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A rising tide lifts all boats
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How to handle a zero-day attack – from lawyers

We all know about zero-day attacks. But what about when the zero-day attack is in the form of a subpoena or other legal notice regarding the data in your CRM system? Don’t panic.


Newegg customer service comes to Facebook Messenger

Newegg is moving to Facebook Messenger to answer all your questions and concerns about graphics cards, RAM, and motherboards.

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Mobile-only banking startup bets on bots

Companies are implementing artificial intelligence technology for customer service. Here’s a look at how Atom Bank is incorporating WDS Virtual Agent software from Xerox into its mobile app to solve customer issues.

millennials trust

How do you build trust in your organization?

In order to become an effective change agent or help with the transformation, your stakeholders need to trust you.

hiring software developers

How to use CRM, marketing automation to improve hiring

Next-generation talent management platforms offer new features that will help companies better source, engage and hire candidates.

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6 ways Twitter can help your business go beyond PR

Experts in lead generation, marketing and customer service discuss some of the best business uses for Twitter – from finding new employees and customers to helping existing ones.

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7 ways small businesses can leverage customer data

Marketing, customer experience and data experts discuss what small and midsized businesses can learn about customers from the data they collect.

big data confusing overload

This data will kill you

In your CRM system is data that is, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “mostly harmless.” But hidden in your system are puff adders, violin spiders, and other small creatures that can be deadly.

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How social media adds value to CRM

If CRM platforms want to connect with front-line sales and marketing staffers, tapping into social signals is not a ‘nice to have,’ but a ‘need to have’ feature.

customer satisfaction

Don’t believe (all) the martech hype

While advances in marketing technology can help you discover, track and engage customers in new ways, don’t be fooled into thinking martech is the silver bullet for all your marketing needs.

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Act-On vs. Hubspot vs. Marketo: 3 top marketing automation tools compared

What do enterprise users really think about these top marketing automation tools? Here they give a nod to favorite features and offer suggestions for improvement.

know customers

CIOs must know their customers to know the business

CIOs who aren't learning what their customers want risk losing focus as they augment their business with digital capabilities.

bi business intelligence ts

How to use BI to improve the customer experience

Protection 1 CIO Donald Young shares how the security company significantly decreased attrition – and increased subscriptions – by using BI software and giving employees the tools they needed to better assist customers.

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Nonprofit CIO seeks Amazon-like experience

The American Cancer Society is using cloud-based ID management software to allow its millions of members to log into its websites. CIO Jay Ferro says the move will help the organization suggest events and make other recommendations to...

pulling the plug on the customer

3 key steps to shutting down a project

Projects get canceled by the customer often. But what about our side - what happens and how do we handle it when management decides to pull the plug on our customer mid-project?

microsoft dynamics 2016 spring wave

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gets spruced up for spring with new IoT-minded features

Microsoft made two key acquisitions last year with the explicit purpose of integrating them into Dynamics CRM, and on Wednesday it announced a spring wave of the software that brings those additions to light.

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5 ways ecommerce businesses can improve customer service

Ecommerce and customer experience experts discuss how mobility and younger consumers have changed the nature of online customer service – and how companies have responded.


Selligent closes merger with StrongView

The combination of omnichannel marketing automation software provider Selligent and contextual email marketing technology specialist StrongView creates what the companies describe as the world's 'largest independent provider of...

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