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machine learning

Why machine learning is the new BI

Get ready for artificial intelligence and automation that helps you make business decisions rather than just understanding what happened in the past.

Interactive planning

Cognitive automation gives employees the freedom to innovate

Cognitive automation is not just a component of technology implementation, but part of a holistic strategy that reaches across the enterprise, potentially improving the performance of every employee.

ibm watson

Review: IBM Watson strikes again

Built on Watson and SPSS predictive analytics, IBM's cloud machine learning services meet the needs of developers, data scientists, and businesses


The augmented project manager

The coming artificial intelligence revolution is going to dramatically change the project management discipline. Have you thought about what is coming?

Vision of the Mind

Big data and machine learning – is the glass half empty?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is receiving much attention in light of big data and machine learning accomplishments. However, machine learning only represents half of the AI story.

hybrid query service

AtScale simplifies connecting BI tools to Hadoop

The startup, which specializes in creating OLAP-like virtual cubes on Hadoop, has added a Hybrid Query Service Service that allows its platform to natively support MDX and SQL queries.

hiring software developers

How to use CRM, marketing automation to improve hiring

Next-generation talent management platforms offer new features that will help companies better source, engage and hire candidates.

Georgia Aquarium

How predictive analytics keeps crowds flowing at Georgia Aquarium

Managing crowd attendance at the aquarium, monitoring guest comments and predicting future attendance are tasks all handed over to predictive analytics.

data management vortex

Report: Big data is doomed unless basic data management improves

Big-data projects will never meet expectations if the underlying data is inaccurate or missing. It’s time to fix the “dysfunctional cycle of data chaos,” says a report by TechVision Research.

questions for analytics vendors

How the needs of mid-sized organizations help drive analytics accessibility

Much of my focus within the business intelligence market has been covering the technologies, offerings and analytics adoption of small and mid-sized organizations.* During the past several years, I have noticed a large market shift...

late payments

Toyota uses analytics to keep delinquent customers in their cars

Toyota Financial Services' Collection Treatment Optimization (CTO) program helps its collections agents optimize which borrowers to call to help reduce delinquencies and keep customers in their vehicles.

work management 907669

3 mistakes companies make implementing time tracking

Many data-centric companies make three common mistakes implementing time tracking, which lead to the creation of data taxes instead of data tools. These mistakes are easy to recognize and can be easy to address.

data integration

SAP's HANA Vora bridges divide between enterprise and Hadoop data

The SAP HANA Vora software is designed to allow companies to analyze data stored in Hadoop, enterprise systems and other distributed data sources.

bi business intelligence ts

How to use BI to improve the customer experience

Protection 1 CIO Donald Young shares how the security company significantly decreased attrition – and increased subscriptions – by using BI software and giving employees the tools they needed to better assist customers.

cloud analytics

Evaluating business intelligence in the cloud

Many organizations struggle with their cloud business intelligence implementations. Here are the key considerations to look at before embarking on your own cloud BI initiative.

analytics statistics stats charting big data

5 critical success factors to turn data into insight

Analytics is one of the hottest topics in both business and technology today, yet many organizations are failing to execute on the continuum from gathering data, to assessing/aggregating/analyzing, to achieve critical business...

Machine Learning Algorithms

Review: Azure Machine Learning is for pros only

Microsoft’s machine learning cloud has the right stuff for data science experts, but not for noobs

hunger 413685

The pipe dream of 80% resource availability

Project success today is threatened by the fallacy of 80 percent resource availability for project work. Leveraging the data we collect as a data-centric organization can light a path to greater productivity.

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