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RSA: Fight attackers by making software revisions so quickly, exploits could be evaded

The future of software security may be revisions so frequent that attackers don’t have time to figure out where the vulnerabilities are before the potential attack surface has morphed to something else, RSA Conference 2015 attendees...

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Sony hackers targeted employees with fake Apple ID emails

Hackers probably gained access to Sony's network last year after a series of phishing emails aimed at system engineers, network administrators and others who were asked to verify their Apple IDs.

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How to calm your board's nerves about cybersecurity

CIOs need to provide their companies' boards of directors with regular, easily understood briefings on data security, and steer the conversation toward the familiar ground of business risk management, says Editor in Chief Maryfran...

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Study: Firms not ready to respond to complex threats

Only 46 percent of organizations have confidence that their security teams can respond to complex threats, according to a new study by ISACA.

Reporting cybercrime feels like ‘Groundhog Day’

Top-tier security journalists say if those in the industry want coverage, they can’t pitch what everybody else is pitching.

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Having ‘the ear of the CEO’ is key to battling cyberthreats

Former FBI director stresses the importance of an enterprise-wide approach to cybersecurity, while Congress considers legislation to promote sharing threat information.

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House bill slashes research critical to cybersecurity

A U.S. House bill that will set the nation's basic research agenda for the next two years increases funding for computer science, but at the expense of other areas important to cybersecurity.


The Irari rules for declaring a cyberattack ‘sophisticated’

These eight rules to help classify attacks are also guidelines to better security programs.

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Using people to fight cyberattacks is like bringing a knife to a gunfight

It’s time to automate security response, says the CSO of a $1.6b company, who swears by a new tool he has deployed

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RSA Conference 2015: Criminals targeting gaps in user awareness training

Common Phishing techniques were less effective last year, so criminals changed their game in order to adapt

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Cyber extortion: A growth industry

Cyber criminals have figured out a way to turn small money into big money: Encrypt the files of their victims, demand an affordable ransom of a few hundred dollars for the key, and watch the money pour in.

IBM unbolts vast threat database to fight cybercrimes

IBM offers third-party threat data and real-time indicators of live attacks, which could combat cybercrimes.

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Report: Average cost per record breached is 58 cents, discovery times are down

According to the Verizon data breach investigations report released today, the average cost per breached data record is 58 cents. That's a far cry from other estimates that put the average per-record loss at around $200.

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5 costly consequences of SMB cybercrime

Cybercrime doesn’t affect only big businesses — hackers are increasingly targeting vulnerable, smaller organizations, too. Learn more about how SMBs are targeted and the true costs of these crimes.

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Watermarks used to track data through Dark Web to Russia, Nigeria

How far does stolen data get before a breach is detected? That's the question Bitglass asked -- and answered -- in a recent experiment. The Cambell, Calif.-based company went on the Dark Web and planted documents filled with mocked-up...

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Malware writers take a page from the spam industry to evade detection

While the volume of cyberthreats declined slightly last year, their sophistication increased, according to a new report from Websense Security Labs


Massachusetts police department pays $500 CryptoLocker ransom

Police in Tewksbury, Mass., fell victim to CryptoLocker and paid $500 to decrypt affected files so they could get back to work.

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Cyberattacks have ripple effects on partners, industries

Cyberattacks on one organization can have ripple effects that reach far beyond it, according to a new survey

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