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How to determine what your users need vs. what they want

Business people request dedicated printers, new laptops, new cell phones, MiFi devices, portable mice, and other bright shiny objects for two reasons: Good reasons and not-so-good reasons. Your job is to determine who gets what new...

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Why CIOs can’t wait to renegotiate their outsourcing contracts

Rapidly changing business and technology needs are forcing IT leaders to renegotiate their IT outsourcing contracts and rethink their sourcing portfolios sooner rather than later. Here’s how to do it.

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How much do CIOs really make? Pay packages of 25 Fortune 500 execs revealed

Compensation for CIOs includes cash, equity, perks.

striking a balance

Why IT must be effective and efficient and what It means for your role

When organizations are frenzied to efficiently reduce costs over time, too much emphasis is placed on the “now” that the impacts on tomorrow are overlooked. In your role as CIO or other key decision maker, you can help your...

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CIO role is crucial to federal data governance

As data piles up across the federal government, insiders agree that it falls to the CIO to manage competing interests and ensure that data becomes an asset that serves the mission objectives.

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Why CIOs should be called 'Chief Influence Officers'

The IT executive today is one of the most important roles within an organization. Debates around exactly what the CIO acronym should morph into have been interesting to say the least. Although this may be settled for now in some...

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Digitising the UK FTSE, the strategies behind the transformation

Just like their peers, the UK FTSE is having to digitally transform their organizations at pace, these are the most successful strategies.

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The evolving meaning of the 'I' in CIO

As Ginna Raahauge, a veteran of Riverbed and Cisco, steps into the CIO position at data integration software specialist Informatica, she reflects on the changing responsibilities of the CIO.

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Digital disruption is so yesterday, the next disruption is here

Digital disruption is tangible. As a CIO you can quantify it and react to protect your organization but a new technology has arrived and entrepreneurs are creating open source organizations that no longer need humans to function....

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Lessons learned on the journey to the CIO office

Boeing CIO Ted Colbert discusses how balance and harmony led him to the C-suite at the aerospace and defense giant.

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Bringing the Outside In

Innovation makes the unlikeliest of bedfellows

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10 things you need to know about bi-modal IT

Far from being the buzzword du jour, bi-modal IT is a real thing now. In this organizational setup, one group is tasked with the keep-the-lights-on functions and the other on more innovative, forward-looking projects. That sounds all...

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Why you need to care more about DNS

There’s one key part of your network infrastructure that you’re probably not monitoring, even though it keeps you connected, can tell you a lot about what’s happening inside your business – and is an increasing source of attacks. DNS...

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How CIOs can create the voice of IT

Even the most business astute CIO could use a little help on the communications front. That's why more CIOs are hiring dedicated IT communications specialists to help build and nurture the IT brand.

Why listening to your IT users matters

Your confirmation bias may be keeping you from being effective with your business users.

rebuilding trust

Rebuilding Trust in IT

Jay Ferro, CIO of American Cancer Society, on his four tenets of IT leadership

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University of Pennsylvania CIO talks IT in academia

A university environment is as complex, if not more complex, than private enterprise. Learn how Thomas Murphy, CIO of the University of Pennsylvania, took the lead in changing the way information and technology are used to teach,...

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CIO Quick Takes: Tech execs learn to unplug

Unplugging from the day-to-day grind is great, in theory, but in practice how do you disconnect from a demanding leadership role? IT executives share advice on how they let go.

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