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Vintage Apple-1 close-up

OS X has hidden backdoor API for root privileges

In today's Apple roundup: Why you should update to OS X 10.10.3 right away. Plus: Apple Watch sells out in minutes. And Mac sales up nine percent in the U.S.

Acer's Revo One RL85 desktop comes to US with Broadwell chips

The new PC combines beauty and brawn, and starts at $249.99

Acer to bring Chrome OS to an all-in-one PC, as vendors experiment

The Chrome OS still hasn't found much demand in the desktop space

USB 3.1 set to reach desktops

Desktop motherboards with USB 3.1 connectors are being released by hardware companies

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9 compelling reasons to keep your old PC instead of upgrading

Sure, new stuff is nice and shiny. But do you really NEED a new PC?

Ideovitra seeks to slay PC power vampires with SensyBee smart switch

Sitting between a PC and a wall outlet, SensyBee can turn a PC off completely, potentially saving up to 50W


Microsoft and friends get Lenovo's Superfish scourge under control

Microsoft, Lenovo, and others in the PC industry have cleaned up Lenovo PCs with the Superfish adware pre-installed.

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If you hate PC bloatware, here are the vendors to avoid

Bloatware or crapware clogs your PC, slowing it down and gobbling up space. A little research can help you avoid the worst offenders.

PC sales may be worse than expected this year

IDC revised its forecast for PC shipments in 2015 to a drop of 4.9 percent

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Sorry, Intel: As Windows XP upgrade cycle wanes, so does company's revenue forecast

Intel lowers its revenue guidance by almost $1 billion as the post-Windows-XP surge in sales peters out.

linux enterprise

Ultimate Guide to Linux Desktop Environments

A compilation of one Linux expert's adventures with 10 desktop environments.

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Bloatware: Why Computer Makers Fill Your PC With Junk, and How to Get Rid of it

Lenovo's Superfish debacle has thrust bloatware back into the limelight. Here's why PC makers intentionally make your PC experience worse, and how to blast the crap off your computer.


Lenovo's Brand 'Buzz' Score Takes Hit After Superfish Crapware Flap

Lenovo's "brand buzz" rating fell by half after reports surfaced that it had pre-loaded hacker-vulnerable adware onto consumer PCs, a brand quality measurement firm said today.

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Intel: Moore's Law Will Continue Through 7nm Chips

Eventually, the conventional ways of manufacturing silicon chips will run out of steam. According to Intel researchers speaking at the ISSCC conference this week, however, we still have headroom.

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Microsoft Helps Out Partner Lenovo, Deletes Superfish 'Crapware' and Rogue Cert

Microsoft today updated its free Windows Defender and Security Essentials antivirus programs to sniff out and delete the rogue certificate linked to Superfish Visual Discovery, the "crapware" that blew up in Lenovo's face this week.

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In a Post Superfish World, it's Time to Hold PC Vendors More Accountable for Adware

Adware. Bloatware. Crapware, Whatever you call it, Superfish shows how something annoying can turn scary. It's time to say enough is enough.

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Security Experts Call for Halt to PC 'Crapware' After Lenovo Debacle

Security professionals want Lenovo -- and other PC makers -- to stop the practice of loading third-party software on new PCs after one such app was found to be vulnerable to abuse by cyber criminals.

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Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One 23 Review: Slide-in PCs Create Versatile All-in-Ones

Lenovo's new 23-inch Tiny-in-One display doubles as a dock for the company's Tiny Desktop small-form-factor computers. The result is a pretty nice all-in-one.

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