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The CEO wants the CIO to keep it simple

Ditch 50-page documents in favor of one-pagers, says Satish Bapat, CEO of ING Life Japan.

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Here's what you need to know about HTC's new CEO, Cher Wang

Wang's a veteran of the business and her ideas for turning HTC's business around could prove to be the boost the company needs.

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Making the Case for Security

Our manager makes his debut before top management, and he has just a few minutes to get them to see what needs to be done to better secure the enterprise.

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How Choosing the Right CEO Can Change Your Business

The best way to select a CEO is to find someone who is a subject matter expert and has managed a P&L. Unfortunately, the process is not always based on such criteria. Columnist Rob Enderle takes a look at Ixia, a company that chose...

New Forescout CEO Wants to Make Partners an Offer They Can’t Refuse

ForeScout has named a new CEO who starts Monday with big plans for making the company’s products the remediation layer of choice for other vendors’ security offerings that find problems with endpoints but can’t fix them.

Extreme Networks CEO Touts Open SDN Strategy, Robust Wireless as Key Assets in Changing Net Market

It’s been about 15 months since Extreme Networks completed the acquisition of Enterasys Networks, a move that bolstered not only Extreme’s financial heft, but widened its switching line and beefed up its wireless LAN capabilities....

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Zuckerberg Talks Connectivity, Another Billion Users and Working with Google

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company could pick up another 1 billion users by 2020 and he would consider working with Google to extend Internet connectivity around the world.

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Security Rises to a CEO-Level Priority

The State of the CIO research shows that cybersecurity and enterprise risk are zooming up the charts as high-profile topics on the CIO and CEO agendas, says CIO Publisher Adam Dennison.

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6 Ways to Cope With a Resistant Sponsor

An executive sponsor who is out to undermine a project can be very dangerous.

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Microsoft Reimagined: The 10 Most Momentous Moments of Satya Nadella's First Year as CEO

The Microsoft of today is not the same as the Microsoft as yesterday, and Satya Nadella's appointment as CEO was the catalyst.

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Satya Nadella at One Year: Grading Microsoft's CEO

Nadella's first year at the Microsoft helm has brought both stunning successes and surprising lapses

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Tim Cook's 2014 Pay Package Dwarfed by New Hire Ahrendts'

Apple CEO Tim Cook's total 2014 compensation of $9.2 million, while more than double his pay package the year before, was dwarfed by the $73.4 million awarded to a subordinate, retail chief Angela Ahrendts.

Box CEO Aaron Levie's Top 10 Snarkiest Tweets

Aaron Levie, leader of IPO-bound Box, is snarky, brutally honest and clever in his attention-getting Tweets.

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CEOs Have Rosier View of Data Initiatives Than Rest of Management

A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit reports hat CEOs tend to have a much more positive view of the current status and benefits of data initiatives than lower-level management in their organizations.

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T-Mobile CEO, Deutsche Telekom Bicker Over Finances

Outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere used Twitter to again slam recent opinions that his company's financial future is unsustainable, given the billions of dollars needed to buy more wireless spectrum to compete with AT&T and Verizon...

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Why IBM and Apple CEOs Should Swing for the Fences

Both IBM’s Ginny Rometty and Apple’s Tim Cook are under clouds, writes Rob Enderle. Rometty because she is often put in a pool of women CEOs and Cook because he lives in Steve Jobs’ shadow.

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Time for CEOs to Step In and Stop CIO-CMO Bickering

The rise of marketing technology and its growing impact on sales and the customer experience has gotten the attention of the CEO. It's also made CEOs aware that CIOs and CMOs aren’t playing nice.

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AMD's Chip Chief Departs, as Do Other Key Execs

A trio of top AMD executives are no longer with the company, including chip chief John Byrne, as newly-appointed CEO Lisa Su moves AMD forward.

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