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Make your CIO more relevant using business architecture

To succeed, CIOs need to focus more resources in communicating and building business architecture change maps that will involve business executives, business architects and obviously the CIO.

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How IT became business problem solvers at Level 3 Communications

IT doesn’t wait for business requirements at Level 3 Communications — it co-creates them, says CIO Atilla Tinic. Learn how he is changing the culture in his IT organization.

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NextCon provides CIOs a vision for a better customer experience

The event will serve up a new vision to CIOs curious about how technology can merge with human capital to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Navigating the brave new world of decentralized IT

With business units hiring their own IT professionals and managing technology independently, organizations should brace for the nuances of navigating decentralized IT resources, compared to traditional IT departments.

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How to harness the power of shadow IT

Shadow IT poses serious risks to your business, but what if you embraced it with proper governance? NTT Communications' Jeffrey Bannister explains how businesses that innovate will ultimately reap Shadow IT’s benefits.

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How to win over your board of directors

A 15-minute board presentation can make or break a valuable project — not to mention a promising career. But there are steps CIOs can take to not only meet their board of director’s needs and expectations but win their lasting support...

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CIO July/August Digital Magazine: Honoring the 2017 CIO 100 winners

New tools and troves of data have CIOs turning to neural nets and machine learning to deliver real-world results. Here’s how six 2017 CIO 100 winners put AI to work.

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Defeating the SAP project optimism Death Star

Studies have shown roughly 65% of large IT-enabled projects go over budget, and there is evidence to support that 25% of these projects will end up going 50% over plan. What went wrong?

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Empower IT to lead digital transformation

Business innovation is no longer just for the C-suite. Enabling IT to take a lead will boost organizations into the new competitive landscape.

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Data science key to Monsanto improving its supply chain

A drive toward digitization in the supply chain has created major efficiencies for Monsanto, while underscoring the need for a culture of IT 'transformation agents.'

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Meet your software development deadline with these tips

When it comes to software development, the importance of accurate planning and meeting deadlines cannot be stressed enough. But with the right mindset and good communication with your team, you can hit your development goal on time...

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The benefits of applying product management discipline to IT

At Murphy USA, CIO Greg Davidson has created a "software product mindset" around the company's software development, improving its SDLC.

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CIO Hall of Fame honorees

Meet the CIOs enshrined in the the CIO Hall of Fame -- from the Class of 1997 to the Class of 2017.

cio100 winners honors the 2017 CIO 100 winners and Hall of Fame inductees

We celebrate the 30th anniversary of the CIO 100 awards program by recognizing 100 organizations for their business and technology innovation and are proud to announce this year's class of CIO Hall of Fame inductees.

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A strategic CIO shares insights on key disruptive technology trends

Technology is evolving faster than humans have ever seen anything evolve. Strategic CIO Joe Bruhin shares insights on key technology trends CIOs should focus on.

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From big data to good data: closing the gap between data governance and business insights

Despite increasing spend on big data technology, many organizations still struggle how to make sense out of the massively growing digital universe.

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The case for hiring an external-facing CIO

When hiring a CIO, it's not clear whether he/she should be internal- or external-facing. In this post, the second of two parts, I make the case for hiring an external-facing CIO.

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Assessing your organization’s digital transformation maturity

While there are perennial capabilities and skills that are required for business success (e.g. investment, leadership, culture, change management and governance), digital transformation requires new capabilities that organizations...

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