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social networking millennials

8 tips for marketing to millennials online

Marketing and social media experts discuss the best ways to target and engage with consumers in their 20s and 30s.

retail experience

6 ways data is taking over retail

Data has seeped into every nook and cranny of the retail process, thanks to everything from mobile devices and Wi-Fi to beacons, sensors, cookies and POS terminals. The result? A nearly total data takeover of the retail landscape.

amazon prime

Amazon Prime and the racist algorithms

The company’s algorithms told it where to offer its Prime Free Same-Day Delivery service, but an algorithm that uses data tainted by racism will be racist in its outcomes.


Toys "R" Us hires CIO to boost ecommerce, customer tech

The toy retailer, battling and other ecommerce-savvy players, hires Phil Newmoyer from Serta Simmons Bedding as its new CIO.

mobile ads

Online advertising has a dark side, but IT can shed some light

There are many ways that online numbers can be inflated that have nothing to do with real people looking at actual ads or content.

millennials digital entrepreneurs

How to select a development agency for a replatforming project

Practical advice on how to make the right decision when choosing a developing agency when replatforming your website.

A rising tide lifts all boats

The urgency of recognizing and satisfying unknown software needs

It’s the unknown unknowns that get you! Using marketing technology as an example, we examine ways of exposing unknown software needs and evaluate the urgency of satisfying them.

email marketing thinkstock

15 ways to improve your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing pros share their top tips on how to craft emails that will get opened and acted upon.

cloud puzzle

6 cloud services for growing your small business

Small business technology and ecommerce experts discuss how investing in the right software and/or cloud-based services can help small online and bricks-and-mortar companies successfully scale.


Pitney Bowes bets on digital logistics and APIs to move beyond meters

Like many companies of a certain age, Pitney Bowes is banking on software to bolster lagging sales in a world where ecommerce is gaining steam.

Payment processing's virtual Visas are burner debit cards that keep online shoppers safe lets you create one-time use and merchant-specific debit cards to limit the use of your actual credit and debit card numbers.

apple pay in apps

Apple Pay could help you buy stuff on the Web this year

With Apple Pay for the web, typing in credit card details on your phone could soon become unnecessary.

spring cleaning 1

13 ecommerce spring cleaning tips

Website developers, ecommerce experts and SEO pros discuss some simple ways to dust off, declutter and freshen up your Web or ecommerce site.

selfie stock

Amazon goes after patent so you can pay by selfie

Amazon filed a patent application for a technology that would enable users to pay for purchases using a selfie.

online shopping

What makes good content in ecommerce

Taking a look at some great examples of ecommerce stores getting their content creation spot on in 2016.

1280px hts systems ups ground

Websites’ automatic-renewal policies can lead to trouble

Take steps to avoid being targeted by a class-action lawsuit.

customer service ts

5 ways ecommerce businesses can improve customer service

Ecommerce and customer experience experts discuss how mobility and younger consumers have changed the nature of online customer service – and how companies have responded.

amazon logo

Amazon's free shipping minimum cost is now $49

The company is nudging more Amazon shoppers toward becoming Prime subscribers with this not-so-subtle move.

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