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It’s not the technology…stupid

The accelerated rate and introduction of new disruptive technologies is raising the stakes and increasing the pressure on CIOs to deliver more business value at an accelerated pace.

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The Business Didn’t Ask for It

How the IT team at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group got buy-in for a game-changing mobile app

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CIO's Guide to Becoming a Business Strategist

You're already an IT strategist, but the CEO needs you to help guide the business to new heights (and avoid being on the wrong end of digital disruption). These advice columns will put you on the right path.

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Time for CEOs to Step In and Stop CIO-CMO Bickering

The rise of marketing technology and its growing impact on sales and the customer experience has gotten the attention of the CEO. It's also made CEOs aware that CIOs and CMOs aren’t playing nice.

future of IT

Changing the Culture of IT

Herman De Prins, CIO of UCB, on his “Future of IT” Program

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CIOs Discuss How They Convey IT Value to the Business

In the first installment of CIO Quick Takes, we asked three tech executives how they ensure that the business knows the value of IT.

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Higher-Education CIOs Weigh In on 2015 Priorities

Customer experience, big data, ‘the business of education’ is in the spotlight for 2015 at colleges and universities.

2015 Non-certified IT Skills

Is Your IT Organization Developing the Business Skills Needed to Succeed?

IT personnel need to engage as part of business teams to co-develop solutions that achieve successful business outcomes.

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2015 State of the CIO: The Good, the Bad and the Scary's survey of IT executives reveals some forward movement, some disconnects with business and an odd on security. Here are a few highlights, plus a link to download the full report.

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New Year, New CIOs!

2015 Rings in with New CIOs at Caterpillar, Hallmark and more

How to Transform Your Technology Organization: Leadership

This series of posts can help CIOs achieve better results. In the third and final installment, Bob Ronan describes the rare technology organizations that become 'Leaders.'

How to Transform Your Technology Organization: Innovation

This series of posts can help CIOs achieve better results. In the second installment, Bob Ronan describes what it takes to become an 'Innovator.'

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How to Transform Your Technology Organization: The Basics

This series of posts can help CIOs achieve better results. In the first installment, Bob Ronan sets the stage by describing his model for thinking about the four stages of the technology organization and shares best practices that...

Windows 10

CIOs Share Windows 10 Wish Lists, Deployment Concerns

Many IT shops spurned Windows 8, but some of the same CIOs who avoided that last major Windows OS release say they're cautiously optimistic about Windows 10. Here's why.


Leveraging Social Enterprise to Build the 'Brand Called IT'

CIOs who establish their personal and organizational brand values can avoid the perception of irrelevance.


Frustrated By New Tech?

As wearable devices proliferate, and as growth of smartphones and tablets declines, there's way too much attention on pushing out a creative new product that's different from a competitor's. Meanwhile, there's not nearly enough...

content is king

Building a Culture of Content as Data

CIOs must ride the wave of content marketing by emphasizing the content over the containers.

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CIOs Need to Snap Out of Complacency

Your business colleagues aren't as impressed with you as you are. Our 14th annual State of the CIO research rewrites your priorities for 2015.

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