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Cisco names senior VP Robbins as new CEO to replace Chambers

Chambers will stay a the company as executive chairman and chairman of the board

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mobile job search

10 apps to take your job search mobile

Pressed for time but need to find a new job? Take your tech career search mobile with these 10 job search apps.

Web developers make less than IT peers, but skills are more in demand

Web developer roles were advertised at an average of £41,598 in the UK this year

weirdest job titles in tech

The 10 weirdest job titles in tech

IT has always been on the cutting-edge of innovation and progressive thinking, and over the last few years, it seems IT job titles are evolving to reflect the quirkiness of the industry itself. Here, we've put together a list of the...

Career Watch: Where the gender pay gap is narrowest

Two IT-related careers make the list of 25 occupations where the pay gap between men and women is narrowest.

These organizations will train, mentor and help you find your next job for free

Looking for a career change? These initiatives are committed to preparing you for a new job in the tech sector in your community

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Salaries for STEM jobs in decline

PayScale's Q1 2015 Index shows wages for STEM jobs flat or in decline after almost a decade of growth.

Fireworks at Disney World

Fury rises at Disney over use of foreign workers

At the end of last October, IT employees at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts were called, one-by-one, into conference rooms to receive notice of their layoffs.

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13 top recruiting software platforms

Looking for recruiting software for your business? Business software review site G2 Crowd's most recent rankings will help you narrow down your choices.

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It's called human resources for a reason

Human resources is not just a name on a door or the department that handles the people stuff. Learn what you can do today give the human beings in your organization who happen to be employees what they need to perform, thrive and be...

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IT salaries: How does your pay stack up?

Use our Smart Salary Tool to compare your compensation with that of IT workers with similar jobs and experience levels across the U.S. or broken out by region.

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In hot jobs market, IT workers call the shots

With salaries up, unemployment down and open positions galore, it's a great time to be in IT. But both job seekers and hiring managers should consider their options carefully.

Money bags, full of cash.

IT salaries 2015: Cash is back!

Companies that desperately need hot IT skills are ratcheting up salaries and bonuses to lure talented tech workers. Here's how to grab your fair share.

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Hottest jobs, industries and cities for IT pay in 2015

Find out which industries, metro regions and job titles are seeing the highest wage increases this year, and see how a sampling of IT salaries compare in various industries.

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IT careers: Security talent is red-hot

Security pros are in high demand, and companies are willing to pay top dollar for the right candidates. Do you have what it takes to succeed on the infosec career track?

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6 things women want at work

Women are leaving the IT industry in droves, and organizations are struggling to engage and retain these valuable employees. So, what do women want at work? Sure, they want equal pay, but it’s more complicated than that.

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Median age at Google is 29, says age discrimination lawsuit

A software engineer who was 60 when he applied for a job at Google wasn't hired despite having "highly-pertinent qualifications and experience," and being described by a Google recruiter as a "great candidate," according to an...

IT must face outward

The big challenge for CIOs and IT organizations today centers on readiness for customer contact, says CIO Publisher Adam Dennison. He says there's no better way to elevate IT's status than to make it more outward-facing.

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Looking for a new job? Today is your lucky day

Contrary to conventional wisdom, most job-seekers aren't active on weekends. Tuesday is the 'magic day' for hiring.

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