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DEA agent pleads guilty to accepting Silk Road funds

Carl Mark Force IV could face up to 60 years in prison

Agencies need to pay more attention to supply chain security

Government agencies seeking the lowest bidders typically overlook cybersecurity when awarding contracts, and data breaches are the result.


6 reasons why there will be another OPM-style hack

Congress might fume about the security failures, but the truth is that it’s part of the problem.

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OPM: The worst hack of all time

The federal government personnel security breach is bigger and worse than you can imagine.

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Pen testing tool or exploit? 6 samples of ways hackers get in

Attackers use the same tools in attacks that pen testers use to test. Six sample vulnerabilities and exploits.

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CIOs seek cybersecurity solutions, bigger voice in C-suite

Tech chiefs come together to sift through security issues, ranging from cybersecurity to budgets to CISO roles.

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Report: Clickfraud malware a gateway to other threats

Malware that secretly clicks on ads in order to defraud advertisers might seem generally harmless to infected machines, but can serve as a gateway to more serious infections, according to a report released today

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Macros big again with cybercriminals

Up to a year ago, most phishing emails were all about tricking users into clicking on malicious links that led to malware downloads. Starting last fall, however, the use of attachments increased eight-fold, and that increase has...


Cyber-extortionists are liars

The good news about cyber criminals who go in for extortion is that they also tend to be liars. The bad news -- they're extremely difficult to catch.

Swedish man sentenced for powerful Blackshades malware

Alex Yucel was accused of being the mastermind behind the data-stealing program

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Cybercrime: Much more organized

Estimates vary on how deeply organized crime has penetrated the world of cybercrime, but most experts agree that it is on the rise. How best to counter it is still a matter of discussion. Some are behind President Obama's call for...

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Practical guidance for CISOs from former federal security adviser

Howard Schmidt provides advice for security practitioners and executives, as well as business executives as to how they can create more effective security programs and advance in their careers.


The Irari Report: Cybersecurity guidance for CISOs & the C-Suite

In the latest episode of The Irari Report, Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes chat with Howard Schmidt, who offers advice for security executives and business executives on how they can create more effective security programs and...

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Phishers target middle management

Phishing scammers have busy middle managers in the crosshairs. Here’s how to avoid being a victim.

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Why are there still so many website vulnerabilities?

The battle lines are drawn between the enterprise URL and the cyber mercenaries taking up ranks on the other side of the Internet. Are you ready?


Cybrary and WIT partner to help women advance in cybersecurity

A new partnership between IT MOOC platform Cybrary and Women in Technology aims to address two major challenges faced by IT organizations today: a shortage of cybersecurity professionals and a lack of women in technology.

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Stung, White House orders rapid cybersecurity fixes

Agencies were told to scan systems and check logs for indicators of threats, patch critical vulnerabilities “without delay,” as well as tighten policies and practices for privileged users.

Extreme Hacks to Be Paranoid About

Be paranoid: 10 terrifying extreme hacks

Nothing is safe, thanks to the select few hacks that push the limits of what we thought possible

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