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What IBM's willingness to share source code with China means

Although some have wondered about IBM's willingness to share source code with Chinese entities, its doing so makes sense. The company has embraced an open regime and has deep ties with Chinese partners and customers, particularly in...

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How to crowdsource your way to better security

Synack, a company founded by former NSA analysts, attempts to leverage the best of man and machine approaches to provide enterprise cybersecurity protection.

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Vetting researchers builds trust in bounty programs

Conservative enterprises have been tentative about joining forces with hackers, but third party bug bounty platforms have proven that their vetting process ensures a highly qualified and trustworthy talent pool.

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Microsoft touts new, holistic approach to enterprise security

Microsoft combines the attack protection, detection and response features built into Windows 10, Office 365, Azure and the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to help enterprises improve their operational security posture.

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Keeping out bad actors: Why healthcare CIOs need to be more concerned about securing customer data

There is a set of data almost all people maintain and is 10 times more valuable to hackers on the Dark Web than credit card numbers: Your healthcare record.

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Millions of sensitive records exposed by mobile apps leaking back-end credentials

Thousands of mobile applications use cloud-based, back-end services in an insecure way, allowing anyone to access millions of sensitive records created by users, according to a recent study.


Trying to stay ahead of the bad guys

Even a security manager who has steered away from emerging technology has a change of heart when it becomes ever more difficult to keep up with the ways criminals can sneak into our systems.

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BitLocker encryption can be defeated with trivial Windows authentication bypass

A researcher disclosed a trivial Windows authentication bypass that puts data on BitLocker-encrypted laptops at risk.

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The dark side of layered security

Layered security is currently considered a best practice for enterprises, since a single layer of defense against attackers is no longer enough. Sometimes, however, these layers can have unintended consequences and even make a company...

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Self-encrypting drives are hardly any better than software-based encryption

Two researchers demonstrated attacks against self-encrypting drives used in enterprise environments at the Black Hat Europe conference in Amsterdam.

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Strong data security is not optional

Lax security can lead to lawsuits, penalties and higher costs.

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Are vendors on the wrong path where smart plant security is concerned?

Cyber criminals can’t wait for enterprises to mainly apply access controls and encryption as their toughest solution for securing smart plants.

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Microsoft to acquire data protection firm Secure Islands

Microsoft announced Monday that it has made a deal to acquire Secure Islands, an Israeli company that focuses on protecting companies' data.

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7 ways hackers can use Wi-Fi against you

Wi-Fi — oh so convenient, yet oh so dangerous. Here are seven ways you could be giving away your identity through a Wi-Fi connection and what to do instead.

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Is it time for Identity as a Service?

The concept of security these days goes well beyond insisting on complicated passwords. Are you sure your company is up to the task?

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Comcast resets nearly 200,000 passwords after customer list goes on sale

Over the weekend, a reader directed Salted Hash to a post on a Dark Web marketplace selling a number of questionable, if not outright illegal goods. The post in question offered a list of 590,000 Comcast email addresses and...

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6 super-defenses against super-user attacks

Review: Privileged Identity Management from BeyondTrust, CyberArk, Lieberman Software, NetIQ, Centrify and Viewfinity.


US must make next move on Safe Harbor

The European Union expects the U.S. to make the next move in negotiating a replacement for the Safe Harbor Agreement.

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