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job opportunity2 millennial
Young people in emerging economies possess a brighter outlook toward their...

14 sports teams owned by techies

techie sports owners 1
Tech moguls own a serious piece of the U.S. professional sports landscape.

4 things employees hate about IT (and how to fix them)

why users hate it
When it comes to gripes about IT, CIOs need to go back to basics to...

CIOs must make risky bets to become CEOs

ceo bets
Dawn Lepore parlayed her IT work at Charles Schwab in the mid-1990s to...
job perks
Glassdoor singles out unique employee benefits and perks
employee engagement
Employee engagement will remain a top organizational concern this year....

With STEM degrees, it’s not the school that matters

In terms of pay, it may not matter whether you went to a prestigious,...
see through cairn
Microsoft's CIO says he and his team think in terms of service offerings...

How to prepare for the IT department of the future

it of the future
In the IT industry, change is the only constant. So how can IT...
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