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World's Largest DDoS Attack Reached 400Gbps, says Arbor Networks

NTP amplification fuelling era of super-massive DDoS


'Mastermind' Hacker Steals 20 Million Credentials From Dating Website

User names and email passwords filched


Internet Problems Take Out Facebook, Instagram, Others; Lizard Squad Takes Credit

Unexplained outages take out several popular Internet services, including Facebook, Instagram, and HipChat. Hacker group The Lizard Squad takes credit.

FTC: IRS Imposter Complaints Up More Than 2,300% in 2014

FTC says taxpayer ID theft scams also at all-time high.

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New Framework Helps Companies Quantify Risk

The World Economic Forum has released a new framework this week that helps companies calculate the risk of cyberattacks

FBI and IRS Warn of Pervasive, Maddening Business, Consumer Scams

FBI says man-in-the-middle e-mail scam cost victims $214M; IRS says phone scam has 3,000 victims who’ve paid over $14M.

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State of the Union Address Disappoints Security Experts

In his state of the union address Tuesday night, President Barack Obama promised to protect a free and open Internet and urged Congress to pass cybersecurity legislation, but the lack of concrete movement forward was a disappointment...

Alleged Silk Road 2.0 'key assistant' charged

Brian Richard Farrell is accused of being a key assistant to the alleged operator of Silk Road 2.0

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Why Cybersecurity Will Suffer the Same Fate in 2015 as it Did in 2014

CISOs continue to beg for financial table scraps and the scraps they do get are used to double down on existing technology. The same technology that is failing them now but with a new twist or new buzzwords describing really what they...

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'Je Suis Charlie' Malware Shows Attackers' Agility

New malware piggy-backing on the viral "Je suis Charlie" slogan demonstrates the continuing evolution of malware writers, able to respond to trends quickly and with a robust distribution infrastructure

NSA Hacked North Korea in 2010 But Still Failed to Spot Sony Attack

The US had enough insight to blame North Korea. But will sceptics be convinced?

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Warning to White-Hat Hackers: Obama Proposal a Threat to What You Do

President Obama’s proposal to update the computer fraud and abuse act could put white-hat hackers at risk of prosecution as members of organized crime, the SchmooCon hacking conference was told.

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Gap Between Perception and Reality of Cyberthreats Widened in 2015

There is a widening gap between what security executives believe to be true and the reality of cyberthreats, according to the Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report released today.

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How Big Data Analytics Can Help Track Money Laundering

Criminal and terrorist organizations are increasingly relying on international trade to hide the flow of illicit funds across borders. Big data analytics may be the key to tracking these financial flows.

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Sony Hack Is a Corporate Cyberwar Game Changer

Former top intelligence officials warn that North Korea's state-sponsored attack against Sony is a dramatic escalation in cyber hostilities.

President Calls for More Cybersecurity Information Sharing

President Barack Obama followed up Monday's speech about data breach notification with another speech Tuesday encouraging companies to share information about cyberattacks

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Sony Hack: Never Underestimate the Stupidity of Criminals

Suspicions about who was behind the Sony attack have been all over the map. But knowing who might attack you does matter.

011215 president barack obama

Obama Proposes New 30-Day Data Breach Notification Law

President Barack Obama previewed a new data breach notification law today in a speech to the Federal Trade Commission, which will set a 30-day deadline for notifications

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U.S. CENTCOM Twitter Feed Compromised by 'Cyber Jihadists'

The official Twitter account for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) was compromised Monday afternoon, by attackers claiming to support the terrorist group ISIS.

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