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Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd: Our IP will help us win in the cloud

Hurd has something to sell customers at all levels of the cloud stack

New Role for CIOs: Governance for Data Analytics

There's a new Wild West to be tamed: all those (uncoordinated) data analytics projects sprouting throughout your organization.


Outgoing Commerce Department CIO Pushed to Shake Up the Federated Model

When Simon Szykman was named CIO of the U.S. Department of Commerce, he inherited a federated IT organization that needed to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, so he applied his strategic vision and consensus-building skills in...

How to Balance IT Onshoring and Offshoring

Three CIOs share their strategies for striking a balance between onshore and offshore IT resources to meet business needs.

Social Media Rehab for CIOs

From CEOs on Twitter to companies crowdsourcing product innovations or rescuing their reputations, social media strategy is becoming a core competency for CIOs and C-suites everywhere, writes Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson. What...

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4 Tips to Help CIOs Land a Seat on the Board

Sitting on a corporate board is a great way for CIOs to gain exposure, new professional experience and some extra income. The good news is you don't need to serve on an S&P 500 or brand-name company boards in order to reap the...

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IT Leaders Aren't All Coming From Tech

Today's IT leadership looks a lot different than in years past. Many are climbing the ladder from marketing, sales and other departments.

7 Free Online Collaboration and Project Management Tools

Get the most out of your team and your budget by taking advantage of these free collaboration and project management tools.

A Closer Look at CIO Salaries, Bonuses and Perks

Median pay among 26 IT leaders is $2.2 million, according to our analysis of CIO compensation.


Developing Blended Executives

John Marcante, CIO and Managing Director of Vanguard, takes a multi-faceted approach to leadership development

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How to Keep CMOs From Making Disastrous Software Purchases

Without a C-level advisor, CMOs buying software will increasingly create IT problems that CIOs will be expected to step in and solve. But who should fill the role of the so-called Chief Marketing Technology Officer?

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IT Reorganization: 4 CIOs Share Expert Advice

Sometimes technology drives the reorganization of IT, but more often a shift in business strategy triggers a rethinking of how IT should function.

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Why Your Company Needs Both a CIO and a CISO

Information security isn't a luxury these days. It's a necessity. Companies that don't (or won't) pay security the attention it deserves risk joining a list that includes the likes of Target and Home Depot. It's time to hire a CISO...


The CIO as VC

Clark Golestani, CIO of Merck, on an entrepreneurial approach to IT leadership

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ATK CIO Says Metrics-Driven IT Paves the Way for Innovation

Jeff Kubacki does IT by the numbers. This metrics-centric way of operating not only gives IT more trust and visibility, it allows the CIO and his team to focus more on innovations that ultimately fuel business growth.

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C-Level Executives Seeing Big Results From Big Data

A study by Accenture finds that many organizations are putting big data initiatives into production and the vast majority of those that do are pleased with the results.


How CIOs Can Learn to Be Better Presenters

Great presenters don't memorize speeches verbatim. Instead, they memorize a speech by visualizing it, blowing up emotionally moving images and telling compelling stories. Most CIOs don’t do it that way.

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Security Tops CIO Worries; IT Budgets, Turnover on the Rise

Enterprises' five largest IT investments are analytics and business intelligence, data center infrastructure, ERP, software development, and cloud computing.

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