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Cisco acquires video collaboration company for $700M

Acano will help scale, hybrid delivery and interoperability, company says

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Google updates Hangouts with guest access

Google just made it easier to have a business meeting, or any kind of meeting, via Google Hangouts. The company announced that people no longer need to have a Google account to use Hangouts. They just need to be invited to one.

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Microsoft ups its DevOps game with a raft of new tools

It would be tough for Microsoft to top the seismic waves it created at last year's Connect developer conference when it announced the open-sourcing of its .Net application framework, but this year the software giant has plenty up its...

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Citrix spinning off GoTo collaboration business, laying off 1,000 people

Citrix Systems has decided to spin off its GoTo collaboration products business into a new company, to focus on its core business in the secure delivery of apps and data.

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Do you dojo? 5 tips for getting started with collaborative programming

Dojos, hackathons, pairs, and mobs. Oh my! Here’s how (and why) to get in on the collaborative programming trend.

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How to revitalize the IT steering committee

Three simple activities to revamp IT governance and renew the business-IT relationship.


How a big U.K. bank uses Facebook at Work for collaboration

Facebook at Work, the company's social network for business, has been available as a limited pilot for about a year, but the support of Royal Bank of Scotland helps legitimize the soon-to-be-released product for security-conscious...

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After 10 years of profitability, Atlassian steps up for an IPO

It was late September when reports first suggested that Atlassian was planning a U.S. IPO, and on Monday, the Australian software maker followed through by filing its papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Why email is a better virtual assistant

Google is inventing something better than Siri, Cortana, Alexa or even Google Now. It's email with a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help you out.

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Thinking algorithm ready to take on conventional medicine

An algorithm built by a San Francisco startup soon will begin using images archived at operating at imaging centers to teach itself to spot the signs of disease. If it succeeds, medicine will never be the same.

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Dropbox woos large businesses with new Enterprise offering

Large enterprises have a new Dropbox product tailored for them that the company unveiled at its user conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

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Dropbox touts enterprise growth at user conference

Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston announced at the company’s first conference for users Wednesday that there are now more than 150,000 companies paying for its Dropbox for Business product, up from the 130,000 business customers...

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Review: Office 365 fails at collaboration

Despite years of promises and gap-filling acquisitions, it remains a woefully inadequate mishmash.

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Need a ride home from work? Now you can call Lyft from Slack

Back in August Slack added a new "Add to Slack" feature with launch partners including Box, and on Tuesday, it introduced another update designed to make tying in outside apps even easier.

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How much change is too much change for end users?

We IT professionals like to think that the critical path to getting a project done is the speed at which we can convert data, back up and restore a system, or add capacity to a server. But the true limit is the speed at which your...

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5 things you need to know about Microsoft's new Office 2016

Microsoft's latest version of its Office suite is here, and it has been getting rave reviews. Here's what you need to know about the new suite's capabilities.

The New C-Suite

6 responsibilities of the Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer has replaced the data scientist as the sexiest new job. But what does the CDO actually do?

7 big threats to innovation and how to overcome them

Innovation isn’t easy, but it’s fundamental to a successful business in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven economy. These seven threats to corporate innovation that are hampering your business’ agility. Here’s how to conquer them. ...

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