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zuckerberg f8 2016

Facebook is bringing in the bots and AI

By opening the floodgates for bots on Facebook Messenger, the social media leader hopes to kindle a more modern and efficient mode of communication between businesses and their customers.

Computerworld Crash Course: Mastering Evernote as Groupware

Crash Course: Mastering Evernote as groupware

This free download has oodles of tips and advice for business users of this handy content storage and research tool.

odd couple

Meet tech's (not so) odd couple

While not literally like Oscar and Felix, the link between CMOs and CIOs is symbiotic, typically pairing executives with different skillsets, backgrounds and perspectives. They need each other, but do they drive each other crazy?

cso branded

Why you need a CSO/CISO

When it comes to security, you're better off employing a specialist. However, according to recent research, less than half of companies employ a CSO/CISO.

lookerbot looker slack

Slack users, meet Lookerbot: a new tool that brings your data into the conversation

In much of the enterprise-software world today, data is data and chat is chat, and rarely the twain shall meet. Looker aims to change all that.

diverse group of people seated in a circle collaborating with social media icons floating above them

6 secrets to mastering Slack

Smarter communication isn’t magic. But with these tips, it’ll be hard to tell the difference

business challenge dangers threats

CIO alert: Purchasing is not positioned for emerging IT models

CIOs need to be careful about how they engage with purchasing.

collaboration overload2

How to avoid collaboration overload

Collaboration can do wonders for your organization's productivity, but there's a dark side. With an increase in collaboration comes an increase in burnout and attrition. The good news: Technology can help.

mobile social collaboration faces heads

Why it's OK for social collaboration to encourage shadow IT

The benefits of using social collaboration apps in the enterprise can outweigh the associated security risks if IT professionals strategically monitor and manage them.

screen shot 2016 02 23 at 5.22.57 pm

Slack lets coworkers start ringing one another

Slack began rolling out a new voice calling feature to Slack teams that let people talk to each other one-on-one, or create conference calls for chat channels.

4 hacks for status reporting success

4 ways to achieve project status reporting success

Focus on these four concepts to make your project status reports the best they can be and as informative as possible for all the stakeholder groups you need to report to.

frankenstein istock 000000924311 small

Avoiding a digital Frankenstein

Here’s a real-world story of what happened when a company decided it wanted to create a mobile-friendly website to improve customer engagement. As a CIO, you’ve undoubtedly seen similar instances or even had a similar experience in...

mobile social collaboration faces heads

CIOs share best practices for social media and collaboration

Social media certainly isn't a fail-proof solution to all of today's corporate communication and collaboration problems, but strategic CIOs and their teams can use social platforms to improve business processes, boost productivity and...

fun meeting

How to make a project meeting fun

Is it possible to make project meetings fun? Maybe not, but I do know we can make them more productive and meaningful -- and probably more enjoyable by following these steps.

leadership vs loud

Project leadership vs. just being loud

We've all dealt with the loud leader. Are they really respected and followed? Here are the top four traits I believe a true leader should bring to the table.

Kore Bot Marketplace

These two startups are out to dethrone Slack

There's nothing like raging success to bring on a pack of competitors, and that's exactly what's now happening in the enterprise-collaboration arena.

The voice of the customer is dead

Enterprise IT departments and third-party service providers have been trained that the customer is king and the voice of the customer is paramount. This has been drummed into IT folks. But there’s a problem: The customers don’t know...

Man walking on tight rope which is unraveling problem mess danger risk

3 common cloud pitfalls IT should avoid

As modern businesses flock to the cloud, many fail to perform the necessary due diligence and accordingly fall victim to these common mistakes.

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