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Enterprise IT Crosses the Chasm

Author Geoffrey Moore's book 'Crossing the Chasm' has been influential in the IT industry for more than two decades now. The theory was a good model for how most enterprise IT shops used to work. However, now enterprise IT is crossing...

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Why CIOs Need to Embrace New Norms of the Hybrid Cloud

The CIOs of Intel and Riverbed say that in the hybrid enterprise tech executives need to focus on creating seamless business flows that help the company operate better.


Driving IT Innovation at Textron

Diane Schwarz, CIO, takes a multi-level approach

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How to Be the CIO of Tomorrow

What does the future CIO look like? He or she probably won’t have a technology background. However, this new kind of CIO will not only have to lead a technical staff but will also be a leader of leaders in the boardroom.

How to Get Along With the CFO

Consultant David McLaughlin offers three steps for building a good relationship with your CFO: Figure out which business metrics really matter, understand your IT capital and operational costs, and manage expectations about IT risk. ...

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Getting Your Board’s Buy-in on Cybersecurity

You don’t want your first discussion about cybersecurity with your company’s board to happen post-breach.

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How to Cultivate a Strong Healthcare CIO-CMIO Relationship

In addition to the typical tugs of war with finance, marketing and operations departments, healthcare CIOs must meet the needs of physicians. That's why it pays for the CIO and the chief medical information officer -- often the...

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CIOs Must Be Healthcare Leaders to Battle Consumer Confusion

A new survey finds that healthcare consumers are worried and confused about Obamacare. Healthline CEO Dean Stephens urges CIOs of healthcare providers and others in the healthcare sector to mobilize to engage and inform consumers.

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Apple Pay Has Retail CIOs Rethinking How Customers Pay

The introduction of Apple Pay -- and CVS and Rite Aid's subsequent disabling of the technology -- has retail CIOs once again rethinking the way customers pay at the cash register.

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State CIOs List Security as Top Priority for 2015

In the coming year, top state tech officials aim to ramp up efforts to secure digital systems as they shift to the cloud, consolidate data centers and move on a host of other priorities.

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Digital Leadership Strategy and Personal Brand Makeovers

The CIO's role in being a collaborative partner with the LoBs on digital transformation has diminished. Is the change due to a skills shortage or a personal branding problem?


The Art of Storytelling

Eash Sundaram, CIO of JetBlue, on transaction-free air travel

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A CIO Fights to Keep His Tech Options Open

Because of consolidation among tech vendors, users have fewer choices in today's IT marketplace. But some, like NCCI CIO Michael Spears, are fighting to keep their options open.

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Predicting the Role of Healthcare CIOs in 2020

In a market as tumultuous as healthcare, there's little doubt that the role of the CIO will be dramatically different in just a few short years. Embracing partnership and collaboration will help today's healthcare CIOs continue to...

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CIOs Must Put Customers First in Business Technology Decisions

While CIOs have always needed to keep tabs on new technology, disruptive technologies are now driving your business. If you have any doubt, just ask your customers. In a report released today, Forrester identifies 15 technologies that...

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How CIOs Can Keep Their Jobs by Picking the Right Vendors

CIOs don't stay in their jobs for long. Messy IT systems, cobbled together over many years, go a long way toward explaining why. To fix this problem, and to give themselves some job security, CIOs would be wise to study their vendors...

CIOs Must Market IT's Value

Why don't more CIOs make it a serious priority to market IT internally? Done well, it shows the business value of IT and gives visibility to top performers, says CIO Publisher Adam Dennison.

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Healthcare CIOs Can't Be Afraid to Innovate

Kodak invented the very technology that led to its demise. There are lessons there for healthcare, where everything from wearables to robot surgeons threaten to disrupt -- for the better --the way the industry practices medicine.

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CIOs Should Focus on Their Workplace Legacies

You'll probably be remembered most for how you treated people, not for business results.

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