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Older IT pros pushed aside by younger H-1B workers

A woman use a gun to threaten a birthday cake with many candles.
H-1B visas go primarily to people who are under 35, suggesting that the...

How understanding introverts can drive business success

introverts extroverts workplace
Introverts are dispelling the notion that they are quiet and shy. (Yes,...

US IT salaries rose by more than 4 percent in 2014

US salaries
U.S. IT salaries were up by 4.25 percent in 2014, the highest increase in...
All work and no play don't make for very happy employees. Some tech companies have better work-life environments than others.

How data analytics helps managers be more effective

big data analytics workforce
Big data is helping managers more effectively hire and retain top talent,...

Top-rated tech companies on Glassdoor

thumbs up corporation man worker office job
Glassdoor offers reviews of companies, which can help you get a feel for a...

CIOs boost their careers doing double duty

sep cover
Many CIOs find it exhilarating to responsibility for business functions...

STEM fields dominate ranking of college majors

10 top technology colleges and universities
Science, technology, engineering and math alumni rank among highest paid...
picking a successor
CIOs say proper succession planning is a crucial part of their...
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