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cell phone roaming

EU plan swaps roaming fees for roaming fudge

The European Commission has reworked its plan to end mobile phone roaming fees in the face of widespread criticism of its 90-day annual limit.

high voltage power lines

AT&T unveils AirGig for low-cost wireless broadband along power lines

AT&T on Tuesday announced a low-cost, high-speed wireless internet technology that relies on plastic antennas set up along medium-voltage power lines.

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Comcast confirms plans for a Project Fi-like wireless service

Comcast's version of Google Fi is coming in 2017 with Verizon network service as its fallback.

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Verizon customers claim carrier dramatically overcharged for data

More than 4,000 people from across the United States told a Cleveland newspaper that Verizon grossly overcharged them for data use, but the wireless carrier won't fix, or even acknowledge, the problem.

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Can a family plan finally make Google's bargain wireless service Project Fi relevant?

Project Fi's app APK strongly suggests that Google is expanding its wireless service to include group and family plans.

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5G could require cell towers on every street corner

The upcoming 5G wireless is expected to deliver speeds up to 10 times faster than what consumers see on today's 4G LTE networks, but 5G could also mean millions of new cell phone towers.

new iphone 7

Where, when, and how to preorder your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Preorders for Apple's shiny new iPhone start on Friday, September 9—right at midnight. T-Mobile even has a trade-in offer to get iPhone 7 for free.

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AT&T and Qualcomm to research drone use on LTE networks

AT&T and Qualcomm will be testing drones on commercial 4G LTE wireless networks to test how they can operate safely and more securely when out of sight.

cell phone roaming

No roaming fees next year (* as long as you don't roam much)

There'll be no more roaming fees for European Union mobile phone subscribers next June -- as long as they don't roam for too long at a time.

note7  1

Here's what U.S. carriers are doing about the Galaxy Note 7 recall

Some details are still being fleshed out, but here's what you need to know right now about your options if you have a Note 7.

AT&T logo on Boston store

AT&T Mobile Share Advantage mimics T-Mobile, dropping overages in favor of throttling

AT&T Mobile Share Advantage plans will drop overages in favor of throttling, following T-Mobile and Sprint in this consumer-friendly trend. We dig into the details here.

t mobile unlimited

T-Mobile shifts to unlimited plans in the latest bid to stand out from the competition

But you'll have to pay extra to get around the limitations, like 480p video playback and 2G tethering.

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Which wireless carrier provides the best buying experience?

J.D. Power asked thousands of U.S. consumers about their recent purchase experiences with wireless carriers, and a prepaid carrier ranked higher than each of the 'Big Four.'

20160127 verizon sf cell

Top cities not tops in wireless networks, testing shows

Big cities don't always have the best wireless connectivity, according to new data from RootMetrics.

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Verizon, AT&T find new markets as traditional revenues flatten

With their purchases of DirecTV, AOL and Yahoo, the nation's two biggest wireless carriers are moving beyond their traditional business to search for other revenues.

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How to stay connected while traveling with cheap and easy mobile access

You don’t have to leave your phone in airplane mode throughout your trip anymore, as there are plenty of ways to get online and make calls.

robo calls

AT&T supports FCC crackdown on robocalls, other carriers ... don't

The chairman of the FCC asked U.S. wireless carriers to join a new effort mean to block annoying robocalls, but with the exception of AT&T, their response has been underwhelming.

Yahoo sign

With Yahoo buy, Verizon hopes to stay competitive in digital ad market

Verizon will faces major challenges as it integrates Yahoo into its organization. But the company needed to take steps to diversify beyond traditional wireless service revenues.

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