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Personal data on 50,000 Uber drivers exposed in breach

An investigation revealed a database had been accessed last May

Anthem's latest breach estimate says 78.8 million were affected

At least 14 million records are incomplete, but they probably don't belong to Anthem members

If You Could Go Back in Time...

Turning back the clockImage by ShutterstockEvery week brings news of breaches, cybercrime and state-sponsored hacks, each more shocking than the last.Unfortunately, it's not practical to rip up the whole Internet and start over again...

Sony Breach is a New Breed of Attack That Needs New Responses

The big lessons from the Sony breach are that businesses need better planning and to shift security investment away from trying to protect the network from attacks and toward quickly detecting and dealing with breaches, Gartner says.

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How Better Log Monitoring Can Prevent Data Breaches

Recent high-profile data breaches reaffirm that the threat from data thieves is both persistent and pervasive. Could better log monitoring mitigate or even prevent these types of security catastrophes?

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You’ve Been Hacked. Now What?

6 key things to do after a security breach.

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Retail CIOs Focus on Data Security, Digital Innovation

Major security breaches at leading retailers cast a long shadow over industry as CIOs look to bolster defenses and align tech team with business units.

Arabic cyberespionage group attacking Middle Eastern, other targets

The Desert Falcons mercenary group has stolen more than 1 million files since 2013

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How to Fight Cyberthreats: White House Calls on Congress, Tech Industry to Help

President issues executive order to facilitate sharing information about cyberthreats, but says Congress needs to act on liability protection and data breach notification.

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Omaha's Scoular Co. Loses $17 Million After Spearphishing Attack

Fraudsters targeting an Omaha company last summer used extremely well-targeted emails to convince its controller to send a series of wires totaling $17.2 million to a bank in China.

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Beware of Hot Foreign Spies Who Want to Steal Your Data

The hottest new attack tool for stealing sensitive information? Sexy foreign spies. Learn the tools and methods used to bait and hook high-value employees and bleed your organization dry of data.

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More Than 1B Records Breached in 2014

In IT security, worst case scenarios became commonplace in 2014, and there’s no end in sight. Headline-making data breaches will likely continue into this year, as businesses, governments and regulators play catch-up to this threat.

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The ‘Sophisticated Attack’ Myth

Every significant data compromise is said to be sophisticated. Well, sophisticated attacks are now average attacks. Deal with it.

This Security Researcher Just Published 10 Million Real Usernames and Passwords

The massive password dump both tests and protests cybercrime law enforcement in the United States.

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What the Anthem Data Breach Says About the Vulnerability of Healthcare IT

The Anthem data breach, along with other highly publicized cases like Sony and Target , tell us that corporate information systems are fighting a losing battle against hackers. Large health systems are most vulnerable due to their...

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Health Data Breaches Could Be Expensive and Deadly

Healthcare-related data breaches could not only be expensive, but also life-threatening, experts say, and traditional credit monitoring provides little protection.

Anthem Hack: Personal Data Stolen Sells for 10X Price of Stolen Credit Card Numbers

Crooks will use the information to steal identities, not just run up credit card bills.

State-sponsored Chinese hackers reportedly suspected in Anthem breach

The hackers are said to have used techniques deployed in the past by China-based attackers

Some hackers are unknowingly gathering intel for the NSA

The NSA and its partners are intercepting information stolen by hackers from intelligence targets

Russian hackers have a foothold in Sony Pictures' network, security firm says

Taia Global says that either intruders from the November breach never left, or Sony Pictures was hacked a second time

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