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SAS adds cognitive computing support

At Analytics Experience in Las Vegas yesterday, SAS unveiled SAS Visual Investigator and SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning for the Viya analytics platform. .

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85% off Business Intelligence & Data Science Online Course Bundle - Deal Alert

Become Your Office's Data Analytics Hero with These 4 Interactive Courses, discounted 85% for a limited time to just $39.

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IT wants (but struggles) to operationalize big data

Big data leaders at large companies are bullish on the capabilities of big data analytics, but are struggling to break down data silos and make data accessible.

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How to define the evolving role of data scientist

Data science is a hot new career, but companies still aren't sure how to best use these employees. Here’s how to hire data scientists with a clear strategy in place.


Will healthcare play nice with data science?

Data science brings new understanding to healthcare and other scientific fields. But does healthcare want to be told something different from such an understanding?

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How AEG’s CIO plans to hit the big time

Former Royal Caribbean Cruises CIO Bill Martin is creating a data governance strategy at Anschutz Entertainment Group to better connect with customers.

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How contract modeling could reshape the NFL—and help hospitals succeed

Applying data-mining and predictive modeling to level the playing field during contract negotiation.

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How to do data-driven marketing right

Akamai, Monster and others found creative ways to put piles of corporate data to work for their marketing teams. Marketing pros for these companies share valuable lessons learned from their successes, along with tips and best...

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10 boot camps to kick start your data science career

Data science is one of the fastest growing careers today and there aren't enough employees to meet the demand. As a result, boot camps are cropping up to help get workers up to speed quickly on the latest data skills.

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Final Four: March Madness data lessons

What March Madness can teach healthcare CIOs and technology leaders about data mining.

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Modeling complexity: Iterative risks and opportunities

Single points of failure rarely happen in real life – they’re literally the stuff of movies. In the real world, no organization can count on luck alone to identify risks and opportunities for improvement. The opportunities are too...

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Are you still struggling with your data?

Data-centric companies are becoming the ones to beat in today's marketplace. Are you prepared for the shift?


The new enterprise analytics model

Analytics Centers of Excellence were all the rage back in the day. But executives are considering a new model.


Predictive modeling and associated prescriptive (re)actions in healthcare

Understanding how playing pinball can be applied to the greater context of healthcare predictive modeling

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Feds seek balance between privacy and data collection

Federal consumer-protection authorities expect companies to do more to educate consumers and offer options to limit how personal data is collected and used.

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Why social media needs to have a code of ethics for clinical research

While social media and the Web’s collective usefulness as a research tool is significant, there are inherent ethical issues concerning consent, voluntariness, scientific merit and confidentiality that have yet to be addressed by the...

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9 MongoDB success stories

The open source MongoDB NoSQL database is powering an increasing number of websites and services. Here are nine examples of organizations transforming their business with MongoDB.

Testing skill, talent, or luck, fishing for money with success or failure.

How the Bass-O-Matic explains predictive analytics

Perhaps the most natural way to explain predictive analytics is through the prism of Dan Aykroyd’s 1976 SNL skit about the Bass-O-Matic.

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