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8 free tools that teach kids how to code

free programming resources for kids
It’s never too soon to teach kids to code. After all, they are already...
Recent data released by tech companies show low representation in their workforce for women, Hispanics and blacks
The incoming chief could bring in more than $16 million in his first year

Is your careers site driving away candidates?

careers sites
A pleasant job applicant experience is your best chance of making a great...
Analysts are optimistic about the new operating system's chances but caution that deployments will take time
Old-school job search
Even in a hot job market, taking the next step in your career requires...
Want to move from IT strategist to business leader? Be the person who asks killer questions, finds new mentors and takes big risks.

Can better job descriptions close the IT skills gap?

mind gap 2
The skills gap is real, but debate over its root causes continues. IT...
it security salaries
Cybersecurity workforce shortage to reach 1.5 million by 2019.
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