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Panama Papers leak explained: What you need to know about the Mossack Fonseca hack

Offshore tax shelters may pay, but scrimping on security doesn't.

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The expanding landscape of exploit kits

Angler, Magnitude, and Nuclear are a few of the most commonly used exploit kits criminals are using to deliver a variety of payloads from botnets to ransomware.

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Developers leak Slack access tokens on GitHub, putting sensitive business data at risk

Developers from hundreds of companies have included access tokens for their Slack accounts in public projects on GitHub, putting their teams' internal chats and other data at risk.

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Should hospitals pay up when it comes to ransomware?

Has the recent wave of ransomware attacks aimed at hospitals been a wakeup call for the healthcare industry? Or is this latest security plague just part of the new normal?

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How to keep your small business safe from data breaches and hacks

Ecommerce and security experts provide 10 tips for preventing breaches and hacks and keeping customer data safe.

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Enterprises fall behind on protecting against phishing, detecting breaches

The ninth annual Verizon Data Breach Report contains bad news on multiple fronts, including click-through rates on phishing messages, how long it takes companies to detect breaches, and even whether companies spot the breaches at all....

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Phishing emails leverage unique subject lines, Office docs

Phishing emails continued to evolve last year, with Microsoft Office documents and unique subject lines used to get past enterprise filters.

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4 tech nightmares keeping IT leaders up at night

What’s keeping CIOs awake at night? From data breaches to social engineering, there’s plenty to keep tech types tossing and turning.

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You’ve been hit with ransomware. Now what?

When their data has been stolen, and is being held hostage, companies are increasingly caving in to cybercriminal demands for payment. Short of paying up, the best defense is a good offense.

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Chip card payment confusion, anger rages on

Six months after U.S. retailers began assuming liability for debit and credit card fraud, only a fraction of the nation's in-store payment terminals can accept the highly secure chip-enabled cards.

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These CISOs explain why they got fired

CISOs explain why, fair or not, they were let go by their company.

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Companies high on virtualization despite fears of security breaches

While no one thinks security problems will go away, companies are willing to tolerate the risk in the name of agility, flexibility and lower costs.

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Survey: Healthcare industry most targeted by cyberattackers

According to a survey released this morning by 451 Research, 63 percent of health care industry respondents said they had experienced a breach, the highest of any industry vertical studied

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Only a third of companies know how many vendors access their systems

The average company's network is accessed by 89 different vendors every week, according to a new research report that surveyed more than 600 IT decision makers at mid-sized and large enterprises -- but only a third were confident...

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Symantec: Zero-days doubled in 2015, more companies hiding breach data

Fifty-four zero-day vulnerabilities were discovered last year, according to a report released this morning by Symantec, more than double that of 2014, and the number of megabreaches of more than 10 million records also hit a record...

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Consider the Panama Papers breach a warning

Law firms and other professional services providers, such as financial investment advisors, are seen to be at high risk.

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Millions of child support records stolen, D.C. officials want answers

Two people have been arrested, but stolen drives with millions of child-support records are still missing in Olympia, Washington. The hard drives belonged to the local office of the Administration for Children and Families, part of...

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Kinder, gentler hacks: A bevy of low-stakes early computer breaches

Today, IT security is a deadly serious business. But in the early days of computing, the stakes were a bit lower. Maybe it's just that we're seeing it through a nostalgic lens, but the computer breaches in the '70s, '80s, and '90s...

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