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A new model for business presentations

A new model for business presentations that allows for the broader emergence of ideas from the shared experience between audience and the presenter, that doesn't rely on the Authority of Office or comprehensive category expertise. How...

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Why a move to chief digital officer was a promotion for one CIO

Richard Maranville became CDO of Freeman Company after he identified a need to better manage and develop the company's digital products. His replacement at CIO now reports to him.

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Good analytics governance isn't about better information

As organizations evolve, or try to evolve, the matter of governance inevitably comes up. Elegant delegation and decision rules come undone at the first special case that requires a variation from the norm.


Interview: Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC – Part 2

Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC, shares her insights on how predictive modeling and personalizing content has helped to improve Dell EMC’s marketing results and enhance the customer journey.


Interview: Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC

Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC, discusses the CMO’s evolving role, the relationship between marketing and culture and how Dell EMC uses account-based marketing to better understand the needs of the customer.

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Is the business-IT gap intentional?

IT and business executives must decide whether to transform the way their organizations interact. Maintaining the status quo may feel safe, but it’s risky. To determine if the relationship has reached a tipping point, ask two...

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3 top priorities for a Chief Data Officer

The main responsibility of the Chief Data Officer is to manage data as a corporate asset. Having said that, the boundaries of the role vary by organization. Whereas some organizations draw a clear line between data and information,...

2015 it workforce hiring trends handshake arrows agreement

How to partner with the chief digital officer to drive digital transformation

Does your organization have a Chief Digital Officer or does it require one? How CIO can grow their leadership responsibilities by defining initiatives, aligning responsibilities, leveraging agile practices, and measuring key...

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Your ERP project can be improved by... ’80s movie quotes?

Implementing a new ERP system is a full-contact sport. As the project lead, you need to deal with a new technology, competing priorities for scarce resources, multiple vendors and a very stressful environment. You need to be ready to...

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A call for action -- the renaissance of enterprise IT

During the time of transition from industrial-age to digital-age practices, what the business needs most is a renaissance of enterprise IT. This is an exceptional opportunity, a call for action, for CIOs and CDOs to spearhead the...

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Don't let fear affect your job search

Most of us will have to conduct full-scale job searches at some point in our careers. It's an activity that takes most people straight out of their comfort zone and into the dark realm of fear that's swirling in their heads. Fear...

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Is naked truth part of your business model?

Are truth and honesty part of your organizational culture Or does your management team prefer to live in a bubble and make their own truth?

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How tech experts can lead in 2017

Companies are now asking for more than technical expertise to help them keep pace with technological change. The best companies are seeking professionals with the advanced skills to lead that change.

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Does your digital program suffer from an aspiration gap?

Contrary to aspirations of many, the digital revolution hasn’t turned out to be a gold rush; rather, it feels like a game of survival.

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IT Career Roadmap: Chief product officer

Being a chief product officer requires many skills, but none is more important than the ability to unify disparate teams and motivate them to create an incredible product. Here is one CPO's journey and what it took for him to succeed...

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From CIO to COO to CEO

Greg Carmichael, president and CEO of Fifth Third Bank, reflects on how his experience as a CIO prepared him to be a CEO in the digital age.

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The weakest link in digital transformation

The future of the multitrillion-dollar enterprise IT industry will not evolve from the retrofit of half-century-old IT management practices with relics of the industrial age.

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Decide if you’re a hedgehog or a fox

Some say that writers and thinkers are either hedgehogs or foxes. On one side is a balanced central vision. On the other, the pursuit of contradictory ends. Listen for the distortion of strategy.

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