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 CIOs create formal processes to get innovative tech from startups

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5 tips to keep your value-added reseller spend in check

Your reseller isn’t your BFF. How to stop overpaying your VAR and keep them honest.

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CIOs boost their careers doing double duty

Many CIOs find it exhilarating to responsibility for business functions outside of IT. But CIO-plus roles require a new mindset and trusted deputies.

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Questions to ask before you hire an agile coach

Before you hire an independent agile coach, ask yourself this: Do I already have the knowledge and experience in-house?

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CIO Quick Takes: Tech leaders prep for new college year

As students return to campus, college and university CIOs share how they prepared for the new academic year.

How double-duty CIOs cope with non-IT responsibilities

Maryfran Johnson is impressed with the CIOs who take on additional business functions, but wonders how they they do it all without having a nervous breakdown. The answer: great teams, trusted deputies.

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How to create a physical space for innovation

A look at how companies find unique ways to embrace innovation and invest in new ways of thinking.

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How ‘Digital Masters’ drive transformation from the top down

Leadership, not technology, drives transformation. CIOs have a lot to offer in the digital conversation. Great digital leadership means crafting a compelling transformative digital vision and then helping your organization to make...

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CIO succession planning critical as IT drives business growth

CIOs say proper succession planning is a crucial part of their responsibilities. But it's not an easy job at a time when talented IT staff can rake in big salaries working on innovative projects, without putting themselves under the...

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As CMOs start to outspend CIOs, collaboration remains key

CIOs were traditionally at the helm of technology adoption, but as more marketing departments use their budget on technology spending, the role of the CMO in IT is rising.

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Tips from a day in the life of 4 CIOs

The role of a modern CIO is as misunderstood as it is important. So we asked a few of them to take us through a typical day. Here, four IT leaders share their tips, tricks and daily routines.

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Retail CIOs become heroes with the help of CMOs

In the highly charged atmosphere of retail, CMOs are always looking for the next shiny new thing. But aligning more closely with the CIO may be the key to meeting the demands of today’s demanding consumers.

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How IT can communicate more effectively with the business

You might think you are communicating clearly, but the reality is that business and IT people speak different languages.

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SEC CIO leads efforts to move agency to the cloud

Pamela Dyson is helping the nation's principal securities regulator optimize its IT infrastructure and shift toward the cloud, one application at a time.

Bruised by past mistakes, tech firms brace for leap

The clock is running for CIOs to embrace digital business

Digital transformation is a huge opportunity for CIOs but it starts with IT transformation.

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In retail IT coup, Hudson's Bay poaches Kohl's CIO

HBC’s hiring of Kohl’s CIO Janet Schalk touched off a legal skirmish that highlights how competitive the battle for IT leaders has become. The case continues as Schalk settles into her new role.

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Are you a broker of value? Ask these 4 questions

CIOs have become brokers of IT capabilities for the business. Here are four questions IT leaders must ask to convey value more effectively.

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American Driveline Systems CIO tunes up IT for digital transformation

The automotive service company hired Chad Graham in June to rejuvenate the company's aging IT systems, upgrading its point-of-sale software with a new shop management system – and he’s just getting started.

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From Service Provider to Growth Leader

John Marcante, CIO of Vanguard, on the new role of IT

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