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If you’re stuck on “app versus web,” you’ve already lost

Walgreens and Burberry – both established, legacy companies – were able to tackle the digital era head-on in very different, yet disruptive ways. Here's why these brands succeeded, and why companies stuck asking the app vs. web...


With bitcoin use on the rise, African countries eye regulations

The increasing use of bitcoins in Africa has prompted a growing chorus of government officials, legal experts and e-commerce entrepreneurs to call for the virtual currency to be regulated.

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Debit cards lag credit cards in EMV migration, putting banks at risk

Three times as many credit cards will be chip-enabled by the end of the year as debit cards, making the slower banks bigger targets for cybercriminals.

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The challenge for bitcoin: Building value after the hype

Two years ago, it seemed nothing could go wrong for bitcoin. But the currency is now worth much less than it used to be. What's next?

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Microsoft designed Windows 10 to pull users into Windows Store, and it might be working

The Windows Store needs more users, so the company’s built app discovery into the very fabric of Windows 10. It seems to be working.

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Half of U.S. consumers don’t have, and don’t understand, chip cards

More than half of U.S. consumers haven't received new chip-based credit or debit cards to improve security of in-store purchases, and many don't even know what the cards do.

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Facebook signals deeper push into e-commerce with Pages redesign

Facebook is making changes to its Pages service to attract more businesses, in part by giving them a new way to showcase their products.


Google expands its US e-commerce and delivery service in the Midwest

Google is expanding its online shopping and delivery service, by making overnight deliveries of retail items available in six states in the Midwest.

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Amazon Prime just got both better and worse

Good news and bad news for Amazon Prime members: Offline video streaming, but more limited 2-day delivery areas

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What CIOs need to know about digital payments

As digital payments become not only accepted but demanded by customers, the lack of adoption by businesses could cause some friction in the marketplace. Here’s why.


Traction Watch: 300 million products on Zazzle are fueling $250M in revenue

Zazzle, a perfect example of how scale fuels growth. And with a more is more concept of growing the business, this e-commerce site is emerging as a profitable frontrunner.

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Leaked Uber investor presentation shows 2015 bookings totaling almost $11 billion

The money Uber is taking in from booked rides will increase threefold this year to around $10.8 billion, according to an investor presentation that Reuters obtained.

Alibaba's cloud and mobile businesses soar, but total revenue disappoints

The company's revenue missed Wall Street's expectations

Alibaba's cloud and mobile business soar, but total revenue disappoints

The company's revenue missed Wall Street's expectations

emv chip and pin

FAQ: What you need to know about chip-embedded credit cards

The conversion process from older magnetic stripe cards to chip-embedded credit and debit cards has sped up in recent months because of an Oct. 1 deadline. That's the day when liability for credit card fraud will shift from banks to...

Alibaba upgrades anti-counterfeiting system following complaints

Foreign brands and a Chinese regulator have criticized Alibaba for allegedly promoting fake goods

Food delivery startup Sprig to turn driver contractors into employees

The changes come amid larger challenges facing on-demand startups

Samsung adds payments to its smart TVs

Users will be able to make in-app purchases in games

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