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workforce future

How CIOs can create the IT workforce of the future

Today’s businesses are more dependent on technology than ever. For CIOs this is a change-or-be-changed scenario -- a call to action to guide their businesses and shape the IT workforce.

software audit

7 hidden compliance risks to avoid before your next software audit

Intentional non-compliance in the enterprise is very rare. Yet most enterprises wouldn’t 'pass' a major IT vendor audit thanks to seven hidden compliance risks.


New CIOs Close Out Second Quarter

Volume of new CIO appointments continues to trend upward

big data fabric

The grand unified theory of metadata governance

Metadata fabrics will be critical to IoT success, here's a look at why a curated, healthy metadata fabric is necessary for IoT ROI.

cio spending

CIO poll reveals a sharp increase in IT spending

The latest CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook survey reports that the majority of IT leaders will increase spending on new projects in the coming year.


CIOs share their secrets to unplugging on vacation

IT executives have learned how to build strong, reliable and trustworthy teams so that no one person is the single point of contact. That not only allows for more efficiency, it lets CIOs unplug on summer vacations.

Customer engagement the top driver of competitive advantage

The primary mission of the CIO is no longer to drive competitive advantage by balancing a cadence of enterprise-wide deployments with the ongoing maintenance of legacy infrastructure.

cio leadership career

3 skills you need to drop on the road to the C-suite

Becoming an executive leader may require you to let go of some beliefs and skills that you are holding onto. This article discusses three things you must release to effectively grow into your role as a CIO.

devs nerd coder

How peer review leads to quality code

What if you could deploy resources you already have at your disposal to improve quality, get projects done earlier – with fewer errors and with less budget impact – by simply implementing a software quality control method that most...

businessman crystal ball

Know the future with palm leadership, a new style for today's CIO

As a CIO, a leadership role in something as fickle and ever-changing as technology, your leadership style can't just be charismatic, innovative, pace-setting and transformational. You also need to predict the future.

istock leadership

How to Develop your IT High-Potentials

Intel’s Kim Stevenson on the Five Attributes of IT Leadership

higher education

Why CIOs need to start thinking like Harvard Business School students

Today's CIOs need to be business savvy. To be an effective industry-leading CIO now, you need a tech background married with a Harvard Business School MBA.

big data analytics

How to avoid being an indecisive leader

Decisions often create division that you cannot avoid, but I will submit to you that this is not an unhealthy truth. It's important to learn how to avoid some of the most common traps leaders often fall into when faced with tough...

government legislation ts

New CIO authorities only first step toward better federal IT

New legislation strengthens the role of the federal CIO, but without cultural shifts within the government to empower the role, the impact could be limited.

college penant2

Language disconnect: What the business says vs. what IT hears

Most probably know what it means when you say you're 'giving it the old college try.' However, in general, business and IT often speak very different languages. Sometimes what means one thing to the business means something else...

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Why you should teach your IT team to fail

Failure has a stigma in business, we avoid it at all costs. Yet if you are not failing you are not learning. Failure IS an option. Here's how to balance these two seemingly opposing ideas.

business strategy

The death of the 20th Century corporation

The 20th Century corporation is dying and it’s being replaced by a new breed of millennial organization that operates, scales and runs in an entirely new way, corporations need to learn, adapt and transform in order to survive.


Is it Worth the Risk?

Stephen Gold discusses IT’s approach to “risk management” at CVS Health

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