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A key factor in the CIO's ability to drive change

A major player in the space pointed out the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) but said it’s not evolving much beyond the use case of predictive maintenance. Why aren’t use cases and revenue opportunities in the IoT exploding? I...

enable SDLC for strategy translation

How to enable SDLC for strategy translation

SDLC is not just a method for engineering. It is where strategy translation can take place. So it's critical for CIOs to ensure that their SDLC is enabled for strategy translation. We need 3 broad changes to SDLC. Make strategic...

customer experience

Customers' digital behavior drives CIOs to partner with CDOs, CMOs

CIOs from CVS Health and JetBlue insist it doesn’t matter whether they work with CDOs, CMOs or other executives as long as their efforts meet customer demands.


How CIOs can guide digital business transformation

The business and technology functions of an organization can no longer be viewed as separate, which is why the next generation of business leaders will be CIOs becoming CEOs.

digital construction

CDM Smith CIO on how tech can transform construction

The CIO of construction company CDM Smith says his industry badly needs a transformation, and he believes technology will play a key role. Here's how.

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How 5 IT leaders beat their toughest technical challenges

Just as technology is always evolving, so is the role of IT leaders. In the not too distant future, tech execs will face new challenges and take on new roles. The most successful IT leaders are the ones that can recognize and adapt to...


We need Cloud Foundry for IoT

Cloud Foundry has become the default standard for private and hybrid PaaS solutions in the enterprise. The enterprise IOT space offers a unique set of opportunities for Cloud Foundry to become one of the most relevant platforms to...

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Starwood taps machine learning to dynamically price hotel rooms

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide uses an analytics engine to alter hotel pricing rates on the fly, improving demand forecasting by 20 percent.


How to be a successful healthcare CIO in the first 100 days

What is the key to success the first 100 days as a healthcare CIO in a new organization? Here are some tips and tactics.

agile development skills

Going agile requires a culture shift, say CIOs

In this free report from the CIO Executive Council, CIOs discuss their journey from waterfall software development to the agile methodology – including the benefits and the challenges. You can learn from these pioneers.

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Why the former CIO of Gap moved from clothes to cloud

After spending the past year investing in and advising a handful of retail and SaaS startups, Tom Keiser is again donning his CIO hat for Zendesk, a rising customer service software maker.

CIO May 2016 digital magazine cover

CIO May 2016 Digital Magazine: Making IoT magic

Cover story: How analytics transforms IoT data into business intelligence

common negotiation errors

The CIO's guide to smarter vendor negotiation

Negotiating deals with IT vendors is never easy, but it is a skill you can learn. Experts in the art of negotiating say it’s important to understand the vendor’s pain points, look out for hidden costs and keep your emotions in check.

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Are you paying too much for outsourced resources?

Many companies in mature, offshore, FTE-based outsourcing environments experience substantial bloat and are paying too much for the resources. And they’re blissfully unaware of the outsourcing bloat.

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More than half of IT projects still failing

An annual survey from project management company Innotas shows that more than half of IT projects fail, three years after a similar survey showed nearly identical findings.

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Forrester calls for CIOs and CMOs to improve their relationship

A new report looks at the relationship between CIOs and CMOs, citing that a big shift needs to take place if businesses ever hope to live up to increasing customer expectations.


Helicopter CIOs: stop micromanaging

CIOs usually have progressed to their position from the technical world. Sometimes providing hands-on support is valuable, but where does providing experienced-based assistance become micromanagement?

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Should you hire for bimodal IT?

Since Gartner coined the term of bimodal IT, plenty of CIOs have jumped on the bandwagon and separated their IT departments into two camps. But a recent report from Forrester suggests that bimodal IT only complicates things, and the...

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