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Varkey Foundation Ampain Refugee Camp in Western Ghana

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One Colombian supercomputer, two collaborating campuses

In a supercomputing story spanning two continents, Purdue University’s CIO describes how deep collaboration in Colombia accelerated "speed to science."

The 13 most valuable IT certifications today

Looking for a leg up in your IT career? IT certifications remain a proven way to quickly gain valuable skills and demonstrate deeper interest and know-how in a domain that will further your career.

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Finance disrupted, tech it or leave it

Software is eating our world. That’s something that has been going on for quite a while now at the scale of our fast-changing world. As the tech industry is leading our economical growth, there is something that many of us do not...

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SoftBank targets service industries with Boston Robotics acquisition

SoftBank's latest robotics acquisition could allow it to open up a whole new market for service industries and home help.

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Check Point boosts cloud-security education to help IT security pros stay relevant

Check Point is investing heavily in educating IT pros about the cloud, not only to promote their own cloud security products but to give potential customers the skills they’ll need to keep their jobs as their employers move more and...

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Leadership for the IT revolution

Which type of leader will come to the fore in this dynamic time?

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Resisting? Running for office? Get trained online, you will.

The next generation of activists and candidates trains online. As Yoda teaches Luke in Star Wars “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

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Microsoft's sleek Surface Laptop brings computing class to classrooms and beyond

Microsoft's new Surface Laptop was created to showcase Windows 10 S and lead a new generation of Windows 10 S devices.

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Meet Windows 10 S, a streamlined, simplified, Windows Store-only OS for schools

Windows 10 S, Microsoft’s new education-focused OS, may look like Windows RT, but it's actually targeting Chrome OS with key differences to make it more useful.

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Making us all into makers

Technology startups have been exploring in order to address the increasingly pressing issue of the widening digital skills gap. One company works with schools to get pupils to build their own fully functional classroom laptops,...

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Top techies giving 2017 college commencement speeches

With today’s push across the education landscape for more emphasis on STEM studies, it’s not surprising that top leaders and innovators in technology would be a draw as college commencement speakers. Here’s a roundup of some of the...

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Microsoft's next Surface may be a Chromebook competitor for schools

Microsoft may take aim at Chromebooks' dominance in schools with an inexpensive Surface and cloud-based Windows.

Dell 11 3180 Education laptop

Hands-on review: Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Education laptop

An affordable laptop that brings Linux-based Chrome OS and Google’s G Suite for Education to schools.

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Microsoft to host education event May 2

Microsoft is hosting an education-focused event in New York on May 2, where the tech titan is expected to reveal new software and hardware.

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Why you should study security in college

An expert at Brown University provides a counterpoint to an earlier story on why you don't need to study security in college.

Utah is the first Power Five school with its own varsity video games team

The University of Utah announced last week that it had become the first school in a Power Five athletic conference to field its own varsity esports team, which is a real thing that actually happened.

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University CIO calls on cloud phone service

Georgetown University’s move to the cloud comes as part of a telecommunications strategy shift aimed at lowering costs while embracing technologies for its digital shift.

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Putting the T back in STEM

The importance of education in technology.

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