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Policy engine aims to provide security for big data infrastructure

The BlueTalon Policy Engine, now certified for Cloudera, provides authorization, fine-grained access control, dynamic data masking, stealthy analytics and auditing across applications and enterprise data stores.


Russian-speaking hackers breach 97 websites, many of them dating ones

Russian-speaking hackers have breached 97 websites, mostly dating-related, and stolen login credentials, putting hundreds of thousands of users at risk.

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Traction Watch: Cybrary helps fill gap of 1 million unoccupied cybersecurity jobs

Cybrary is closing the gap in unfilled cybersecurity jobs around the world through open-sourcing training. Putting the information in the hands of everyone from entry-level professionals all the way up to business leaders has helped...


Wyndham vs. FTC: Corporate security pros need to lawyer up about data breach protection, experts say

Corporate security executives need to meet with their legal teams to find out if the way they protect customer data will keep them out of trouble with the Federal Trade Commission if it should be compromised in a data breach.

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5 signs an employee plans to leave with your company’s data

Predictive analytics plays a growing role.


Court: FTC can bring down the hammer on companies with sloppy cybersecurity

A U.S. appeals court has turned down hotel operator Wyndham Worldwide's challenge of the Federal Trade Commission's authority to enforce cybersecurity practices.


Tips for protecting your business against cyber extortion

CrytoLocker is malware cyber criminals use to encrypt the contents of a computer until users pay up. But that's only one type of cyber extortion, according to Tim Francis, enterprise cyber lead at insurance company Travelers.

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Chinese spies target U.S. intellectual property

Third-party presidential candidate Ross Perot warned in 1992 that a free trade agreement would cause a ‘giant sucking sound’ of American jobs headed to Mexico. Today there is a different giant sucking sound - hundreds of billions of...


DRM could be making a comeback in the enterprise

Digital rights management might be coming back to the enterprise, experts say, as long as usability issues don't get in the way.

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Why corporate security pros should care about the Ashley Madison breach

Fallout from the Ashley Madison breach could lead to a wave of spear phishing.


Black Hat 2015: Why digital security matters

The recent Black Hat cybersecurity and hacking conference in Las Vegas shows why digital security should matter to everyone.

8 new threat intelligence products to make you bulletproof

Threat intelligence systems that deliver accurate and actionable information about cyberthreats can help IT end an attack before real damage is done.

Internet company hit by credit card breach

Hackers breached the computer systems of Internet services provider Group and stole credit card information of 93,000 customers.

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What fingerprint hacking could mean to IT projects

Fingerprints aren't like account numbers and passwords. They are yours for a lifetime and can't be changed. What if yours gets hacked?

SEC charges 32 in press release hacking, stock trading scheme

The agency's move comes in addition to charges against nine defendants brought by the DOJ

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Global privacy advisory market topping $3B

The first-known estimate of corporate spending on privacy lawyers and consultants projects strong gains driven by regulatory and technology change.

Nine charged in press release breaches, stock trading scheme

The defendants allegedly hacked into the networks of three press release sites and traded on nonpublic information

Retailer Fred's found payment card malware on two servers

It doesn't appear card details were removed from its systems, Fred's said

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