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Attention, Rockstar Developers: Get a Talent Agent

High demand, large workloads, and the changing nature of programming work have some developers seeking reps to help them land new gigs

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Yahoo Commits to Mobile First with New Developer Suite

Yahoo today unveiled its new Mobile Development Suite, which is aimed at helping devs "analyze, monetize, advertise and enhance their apps."

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How Etsy Makes Devops Work

Etsy, which describes itself as an online “marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods,” is often trotted out as a poster child for Devops. The company latched onto the concepts early and today is...

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Learn R for Beginners With Our PDF

It's all here in one place -- our popular "Beginner's guide to using R." You'll learn how to get your data into R, easy ways to do basic data analysis, painless data visualization, syntax quirks you'll want to know and get tons of...

HP extends R programming language for big data use

Distributed R can be used to analyze data across multiple file servers

Java vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mindshare

Java vs. Node.js: An Epic Battle for Developer Mind Share

Here’s how the enterprise stalwart and onetime script-kiddie toy stack up in a battle for the server room

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Ode to a Node: Sampling Technology’s Musical Side

Rather than simply being a tool for recording and playback, technology has also inspired and created original music over the years

Kimberly Bryant, founder, Black Girls Code [2015]

Black Girls Code Founder Looks to Expand Skills Outreach, Challenges CIOs to Help the Cause

In 2011, computer scientist Kimberly Bryant founded Black Girls Code, a chapter-based nonprofit that has taught programming to more than 3,000 young women across the country.

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Learn to Crunch Big Data with R

Get started using the open source R programming language to do statistical computing and graphics on large data sets

Google Sets Date and Registration for I/O Conference

Google has set a date for its annual developers conference, Google I/O: May 28 and 29.

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How Network Admins Can Survive SDN

With the advent of SDN, there’s been a lot of speculation about the future of the network administrator.

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Two Years in the Making, Node.js Upgrade Arrives

Version 0.12 of server-side JavaScript platform set to become available as reconciliation with io.js fork expected


Apple Previews New Photos App to OS X Developers

Apple today released the first preview of Photos, its iPhoto replacement, to registered developers.

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13 of the Strangest Places Developers Have Written Code

Proving that you really can work from anywhere, here are some of the most unusual places software developers have found themselves programming.

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Microsoft Backs Java for Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Developers can write in their favorite Java IDE, and JUniversal will translate it to the appropriate language for the platform

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PowerShell for Beginners: Scripts and Loops

With the advent of Windows Server 10, PowerShell is becoming more important for admins to master, or at least learn. Here's how to get started.

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7 iOS Apps for Developers on the Go

Today’s developers need to be mobile to be efficient because problems don’t go away when you’re out of the office. This list of iOS apps promises to keep you connected and able to handle tasks regardless of where and when they come...

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ITworld Giveaway

Core Java for the Impatient

We've got 5 copies to give to some lucky readers. Enter for your chance to win!

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