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shadow it

CBS Interactive CIO Says Shadow IT Is an Opportunity

By looking at the shadow IT that lines-of-business deploy and asking business leaders how it improves their business, IT organizations can gain a better understanding of what they can bring to the table to help the business succeed.


Oracle's Cloud Strategy Sounds Great. For 2012

Oracle needs to recognize that the consumerization of IT is already here.


How Companies Can Take Advantage of the MOOC Revolution

The consumerization of employee training.

byod security

Is a Remote-Wipe Policy a Crude Approach to BYOD Security?

While the capability to remotely wipe data from lost or stolen mobile phones may help CIOs sleep at night, it may be an outdated approach to BYOD security.

apple product lineup

How Apple Comes to Work: Gradually, Then Suddenly

The iPhone 6 won't change the working world, but Apple Pay and the Apple Watch might.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is Still a Question Mark for Enterprises

The just-announced Apple Watch comes with a lot of unknowns, making it way too soon to call as an enterprise contender.

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Dell's 'Virtual Smartphone' Furthers its Drive into Worker Device Management

Dell announced a 'virtual smartphone' to help companies keep better track of security and expenses related to employee-owned smartphones and tablets.

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What California’s BYOD Reimbursement Ruling Means to CIOs

A recent California court ruling that requires companies to reimburse workers for business calls on personal phones adds fear, uncertainty and doubt to an already-complicated BYOD landscape.'s Tom Kaneshige talks to David...

byod illustration 2

Workers Going Rogue With BYOD (and BYOA)

More than half of employees admit to going rogue to do their jobs. In other words, it really doesn't matter if IT formally rejects BYOD -- or Bring Your Own Apps -- because it's happening anyway.

byod legal

BYOD Twists and Turns Keep CIOs Off-Balance

Is BYOD coming to a crossroads? Workers don’t want to be tied to a cubicle and demand the freedom that comes with mobility. However, BYOD has come under fire due to privacy concerns, security measures that ruin the user experience,...

byod illustration

Court Ruling Could Bring Down BYOD

In what could be a decisive blow to the Bring Your Own Device trend, the California Court of Appeal ruled that companies must reimburse employees for work-related use from personal mobile devices.

3D Printing Makes its Move into Production

IT needs to get ready

The Proper Care and Support of Today's Mobile Worker

With a new balance between employee choice and business assurance, a different approach to management is critical

Mobile Management: Making Sense of Your Options

There are known, proven approaches to reduce those risks without disabling the benefit of consumerization

Mobile Security: A Mother Lode of New Tools

You may know your smartphone, but pretty soon the question will be: How well does your smartphone know you?

Business Leaders Know: Let in the Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops

Forward-thinking firms like Kraft didn't wait for employees to bring in consumer tech, but led the effort themselves


CIOs in Europe Say BYOD Is Stalling

Think CIOs in the U.S. are struggling with how to handle BYOD? IDC’s John Delaney says it’s much worse in Europe where employees simply ‘don’t like BYOD.’

Boost Your Security Training With Gamification

Don't scoff; rewarding good deeds actually works.

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