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Data breach notification bill could weaken consumer protections

A House committee approves the legislation despite criticism from digital rights and consumer groups

New malware program Punkey targets point-of-sale systems

All signs point to an increase in the number of memory scraping malware programs infecting PoS terminals to steal payment card data

Web app attacks, PoS intrusions and cyberespionage leading causes of data breaches

Phishing attacks continue to be effective, but mobile threats are not a big concern, according to a Verizon report

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Report: Average cost per record breached is 58 cents, discovery times are down

According to the Verizon data breach investigations report released today, the average cost per breached data record is 58 cents. That's a far cry from other estimates that put the average per-record loss at around $200.

Surveys: Employees at fault in majority of breaches

A company's own employees are a significant factor in the majority of data breaches, either through malicious activity or avoidable mistakes, say two new studies, but companies aren't doing enough to address this issue.

White Lodging Services confirms second payment card breach

Security measures put in place after a first breach last year failed to stop hackers from striking again

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Operationalizing healthcare analytics: A 'plecosystem' approach

The gap in the operationalization of analytics – in other words, taking complex mathematical models and algorithms and making them actionable by integrating them into an end-to-end process requires a holistic approach that involves...

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Tokenization would not have prevented most retail breaches

Tokenization, where credit card numbers and other sensitive data is replaced by random characters, can be a secure alternative to encryption in many cases -- but would not have helped in the majority of retail breaches over the past...

Islamist hackers take French broadcaster TV5Monde off air

The attack disrupted the network's broadcasting for hours and also affected its websites and social media accounts

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How data breaches break down by state and sector

The number of data breaches since 2005 are sliced and diced by state and sector, but nobody should be really surprised by the results.

Linux Australia breached, personal details leaked

The group is advising conference attendees to change their passwords


BYOD and cloud are top data breaches and malware risks, survey shows

With the influx of personal devices in the workplace and the unprecedented risk of data breach and malware, tightening IT security at a company can seem like a daunting task. Just how difficult of a task is it?

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Sony breach turns bank's focus to users

After the recent wave of high-profile breaches, New Jersey's Provident Bank decided to focus on the fundamentals, with a three-part strategy to educate new hires about security, train existing employees to be vigilant about phishing...

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Should you be afraid of text messages?

Are you worried about hackers stealing millions of your customer records? According to one security vendor, you should be more worried about your employees spilling corporate secrets via text message, 160 characters at a time

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Why you should be spending more on security

As the cost and likelihood of security breaches increases, CIOs need to boost security measures -- and spending -- to mitigate the risk to your business.

Lebanese cyberespionage campaign hits defense, telecom, media firms worldwide

A cyberespionage group compromised hundreds of organizations by getting in through Web servers, researchers from Check Point said

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British Airways Frequent Flyer Program Grounded

Members of the British Airways loyalty program have been the victims of a data breach with some users accounts frozen until British Airways concludes their investigations

British Airways notifies frequent flyers of possible breach of their accounts

Many users had their reward points removed from their accounts as a precaution

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Car talk: Innovation vs. privacy

On the journey to the Internet of Everything, the auto industry can't look at innovation through the rear view mirror.

Hacked, unlocked, unsafe.

Slack boosts security after data breach

Slack, a popular start-up focused on collaboration in the workplace, said on Friday that a database storing user profile information was compromised in February. The incident lasted four days, but the company said that only a small...

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