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Facebook's alternative PHP engine attracts Web service providers

HHVM is being used by the Box storage service and by one of the largest hosts for enterprise-ready WordPress

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Facebook's alternative PHP engine attracts Web service providers

HHVM is being used by the Box storage service and by one of the largest hosts for enterprise-ready WordPress

Debian Vote Against Systemd Coupling Fails, Sponsor Steps Down

Debian developers voted down a proposal that would have weakened the Linux distribution’s integration with a controversial system software package on Tuesday, in a victory for systemd supporters.

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Prominent Developers Pulling Out of Debian as Voting Deadline Nears

Four prominent members of the Debian community have stepped down or reduced their involvement in the open source project as a result of an increasingly bitter argument over the future of the widely influential Linux distribution.

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Microsoft: 'Nobody Loves Developers More Than Us'

At this week's TopCoder Open, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Matt Thompson made his pitch for the newer, gentler, more open Microsoft to the startups and independent developers in attendance.

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Open Source Code Contains Fewer Defects, But There's a Catch

Research suggests that software developed using open source code contains fewer defects than that built with proprietary code. The catch is that open source code rarely benefits from security teams specifically tasked with looking for...

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10 Hottest IT Skills for 2015

Programmers and project managers rejoice: Your skills are bankable assets.

Amazon launches Lambda, an event-driven compute service

Lambda replaces the need to run a separate virtual machine to coordinate multiple AWS services

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7 Tips for Landing a Job at a Coding Competition

You don’t have to win the top prize to take away something arguably more valuable.

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Mozilla Offers Browser Tailor-Made for Developers

Firefox Developer Edition replaces the Aurora channel and provides access to tools and platform features months before general release

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The Second Machine Age Will Make Everything You Know Obsolete

Think you're prepared for the economy of tomorrow? Unless you're ready to replicate something that Google build at 2 percent of the cost, willing to accept new robot overlords and able to affect U.S. economic, immigration and...

European startups are offering developers new ways to test code and apps

TestCloud mixes crowd and automated testing, while Codacy lets users write their own code tests

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How to Develop Applications for the Internet of Things

What's the best way to build an application that could do anything from control home appliances remotely to gather meteorological data from sensors to produce a weather forecast? Startups offering data ingestion platforms take much of...

Mozilla woos programmers with a special webdev browser

The Mozilla Foundation will release a browser that could help pave the way for the Open Web Platform

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9 Cutting-Edge Programming Languages Worth Learning Now

These strong alternatives to the popular languages are gaining steam -- and may be the perfect fit for your next project

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One Code to Rule Them All: Dronecode

The Dronecode Project will unite thousands of coders to build an aerial operating system for drones.

Attach Xbox One Kinect sensors to Windows tablets, PCs with adapter kit

Microsoft releases $49.99, and is specially for Kinect sensors that plug into the Xbox One gaming console

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Twitter Tears Into Mobile Developer Services With Fabric

Twitter is moving into mobile app services with Fabric, a new tool for developers that ties their most popular services together into one extension.

Kii offers an on-ramp to the Internet of things

The Kii IoT platform is designed to work with any chipset or operating system

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