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BMC Turnaround a Lesson in Corporate Leadership

When most companies are in trouble, they clean house or sell off assets. BMC has done neither. So far, it's working. Other firms would be wise to follow CEO Bob Beauchamp's example.

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From CIO to CEO

Geoff Scott, CEO of the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group, discusses his career transition

Satya Nadella

Microsoft's Nadella Walks Back Comment On Women's Pay Raises

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella retracted a comment he had made earlier at a tech conference, where he said women shouldn't ask for pay raises as they would be paid back in good karma.

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Backs Off 'Karma' Advice to Women About Pay

One hundred and forty characters weren't enough space for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to backpedal from comments he made at a women-in-computing conference today, so he took to his firm's website.

Tim Cook, Apple iPhone 5S Event

Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Urges Tim Cook to Buy Back Apple Shares, Make TVs

Icahn's open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook is full of advice, but he thinks Cook is doing a good job.

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Steve Ballmer and the Guy From the Time Machine

If a time traveler from 2014 told Steve Ballmer in 2004 what the tech landscape looked like today, he never would've believed it.


Microsoft's Nadella on Windows 9: 'It Came and Went'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Windows has been re-architected to give it a central role in the Internet of Things. He sees the company's upcoming Windows 10 as integral in managing every aspect of the IoT, from the sensors,...


Nadella Wins Over Gartner Crowd

Microsoft CEO gets positive reaction from Symposium attendees


CEO Says Big Data Drives Towing Business Forward

Technology has turned the towing business into an information business, according to Dave Ferrick, CEO of Agero.


Most CEOs Still Don’t Get Social Media

Social media participation among the world’s leading CEOs is inching upward, but the overall level of activity is still surprising low. Almost seven out of every 10 Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence at all.

Oracle CEO Reshuffle - Good News for Customers?

Product roadmap unlikely to change but action needed on cloud

Larry Ellison, Oracle

Oracle's Larry Ellison Downshifts, But Leadership Remains the Same

The same three leaders at Oracle carry on, though their roles change

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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Steps Down; Catz, Hurd Named Co-CEOs

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has been appointed executive chairman and CTO of the company, with co-presidents Safra Catz and Mark Hurd named co-CEOs.

Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft.

Nadella Regime Board Shuffle Continues at Microsoft

Microsoft's board of directors continued to morph yesterday as it turned over two members, the latest move in the biggest shuffling of the board since the company went public nearly three decades ago.

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The New Intel: Defining the Future Starts at the Top

Intel nailed it at its recent developer forum, showing off innovative products that honor the hard work of its employees and partners while also setting a high standard for other vendors to follow. Crucially, it all started with CEO...

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple Hands Over $57M to CEO After Stellar S&P Performance

Apple CEO Tim Cook received more than half a million shares two weeks ago as part of a long-standing compensation plan -- the full amount of the stock due him because of Apple's performance on Wall Street.

digital training

How C-Level Execs Can Learn to Speak Digital

A one-day class promises to teach digital literacy and break down the 'language barrier' between IT and business executives.

Joe Tucci, CEO of BMC

EMC CEO Defends Federated Business Model, Debunks Storage Myths

EMC CEO Joe Tucci talks about his company's federated business model's value for IT leaders and debunks what he views as nonsense being spewed by newcomers to the storage market.

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