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Google Ties iPhones, iPads to Chrome with Remote Desktop

Google this week launched its Remote Desktop app for iOS, fulfilling a promise made nine months ago.


The Coolest, Craziest PC Mods and Builds of 2015 (So Far)

The year is still extremely young, but we just returned from CES 2015, where a small army of PCs appeared in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Check out some of these monsters.

8080 die

The 8080 Chip at 40: What's Next for the Mighty Microprocessor?

Forty years after Intel's iconic 8080 chip launched the personal computing revolution, we spoke to early processor designers and other industry experts to find out what the next 40 years of computing will bring.

Curved displays from TVs see uptake in PCs, monitors

Curved displays shown at CES may make more sense as monitors than for TVs

AVADirect Quiet Gaming PC

Intel: Many PC Makers Plan to Skip Desktop Broadwell PCs and Wait for Skylake CPUs

Although Intel launches its Broadwell chip for notebooks and some desktops today, even Intel admits that in some cases PC makers may just pass it by.

hard drive with tool less brackets

Are PC Hard Drives Destined to Die at the Hand of the Cloud? Maybe, Analysts Say

Are hard drives in PCs and consumer devices on their way out? Analysts had mixed opinions, leaving open the option that it could happen.

change machine

6 Technologies That Will Change PCs in 2015

Laptops and desktops will be interactive, get 3D depth-sensing cameras and be free of wires

Samsung brings curved screen from TV to PC

Samsung enters desktop market with the Ativ One 7 Curved, priced starting at $1,299

7 Critical Things to Do Immediately with a New PC

Quick, while it's still pure and unsullied! Set up antivirus, clear out bloatware, and perform other tasks to keep your PC humming well into the future.

softwarefornewpc primary

Your New PC Needs These 22 Free, Excellent Parograms

Start off right with solid security tools, productivity software, and other programs that every PC needs.

ut mark dean 0260

'The Tablet is My Device of Choice': Why PC Creator Mark Dean Has Largely Abandoned His Electronic Child

Thanks, Dad? Mark Dean, who helped created the original IBM PC, predicted his creation's death three years ago. PCWorld checks back to see how he feels about it now.

apple 1 christies

Apple-1 Sold by Steve Jobs Fetches $365,000 at Auction

The computer is the last remaining unit to be sold by Jobs out of his family’s garage—and it still works.

ung 8643

Intel Extreme Masters 2014: One Place Where PCs Still Rule

The Intel Extreme Masters 2014 isn't just a gaming tournament. It's also a chance to see people and PCs pushed to their limits by relentless and brutal competition. Take a look for yourself.

Intel Chromebook

PC Stagnation Means Zero-Sum Game for OEMs, OS Makers

IDC this week said that while the PC industry would end the year better off than it had expected, the foreseeable future holds no hope for a return of growth.


Drastic Price Cuts May Damage PC Industry, Jeopardize Microsoft's Hopes for Windows 10

Windows PC makers slashed prices to historically low levels in the U.S. during the last three weeks of October, damaging the consumer business just as Microsoft tries to push Windows 10 as its salvation, a retail analyst said.


GE Capital's CTO Sees the Death of PCs, the Rise of Phablets

Even though the term "phablet" draws a lot of snarky comments, GE Capital CTO Eric Reed thinks they'll overtake PCs in a few years.


Windows 10 Start Menu Secrets Every Desktop Pro Should Know

We dig deep into the Windows Technical Preview Start menu to fine-tune it so that you don’t have to

Apple-1 for auction

Antique Apple-1 Sold Out of Jobs' Garage Goes on Sale Next Month

A 38-year-old Apple-1 that was sold directly to a buyer out of Steve Jobs' garage will hit the auction block next month.

Environmentally-friendly, energy-saving monitor

3 Power-Sipping Monitors Lower Energy Bills

Today's displays must be bright, fast -- and able to use electricity intelligently. We test three 27-in. power-saving monitors to find out how they perform.

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