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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, May 28

Lenovo smartphone lets users interact with projected images...Google tipped to overhaul payments scheme...FCC will clamp down on spam texts
Fitbit has been sued by Jawbone for allegedly misappropriating trade secrets
Both products are concept devices
It will also starting selling its own media streaming device called the Lenovo Cast
voided warranty
The U.S. FTC recently shot down rules that required consumers to take...
mindmeld on fetch2
The Fetch mobile app for Apple Watch combines voice recognition tech and...
e7v3 chip wafer
U.S. and Chinese researchers propose high-performance chips that can...

Android Auto makes debut on Hyundai Sonata

android auto hyundai
Android users can now enjoy access to their smartphone features when...
Oculus Rift Development Kit 2
The company's technology could help Oculus apps better mimic reality.
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