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1 tech 20 years ago

20 years ago: Hot sci/tech images from 1996

As we wind down 2016, we thought it would be fascinating to take a look at what some of the hot topics were 20 years ago. What we found are monkeys in space; a heaping helping of interesting computer news from the old Comdex trade...

helen kelisky ibm uk

IBM will open the first of four new UK data centers next month

IBM is opening four new data centers in the U.K., despite some of the gloomy forecasts for the country's economy following its vote to leave the European Union.

rasberry pi roundup

Raspberry Pi roundup: Dangerous guided missiles, electric skateboards and the Internet of Licks

The latest and greatest of Raspberry Pi from around the web includes what looks like a handheld missile system, a computerized aid to traditional arts and crafts, and…well, you just have to see the lollipop thing.

Category 8 cable will play a major role in 25G and 40G data center Ethernet

How the TIA and IEC committees created new standards for Category 8 cable testing devices

dheeraj pandey

Hyper convergence leads to humanless datacenters: Nutanix CEO Pandey

An enterprise cloud platform company, Nutanix helps companies thread the path of hyper converged infra. ComputerWorld India had an extensive chat with Dheeraj Pandey, Co-founder & CEO, Nutanix on hyper convergence, IPO debut, and...

Azure Stack Portable - External

Azure Stack Portable – The Enterprise Cloud (in a Briefcase)

Running Microsoft’s Azure Stack enterprise cloud in a portable briefcase enables anywhere / anytime testing and the demonstration of Microsoft’s latest cloud technology!

fast computer server speed

Server-based open networking taxes the CPU, so offload to an intelligent server adapter

ISAs can boost performance 5X and free up as many as 11 CPU cores from network-related processing, enabling greater VM scalability and lower costs

chuck robbins cisco

Cisco sales tick up, CEO Robbins bullish on data center, security, collaboration

Cisco announced Wednesday that it eked out 1% revenue growth in its fiscal first quarter, compared to the same quarter last year, in what CEO Chuck Robbins described as a “challenging global business environment.”

glass office cloud

Forget about the cloud: imagine the hybrid multi-cloud fog

Leading companies are using a hybrid mix of private and public clouds, multiple clouds at various layers, and both centralized hyperscale and dispersed edge computing resources as the Internet of Things matures. Welcome to the hybrid...

cloud man megaphone

10 tips from the front lines of enterprise public cloud use

A working group with representatives from some of the top companies in the world – GE, FedEX, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley to name a few – share lessons learned from using the hybrid cloud.

supermoon 1

Shooting the supermoon

Full moons are catnip for photographers under ordinary circumstances, but slap a name like supermoon on one, note that it’s the largest of the century, and the cameras will be out in full force. Here’s a selection of images provided...

supercomputer 2016 1

The 10 fastest supercomputers in the world

The twice-annual Top500 list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world (adjudged by their performance on the Linpack benchmark) is out this morning, and there are a pair of newcomers on the list.

ethernet cables

Ethernet consortia trio want to unlock a more time-sensitive network

The demand from Internet of Things, automotive networking and video applications are driving changes to Ethernet technology that will make it more time-sensitive. Key to those changes are a number of developing standards but also a...

2 male executive standing on fever line reaching out to each other showing partnership or mentoring

Cisco/Ericsson: Assessing the mega-deal a year later

When it was announced a year ago, the Cisco/Ericsson partnership was hailed as “the right move for us right now,” according to Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins to create the networks of the future. While the partnership has done well – the...

email thinkstock

Make your emails more trusted with DKIM

There are authentication systems -- DomainKeys and its successor DKIM -- that try to mitigate some of the risk of trusting that emails are actually from who they say they are from.

brocade headquarters

Broadcom bids billions for Brocade in order to break it up

Chip maker Broadcom wants to buy storage vendor Brocade Communications Systems, stripping out its Fibre Channel business and selling the rest.

Traditional data center - Microsoft

Inside a hyperscale data center (how different is it?) took a tour of Microsoft’s hyperscale data center in Quincy, Washington. What we saw shows how far cloud data centers have come in a decade.

microsoft olympus

A peek inside Microsoft Azure’s open source server and rack designs

What do the servers and racks that make up one of the largest hyperscale data center networks in the world look like? Microsoft has provided a glimpse this week when it open sourced Project Olympus, the design specs for the hardware...

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