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EnerNOC powers up BPM to automate a core business process

Bonitasoft business process management tool reduces errors, ensures process scalability



Feral Leadership Drives the New Social BRM

Enterprise IT will require a new set of "social skills" that reflect the evolution from analog to digital corporate cultures.

vendor failure

5 Signs That a Vendor Won’t Make It to 2020

We won’t name names, but there are some telltale signs that a vendor won’t make it to 2020. Rob Enderle identifies conditions for failure and tells you how to apply those dubious qualities to your vendors to determine if they are...

outsourcing unstable thinkstock

IT Outsourcing Market Far From Stable

IT services deal activity was steady in the second quarter, but the IT and business process outsourcing industry is undergoing significant shifts as customers fire existing providers, ink shorter deals and embrace emerging...

The New Microsoft Under Satya Nadella

The Microsoft CEO has set new goals, taken some decisive actions, moved ahead with works already in progress and made Wall Street happy

IKEA Adopts Electronic Processes to Speed Up Business Case Approvals

IKEA is now able to create internal business cases in less than half the time it used to take by moving from paper to a Web-based system.

Google Plus Now Minus Chief Vic Gundotra

Prominent Google exec says farewell with post to social network he helped create.

Fave Raves: 33 Tech Pros Share Their Favorite IT Products

What IT pros like, in their own words.

The Ultimate Windows XP Quiz

Microsoft Windows XP is so beloved that users won't let it go. But how well do you know XP?

How to Protect Yourself Against a Windows 8.1 Catastrophe

When you buy a new Windows computer, the install software for the OS is usually placed on the hard drive inside a separate partition.  If you upgraded from Win 8 to 8.1, accessing this install will roll back your computer...

Sorry We Don't Support That

With Microsoft about to end support for Windows XP, what would happen if other industries did the same?

10 Free Microsoft Tools to Make Admins Happier

From migrating away from Windows XP to managing Active Directory, there's help at no cost.

Windows 8 App Shootout: Modernmix vs. RetroUI Pro

Which tool works best to re-size Windows applications that run full-screen?

Red Hat Extends JBoss with Open Source BPM

Red Hat is extending JBoss up the middleware stack with a new business process management suite that gives organizations advanced decision and process automation capabilities.

16 Weirdest Places You'll Find Linux

Linux is everywhere, if you look for it.

2014 Tech Merger Madness

Our ongoing timeline of the biggest & most interesting network industry M&A deals.

2013 Tech News Quiz

Snowden, Ballmer, 3D handguns, iPhone 5s – this year had it all.

10 Celebrities Jumping on the Bitcoin Bandwagon

Some are using it to help build the community, others to build their personal brands.

Box Gives Enterprise IT More Visibility and Control

Box is adding features to its content management and document-sharing platform to give administrators the capability to manage permissions, access and control over how Box is used in the enterprise. It's also added a new consulting...

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