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Programming Predictions

9 predictions for the future of programming

Our coding crystal ball offers developers meaningful bets for the next five years -- but few guarantees given the rate of change for tech

road to devops

Why ignoring market responsiveness paves the way for Enterprise DevOps 2.0

Weaknesses that are slowly killing DevOps and reasons to urgently opt for Enterprise DevOps 2.0

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5 ways to beef up your indie dev business

Indie dev shops can bank on bigger prospects with our guide to bolstering the bottom line

2016 software predictions

5 enterprise software predictions for 2016

What does the future of software look like? Experts share their opinions on how the industry will shift in 2016.

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Ford draws on Pivotal to reshape developer culture

Ford engineers are traveling in teams to Pivotal Labs in Toronto to work with Pivotal engineers to learn agile pair programming. The Ford engineers are bringing those lessons back to Michigan to help transform Ford's IT culture.

parse watchOS tvos

Facebook's Parse launches developer tools for Apple's tvOS, watchOS 2

Parse, the development platform provider owned by Facebook, announced on Monday a pair of new tools aimed at helping developers build apps for the Apple Watch and the new Apple TV.

developers in demand

6 job search tips for developers

Developers are in high demand, but that doesn't mean landing a job is as easy as simply applying. Here are six tips if you're looking to land your dream job.

scrum sprint

How Ixia and Apple prove scrum works

After looking at the agile process used by Apple and network security company Ixia, Rob Enderle wonders why there aren’t more scrums taking place.

Visual Studio Marketplace

What Microsoft's new developer strategy means for CIOs

Microsoft’s cross-platform, open source development and devops tools are maturing. That matters more to enterprises than a growing list of free tools.

ipad pro icon space

What iPad Pro teaches vendors about product development

Five years after the iPad sparked a revolution, the tablet market seems to be in free fall and PCs are making a comeback. In an attempt to revitalize the tablet market Apple just released the iPad Pro. Time will tell if this will...

delete key

JavaScript upgrade will nix object observation feature

The technology landscape has changed since Object.observe was first created, limiting its present usefulness

Amazon inspector

How to push security earlier into the dev process

Experts warn that too often security compliance checks are performed too late in the process of managing infrastructure or developing new applications. A new crop of products is aiming help with this problem by automating security...

open switching terminology

Juniper disaggregates even further

Unveils more open Junos OS and a leaf switch for it that supports 25/50G

code best

Which code is best? 3 JVM languages duke it out

Frege, Kotlin, and Mirah may not be household names, but they took center stage in a JavaOne JVM language shootout.

conceptual image with red background and miniature people standing in front of code

Can coding bootcamps replace a computer science degree?

Bootcamps are a great way to learn a new skill and walk away with a full portfolio and hands-on experience. But can they replace a traditional computer science degree in the eyes of employers?

woman code laptop developer programming

Can citizen developers bring shadow IT into the light?

Citizen developers can produce valuable businesses applications quickly, but is speed to market worth the risk of security and compliance considerations flying out of the window?

twitter as a recruitment tool

Twitter CEO to developers: We messed up

At the Twitter Flight conference, Jack Dorsey attempts to set a clean slate with disgruntled developers

Coding bootcamps opening slide montage

13 top Web development bootcamps in 13 cities

Here’s a look at 13 popular Web development bootcamp programs across the country, plus tuition and job assistance details.

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