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Patreon donor details apparently spilled after massive hack

A hack of the popular crowdfunding platform may be worse than Patreon itself has let on.

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Report: Target failed to execute security basics

Target hired Verizon to figure out what was behind its 2013 data breach and Verizon found that the company’s security problems can be summed up as failure to do the basics.

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Ashley Madison breach shows hackers may be getting personal

It’s bad enough that we have to worry about identity theft and assaults on our bank accounts. Now we have to worry about hackers finding – and releasing – embarrassing, lurid life- and career-ruining information, too.


Developers find themselves in hackers’ crosshairs

Here’s what enterprises need to do in order to protect their development environments from attack.

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Saudi Arabia came close to buying Hacking Team

The Saudi Arabian government came close to buying control of Italian surveillance software company Hacking Team, notorious for selling its product to undemocratic regimes, according to hacked emails posted by WikiLeaks.

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OPM underestimated the number of stolen fingerprints by 4.5 million

The fingerprints of 5.6 million people have been stolen as a result of hackers penetrating the computer systems of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management earlier this year.

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OPM breach: 4.5 million more individuals open to future fingerprint abuse

Now the Office of Personnel Management says the number of individuals whose fingerprints were stolen is 5.6 million – up from 1.1 million – and that they can look forward to having those prints misused as criminals get better at...

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Healthcare firms three times more likely to see data breaches

Companies in the healthcare sector are three times more likely to encounter data theft than the average firm, according to a report released this morning

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12 companies that the FTC has gone after for lax security

On the attackImage by ThinkstockThe FTC has brought legal actions against organizations that have violated consumers’ privacy rights, or misled them by failing to maintain security for sensitive consumer information. The courts have...

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FTC’s actions put CSOs on high alert

Four takeaways from the FTC’s power to sue for lax security.

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7 reasons why users have trust issues

Uneasy usersImage by Georgie PauwelsAlmost every month there are headlines splashed across the Internet indicating another business has been breached. It is no surprise then that employees are unnerved at where their information...

Victim of identity theft

Cyberattack exposes 10 million records at US health insurer Excellus

Hackers gained access to over 10 million customer records from U.S. health insurer Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

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Ashley Madison coding blunder made over 11 million passwords easy to crack

A team of password cracking experts found flaws in the Ashley Madison code that allowed them to recover 11.2 million passwords from data leaked by hackers.

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Security experts mostly critical of proposed threat intelligence sharing bill

This fall, the Senate is expected to take another look at the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or CISA, but many security experts and privacy advocates are opposed.

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Report: breached records count down this year

The number of individual records compromised by data breaches has declined by 41 percent during the first half of this year, compared to the same period of last year, even as the number of breaches went up, according to a new report...

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Trend Micro's spam traps surface more Ashley Madison fake users

There hasn't been a lack of strange things turning up in the Ashley Madison data leak. One of the latest discoveries comes from Trend Micro, which found bogus Ashley Madison profiles that used email addresses the company created...

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From Hillary to Ashley, black hats turn gray

Hacking medical records promises greater rewards than purely financial ones. The threat has grown worse over the last several years. In the future, telling the bad guys from the good may get tougher.

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Will the Ashley Madison hack really bring about any change in corporate IT security?

Except for the sordid stories that keep Ashley Madison in the news, there is really nothing notable about the Ashley Madison breach. We are swimming in a sea of data breaches. They've become so routine it takes sex and scandal for...

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