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Samsung Safety Truck
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Here's how GM's Maven car sharing works

A few clicks of an app and you've reserved a car and can drive it away. There's integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto too.

electric vehicle charging

Researchers move closer to charging an EV as fast as filling a tank of gas

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology propose storing energy from the power grid in a buffer to allow ultrafast charging of hundreds of electric cars with grid overload protection.

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San Francisco has had its first autonomous car accident

San Francisco saw its first traffic accident involving an autonomous car earlier this month. It occurred on the afternoon of Jan. 8 when a Nissan Leaf autonomous vehicle operated by Cruise Automation hit a parked Toyota Prius.

Tesla Gigafactory

Panasonic to invest $1.6B in Tesla's Gigafactory

Longtime Tesla battery partner Panasonic said it will spend up to $1.6 billion on the lithium-ion battery Gigafactory in the hopes it can cement its future in automotive electronics.


Is the Elio P5 the car of the future?

Great gas mileage, two seats, airbags and it's coming this year. Would you consider buying it?

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Automakers will collaborate to try to stop car hacks before they happen

Major automakers plan to work with the U.S. government to attempt to proactively deter hacks of connected cars before they become a major issue.

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Google releases self-driving car performance report as U.S. proposes $4 billion in funding

The U.S. government made it clear this week that it's solidly behind autonomous cars, but Google's safety record shows some real challenges that must be addressed before self-driving cars hit the roads en masse.


US plans to spend $4B on self-driving car research

The U.S. Department of Transportation said Thursday that President Obama will ask for $4 billion in his budget for 10 years of research into self-driving cars and their safety.

Google self driving car

Obama will ask for $4 billion for self-driving car research

The U.S. government plans to spend almost $4 billion over the next 10 years on research into autonomous driving and, as a first step, will come up with a set of model regulations to govern the technology and its use on public roads...

androidauto Ford

Android Auto coming to 40 car models this year

Google is positive about the road ahead for Android Auto, saying it will come to 40 car models and support more apps this year.


Rinspeed's Etos concept car has a drone, Cortana and Office 365

This Rinspeed Etos concept car is all business up front with Office 365, Skype video calls and Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant in the dashboard and a party in the back with a drone that will scoot off to pick up shopping or take...

Google autonomous self-driving pod car

Obama expected to launch program to spur on self-driving cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said an announcement will be made Thursday about the Obama administration's efforts to speed the introduction of self-driving vehicles, according to published reports.

google's autonomous car

Google's driverless cars still need a human driver

Google's fleet of self-driving cars had to take control from the autonomous system 341 times over 14 months, according to a Google report.

tesla ceo elon musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the Apple Car: ‘It will expand the industry’

The Tesla CEO doesn’t feel threatened by the forthcoming Apple Car, which he calls an “open secret.”

carplay Ford

Apple reveals more than 100 car models that support CarPlay

Apple today released an updated list of car models that support its iPhone-mirroring API CarPlay, but the list excludes some major car makers -- at least for now.

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This Toyota can get you online from anywhere

It's a common feature of long distance driving: the Internet dead zone. Usually when you most need directions or have to make a call, you're in the middle of nowhere with no signal and a lot of frustration.

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How Ford SYNC 3 works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Google and Apple's products are rivals to SYNC 3, but Ford still went to the effort to make it seamless to use them with other SYNC features.

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Audi, Lexus show hydrogen car concepts in Detroit

Audi unveiled a sporty SUV concept powered by a hydrogen fuel cell at North American International Auto Show on Monday.

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