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27% of all malware variants in history were created in 2015

Last year was a record year for malware, according to a report from Panda Security, with more than 84 million new malware samples collected over the course of the year

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Over 113 million health records breached in 2015 -- up 10-fold from 2014

One out of every three Americans was affected by a healthcare record breach last year, or more than 113 million people, up more than ten-fold from 12.6 million in 2014, according to a report released this morning by Bitglass.


Startup Cybric aims to reduce time between detecting and remediating breaches

Startup Cybric is working on a cloud-based platform to help businesses find out about breaches quickly and clean them up as fast as possible.

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Health insurer loses 6 hard-disk drives with records of 95,000 customers

Health insurer Centene Corp. said it is disclosing, out of an "abundance of caution and in transparency," that it's hunting for six computer hard drives containing personally identifiable information about its customers.

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Preparation lowers long-term post-breach costs

Preparation can significantly lower the long-term costs of a breach, according to a SANS report released this morning. Companies that had plans in place, that spent time identifying and classifying data, and that used in-house teams...

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Planning for security breaches: What CIOs need to know to stay out of the hot seat

The C-suite is on the hot seat for security as companies face lawsuits stemming from security breaches, says Matthew Karlyn, Partner, Technology Transactions & Outsourcing Practice, Foley & Lardner LLP. Listen to Karlyn's CIO...

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Battling cyberattacks with bombs?

Columnist Rob Enderle says a recent data breach investigation report should have you rethinking your cybersecurity strategies. Here’s why you may want to buy a bunker.


Cybersecurity much more than a compliance exercise

An overwhelming number of security executives view compliance as an effective strategy. But it’s not, and many CISOs need to rethink their priorities.

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Data breach numbers still high in 2015

Last year’s number of data breaches fell two shy of tying the all-time high of 2014.

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How much at risk is the U.S.'s critical infrastructure?

Everybody in the security community agrees that it is bad for U.S. critical infrastructure systems to be breached by hostile hackers. But there is ongoing debate about how bad. Some of the nation’s leaders warn that skilled hackers...

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What the board needs to know about cybersecurity compliance

Board members are now facing lawsuits after large-scale cybersecurity breaches because the security breakdowns are considered a failure to uphold fiduciary duties.

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Hyatt hackers hit payment processing systems, scooped cards used at 250 locations

Hacker managed to compromise payment cards used at 250 Hyatt Hotels locations from around 50 countries after infecting the company's payment processing systems with malware.

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Information sharing bill passes, but privacy debate goes on

The stated goal of the Cyber Information Sharing Act (CISA), passed by Congress last month as part of an omnibus budget bill, is to improve the security of both the private and public sectors through the sharing of threat information....

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Shining a light on dark data: Securing information across the enterprise

As the cost per gigabyte of enterprise storage continues to decrease, it has become cheaper and easier for enterprises to add disk space instead of policing their existing usage; and in the process they risk losing control of their...


Trend Micro flaw could have allowed attacker to steal all passwords

A discovery by a well-known Google security researcher provides further proof how antivirus programs designed to shield computers from attacks can sometimes provide a doorway for hackers.

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Scammers target Dell customers after apparent data breach

A number of Dell customers claim to have been contacted by scammers who had access to specific customer information that should have only been available to Dell. The company says it hasn't been hacked but won't offer an explanation...


DDoS attack on BBC may have been biggest in history

A group calling itself New World Hacking said that the attack reached 602Gbps. If accurate, that would put it at almost twice the size of the previous record of 334Gbps, recorded by Arbor Networks last year.

Does a data breach really affect your firm’s reputation?

Data breaches can be costly, embarrassing and result in job losses and regulatory fines. But do they really affect companies’ long-term reputations? CSO Online investigates.

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