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Intel teams with Indian firm to launch 'Eddy' tablet for children

Eddy holds out the promise of keeping children away from TVs and smartphones

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Is Social Media Reviving or Killing Our Classrooms?

Social media can wreak havoc when students become distracted in the middle of class. Some educators have gone so far as to ban social media in the classroom, but others says that learning to control social media is part of the...

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10 Best Mobile Apps for Students

These educational aids will turn your phone or tablet into your best study buddy.

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Broadband and the Future of Learning

High-speed broadband networks will not only accelerate learning, but they will also enable students to acquire the skills that they need to flourish in a post-industrial society.

Heading Back to School? Try These 11 Terrific Tech Tools.

We've found some cool devices for your academic adventures, including innovative ways to power your smartphone, a tiny but powerful portable speaker and a new app that helps you share your notes.

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L.A. Cancels iPads-in-the-Schools Program: A Failure of Vision, Not Technology

The Los Angeles school system canceled its iPad deployment because administrators weren't ready for the technology, not because the technology wasn't ready for students.


The Best Educational Software for Students

We give you 10 great productivity programs that are perfect for students. They'll help you improve your schoolwork, study more efficiently, and manage your hectic schedule.

School System CIOs are Sold on Chromebooks

That support is giving Chromebooks a market anchor, with 5.2M expected to be sold this year

Career Advice: A Plan For Battling Organizational Politics

Premier 100 IT Leader Karen Sullivan also answers questions on the value of undergraduate degrees and MBAs

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Can Data Analytics Make Teachers Better Educators?

Teachers have always had to analyze data about how their students are learning, but data analytics tailored to their needs offers the promise of supporting and automating much of that work, allowing them to spend less effort...

For Half, STEM Degrees Lead to Other Jobs

Census data provides some detail, and also raises questions about whether there's a U.S. shortage of STEM workers

Apple's Eddy Cue Takes Cue From Boss, Auctions Off Lunch Date For Charity

Top bid so far, $11,500, will go to middle-school student program that awards free tickets to NCAA basketball games

12 Tips to Help College Grads Land Their First IT Job

Technology and HR pros, as well as IT recruiters, share their advice on how recent graduates and those still in college can best position themselves for a technology career.

Pirates, Cheats and IT Certs

Some ne'er-do-wells steal test questions and answers, and cheaters buy that information, share answers in chat rooms, pay other people to take tests for them and bring a range of technologies and techniques into test centers to gain...

Adaptive Learning Creates More Effective Training

Long espoused in educational circles, intelligent software that tailors training to the individual learner is catching on in corporations.

Multitasking: An Equal Opportunity Distraction

Even the strongest students can be no match for the distractions of multitasking, according to new research from Michigan State University.

Microsoft's Most Famous Couple, Bill and Melinda Gates: Stanford Commencement Speech Transcript

Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates team up to deliver Stanford address, laud grads for optimism and innovation.

University CIO Helps Boost Graduation Rates with Analytics

Brian A. Haugabrook, interim CIO at Valdosta State University in Georgia, deployed analytics tools that enable faculty and staff to identify students who need extra help. The effort paid off with higher graduation rates.

Why iOS 8 Will Be a Big Deal to Educators

I've been using iPads in education for as long as there have been iPads available to use in education. I implemented the world's first whole-school, one-to-one iPad program, in which all students in my school use iPads full time.

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