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Coca-Cola finds innovation with startups

The odds of a 129-year-old mega corporation unearthing innovative ideas or technology in-house are virtually impossible. Instead, the company turns to startups – and not your typical Silicon Valley startups.

Wayfair CIO Jack Wood

The CIO as cheerleader / collaborator / therapist / technophile / entrepreneur

CIOs from Wayfair, Arbella Insurance share career advice and give the inside scoop on using open source, dealing with security threats

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CIO-CDO Dual Role Reinforces the Digital Commitment

Dave Truzinski discusses the addition of Chief Digital Officer to his CIO responsibilities at NII Holdings

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How IT leaders can free their employees to achieve greatness

It’s disingenuous and bad business to lead your teams without understanding their increasingly complex lives by simply telling them to 'go innovate!' And as our lives grow more complex, your ability to achieve sustainable innovation...


Why IT professionals must make the hard things look easy

Be like a duck on a pond and appear calm on top and paddle like heck underneath! Make hard things look easy and easy things look hard. In a nutshell, that's your job as an IT professional.

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Communication between IT and non-IT workers in a state of crisis

Results from the CIO Executive Council’s ‘Power of Effective IT Communication’ benchmark survey indicate that IT teams lack the talent to communicate. This results in a state of crisis between IT and non-IT employees, which could...

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Federal CIOs want better cloud vendor support

With considerable momentum within the government for moving to the cloud, federal IT leaders would like better guarantees from service providers when things go wrong.

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Second Quarter CIOs

Halfway through the 2nd quarter of 2015, new CIO appointments are not slowing down

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Strategies for maintaining IT leadership success

Give up on the idea that continuing things you have always done is going to continue your run of success.

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How IT can survive digital transformation

The digital revolution is creating some chaos for the traditional IT organization. Will it languish? Will it die a slow death? Not at all. The IT organization will continue to be integral to the success of an enterprise and its...

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Creating your digital playbook

Do you really need a digital playbook to be a digital company? Jill Dyche discusses strategy's role in digital planning.

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The plight of the global CIO

Working in international settings, managing teams across continents, and dealing with partners in different languages and timezones makes the world of a Global CIO very interesting.

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3 ways to minimize enterprise software selection risk

While a data-driven software selection focuses on requirements, the demo, product audit and reference checks reduce project risks in other ways.

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4 must-read IT leadership books

Your time is valuable and often limited, so we’ve hand-picked four books that cover the most important IT leadership issues today.


Building a Culture of Urgency in IT

To Steve Zerby, CIO of Owens Corning, urgency is more than an emotion

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Meet a tech industry pioneer who leads by example

Microsoft’s Vice President of IT Strategic Enterprise Services Jacky Wright is more than her title suggests -- so much more.

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Talking SMAC: Revisiting social, mobile, analytics and cloud

If your IT team doesn’t have a SMAC roadmap, you may find your company drifting off-course in 2015 and 2016. Here’s brief refresher course on SMAC.


Comparing enterprise software is like apples and oranges

When selecting enterprise software, comparing software products against each other does not identify best-fit products. This can lead to selecting the wrong software, and missing the opportunity to maximize ROI.

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