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NSA director: No changes in telephone record collection coming

With the failure of an NSA reform bill in Congress, the agency will continue to operate its US phone records program, Rogers says

BitTorrent dismisses security concerns raised about its Sync app

The cryptographic implementation is solid and cannot be compromsied through a remote server, the company said

U.S. Retailers Still Struggling With Data Breach Security, Says BitSight

Majority see perfomance decline

Swedish ISP to let users shield Internet activity from police

A free VPN service from Bahnhof will keep web surfing and other online usage anonymous

PCI Council looks for ways to stem data breaches after bad year

The last year has been bad, but the technology is there to stop nearly all data breaches, experts said

US weather agency confirms cyberattack

NOAA shut down some services for unscheduled maintenance after four websites were compromised

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What CIOs Can Learn From the Biggest Data Breaches

A postmortem analysis of some of the biggest recent data breaches offers IT leaders several pieces of advice for staying a step ahead of hackers.

Rights groups, NGOs struggle against malware attacks

The groups aren't able to defense themselves as well as large organizations, according to The Citizen Lab

US Postal Service Suffers Breach of Employee, Customer Data

Data breach affects names, Social Security numbers and other information of 800,000 employees, USPS says

HP's BYOD Service Protects Mobile Devices and PCs

HP Touchpoint Manager is for SMBs, with plans starting at $2 per month

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Home Depot Says 53 Million Email Addresses Compromised During Breach

Home Depot says that in addition to 56 million payment cards, the attackers responsible for the breach on their POS network earlier this year also compromised 53 million email addresses.

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Election Day Was Just Another Chance to Worry About Security

We’re surrounding ourselves with devices that rely on software, but their designers never seem to take security seriously.

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Experts: Don’t Use Apple Pay, CurrentC Until Crooks Get a Shot at Them

While major retailers hem and haw about whether to use Apple Pay vs CurrentC, security experts say those concerned about their safeguarding their credit data might be wise to hold off using either of the payment systems until they’ve...

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Chertoff: Cybersecurity Takes Teamwork

The former Homeland Security secretary, who gave the keynote address at the Advanced Cyber Security Center conference in Boston on Tuesday, said collaboration is key in a connected world where the threat landscape is practically...

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7 Enterprise-Grade Gadgets Built for Business

The consumer technology market abounds with gadgets. Many are cool, but they won't help you get work done. However, these seven devices will.

Google releases tool to test apps, devices for SSL/TLS weaknesses

The tool simulates man-in-the-middle attacks to detect SSL/TLS vulnerabilities and implementation issues

Popular messaging apps fail EFF's security review

The organization ranked 39 digital communication tools based on security features and best practices

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6 Things We Learned From This Year's Security Breaches

2014 is well on its way to replace 2013 as the highest year on record for exposed records.

Seeking security, American Express aims to swap card numbers with tokens

The company's token service allows merchants and mobile payment providers to stop working with sensitive payment card numbers

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