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EBay, cutting 7% of workforce, looks to spin-off Enterprise unit

A planned split of eBay's PayPal unit is also due this year

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Nordstrom's Use of APM Lets it Identify App Performance Issues in Minutes vs. Days

Application performance is critical in most organizations, but it is particularly vital when it comes to the booming world of online retail. Nordstrom uses Dynatrace Application Performance Management tools in development all the way...

Last call for last-minute flight booking charges, EU court rules

Booking services must show full price for flights, with no last-minute additions before a booking is confirmed, the EU's top court has ruled

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How to Be an Effective Omnichannel Retailer

Becoming an omnichannel retailer brings new challenges as customers expect their mobile and social interactions to be increasing faster and more engaging. Top executives from Macy’s, Lowe’s and The Limited share their experiences and...

Google plans US auto insurance comparison shopping site, says analyst

Google may also be acquiring CoverHound, an insurance comparison shopping site, according to a Forrester analyst

Italy's e-commerce boom leaves hangover for some

Online sales beat expectations but some buyers claim to have been victims of fraud

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How Ecommerce Businesses Can Beat the Competition in 2015

Will 2015 be the year mobile commerce really takes off? Will customers expect same-day shipping? Ecommerce experts discuss what lies ahead for online businesses in 2015.

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Same-Day Delivery’s Big Chance

This Christmas, Amazon made a delivery when not a creature should have been stirring. That could herald great changes on the retail landscape.

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Is EMV the Silver Bullet to Credit Card Fraud?

Your holiday shopping experience will be different next year, because by October 2015 most retailers in the U.S. will have switched to accepting the chip-in-a-credit-card-based EMV standard (which stands for Europay, MasterCard and...

Barclaycard Trials Contactless Payment Gloves During Christmas Shopping Rush

The woollen gloves, which are also touchscreen-enabled, act like a credit or debit card

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Great Last-Minute Gifts You Can Send by Email Right Now

I can't believe you waited this long either, but it's going to be OK.

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Why Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers Are Worth Less to You

If you’re in the ecommerce or digital marketing business, this is a big time of the year for you. But when it comes to those last-minute shoppers, you should take their money but don’t spend a lot of time trying to nurture them to...

Amazon promises one-hour delivery in Manhattan, more locations on the way

The super-fast shipping costs $7.99, while people willing to wait another hour won't have to pay extra


Amazon Prime Now Delivers Your Order in an Hour, But Only in Manhattan for Now

Need some paper towels, an Apple USB cable, and a Frozen DVD in the next hour? If you're in Manhattan, Amazon can do that for you.

Internet tax moratorium extended in US gov't spending package

The moratorium will continue for another year, but the Senate's action leads to debate over net neutrality taxes

Microsoft starts accepting Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin is accepted by Microsoft only in the US for now

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7 Resolutions Online Businesses Should Make for 2015

It's time to think about resolutions for the new year. Here are seven simple things online businesses can do to improve their Web design and content in 2015.

Flaw in Alibaba's international e-commerce site put merchants at risk

Alibaba Group has said it has fixed the problem on its AliExpress site

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Amazon.com Tells Customers, 'Make an Offer'

Amazon.com is going after online auction giant eBay with its "Make an Offer" feature -- just in time for the big holiday shopping season

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