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Oracle expanding depth of its cloud development platform

Six new services are in the works, but no availability date was released

Cloud will be key for Oracle at OpenWorld

The vendor's massive annual conference gets underway Sunday

SAP CEO Bill McDermott on why Concur is worth $8.3 billion

Buying Concur 'is the best business case I've ever put in front of the board,' McDermott says

Microsoft plots Dynamics CRM update with an eye on marketing, global expansion

CRM Online will be available in 130 markets by the end of the year, Microsoft says

Infor plots move into cloud financials in strike against Workday

Financials Xi will provide a broad and modern suite of applications with no need to 'bolt-on' more, Infor says

7 Reasons Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- and 7 Reasons it Won't

Faster innovation, better security, new markets -- the case for opening Swift might be more compelling than Apple will admit

County set to rip and replace troubled SAP software system

SAP's software is used successfully by thousands of government agencies, a spokesman maintains

A Guide to Disaster Recovery Done Right

This comprehensive guide walks you through every step you'll need to take to preserve your data before disaster strikes

Oracle completes Micros acquisition, forms new global business unit

Oracle makes a big push into hospitality and retail with the addition of Micros

Popular Android apps fail basic security tests, putting privacy at risk

Instagram and Grindr stored images on their servers that were accessible without authentication

earthquake 104636747

In Earthquakes, Alerts May Turn Machines Into Action Heroes

Earthquake early warning systems integrated into schools, offices and other buildings could save lives and give rise to a whole new industry.

napa quake aftermath

In Napa Quake, Power Surges Led to PC Damage

The 6.0 earthquake in Napa County, Calif. caused power surges that may have led to much of the damage to computers in homes and small businesses.

Meet Cobol's Hard Core Fans

These folks won't migrate. The reason probably isn't what you're thinking.

IT Outages are an Ongoing Problem for the U.S Government

The inability to access data 24/7 hurts federal workforce, survey shows

Microsoft: Give IE Another Chance

Tidbits from a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" chat also include browser name-change, faster updates and the demise of IE8

Peak vs. Tibbr: Two Apps That Help Track Team Communications

These online tools improve workgroup interactions, reduce email traffic and track the team's progress.

3D Printing Makes its Move into Production

IT needs to get ready

Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade points to its Fusion dilemma

A slew of upgrades in E-Business Suite 12.2.4 makes the question of adopting Fusion Applications more difficult, one analyst says

PaaS Shootout: Cloud Foundry vs. OpenShift

Cloud Foundry shines with broad application support and stellar ease of use, but OpenShift has the edge in management and automation

Former exec says HP 'bungled' the Autonomy acquisition, alleges cover-up

An HP spokesperson calls ex-Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussain's statements 'preposterous'

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