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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Box CEO Aaron Levie's Top 10 Snarkiest Tweets

Aaron Levie, leader of IPO-bound Box, is snarky, brutally honest and clever in his attention-getting Tweets.

happy ceo

CEOs Have Rosier View of Data Initiatives Than Rest of Management

A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit reports hat CEOs tend to have a much more positive view of the current status and benefits of data initiatives than lower-level management in their organizations.

T-Mobile CEO John  Legere

T-Mobile CEO, Deutsche Telekom Bicker Over Finances

Outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere used Twitter to again slam recent opinions that his company's financial future is unsustainable, given the billions of dollars needed to buy more wireless spectrum to compete with AT&T and Verizon...

swinging for the fences

Why IBM and Apple CEOs Should Swing for the Fences

Both IBM’s Ginny Rometty and Apple’s Tim Cook are under clouds, writes Rob Enderle. Rometty because she is often put in a pool of women CEOs and Cook because he lives in Steve Jobs’ shadow.

ceo cmo cio

Time for CEOs to Step In and Stop CIO-CMO Bickering

The rise of marketing technology and its growing impact on sales and the customer experience has gotten the attention of the CEO. It's also made CEOs aware that CIOs and CMOs aren’t playing nice.

amd lisa su

AMD's Chip Chief Departs, as Do Other Key Execs

A trio of top AMD executives are no longer with the company, including chip chief John Byrne, as newly-appointed CEO Lisa Su moves AMD forward.

chief social media officer

Should You Hire a Chief Social Media Officer?

Having a strong social media presence is a necessary part of your business' marketing, communications and customer relations strategy. That presence should be handled by experienced, knowledgeable professionals. Some experts even...

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Twitter Stock Jumps on Report that CEO is on Way Out

After reporting slowing growth and getting passed by Instagram in number of users, Twitter's stock price jumped Tuesday on speculation that CEO Dick Costolo might be leaving the company.

cp inforceo headshot

Infor’s Future in the Enterprise Looks Cloudy and Bright

Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor, discusses the state of company’s cloud migration, the competitive landscape and why it prefers talking to line-of-business executives before selling to the CIO. He also discusses Infor’s big...

Judge: No Steve Jobs For You

A federal judge Wednesday ruled that a two-hour video deposition recorded by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs will not be released to the press and public.

nadella window

The Party's Over for Microsoft CEO Nadella

The approval rating of Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella, once in the stratosphere, dropped by 20 percentage points this year before recovering slightly last month.

satya nadella

Microsoft’s $84 Million Man: What’s Nadella Done to Earn it?

Satya Nadella has made some bold moves since taking over as Microsoft CEO Feb. 4 that have set in motion what could prove to be significant changes for the company and its customers. Here’s a look at some of them.

IBM Watson

How IBM’s Watson Could Change Your Business

Watson Group Chief Mike Rhodin talks about how IBM’s cognitive computing tech is rolling out to enterprises, developers and end users.

steve jobs app

Apple Fights News Orgs to Keep Jobs Video Off the Internet

Apple is fighting a move by several news organizations to make public a two-hour video deposition recorded by former co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011.

Steve Jobs in 2010

News Organizations Demand Release of Steve Jobs Video

A trio of news organizations wants a federal judge to order Apple to release a two-hour video deposition given by Steve Jobs just months before his death.

103014blog cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook Among 8 Finalists for Time's Person of the Year

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who dazzled the industry with new iPhones and iPads and showed strength by publicly acknowledging he is gay, has made Time magazine's short list for Person of the Year for 2014.

Satya Nadella

Microsoft Shareholders Approve Nadella's Mega-Millions Pay Package

Microsoft's shareholders on Wednesday approved CEO Satya Nadella's multimillion-dollar pay package but by a margin much smaller than similar votes in the past.

Carly Florin at CPAC 2014

HP’s Former CEO Carly Fiorina Explores GOP Presidential Run

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, who has never held public office and was fired from her job in 2005, is considering a run for president.

dec fea opener

Tech and Exec Disasters Put J.C. Penney in a Bind

J.C. Penney's moves in the last few years stand as prime examples of how not to manage, how not to implement technology and how not to respond to looming business threats.

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