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Startup Cyber adAPT takes on threat detection

Cyber adAPT, a startup springing from DARPA funded research, is shipping its first products that detect network compromises and gather data that can be used later for forensic analysis of breaches.

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DDoS reflection attacks are back – and this time, it's personal

This time, instead of hitting data center servers or DNS servers, the attackers are going after personal computers on misconfigured home networks.

U.S. Secretary of State lays out 5 principles for international cybersecurity

US Secretary of State John Kerry in a speech give in South Korea highlights the importance of the Internet to supporting 21st century society and its freedoms and outlines a number of key principles that all nations should follow for...

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Top security tools in the fight against cybercrime

There’s no silver bullet, so load up with as many of these as you can.

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13 must-have security tools

The experts weigh in on their top picks for protecting enterprise networks.


Applying the Irari Rules to a risk-based security program

A few respected critics took issue with what we call the Irari Rules. Here’s why their concerns are off base.

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Unusual Wordpress attack steals login credentials

Wordpress is a common target for criminals who redirect innocent users to malware download sites -- but a new type of malware steals user login credentials instead.

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Criminals attempt 25 million payments and logins a month

During the last quarter of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, 4 percent of all attempts to create new online accounts were definitely illegitimate, as were 2.3 percent of all account logins, and 3.2 percent of all payment attempts.

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Criminal attacks now surpass accidental breaches in healthcare

Data breaches caused by criminals outnumbered accidental ones for the first time, according to Ponemon's fifth annual benchmark study of privacy and security in the healthcare industry

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SAFETY Act liability shield starts showing cracks

This week, Salted Hash has examined the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) SAFETY Act, and FireEye's promise to customers that their certification under the act provides them protection from lawsuits or claims alleging that the...

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Awareness lessons from the Sony hack

As more information is disclosed from the Sony hack, it demonstrates that awareness concerns go well beyond phishing.

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Automating incident response lets IDT take battle to the enemy

By automating the incident response process, IDT was able to reduce the time before the infection was quarantined, shorten the remediation cycle, reduce investigation time, and free up security staff to go after the bad guys themselves...

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Hack the hackers? The debate rages on

The split between experts who believe "hacking back" against cyber criminals is the worst thing an organization can do, and those who think it is a necessary element of an effective response, is sharper than ever.

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Enterprises overlook legal issues in breach preparedness

Companies preparing for data breaches and cybersecurity incidents too often focus on the technology and overlook the legal aspects

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Boards are on high alert over security threats

Fear of cyberattacks has corporate directors on edge. CIOs must paint a realistic view of the company's security posture and steer the conversation toward managing business risk.

Police breaks up cybergang that stole over $15 million from banks

Romanian authorities detained 25 suspected members of an international gang of cyberthieves who hacked into banks and cloned payment cards

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6 hard truths security pros must learn to live with

Caveat emptor: Security solutions will always fall short in addressing the fundamental flaws of securing IT systems

Dropcam footage, Facebook posts sink suspected serial burglar (see video)

A man suspected of committing as many as 2 dozen car and house break-ins was arrested for burglary in a Boston suburb on Tuesday after being identified from a Dropcam home surveillance camera and implicating himself via Facebook.


The international effort to confront international cybercrime

Top cyber officials in the U.S. and UK pledge to work together – and with business.

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