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Microsoft looks to poach customers with aggressive pricing

Companies in the market for a CRM system may be tempted by a new Microsoft product package

European SugarCRM customers get more options via Deutsche Telekom

SugarCRM's initial push will focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Considering CRM Consolidation Amid Corporate Merger Mania

With all the corporate combinations going on, the topic of CRM system consolidations inevitably comes up. There are valid reasons to keep multiple instances of CRM systems -- but there are just as many valid reasons not to.

Oracle's Larry Ellison throws down the cloud gauntlet

Ellison has come full circle from cloud skeptic to the proprietor of a one-stop shop

Oracle, trade moves in marketing software battle

Oracle syncs up with Box, while releases Journey Builder for Apps

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9 Tips to Protect Your CRM Data From Malicious Hackers

CRM data offers all sorts of goodies for hackers. Now's the time to step up your protections.

Microsoft plots Dynamics CRM update with an eye on marketing, global expansion

CRM Online will be available in 130 markets by the end of the year, Microsoft says


Best Practices for Administrators

Even with certification programs and nearly 15 years of use cases, it's not clear to most customers what their administrators need to do on a regular basis. Here are some practical hints.

Tibco going up against Oracle, IBM and Adobe with new customer engagement platform

Tibco Engage seeks to go beyond mere customer loyalty programs

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How to Make Accounting and CRM Systems Play Nice

It's a natural request: Integrate CRM with expense claim, accounts receivable and other accounting systems. It's also a bad idea, because accountants are from Mars and salespeople are from Venus. CRM upgrade puts heavy emphasis on mobile

Scores of new enhancements in the upcoming Winter '15 release flesh out the Salesforce1 mobile app


Nasdaq Mobile App Makes the Investor Road Show Smoother

On-the-go investor relations professionals get a more informative mobile app so they’re better prepared for meetings with investors.

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How to Prepare Your CRM System for a World of Smart Devices

As they get ready for the era of IoT, companies must remember to include CRM in the mix.

Philadelphia uses for upgraded 311 system

Community portals, social media analysis and better insight into problem resolution are on tap for Philly residents

Infor goes up against with SalesLogix acquisition

Infor will tie SalesLogix CRM with its ERP apps as well, says CEO Charles Phillips

Microsoft continues global CRM expansion in battle against

The company is targeting growth markets, according to one analyst

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Instant Complaints: Here’s a Wizard that Will Help You Make a Point

Writing a letter of complaint about bad service seems so old school. But it actually works. Here’s a way to make it even easier.'s trademark infringement anything but social, lawsuit claims

StrongView Systems wants an injunction against's use of the Social Studio brand name

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