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A team of people building a human tower

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New JavaScript-based language brings the speed

A new language, Imba compiles to JavaScript and leans heavily on tags and selectors

Sebastien Thibault illustration - Promise and Peril in the Journey to DevOps [SINGLE USE ONLY]

Promise and peril in the journey to DevOps

Steep learning curves, cultural warfare and unbridled criticism are among the land mines littering the path to DevOps. However, plenty of perks await organizations that complete the trek successfully.

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The Windows 10 developer’s dilemma: Go Universal or stick with the desktop?

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform offers code-once-run-anywhere upside, but development drawbacks abound


PHP 7 drops first release candidate

The release candidate for the speedy PHP upgrade features bug fixes and stability improvements, but it cannot be used in production yet


Firefox makes extension porting easier as security crackdown looms

New tools should help developers bring their extensions over from Chrome or Opera, but existing extensions may have trouble surviving the shift.

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Comparing scaling agile frameworks

As larger organizations scramble to apply agile software development methodologies to the challenges inherent in an enterprise-level company, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of the different approaches.

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Python-only no more, IPython becomes Jupyter

Julia, R, Scala, JavaScript, Matlab, and Bash are among the supported languages for the recomposed IPython.

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Avoiding the human mistakes in electronic medical records

Even healthcare providers make mistakes. The most insidious errors in electronic medical records escape detection because they are concealed by terabytes of data and the people needed to catch them are not around

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Meteor 1.2 embraces Angular and React

Server-side JavaScript framework built on Node.js now integrates with the most popular client-side tools

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What REPL means for Java

Read-eval-print-loop functionality is coming to Java in 2016. Find out how JShell will change the way that developers learn and write Java code.

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Parse opens up SDKs to Apple, Android developers

The Facebook-owned cloud platform for mobile apps will first offer kits for Apple and Android, with JavaScript, PHP, and others to follow

7 things every new programmer should know

Veteran software developers share the lessons they’ve learned over the years about how to successfully navigate the professional coding business.

GitHub launches desktop client to lure more developers

The GitHib desktop can branch copies of a software project and then merge user changes back into the project

Graffiti that says You were meant for greatness

Up your coding game with these 7 habits of great programmers

Experienced software engineers share their thoughts on what differentiates great programmers from good programmers and what it takes to up your coding game.

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Microsoft retools F# for Visual Studio 2015

New tools allow Microsoft's functional language to work better with Visual Studio

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Stop the funeral! Objective-C is alive and kicking

Developers still value Apple's now-legacy language for iOS and Mac app dev, and the transition Swift will be gradual

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The real dirt on programming certifications

Code alone might not be enough to land you that top job

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IT customers slow to embrace outsourced DevOps

While enterprises are experimenting with new DevOps application delivery methods, they’re not yet convinced that their IT service providers can help with the transformation.

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