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Twitter Investigates ISIS Threats Against Dorsey, Costolo and Employees

Twitter is working with law enforcement to investigate threats made against its executives and employees.

Kaspersky Lab Unveils Cybersecurity Startup Accelerator

SSC will provide startups with access to business, cybersecurity and cross-industry expertise from around the world

Europol and security vendors disrupt massive Ramnit botnet

The operation seized command-and-control servers and Internet domains used by the Ramnit gang

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Google Scrubs Pwnium Hack Contest

Google has shut down its annual Pwnium hacking contest, which it has held alongside the better-known Pwn2Own challenge each spring since 2012.

Dtex Software Fights Insider Threats

Dtex started up in Australia and grew gradually into markets in Asia and Europe, and is announcing a move to San Jose, Calif., where it this week got an infusion of $15 million in venture capital to expand its U.S. presence....

DOJ offers $3 million reward for Gameover Zeus botnet suspect

DOJ hopes the multi-million dollar reward will reinvigorate the hunt for the suspect

If You Could Go Back in Time...

Turning back the clockImage by ShutterstockEvery week brings news of breaches, cybercrime and state-sponsored hacks, each more shocking than the last.Unfortunately, it's not practical to rip up the whole Internet and start over again...

Reddit bans nude photos, sex videos posted without consent

The new rule goes into effect in a couple weeks

Sony Breach is a New Breed of Attack That Needs New Responses

The big lessons from the Sony breach are that businesses need better planning and to shift security investment away from trying to protect the network from attacks and toward quickly detecting and dealing with breaches, Gartner says.

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Are Metaverse Pioneers Making the Same Old Security Mistakes?

Ask security pros what they would change about the Internet if they could go back in time knowing what they know now, and most can point to a list of mistakes we could have avoided. But according to some experts, we're still making...

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How ‘Power Fingerprint’ Could Improve Security for ICS/SCADA Systems

Every digital device or system has a power fingerprint. A new company says monitoring that fingerprint in ICS/SCADA systems can detect intrusions or malfunctions in real time. But some experts say that while it will improve security,...

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New Tools Can Detect Hidden Malware

We tested new security appliances from Damballa, Lancope and LightCyber that are designed to detect the latest cyber-attacks.

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New Weapons Offer Hope Against Advanced Cyberattacks

Traffic monitoring tools from Damballa, Lanscope, LightCyber can detect hidden malware.

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Security's Disastrous Week, From Superfish to Unstoppable, Hard Drive-Killing Malware

Superfish. Untrustworthy hardware. Easily hacked cars. FreeBSD's random number generator. This week was an utter disaster for security.

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Artificial Intelligence May Save Us From New Breed of Cyber Threats

The only way to defeat a new set of undetectable tools that the Equation Group is using is though massive computer behavioral analysis, writes Rob Enderle. If we don’t go on the offensive, cyber threats could evolve into just what...

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With $15 in Radio Shack Parts, 14-Year-Old Hacks a Car

A 14-year-old boy taking part in a cyber-hacking challenge -- after just one night with $15 worth of Radio Shack parts -- was able to communicate wirelessly with a vehicle's internal bus and control some mechanical functions.

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Retail CIOs Focus on Data Security, Digital Innovation

Major security breaches at leading retailers cast a long shadow over industry as CIOs look to bolster defenses and align tech team with business units.

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Security Experts Call for Halt to PC 'Crapware' After Lenovo Debacle

Security professionals want Lenovo -- and other PC makers -- to stop the practice of loading third-party software on new PCs after one such app was found to be vulnerable to abuse by cyber criminals.


It’s Time for a National Cybersecurity Safety Board (NCSB)

With regards to information security, the Sony breach of 2014 shows that the time has arrived to create a National Cybersecurity Safety Board (NCSB).

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Security Rises to a CEO-Level Priority

The State of the CIO research shows that cybersecurity and enterprise risk are zooming up the charts as high-profile topics on the CIO and CEO agendas, says CIO Publisher Adam Dennison.

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