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cdo50 primary and Drexel to honor 50 analytics innovators

The Analytics 50, a collaboration between Drexel University's LeBow College of Business and, will recognize 50 of the most innovative analytics executives.

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You might be using Office 365 without even knowing it

Services like DocuSign and Smartsheet use the Microsoft Graph to pull contextual information out of Office and put it to work where it’s most useful.

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Review: DeepSQL outruns Amazon Aurora

DeepSQL makes index-heavy ingestion and queries go really fast, outperforming Aurora by twofold in our benchmarks

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A new app from SAP helps line managers keep track of their budgets

It's not always easy for line-of-business managers to get a real-time view into budget and spending, but a new mobile app from SAP aims to change all that.

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Business alignment techniques for successful and sustainable analytics

How to explore business alignment techniques by analyzing business strategy, decomposing strategy into how data will be used to help meet strategic goals, decomposing data usage into critical components and understanding patterns of...

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CIO May 2016 Digital Magazine: Making IoT magic

Cover story: How analytics transforms IoT data into business intelligence

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The 'business' in business intelligence: There’s NOT an app for that

In a market dominated by hyped and trending new technologies (No SQL, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Visualization…take your pick), the importance of identifying and prioritizing the business needs – what do we want to do, why do we...

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BI review: Tableau, QlikView, MicroStrategy and Oracle OBIEE

Enterprise users give a shout out for some of their favorite features of these popular BI tools, but also offer up a little tough love.

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Why marketing technology will make or break careers

Datorama CSO, Katrin Ribant, discusses the importance of marketing technology (MarTech) and its impact on the modern-day marketer. As today's MarTech environment is exceedingly complex, Ribant posits that understanding, or choosing...

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Why machine learning is the new BI

Get ready for artificial intelligence and automation that helps you make business decisions rather than just understanding what happened in the past.

Interactive planning

Cognitive automation gives employees the freedom to innovate

Cognitive automation is not just a component of technology implementation, but part of a holistic strategy that reaches across the enterprise, potentially improving the performance of every employee.

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Review: IBM Watson strikes again

Built on Watson and SPSS predictive analytics, IBM's cloud machine learning services meet the needs of developers, data scientists, and businesses


The augmented project manager

The coming artificial intelligence revolution is going to dramatically change the project management discipline. Have you thought about what is coming?

Vision of the Mind

Big data and machine learning – is the glass half empty?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is receiving much attention in light of big data and machine learning accomplishments. However, machine learning only represents half of the AI story.

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AtScale simplifies connecting BI tools to Hadoop

The startup, which specializes in creating OLAP-like virtual cubes on Hadoop, has added a Hybrid Query Service Service that allows its platform to natively support MDX and SQL queries.

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How to use CRM, marketing automation to improve hiring

Next-generation talent management platforms offer new features that will help companies better source, engage and hire candidates.

Georgia Aquarium

How predictive analytics keeps crowds flowing at Georgia Aquarium

Managing crowd attendance at the aquarium, monitoring guest comments and predicting future attendance are tasks all handed over to predictive analytics.

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Report: Big data is doomed unless basic data management improves

Big-data projects will never meet expectations if the underlying data is inaccurate or missing. It’s time to fix the “dysfunctional cycle of data chaos,” says a report by TechVision Research.

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