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Where to start with containers and microservices

Containers and microservices are groundbreaking technologies, but adoption is still a struggle in some shops. Lessons from Java and virtualization could help light the way.

hp data center

HP goes after Cisco, Arista with open source OS

Allies with Broadcom, Intel and VMware on OpenSwitch NOS

companies started former cisco execs 1

18 companies launched by former Cisco people

A small sampling of companies -- some successful, some not -- started by Cisco alums.

cloud data center

Security risks increase as cloud data centers change

Change is always risky. Fast change is even riskier, leaving less time for change management and checks on changed technologies.

30 years a sysadmin

30 years a sysadmin

The profession -- and everything it involves -- has changed dramatically, but has been (and still is) a fun ride.

datahub nodeprime

Startup NodePrime decloaks, wants to manage your whole data center

San Francisco-based startup NodePrime wants to be the proverbial single pane of glass that you use to manage your complicated, heavily virtualized data center, the company announced as it exited stealth today with a $7 million seed...

Dell expands campus, data center switches

New C9010 intros director/node architecture for enterprise; modular 25/50G added for data center

ignobel prize 2015

The 2015 Ig Nobel Prize winners

The “winners” of this year’s weirdest prize in science.

ignobels 25 anniversary awards 1

Celebrating 25 years of wacky Ig Nobel Prize brilliance

25 years oldEach year since 1991, Improbable Research has highlighted a handful of real researchers whose work might seem goofy on the surface, but often has serious implications. The Ig Nobel prizes are awarded annually at a...

container technology

As containers take off, so do security concerns

According to a recent survey sponsored by Bristol, UK-based container data management company Cluster HQ, 73 percent of enterprises are currently using containers for development and testing, but only 39 percent are using them in a...


A guide to Docker container networking

This article describes the basic and more advanced networking capabilities that Docker containers use.

US salaries

Cloud computing, data center consolidations save feds $3.6B

A five-year-old effort by the U.S. government to cut IT costs through data center consolidations, cloud computing and other technology changes appears to be paying off.

colbert vmware containers

Why (and how) VMware created a new type of virtualization just for containers

VMware has created an entirely new virtualization platform for running containers.

Colorful cargo containers at sunrise

First look: Run Docker in Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 debuts support for Docker and container management with PowerShell, with a few wrinkles

Servers in CERN's Geneva data center

Containers key as Cisco looks to 'open' data center OS

NX-OS Linux utility vital for easily spun up DevOps microservices

victor bahl

Microsoft researcher: Why Micro Datacenters really matter to mobile's future

Microsoft Research distinguished scientist Victor Bahl has been spreading the word about Micro Datacenters, also known by the adorable name "cloudlets," as a key concept for optimizing the performance and usefulness of mobile and...

vmware 1

CIOs embrace hybrid cloud and software-defined data centers

CIOs say they are purchasing VMware virtualization software to support mobile applications and content for rapidly scaling computing environments.

HP serves up its open switches

Accton-based hardware, announced in February, certified by OCP and run multiple OSes

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