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IT must face outward

The big challenge for CIOs and IT organizations today centers on readiness for customer contact, says CIO Publisher Adam Dennison. He says there's no better way to elevate IT's status than to make it more outward-facing.

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How to calm your board's nerves about cybersecurity

CIOs need to provide their companies' boards of directors with regular, easily understood briefings on data security, and steer the conversation toward the familiar ground of business risk management, says Editor in Chief Maryfran...

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Having ‘the ear of the CEO’ is key to battling cyberthreats

Former FBI director stresses the importance of an enterprise-wide approach to cybersecurity, while Congress considers legislation to promote sharing threat information.

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How to keep business sponsors hooked

Tech initiatives won't succeed without ongoing business engagement. Three CIOs share their strategies for getting, and keeping, that engagement.

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Nonprofit's digital transformation puts young people to work

By becoming a data-driven organization, Philadelphia Youth Network has gained the capability to deploy funding faster and more efficiently and has also gained the equivalent of one to two full-time employees by automating workflows.

Requirements Analysis

How to make more successful enterprise software purchases

When purchasing enterprise software, some organizations wait for the implementation phase to flesh out fully detailed requirements. See the advantages of moving this work to the requirements gathering phase of the project.

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Keys to anticipating the road ahead

In the first installment of CIO Confessions, Procter & Gamble’s Filippo Passerini offers advice for the next generation of CIOs and IT execs on success as he embarks on his next professional adventures.

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6 IT leaders share tips to drive collaboration

Collaboration tools are destined to fail when IT leaders look to solve problems that don’t exist. Here’s how CIOs and IT managers ensure their collaborative platform efforts aren’t futile.

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NFL CIO: Tech isn't the problem with health info sharing

While the healthcare industry is now grappling with interoperability problems related to electronic medical records, the NFL has figured out how to solve the issue.

The most important and overlooked cycle in the CIO toolkit

We all agree that it's every CIO's job not just to operate, but to innovate. And not just to innovate on a single project, product or software release. The single most important cycle for a CIO is the critical sequence of conditions...


Tech plays matchmaker in the corporate housing market

IT is key to matching clients with corporate housing, says Ric Villarreal, president of Oakwood Worldwide.

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Why CIOs can’t sell enterprise collaboration tools

Collaboration platforms offer the promise to eliminate unnecessary meetings, phone calls and other time-consuming interactions. However, to succeed those tools have to perform better than the incumbent, which for most people is still...

Approach aggressive sales people with caution

Buyer beware: How auditing RFPs can help you make smarter enterprise software purchases

Aggressive salespeople and “over-optimistic” RFPs can doom enterprise software projects. Audit RFPs to verify they meet requirements as claimed before purchasing the software, and avoid software disasters.

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New CIOs for the Spring

The first quarter has seen a number of new appointments

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Hit the jackpot when selecting enterprise software by using RFP scoring

Enterprise software RFPs with open questions requiring short essay answers are difficult to evaluate. See how RFP scoring takes the gambling out of selecting best-fit software. Know how well the software will work in your environment...

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The 4 fundamental C's of IoT architecture and design

A discussion of the 4 fundamental design and architectural considerations for high performing IoT ecosystems.


Why you must rate enterprise software requirements

While rating requirements for importance is critical to selecting best-fit enterprise software, other benefits that flow from the exercise are reduced implementation costs and improved end user buy-in.

CIO find value in advisory boards

How CIOs can wring value from customer advisory boards

A vendor's customer advisory council can be a great venue for CIOs to provide feedback about IT products and services -- but only if you get the chance to speak. If it's a long-winded sales pitch, run!

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Federal CIOs want SLA assurances from cloud vendors

Industry officials call on cloud providers to offer provisions in service agreements with government agencies that address vendor lock-in and data ownership.

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