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12 lessons ecommerce businesses learned this holiday season

Ecommerce, retail and marketing pros share their insights into the recent holiday shopping season and discuss how online retailers can apply their experiences to the 2016 holiday shopping season.

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Ecommerce predictions for 2016

An overview of trends I believe we'll see in and around enterprise-level ecommerce in 2016.

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Critical vulnerabilities patched in Magento e-commerce platform

The latest patches for the Magento e-commerce platform fix critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to hijack administrative accounts.

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For retailers, e-commerce alone won't make the sale

To be successful, retailers today need to focus on creating a customer experience that links mobile options with brick-and-mortar stores and websites.

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Neiman Marcus wants to merge the online and in-store shopping experience

High-end department store Neiman Marcus wants to improve more than its customer online buying experience. The company is working to use technology to merge its online and brick-and-mortar efforts.

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Thanks to tech, stores are evolving into showrooms

By 2025, some stores will be operating as showrooms, providing customers with an experience and product information but little inventory, with purchases shipped from warehouses to the shoppers' homes, according to an IBM report.

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Amazon Prime price slashed 25% this weekend to celebrate Golden Globe win

If you want to get a Prime subscription, a good time to buy will be Friday starting at 9 p.m. Pacific.

Amazon listing on Federal Maritime Commission directory

Amazon has registered to provide ocean freight services

Amazon's China subsidiary has registered to provide ocean freight services, a move that could help cut costs for Chinese companies looking to move products to U.S. markets, as well as give the retailer greater control over end-to-end...

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Compliance does not equal security

The effort to meet Level 1 PCI compliance reveals a new security mantra to our manager.

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How to use Pinterest to grow your business

Ecommerce and social media pros share 14 tips on using Pinterest to market your products.

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4 keys to creating a customer-friendly omnichannel experience

Ecommerce, supply chain and customer relationship experts discuss how brands can best provide a streamlined shopping experience in 2016, no matter which channel or channels they use.

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How to get and leverage user-generated content

Content marketing pros share their top tips on the best ways to acquire customer reviews, ratings, photos and videos.


How Houghton Mifflin Harcourt moved from product to platform

The 180-year-old publisher is now a digital platform player, thanks to an open API strategy.

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AT&T and Verizon both working on sponsored data offers

The nation's two biggest wireless carriers, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, have entered another competitive arena, this time over so-called "sponsored data," which gives customers access to low-cost or toll-free data.

Black Friday ecommerce fraud

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: Mobile commerce up, fraud (mostly) down

Credit card fraud, identity theft and friendly chargebacks were the top types of online fraud during the 4-day online shopping bonanza.

IBM Watson Commerce Insights

Why is your new product failing? Just ask Watson Analytics

IBM's Watson has been pushing ever further into the business world in recent months, and now it's helping online merchants analyze performance and make better merchandising decisions.

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How to succeed in B2B ecommerce

Experts in business-to-business marketing discuss the unique challenges online B2B companies face and what steps they can take to attract and retain customers.

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Online shoppers hit Cyber Monday -- hard

Cyber Monday drew in record sales, with numbers jumping 17.8 percent over the same day last year, according to IBM Watson analytics.

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