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Nvidia's Tegra chip.

Nvidia's next-generation Tegra mobile chip is on its way

From smartphones to self-driving, Nvidia's Tegra chips have been used in many ways. And the next-generation Tegra is just around the corner.

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla to make 'significant' upgrades to Autopilot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Sunday his firm will send over-the-air upgrades to its vehicles with Autopilot capability, after a crash involving the technology resulted in the death of a driver.

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Samsung may place a $450m bet on electric cars and batteries

Samsung Electronics is on the verge of making a substantial investment in BYD, a Chinese manufacturer of electric cars and batteries.

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Tesla needs to rethink its Autopilot technology

Tesla should consider adding more comprehensive detection technology to its semi-autonomous driving system, and change the name of Autopilot, automotive experts said.

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Tesla asked to brief Senate committee on fatal car crash

Tesla Motors has been asked by a U.S. Senate Committee to brief it on the circumstances leading to a fatal accident that killed the driver of a Tesla Model S, while the vehicle’s Autopilot driver-assistance feature was turned on.

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla admits Autopilot was on during latest Model X accident

A second accident involving a Tesla vehicle with its autonomous driving feature engaged took place Saturday near Cardwell, Montana when the car swerved and hit the guard rail.

google to collaborate with fca to integrate self driving technology

Fiat Chrysler launches bug bounty program for connected vehicles

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has launched a bug bounty program to attract white-hat hackers to spot out cybersecurity flaws in its products and connected services.

2016 acura ilx begins production in ohio

Honda's new motor for hybrid cars is a very big deal

Honda Motor has developed the world's first electric motor for hybrid cars that doesn't use heavy rare earth metals -- a major step forward in development of motors that are free from the political whims of the Chinese government.

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US probes Tesla on autopilot system failures after fatal crash

The U.S. government has asked Tesla Motors for detailed information about key safety systems on its cars after a May 7 crash in which a driver was killed while traveling in autonomous mode.

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6 high-tech ways thieves can steal connected cars

Your car provides you with more than just transportation. And criminals want at that information.

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Tesla fires back over ethics accusation after fatal crash

In a scathing response to a Fortune magazine article, Tesla defended its advanced driver assistance technology, saying its latest SEC filing, which stated it could become the subject of product liability claims, is not unusual for any...

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It’s not technology, but humans that may not be ready for self-driving cars

After the first recorded fatal crash of a Tesla Model S while operating in Autopilot mode, automakers should be asking themselves if drivers are ready to use the technology responsibly.


PCWorld Show Episode 22: Tesla crashes, Surface rumors and AMD RX 480 power problems

PCWorld editors Jon Phillips, Melissa Riofrio and Gordon Mah Ung talk about a fatal Tesla car crash and ponder a Surface desktop rumor. BlackBerry kills the reason people bought BlackBerry, and exactly how busted is the Radeon RX 480?...

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Fearing surveillance, man allegedly shot at Google and set self-driving car ablaze

A man who told police he feared surveillance by Google has been arrested and charged with arson after one of the company's self-driving cars was destroyed in an attack in June.

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Is your car secure? Maybe not, but enterprise users can still learn something

If you're looking for a good lesson in enterprise security, there might be a few sitting in the parking lot. The automotive field is a glaring example of "worst practices" in security, say several automotive experts. And, the problem...

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Tesla-SolarCity merger could be fraught with danger -- and big potential

Tesla’s proposal to purchase close industry partner SolarCity could create a unique renewable energy and storage company, but it would also combine two companies with massive debt and conflicts of interest.

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BMW teams up with Intel, Mobileye to make a self-driving car by 2021

BMW hopes to make a completely autonomous car called iNEXT, suited for city streets and highways, by 2021.

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Tesla's autopilot is being investigated after a fatal crash

Federal regulators are investigating Tesla's autopilot feature after a fatal crash involving a tractor trailer and one of its Model S cars.

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