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Government cloud adoption efforts lag as security concerns persist

Half a decade into the cloud-first initiative, adoption in the federal government continues to be way behind schedule mostly due to security concerns. Vendors argue that those concerns are exaggerated.

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IBM brings Bluemix behind the firewall for sensitive workloads

IBM’s Bluemix development platform is already available in public and hosted private cloud versions. On Thursday, the company announced a third option for customers that need to build apps behind a firewall.

SAP's S4/Hana at Sapphire Now 2015

Many SAP users are still skeptical about S/4Hana and cloud ERP

SAP placed a big bet on S/4Hana when it launched the new enterprise suite earlier this year, but users aren't so sure it's the technology they're looking for.

At Humana, IT augments the human touch

CIO Brian LeClaire decribes how analytics, mobile, social and cloud technologies can improve the consumer experience in healthcare.

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SDN startup PLUMgrid opens up on OpenStack

Supports more distributions of cloud framework; enhances software for microservices, visibility

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Microsoft bolsters Azure in containers, security

Microsoft on Tuesday announced further enhancements to its Azure cloud platform, including a new container service and a new security center.

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Juniper unites the enterprise

New architecture, software, security wares bring cloud fabric to campus

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Oracle services help you mix cloud and on-premises software

For all the talk about cloud computing, it's a rare enterprise that doesn't still use at least some on-premises software. With that reality in mind, Oracle on Monday rolled out two new services designed to help companies integrate the...

Cloud conference

Cloud computing and beyond

The enterprise is moving inexorably towards the cloud. Hear industry perspectives on where this is going and how we will get there at the AITP San Diego Cloud Computing Conference.

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Cognizant-Verizon alliance offers enterprise digital transformation services

While the details of the Cognizant-Verizon collaboration are vague, it’s clear that IT service providers will seeking new angles to compete.

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Microsoft cuts deals in China with government organizations and companies

Microsoft announced three new tie-ups in China on the same day that the country's President Xi Jinping and a delegation visited its campus at Redmond, Washington.

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Google promises a Hadoop or Spark cluster in 90 seconds with Cloud Dataproc

Getting insights out of big data is typically neither quick nor easy, but Google is aiming to change all that with a new, managed service for Hadoop and Spark.

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IBM tackles 'shadow IT' with a new cloud security tool for enterprises

If there's one thing that can strike terror into a CIO's heart, it's the security implications of the cloud; if there's another, it's the "bring your own" technology trend. Combine the two, and you've got the motivation behind IBM's...


VMware users: Curious about Containers

Brad Tompkins, president of VMware User Group (VMUG), chats with Network World about how the group's members are excited to start working with application containers.


AWS glitch strikes Netflix and Tinder, offering a wake-up call for others

Glitches in Amazon Web Services' North Virginia facility caused problems Sunday for Netflix, Tinder and other major websites.


Enterprise Growth Story: Cloud

Learn how one of the fastest-growing enterprise startups tapped into a new market using big data and the cloud to solve a hard problem.

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Amazon rolls out cold cloud storage option

Amazon Web Services has released a lower-cost alternative to its standard cloud storage service that is meant for infrequently accessed data.

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Inside one fashion retailer’s creative cloud collaboration

Retail brands and stores have challenges most other business never have to deal with, not least of which is a massively diverse customer base with fickle tastes and a penchant for ‘I want it now’ consumerism. Here’s how one company is...

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