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new job roles

New IT roles produce a slew of new job titles

Learn how three CIOs are creating new jobs--and new job titles--for IT professionals to reflect the ongoing evolution of IT's role in the enterprise.

board of directors

How CIOs can engage the board of directors

Are directors' eyes glazing over? Use mind maps, analogies and the rule of three to make your presentations come alive.

customer advocates

How CIOs can woo customer advocates?

CIOs need a makeover. They need to become experts in human behavior. In marketing speak, they need to turn detractors into net promoters.


The CEO wants the CIO to keep it simple

Ditch 50-page documents in favor of one-pagers, says Satish Bapat, CEO of ING Life Japan.


Six Easy Steps to Product Innovation

To Dan Olley, CTO of Elsevier, articulating the problem is the key

Insider Insights: Freeman CIOs on security, IT skills and more

In our latest Insider Insights, senior writer Lauren Brousell talks to IT leaders at Freeman about security, the changing CIO role, IT talent challenges, what keeps them up at night and more. Register for a free Insider membership to...

The Myth of 2-Speed IT

The myth of two-speed IT

Two-speed IT is convenient shorthand for distinguishing operational from strategic work. But executives need to be honest about organizational behaviors before they can truly redesign their organizations--and rebrand themselves in the...

digital customers

Is it time for CIOs to step up and rule the digital world?

To help gain a view of the digital customer, some enterprises are expanding the C-suite to include a chief digital officer, chief data officer, chief analytics officer, chief marketing technologist, chief experience officer and the...

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Merger and acquisition categories explain a lot about the deal

Understanding the merger and acquisition category helps CIOs plan for the transaction.

start menu

5 things you need to know about Windows 10

With the upcoming release of Windows 10, Microsoft looks to rebound from the lukewarm reaction to Windows 8. Here are five things CIOs and other IT leaders should know about the next version of the OS.

jon stewart32

Why Jon Stewart should be CIO of the U.S. government

The Hillary Clinton email trouble is a clear example of how executive privilege gets abused and never ends well. Columnist Rob Enderle not only enjoyed Jon Stewarts’ take on the issue, but explains why he thinks Stewart should be the...

Insider Insights from Toyota's CIO

In the first installment of Insider Insights, senior writer Lauren Brousell goes one-on-one with Toyota's CIO Zack Hicks.

poker post

Table stakes: Operational keys to success for the strategic advisor

An examination of the core operational aspects of a CIO's job that must be fulfilled in order to successfully become a strategic advisor within the C-suite. This article focuses on the keys to success for executives running...

Chief Data Officer [CDO]

Tech hotshots: The rise of the chief data officer

As CIOs become overwhelmed by IT demands, chief data officers (CDOs) are stepping in to serve as a centralized point of data governance and data management.

unified platform

Anatomy of a Successful SAP Implementation

Bob Dougherty, CIO of Airgas, on how to do SAP right

business meeting people silhouettes

Making the Case for Security

Our manager makes his debut before top management, and he has just a few minutes to get them to see what needs to be done to better secure the enterprise.

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STOP March Madness and Get Into a Productive Mood

Spring fever is here, and after this winter, we all deserve some fun. But business still needs to be done, no matter how much procrastinating we do. What should top CIOs do to prevent stagnation, stay positive and keep growing? ...

higher education

Higher ed CIOs list their top tech priorities

College and university technology leaders get high marks for C-suite relations (particularly with the CMO), succession planning and cloud-based activities.

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