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Third-party bands can't include a wireless charger or interfere with the smartwatch's heart rate sensor
john legere t mobile
Are you a Verizon customer who dreams about switching to T-Mobile? May as...

25 geeky Mother's Day gifts

mothers day 2015 6
Especially for mom: 25 gifts inspired by tech, science and math.
If you rely on Windows Media Center to run your home theater PC then...
110314 microsoft band
The SDK allows developers to access the caloric data stored in Band, among...
apple watch together
Reports surfaced this week that the watch wasn't working properly for...
basis peak
The Basis Peak and Fitbit Surge are two of the best dedicated fitness and...

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, May 1

Oracle shrugs off Salesforce rumors...House OKs plan to stop NSA phone dragnet...why Ford's CEO is wary of Apple and Google
mindmeld customer traction
With more than 1,300 companies currently using MindMeld to integrate voice...
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