a change agent?

Are you a new leader that joined an organization and you have observe a lot of opportunities for improvement. The solution is in your head and you may have already identified a solution. But is your pace too fast as a leader?

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How to revive a dying automation project

What would you expect when the top executives in a Fortune 500 company decided to embrace robotic process automation (RPA) aggressively across their services lines and even go so far as to signal to Wall Street and the investor...

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Are you getting the full benefit of DevOps?

DevOps enables IT departments to meet the business stakeholders’ demands for faster cycle time. But it’s causing enterprises to rethink where their talent should be located. As DevOps adoption grows, we hear two important questions:...

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Mastering and managing data understanding

Data understanding is the knowledge you have about the data, the needs the data will satisfy, its content and location. There is no tool or artifact for data understanding, as it is expressed in business glossaries, data dictionaries,...

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Why Land O'Lakes broke IT into six businesses

Mike Macrie, CIO of Land O'Lakes, no longer talks about one big number. Instead, Macrie decided to break his IT department into six different business units.

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Companies consistently run into problems in automation efforts

Robotics process automation (RPA) and cognitive computing have tremendous capacity to digitize our workforce and reduce the number of back-office FTEs. Leading companies are looking at doing this in a big way, looking to automate...

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Are you managing your department as a business?

The next generation of CIOs have to manage their department as a business and here are the 10 steps that I follow. Are you aligned with these steps as well?

Software aquisition funnel

The enterprise software acquisition funnel

Like sales & marketing, software acquisition has a funnel. See how to use this funnel to reduce the pains so prevalent with major software purchases.

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Who is watching after your agile money?

In the digital age, the speed of business change is historically unprecedented and exponentially increasing. The traditional enterprise IT model has reached its max speed, and enterprises are investing in agile development by the...

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Measure your employees’ results, not their time

The future of work is in autonomy. If you keep a tight leash on your employees, your company will suffer in the long run.

The pain of partial or outright software failure

17 painful ways a major software purchase can go wrong

The pain of a major software purchase going wrong can lead to wishing the project had never been started. However, by then contracts are signed and it is too late to do anything about it. Read and be warned!

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How to turbocharge digital transformation

Progress in strategic business transformations always takes place outside of people’s comfort zone, so it requires excellence in leadership to drive change. These three key tips for CIOs will help drive that change.

3 Warning Signs for a

3 warning signs for a 'never-ending' ERP project

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations are never easy. Many projects start with excitement and high levels of participation but quickly devolve into run-on projects with that are over budget and rife with change orders....

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