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Why Developers Need 'Finishing School'

How can developers bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world, on-the-job experience? They can go to 'finishing school.'

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Never Stop Learning, CIOs Advise New IT Grads

Keeping skills sharp is critical if new graduates want to find success in the volatile world of tech.

Leadership and marketing books by Jeffrey Fox

10 Leadership Lessons From Jeffrey Fox

Ever want to interview your favorite author? Mike Lyles, a writer, speaker and QA architect, had that opportunity, and his chat with marketing and leadership expert Jeffrey Fox touches on who influences how you work, lead, influence...

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Why You Should Invest in Training Your IT Team

With technology advancing so rapidly, companies must be willing to train their IT staff. Yes, that knowledge will leave if employees do, but those who stay on board will use what they learn to solve problems and improve efficiency --...

CompTIA Taps Brain Science to Help You Conquer Certification Testing

CompTIA's CertMaster combines principles from neurobiology, cognitive psychology and game studies to help you learn new material and retain it for the long term.

6 Emerging Programming Languages Career-Minded Developers Should Learn

If you want to take your pick of the plum jobs of the future, you need experience in the languages that will be in demand. Learning one of these six will put you ahead of the pack.

STEM Education Gets Boost From White House

President Barack Obama has announced new, expanded programs to get more students enrolled in science, tech, engineering and math courses.

Shortage of Female STEM Workers Hurts Tech Industry

Intel and other technology firms see workplace gender imbalance as a business challenge and urge greater outreach from tech companies to the education community at a national, state and local level.

5 Technology Initiatives and Reforms IT Wants in Washington

Leaders from Microsoft, Cisco and other tech players are pressing their agenda as they meet with the White House and Congress this week. Some initiatives have been years in the making -- and will take many more years to see through --...

Early STEM Education Will Lead to More Women in IT

A leading advocate for introducing girls to computer science argues that educators must develop required programs at the K-12 level to resolve gender imbalance in the tech sector.

Free Data Science Courses From Johns Hopkins, Duke, Stanford

If you've thought about trying to boost your data skills, check out Coursera's catalog of free classes. In particular, Johns Hopkins is about to start a nine-class specialization in data science.

How to Add New Job Skills Without Going Back to School

E-learning is a cost-effective, accessible way to boost your job skills without the hassles of 'traditional' degree programs.

Are You Too Old to Land a New IT Job?

Age really is just a number. If you're keeping current on new technologies and advancement, and show a willingness to keep learning and growing, there's no reason it should be an impediment to your job search.

14 Tech Conventions You Should Attend in 2014

Taking the time each year to learn, grow and network should be part of your career plan, and tech conferences are a great way to do that. Here is a guide to the hottest tech events of 2014 (as well as a couple to look for in 2015).

Is an MBA Worthwhile or Worthless for Tech Pros?

Once seen as a valuable differentiator for career advancement, the intrinsic worth of an MBA degree is now a hotly debated subject in the enterprise.

10 Great MOOCs for Techies -- All Free, Starting Soon!

Feeling like your IT, project management or leadership skills could use a boost? No need to enroll in a degree program or pay for certification -- take a Massive Online Open Course instead.

How TechSmith Rocks Its Internal Developer Conference

Your employees can learn a lot from each other. This exclusive inside look at an internal developer conference at screen-capture software maker TechSmith shows how the right mix of informational presentations, hands-on sessions, frank...

18 Hot IT Certifications for 2014

For years premium pay for IT certifications has been on the decline, but top pay for IT certifications has increased for two consecutive quarters and is up 1.5 percent; the largest quarterly increase since 2006. Read along as we...

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