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Latest Stories vows to meet or undercut Amazon's prices on thousands of items....

Today's high-end smartphones: Too big for comfort?

moto x pure
Forget phablets. The latest flagship smartphones, such as the new Moto X...
The technologies fail when they fail to consider the lifestyles of the people using them, said panelists

Cell phone alerts are dangerous to drivers

distracted driving
The conventional wisdom that hands-free phone conversations behind the...
Nike will pay out up to $2.4 million to customers
The SE307 monitor is optimized for gaming and uses the Qi wireless charging standard
Users could use game pads to control video content, but TVii had few fans
Best Buy will be the first national retailer in the US, other than Apple Stores, to sell the smartwatch
Honda said last March that it would support CarPlay. Now it's finally...
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