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11 A/B testing mistakes and how to avoid making them

Poorly done A/B testing will not only yield inaccurate data on what your customers prefer, but it may actually cause you to lose customers. Here are 11 classic mistakes and ways you can avoid them.


Merchants need to start planning TLS migration

Merchants using SSL encryption to protect transactions will soon have to upgrade to TLS -- but not all payment vendors are ready.

Amazon dash button

Amazon tries a physical button for making purchases

The company's Dash Button lets Prime members make purchases instantly by hitting it.


Amazon Home Services sends professional handymen and instructors to your door

Amazon wants to help you find your next electrician, handyman, or plumber.

Bitcoin in China still chugging along, a year after clampdown

Local bitcoin exchange BTC China is thriving from speculative interest in the cryptocurrency

Facebook reveals the logic behind its forced Messenger split

It made Messenger a separate app and then turned it into a platform all its own

Google said to prep billing payment service for Gmail

It could yield valuable e-commerce activity data for Google

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FAA deems Amazon delivery drones 'airworthy,' with heavy regulations

A new certificate means the FAA will allow Amazon to test drones, but a drone delivery program still appears to be a work in progress.

Amazon's proposed drones will deliver packages in 30 minutes or less

Amazon Prime Air drones are cleared for testing, but expect delays before service launch

The testing permit carries heavy restrictions, but it's the first step in getting drone delivery service off the ground.

Facebook Messenger payments

Facebook brings payments to Messenger app

Users can link their debit card and send money through the app.

Alibaba uses facial recognition tech for online payments

The technology could replace the use of passwords on Alibaba's Alipay service

Facebook acquires The Find e-commerce search engine

The deal could present more local retailers in your Facebook ads

Senators again push for online sales tax

Nine lawmakers reintroduce a bill requiring large Internet retailers to collect out-of-state sales tax

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'Dark' Coins Rising

Cryptocurrency users are stepping up efforts to make payments payments untraceable and fully anonymous

Cryptocurrency software bundled with BitTorrent triggers complaints

After updating BitTorrent's uTorrent, some users reported that mining software had appeared on their PCs without their consent

Visa, MasterCard partner with mobile money providers in Africa

Visa to partner with Bharti Airtel, MasterCard teams with eTranzact

Amazon opens store on Alibaba to sell imported goods in China

Unlike Alibaba, which has a huge share of China's market, Amazon has a small presence

Google's new car insurance site lets you compare rates

It's currently only available to California residents, but coverage is expanding, Google says

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