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pulling companies apart


How CIOs can proactively identify and solve business issues

How CIO Ryan Fay uses the techniques of active listening and empowered developers to resolve issues before they affect the business.

Olympic Games Steps

Demonstrating leadership in IT is an all-around contest

IT leaders are like decathletes: They must demonstrate many skills and the ability to compromise across multiple dimensions for the sake of overall success.

Business growth 180217506

How CIOs can survive and thrive at hypergrowth businesses

All IT leaders need to balance business growth, current needs and future demands when creating an IT strategy, but at companies in hypergrowth mode CIOs need to shift into overdrive.

Bexar County Courthouse, San Antonio, Texas

IT automation in the wild

Since it can encompass a wide variety of services and functions, ‘IT automation’ seems to be one of those terms that means different things to different people. Here’s a look at how it’s actually being used in the real world.

shadow it

How Freddie Mac brought shadow business apps into the light

Rob Lux, CIO of Freddie Mac, discusses the company's approach to supporting 'end-user computing' applications, or EUCs.


Walgreens CIO starts with the customer and works backward

Having already produced a successful mobile application, Walgreens CIO Abhi Dhar is implementing Hadoop to lower the cost of storing and processing the large amounts of data that app is generating.

2016 state of the cio just the facts

The State of the CIO 2016 by the numbers

From compensation trends to interacting with marketing to the biggest IT challenges to security budgets, looks at the State of the CIO by the numbers.

cio business bad data quality

Disconnect between CIOs and LOB managers weakens data quality

Despite the promise of big data, most analytics projects suffer from bad data syndrome, the result of tension between CIOs and line of business managers.

usa goverment cyber security

CIOs wary of sharing cyberthreat data

CIOs are still lukewarm to the idea of sharing the cybersecurity threat information the U.S. government is requesting in its Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act. Department of Homeland Security official Andy Ozment reassures IT...

ceo bets

CIOs must make risky bets to become CEOs

Dawn Lepore parlayed her IT work at Charles Schwab in the mid-1990s to become CEO of in 2004. She offers CIOs some pointers on how take it up a level.

weloveourcustomer torbakhopper

Why you need to make 2016 the year of the customer

According to leading research companies, many CIOs are stuck in the past, centered on internal operations. This leads to marginalization and the inability to make significant change for your organization. If you want to make a...

social media 2

Day in the life of a social CIO: Oliver Bussmann of UBS

The Global CIO of UBS is a social media superstar, boasting tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and LinkedIn. He shares four simple steps that can help IT pros develop areas of expertise and build large followings in six to nine...

state of the cio cover

Transformational CIOs juggle innovation and operations

Our exclusive 2016 State of the CIO research reveals that the CIO role is growing more critical to the business and more complex to inhabit, as top IT executives simultaneously battle cybersecurity threats, increasing business demands...

see through cairn

How Microsoft CIO Jim DuBois changed the IT operating model

Microsoft's CIO says he and his team think in terms of service offerings and end-to-end business processes, rather than projects and applications, and that helped the company adopt a new IT operating model.

Halted progress

Why change initiatives fail

Creating the right conditions for successful change requires putting people before things, says Chris Laping, former CIO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers. In this exclusive audio session from the CIO Perspectives event in Orange County in...

data security ts

Enterprise CIOs, think it's OK to ignore SMB security holes? Think again

A new report shows a direct link between security problems in small businesses and enterprise security headaches. This happens when SMBs are suppliers or resellers for enterprises and are therefore connected.

project management

How to get your organization to recognize the need for change

As a CIO, project leader, or IT manager, you might find it difficult to get your organization or project team to recognize the need for change, and the even greater need to control change. So, how do we handle it?

it resume makeover

Why your ATS may be killing your recruiting efforts

Applicant tracking systems get a bad rap for a reason -- many are clunky, hard to use and difficult to calibrate. But that doesn't mean you should ditch them entirely. Here’s how to improve your ATS.

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