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AtScale opens Hadoop's big-data vaults to nonexpert business users

New platform enables Hadoop analyses from within standard BI tools such as Microsoft Excel

In a haystack of data, Alation helps find the needle

The startup's new platform looks not just at the data but at how it's been used over time

Business leaders say big data is having a 'disruptive' effect on their business

Over half reported that developing fast insights from data was "hampered" by "limitations" in the IT development process

ClusterHQ: Bringing the power of containers to enterprise data

This young company just took in a fresh $12 million in new funding.

HP plugs the Vertica analytics engine into Hadoop

HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop promises to pair the reliability of SQL with the scalability of Hadoop

How to Survive the Data Explosion

IT organizations everywhere are racing to deal with the onslaught of petabytes. Here's how to meet the challenge

Oracle fortifies integration suite for mobile work

Oracle SOA Suite 12c now supports the JSON and REST formats, and updates FTP management

Native Data Analysis Comes to MongoDB

With the latest release of its business analytics and data integration platform, Pentaho claims to make it easier for organizations to apply analytics to their big data.

CIOs Will Find That the Most Valuable Data Comes From Outside

Adam Hartung says CIOs are too focused on creating data about internal operations and need to augment that with external data about market conditions.

CIOs Consider Putting a Price Tag on Data

Figure out the dollar value of your information assets. Then you’ll know what the 'I' in CIO is really worth -- and how much to spend protecting it.

USENIX: Unstable Code Can Lead to Security Vulnerabilities

Program compilers can inadvertently erase code, causing all sorts of hard-to-find performance problems and security issues

Avoiding the Perils of 'Rogue Analytics' with a New Approach to Data Blending

Big data value is found by combining data from an assortment of both new and established sources.

male doctor holding a tactile tablet in a hallway 151908036

How Healthcare Can Fix Patient Engagement

The healthcare industry frequently discusses how to use technology to improve patient engagement, but it's just one step in a complex process that, done right, contributes to the much more formative process of patient empowerment.

Microsoft Launches a Service to Help Predict the Future

The Azure Machine Learning service will streamline the task of predictive analysis, Microsoft asserts

Attensity Q Makes it Easier for Businesses to Drink From the Twitter Firehose

But social media monitoring's value has limitations, according to one analyst

Roads in the Future Will Need Data Standards as Well as Signs, Says DOT's CIO

Engineers, auto makers and U.S. transportation officials who gathered at the White House's SmartAmerica conference this week showed various systems and technologies that may be used to make driving safer and more efficient.

Predictive Data, the Real Workhorse Behind the Internet of Things

Companies are having to be pickier about which data sets they collect, process and use. It's all about having the right architecture in place.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison wades into the in-memory database wars

Oracle's in-memory option takes advantage of the core platform's maturity, according to an executive

The Time Is Now for Information Governance. But Do You Even Know What It Is?

Information governance covers the entire spectrum of information management, but most people have a fuzzy notion of what it is. This must change, because the real value of information can't be fully realized unless it is properly...

Why Health Data Is a Big Data Challenge

There's no shortage of health data, and it's growing at a rapid clip, but experts in the field cite challenges around making that information useful, readable and relevant to the physicians and patients who need it most.

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