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Sony cancels 'The Interview' release after threats following cyberattack

The studio said it was the victim of an 'unprecedented criminal assault'

ICANN data compromised in spearphishing attack

Staff email credentials and some user data, including email and postal addresses, were taken

Sony hackers turn to terror tactics, threaten movie theaters

The latest message from hackers was accompanied with a fresh data dump

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Hackers Hint at Terror Attacks, Release More Data From Sony Pictures

The group responsible for the attack on Sony Pictures, the GOP (Guardians of Peace), has moved away from their normal rhetoric, issuing a thinly veiled threat of terror attacks on Christmas Day.

low tech threats

3 Low-Tech Threats That Lead to High-Profile Breaches

It seems like almost daily that we find a new front-page article about a sophisticated data breach. But, more often than not, data breaches are initiated by low tech means. Here are three common low-tech attack vectors, and...

00 job loss

9 Data Breaches That Cost Someone Their Job

'Tis the season for data breaches and with such always results in job loss.

Illinois hospital reports data blackmail

Clay County Hospital faced a demand for money to keep patient data from being revealed

Hackers to Sony staff: Email us to keep your secrets private

The latest message is accompanied by more leaked emails

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Sony Pictures Admits HIPAA Data Might Have Been Compromised During Breach

In a breach notification letter sent to employees this week, Sony Pictures outlines the full scope of data that was compromised by attackers shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday.

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After the Snowden Leaks, 700M Move to Avoid NSA Spying

Nearly 700 million people worldwide have taken steps to ensure their privacy from NSA surveillance, according to an international survey on Internet security and trust.

Holding masses of data, cybercriminals face new hurdles to cashing out

Hackers look for new ways to get higher margins on stolen data

Phishing for passwords.

ICANN: Data Breaches Not Due to New Top-Level Domains

An ICANN spokesman dismissed accusations that the recent growth in the number of generic top-level domains has caused data breaches, on Thursday.

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Retailers Must Not Ignore Security Alerts, Court Says

In what some are calling a "game changer," a Minnesota federal court held Target liable earlier this month for data breach losses because the company had ignored its own security alerts

Sony hackers release more data, promise ‘Christmas gift’

Weeks after hack, Sony continues to see corporate data leaked on the Internet

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IT and End Users Are Far Apart on Critical Data Access

End users have access to a lot more sensitive data than IT departments think they do, says a new Ponemon survey


Why the Board of Directors Will Go Off on Security in 2015

Get ready for 2015, a year when some predict breaches will hit even harder and security executives will come under fire by confused company board members. But, as our "fly on the wall" reports from the year ahead, the answers to this...

Hackers leak top Sony executives' emails

The hackers have released more confidential data and reissued threats against the company

Hackers demand Sony pulls plug on 'The Interview'

A posting on an Internet forum links the Sony Pictures hack to North Korea

North Korea denies involvement in 'righteous' Sony hack

State media breaks silence on the Sony hack

Hackers said to threaten Sony employees

Pressure on enforcement to find the hackers will increase after employees were threatened

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