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How to get fired in 2017: Have a security breach

There are many reasons why IT professionals can be fired, but six out of the top nine are related to security. Fireable offenses included failing to modernize a security program, data breaches with unknown causes, data breaches that...

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How A.I. and blockchain are driving precision medicine in 2017

Recent announcements by the ONC and the FDA for partnership programs on artificial intelligence and blockchain show us how these advanced technologies could transform healthcare, in everything from drug discovery to diagnosis and...

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Tackling cybersecurity threat information sharing challenges

What are the lessons learned and recommended practices for forming new information sharing organizations? That’s where the newly formed International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) comes in. IACI CEO Michael Echols explains.

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The war for cybersecurity talent hits the Hill

More high-profile cyber-exploits and allegations of Russian election-hacking has brought the issue to the fore.


Digital transformation forces businesses to rethink cybersecurity

Enterprises are increasingly bringing together security professionals with operations teams and developers.

Small businesses are prime targets for cyberattacks: SIEM-as-a-service can help

Netsurion’s SIEM-at-the-Edge puts enterprise-level detection and response capabilities in the hands of SMBs

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Siblings arrested in Italy's worst cyberespionage operation ever

The Tuesday arrest of Giulio Occhionero and his sister, Francesca Maria, has brought to light what appears to be the biggest, and highest-profile, hacking of institutional and corporate accounts ever reported in Italy.

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Rudy Giuliani to coordinate regular cybersecurity meetings between Trump, tech leaders

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says Donald Trump has tapped him to gather top cybersecurity leaders to meet with the administration regularly to share “all the information available in the private sector” with the goal of...

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Trump’s DHS pick urges more coordination on cyberthreats

As the Trump transition team – including the president-elect himself -- warms to the intelligence community's assessment on Russian election hacking, Homeland Security nominee looks to build bridge with IT industry to fight...


Report on Russian hacking leaves many questions unanswered

Security experts have been pouring over the Joint Analysis Report released two weeks ago by the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but there isn't enough detail in the public document to help...

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Bringing boards up to cyber speed

The exponential growth of cyber risk has impacted roles for the CISO and the CEO, among others, but it has also left board members a little in the dark when it comes to understanding the risks associated with cybersecurity.

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Trump doc claims Russia has cracked Telegram messaging service

The raw intelligence documents published this week that contain salacious stories about Donald Trump also offer up a glimpse into how Russia goes about its cyber spying – including the tidbit that it has cracked Telegram’s encrypted...

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Russia, China -- and the US -- are biggest geopolitical cybersecurity threats

Russia and China have the more advanced cyber capabilities and are the highest potential of severe impact, but the US and its allies also pose global security concerns, according to a report released this morning by Flashpoint

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Manual reviews hurt online retailers most during holidays

The holidays are a stressful period for online retailers, who get not only more customers but also a higher ratio of fraudsters - and when manual fraud reviews are added to the mix, the problem only gets worse

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5 data breach predictions for 2017

To help you stay ahead of emerging threats, here are five key data breach trends that you should anticipate in 2017.

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Dangerous assumptions that put enterprises at risk

Trusting that the solutions won't fail and users won't click could lead to a breach


What a Locky Ransomware attack looks like

CSO Online's Steve Ragan infects a laptop with Locky Ransomware

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1 million cybersecurity job openings in 2017

cybersecurity job openings, cross train IT workers on cybersecurity

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