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CIO battles nuclear industry regulation in digital shift

Newport News Shipbuilding CIO Bharat Amin is challenging regulations as he drives a transformation geared to digitize IT systems and processes.

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Building your business case for consumption-based IT pricing

As CIO, you’re under pressure to ensure greater business agility. You need to make sure the business can quickly scale its consumption of technologies. You need to avoid big implementation road maps and switch instead to an easy-on,...

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SAP CIO on leading IT when the business is IT

Michael Golz, CIO of Americas at SAP, has a unique perspective on IT's role in product development and digital transformation.

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How CIO’s can define the right strategy and time to implement new technologies

A new technology does more than just present more competition for an old technology. It presents a different type of competition whose value proposition does not fully overlap with the old technology offer, and that can disrupt...

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Ford CIO: IT is a ‘people business’

Ford CIO Marcy Klevorn focuses heavily on culture and talent as the car manufacturer strengthens its tech posture in an era of massive disruption.

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The 7 strategies of the future-ready CIO

CIOs are on the front lines of radical change. Harnessing innovation is the only competitive advantage. CIOs must learn to embrace and predict the future in order to do their jobs. The emerging technologies that are creating...

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IT leaders struggle to sway business stakeholders

These aren’t easy times for CIOs, many of whom are still striving to align their work to business requirements. Deloitte explains why and what to do about it.

Driving Digital CMS

How to drive digital customer experiences with your CMS and CRM

CMS and CRM are key systems used to improve customer experiences, and CIOs that develop capabilities on these platforms can play a significant role driving digital.

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6 ex-CIOs reveal lessons learned, biggest regrets

What if you could eavesdrop on the exit interviews of CIOs who recently left their roles? In a free report, from the Society for Information Management, former CIOs describe their career lessons and disappointments.

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CIO Career Coach: 6 tips for working with executive recruiters (video)

CIO recruiter Martha Heller shares advice on how to build effective and long-lasting relationships with IT executive recruiters.

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Subway launches digital unit to revamp mobile app and stores

Move over sandwich artists. Subway is hiring 150 technology, marketing and operations staff to satiate its digital cravings – and its CIO is leading the charge.

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Little-known SaaS provider helps CIOs corral IT costs

Apptio’s founder and CEO discusses how CIOs are using its SaaS product to deliver transparency and business insights into the costs and value of technology.

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How IT leaders can define and drive IT innovation

While innovation is a goal of most organizations, many IT leaders are hard-pressed to define what innovation is. The CIO Executive Council outlines four essential principles for IT leaders to keep in mind as they develop or hone their...

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GE wants Predix to be the Windows of industrial IoT

GE yesterday launched new applications and partnerships based on its analytics software, which it says helps companies anticipate when critical machines will fail.

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How a CIO can enable getting apps to market faster

When IT and business stakeholders manage to communicate effectively, companies can get apps to market faster and get capabilities for user needs quicker. But it’s easy for something to get in the way of the relationship or even for an...

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How the API economy is igniting a cultural shift in businesses

As the fast eat the slow, CIOs need to redefine the role of IT and enable the broader business to speed up the pace of innovation through self service.

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True agile software development requires DevOps

Fannie Mae has doubled its software output in the last 18 months thanks to agile software development and DevOps, which enables continuous integration and application deployment.

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New CIO appointments, November 2016 edition

Coca-Cola, Carlson, Facebook and Petco are among the companies that recently named new CIOs.

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