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One-in-Five Developers Now Works on IoT Projects

Evans Data Corp., which provides research and intelligence for the software development industry, estimated that 19% of developers worldwide are now doing IoT-related work

New SAP Hana tool aims to put Big Data insights within closer reach

Featuring Hadoop support, the rapid-deployment service targets enterprise users with streaming and unstructured data

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Compile C# to JavaScript with DuoCode

Using Microsoft Roslyn and Visual Studio, dev shops with C# assets can compile apps to run in the browser with no extra coding

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Microsoft Debuts TypeScript 1.4

The latest version of Microsoft's JavaScript alternative includes support for ECMAscript 6

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10 Cool Network and Computing Research Projects

If you think the latest enterprise and consumer network and computer technologies rolling into your data center and being snuck into your offices by end users are advanced, wait until you see what's cooking in the labs at universities...

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TypeScript: Industrial-Strength JavaScript

Like it or not, JavaScript is the language of the Web, but it's tough to manage for enterprise-scale development. TypeScript offers an attractive alternative

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2015 Resolution: Stop Dumb Procurement Practices, Part 2

What if everything you knew about choosing a consultant and buying consulting services for software projects is wrong? What if your best practices are hurting you, and you don’t even notice?

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PHP vs. Node.js: An Epic Battle forDeveloper Mind Share

Here's how the old guard and upstart darling of the server-side Web stack up against each other

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Next-Gen Rust Language Moves to 1.0 Alpha

A beta release for the systems programming language is expected for February with a general 1.0 release to follow


The Big 4 Java IDEs Compared

How Eclipse, NetBeans, JDeveloper, and IntelliJ IDEA stack up in capabilities and ease of use

Think that software library is safe to use? Not so fast!

Flaws in third-party software libraries often find their way into products, a problem that will occupy developers and sysadmins next year

MIT unifies Web development in a single, speedy new language

Ur/Web bundles the Web development stack into a compiled programming language

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Three Ways Enterprise Software Is Changing

Today's IT shops must grapple with analysis, cloud computing and DevOps


Maximizing Microsoft's Azure for Dev, Test, and DevOps Scenarios

Microsoft's Azure cloud platform has evolved far beyond its original offering of Platform as a Service to host .NET applications to what Azure provides today. Many enterprises don't realize the power built in to Azure (and the...

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10 Chrome Extensions for Developers

Google Chrome needs a little polish and enhancement to really work with us instead of just for us.

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Coder, Sell Thyself

But don’t think your success as an independent contractor will require you to become anything like a used-car salesperson. It’s still your skills at the keyboard that will make all the difference.

Microsoft to Open-Source Cloud Framework

The distributed computing research project known as Project Orleans will be available in early 2015

Cisco Lawsuits Aside, Arista Forges Ahead with EOS

Enhances switch operating system for DevOps as litigation awaits.

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