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Millennials Dispel 5 Myths About Their Generation

Everyone is obsessed with millennials -- hiring them, managing them, understanding them. But what to do

CIOs Must Collaborate to Spark Transformation

At CIO Perspectives San Francisco, IT executives learned how to drive transformation at their
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mission impossible
… and you can start by banishing the word "impossible"

Why IT can’t handle data breaches alone

Matthew Karlyn
"The entire C-suite and board is on the hot seat for security these days,"...
Home Depot CIO Matt Carey
The retailer's growth strategy hinges on the success of what CEO Craig...

Why change initiatives fail

Halted progress
Creating the right conditions for successful change requires putting...
two roads 970x546
Those who have experience across the business will be the CIOs of the...
In his presentation at the CIO Perspectives event in November 2015, Link...
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