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apple iphone 7

Beware these gotchas in T-Mobile's 'free' iPhone 7 offer

T-Mobile's Black Friday offer includes 'free' Apple iPhone 7s and Samsung Galaxys, but details in the fine print might make it less appealing to some consumers.

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Facebook trolls should learn from Amazon's new Prime ad

Abusing friends and relatives on Facebook has become all too common, particularly following the recent presidential election. Amazon took a refreshing tack in a new Prime ad — and internet trolls should take note.

money bag

Are you paying for phony cable programming fees?

Mysterious fees on your cable bill can bump up monthly charges much higher than advertised prices, but a group of consumers are fighting back in lawsuits against Charter and Time Warner Cable.

ifttt applet

32 IFTTT applets to help you handle the holidays

Whether you're an ‘If This, Then That’ pro or a first-timer, these 32 must-use 'recipes' or 'applets' can ease the burden of holiday shopping, backup all your celebratory photos, auto-send tidings of good joy, help you stay healthy...

windows 10 logo blue

3 ways to regain control of Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 has a mind of its own when it comes to software updates. Here are three easy ways to take back control and ensure forced updates don't interrupt your workflow.

primary holiday gift guide

Holiday buying guide: 10 tablets under $500

Looking to get a tablet for a family member or friend this year? Here are 10 great tablets that are all less than $500 -- and some even under $100.

apple watch nike

Why you should buy Apple's Nike smartwatch instead of Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Nike+ has all of the same features as the standard Apple Watch Series 2, plus a few extras for runners. The Nike version of Apple's smartwatch is also both easy on the eyes and easy to use, but it may not be a good fit...

google pixel in hand

T-Mobile's Google Pixel offer has 2 hidden gotchas (updated)

T-Mobile says it will give customers $325 if they bring their own Google Pixel phones to its network. The deal sounds solid, but there are at least two things you need to know before you opt in.

amazon echo dot

How to tell if Amazon's $50 Echo Dot is right for you

For $50, you can now equip your home or office with Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant, thanks to the company's updated Echo Dot. However, if Siri, Google Assistant, or Microsoft's Cortana offer all the voice control you need, Echo Dot...

samsung galaxy note 7 fire battery explode

Another very bad week for Samsung (with two bright spots)

Samsung's Note7 smartphones still might not be safe to use and Canada recalled hundreds of thousands of the company's washing machines. On the plus side, it acquired an AI startup and Samsung stock hit an all-time high … all in a...

beach relaxed vacation

4 keys to a happy and successful retirement

For many workers, imagining life after their careers end can be difficult and more than a bit scary. This post shares advice on how to embrace the retirement lifestyle and provides suggestions to make it a success.

library shelves books stacks

Your local library is a treasure trove of free digital media

Mobile applications such as OverDrive, Zinio and Hoopla provide free access to thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and movies — all you need is a public library card.

verizon wireless logo

Verizon customers claim carrier dramatically overcharged for data

More than 4,000 people from across the United States told a Cleveland newspaper that Verizon grossly overcharged them for data use, but the wireless carrier won't fix, or even acknowledge, the problem.

hasselblad true zoom moto camera mod

Is the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod worth $300?

The new Hasselblad camera 'Mod' for Moto Z DROID smartphones is now available via Verizon and Motorola. This quick hands-on video review spotlights the expensive camera's strengths and limitations.

apple iphone 7

After an epic iPhone 7 preorder fail, a pleasant surprise

If you're an iPhone Upgrade Program member who stayed up late last Friday to be among the first to order an iPhone 7 and went to bed empty handed, you're not alone. However, Apple is trying to make amends by releasing more iPhones.

tile slim

Tile Slim tracker is half the thickness of Tile Original

The new Tile Slim Bluetooth tracking device is much thinner than Tile Original, but it lacks a keychain hole and its ringtone isn't as loud.

apple logo

Irritated iPhone 6 users sue Apple over 'touch disease' defect

A group of iPhone users claim Apple has refused to fix a defect in its iPhone 6 and 6s phones that causes displays to die, and the frustrated customers took legal action in California this week.

Opera vpn enabled

Opera warns sync users to change passwords for every website after hack

Opera warned Friday that users who had stored their passwords in the Opera cloud via its syncing mechanism may have had them compromised.

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