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Sony looking for ways to distribute 'The Interview' online

Theater owners were concerned about terror threats

Sony hack was 'cyber vandalism,' not act of war, says Obama

Sony hack was cyber vandalism, says president

North Korea wants joint probe into Sony hack, warns of consequences if not

The country denies FBI allegations that it was responsible for a hack into Sony Pictures

Obama promises response on Sony hack, says pulling movie was mistake

His strong words came hours after the FBI said North Korea was responsible for the attack on Sony

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After FBI Blames North Korea for Sony Attack, Now What?

More important than arguing over who attacked Sony Pictures is what companies do in response to the breach.

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We Can Learn From the Sony Hack

The greatest mistake would be to sit on any information Sony learns about how it was breached.

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Microsoft Hits Windows Tech Support Scammers With Lawsuit

Microsoft on Thursday sued two technical support companies, alleging that they infringed numerous Microsoft trademarks and practiced false advertising as they tricked consumers into paying for bogus help.

FBI concludes North Korea 'responsible' for Sony hack

Announcement follows two-week investigation into major cyberattack

Think North Korea hacked Sony? Think about this

There's a lot of circumstantial evidence, but very little actual information on the hack against Sony

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Worst Security Breaches of the Year 2014: Sony Tops the List

The breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment is clearly the biggest data breach of 2014, but theft of credit card numbers from retailers dominated the biggest cyber thefts.

The Sony Breach May Be Start of New Nation-State Cyberattack

It has been an exceptional year for IT security breaches and part of an escalating trend in destructive attacks, and it's going to get worse.

Sony hit with second employee lawsuit over hack

Latest lawsuit seeks class action status and alleges company didn't do enough to protect employee data

U.S. on Sony Breach: North Korea Did it

U.S. officials now believe North Korea is behind the attack that took down Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer network and posted contents on the Internet, but the government hasn’t decided whether to formally accuse the country...


Heartbleed, Shellshock, Tor and More: The 13 Biggest Security Stories of 2014

The security of the web itself was tested in unprecedented ways in 2014--but the news isn't all bad.

Sony cancels 'The Interview' release after threats following cyberattack

The studio said it was the victim of an 'unprecedented criminal assault'

First lawsuit filed against Sony after massive hack

Two former employees want compensation for the data leak

Sony hackers turn to terror tactics, threaten movie theaters

The latest message from hackers was accompanied with a fresh data dump

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Hackers Hint at Terror Attacks, Release More Data From Sony Pictures

The group responsible for the attack on Sony Pictures, the GOP (Guardians of Peace), has moved away from their normal rhetoric, issuing a thinly veiled threat of terror attacks on Christmas Day.

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How CIOs Can Prepare for Healthcare ‘Data Tsunami’

Research firm IDC predicts an exponential increase in healthcare data, including data from new sources outside the control of IT. In response, CIOs need to prioritize compliance in governance policies and get a handle on 'shadow IT.'

Illinois hospital reports data blackmail

Clay County Hospital faced a demand for money to keep patient data from being revealed

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