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Instagram engineer delves into emoji madness

Company engineers did painstaking work to allow users to search by emoji

Telerik pitches new framework for building Android, iOS, Windows apps

NativeScript lets JavaScript programmers reuse their skills to build native apps

Microsoft HoloLens

Developing with HoloLens: Decent hardware chases Microsoft's lofty augmented reality ideal

Microsoft's HoloLens was shown off with Apple-like fanfare behind closed doors, but it still has a number of kinks to work out, as our second hands-on indicates.

Web developers make less than IT peers, but skills are more in demand

Web developer roles were advertised at an average of £41,598 in the UK this year

gears closeup

Does DevOps hurt or help security?

Naysayers contend DevOps weakens security, others say DevOps enhances security.

A building with the letters VI on the side

Let’s get ready to grumble! 6 arguments that get a rise out of programmers

Here are some of the things developers have loved to fight about over the years

gs6 microsoft

Microsoft woos Android, iOS devs with porting toolkit

At Build, Microsoft unveils plan that lets developers reuse Java, C++, and Objective-C code for Windows

Microsoft Build: Windows 10 starts here

At this year's Microsoft developer conference, the company will detail how Windows will run across all platforms

build2014 primary2

Microsoft's time to shine: The 5 biggest developments we expect from Build 2015

Windows 10 is the centerpiece of a broader vision of universal apps and services running on all devices. At Build, we should see how it's all coming together.

Group of professionals working together in an atrium

New Node.js coalition spotlights enterprises

PayPal and Intuit throw support behind EnterpriseJS Coalition, which will host events and produce content about JavaScript in business environments

Red Hat broadens programming language support

RHEL can now support multiple versions of a single programming language, such as Python

Windows 10 sign WIDE version

Latest Windows 10 update demonstrates overhauled dev scheme

Microsoft released its seventh version of Windows 10's technical preview, following its pledge to deliver faster preview updates for the new operating system.

Retro man in bow tie with computer keyboards

Rise of the so-called citizen developer

Not every department has would-be programmers itching to write your company's next app. But for IT, harnessing the talents of business users who code can be well worth the effort of supporting them.

internet of things 2

How developers can profit from the Internet of Things

Developers who have the right mix of Internet of Things skills and experience will soon command big bucks, but the time to start acquiring those skill is now.

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Review: Storm’s real-time processing comes at a price

The open source stream processing solution is proven reliable at scale, but difficult to learn and use

grail chalice cup

Grails Web framework finds home at Object Computing

Pivotal discontinued its support for Grails, but Object Computing has stepped in to hire key Grails developers

MIT's Picture language could be worth a thousand lines of code

MIT has developed a probabilistic programming language that could take same the grunt work out of machine learning

WWDC 2015

Apple sets WWDC for June 8-12, again uses ticket lottery

Apple today announced that its annual developers conference will run June 8-12, with tickets assigned through a random drawing.

the new linux

Who’s behind Linux now, and should you be afraid?

Most Linux kernel code isn’t developed by who you might think. Here’s a closer look at why this matters.

cool city limits sign

Cool tools for compiling to JavaScript

Little languages abound to bring your code to the Web with surprising ease and few compromises

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