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Premera, Anthem breaches probably espionage, expert says

Attackers that compromised personal data about 11 million customers of healthcare provider Premera were likely after intelligence about groups or individuals.

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Corporate culture hinders cyber insurance buy-in

Homeland Security officials working to promote cyber insurance cautions that security issues are too often marginalized within the IT department rather being incorporated into the larger enterprise risk management framework.

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Beware the ‘visual hack’

Social engineering is by far the largest security threat to most organizations. But recent research showed that a "surgical strike" from a hacker strolling through an office as a "part-time worker" can yield a small amount of very...

MIT launches three-pronged effort to thwart cyberattacks

MIT is attacking cybersecurity from three angles: technical, regulatory and managerial through programs and in partnership with some major corporations.

Kaspersky: ‘A Very Bad Incident’ Awaits Critical Infrastructure

Cyberattacks against power grids, water supply systems, chemical plants and other critical infrastructure loom as a threat that could become harsh reality before slow-moving agencies act to secure them better, says the head of...

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Lawsuit seeks damages against automakers and their hackable cars

A Dallas-based trial attorney has filed a lawsuit against Toyota, Ford and GM for failing to address a defect that allows cars to be hacked and control wrested from the driver.

Why Israel Could Be the Next Cybersecurity World Power

There are plenty of cities in the U.S. that want to lay claim to becoming the "next" Silicon Valley, but a dusty desert town in the south of Israel called Beersheva might actually have a shot at becoming something more modest, and...

Two indicted for stealing 1 billion email addresses in historic breach

The Vietnamese defendants are accused of using stolen email addresses for a spamming operation

Police arrest man in UK over US Defense Department network intrusion

The intrusion resulted in the contact information of 800 DoD employees being stolen from a satellite communications system

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The Cybercrime Economy Personified

The cybercrime economy is entrenched in digital fox holes and hoodlum hideouts the world over. It’s not going away. Your best bet is to be the hardest target on the battlefield.

FTC Targets Group That Made Billions of Robocalls

FTC and 10 state attorneys general settle with vacation services group that made massive robocall across the country.

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Attackers Have Cloned Malware-Laden Copies of the Most Popular Apps Your Employees Use

Don’t get angry when cyber crooks give your enterprise the bird, get even.

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Attackers Target Subdomains of GoDaddy Customers

Attackers have set up around 10,000 malicious subdomains on accounts belonging to GoDaddy customers, according to a new report. The technique, called domain shadowing, first appeared in 2011 but has dramatically grown in popularity in...

Twitter Investigates ISIS Threats Against Dorsey, Costolo and Employees

Twitter is working with law enforcement to investigate threats made against its executives and employees.

Kaspersky Lab Unveils Cybersecurity Startup Accelerator

SSC will provide startups with access to business, cybersecurity and cross-industry expertise from around the world

Europol and security vendors disrupt massive Ramnit botnet

The operation seized command-and-control servers and Internet domains used by the Ramnit gang

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Google Scrubs Pwnium Hack Contest

Google has shut down its annual Pwnium hacking contest, which it has held alongside the better-known Pwn2Own challenge each spring since 2012.

Dtex Software Fights Insider Threats

Dtex started up in Australia and grew gradually into markets in Asia and Europe, and is announcing a move to San Jose, Calif., where it this week got an infusion of $15 million in venture capital to expand its U.S. presence....

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