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How Phones and Computers Can Talk via Sight

Just send an email to yourself. Few moves in today's world of digital interconnection feel sillier. You need to get the file from this machine to that machine but for whatever reason, the only way to bridge the gap is via a...

10 Ways Apple Really has Changed the (Tech) World

Apple is both a creator of and a beacon for the technology future we now live in

Apple's 11 Biggest Failures

Apple sets the standard -- for both success and failure. Here's a look at 11 major screwups, some of which almost derailed the company

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For a Sweet Desktop, Try Mint With Cinnamon

Linux Mint 17 offers long-term support; emerges as open source alternative for Windows XP users.


The Silent Passing of One of Our Industry Pioneers – Andrew Kay

A pioneer in our industry that created one of the first portable personal computers passed away this week, and the change he made in our industry reminds us of the fast paced evolution and our need to evolve and change to keep up with...

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Best of IFA: The Eye-Catching New Gear You Need to See, From Dirt-Cheap PCs to Smartwatches galore

The annual IFA trade show in Berlin was home to a slew of big-name gadget reveals. Here's a rundown of the devices you need to know about.

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Microsoft: Number of Certified Windows Devices has Quadrupled in a Year's Time

New form factors, price points, and a greater diversity of hardware partners make for fertile ground for PCs this holiday season, Microsoft says.

Surface Pro 3: A Great Business Desktop and a Pretty Good Laptop, Too

Microsoft's latest tablet computer is light, compact and powerful

AMD's new eight-core FX chips based on aging Piledriver architecture

AMD aims new eight-core FX chips at PCs from under $1,000 to $1,500

Intel amps up desktop performance with its first 8-core PC chip

The chip is aimed at gaming and high-performance desktops

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In Napa Quake, Power Surges Led to PC Damage

The 6.0 earthquake in Napa County, Calif. caused power surges that may have led to much of the damage to computers in homes and small businesses.

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Shape Shifters: The 11 Most Intriguing Hybrid PCs

From 7-in-1s to table-size AIOs, they're anything but conventional.

HP reports surprise growth as PC sales climb

The company's PC business grew 12 percent, though most other divisions declined

Lenovo ThinkCentre M53

Lenovo Targets Small Businesses With Three New Budget-Priced Desktop PCs

Emphasis on budget: All three systems are priced well below $500

Apple Preps Final Non-Security Mavericks Update

And for the 10% still running 2011's Lion, the end of all support, patches included, is likely just weeks away

Computex Intel Llama Mountain tablet Broadwell

Intel Preps for its Broadwell Launch, But Businesses Aren't Waiting for the New CPUs

Intel will reveal new chips at the IFA conference next month, the company said. The world is expecting Broadwell chips to be the headline news, but it appears that businesses aren't waiting for the new CPUs to arrive.

10 Technologies That Will Transform PCs in 2015 and Beyond

Take a peek at what's coming: The future of PCs will bring new chips, new memory types, and even new cables and chargers

AMD's Kaveri processors coming to smaller, cheaper desktops

AMD's new chips will bring console-style gaming to small desktops

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