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Job outlook: Starting salaries for recent computer science graduates

This infographic based on a survey of recent college graduates demonstrates just how much the job market loves computer science majors

micro bit

With Raspberry Pi, FitBit in mind, BBC device targets microcomputer arena

The British Broadcasting Corporation announced yesterday that it would jump into the burgeoning market for small form-factor computers with the BBC Micro Bit, a microcomputer that’s sort of a cross between a FitBit and a Raspberry Pi....

classroom ipads students teach learn lesson

How higher education deals with security threats

A culture of openness, two-factor authentication and incident response plans are some ways colleges and universities are dealing with security threats.


BBC reveals Micro:bit, a programmable PC that fits in your pocket

British school children around age 11 and 12 are about to get a free micro-PC to learn how to code.

Beach Reads for Techies

Beach reads for techies 2015

IT pros share their reading plans for the summer and recommend their all-time favorite books for technologists. Elon Musk or Malcolm Gladwell, anyone?

computer science blackboard

Theory, practice, and fighting for terminal time: How computer science education has changed

When it comes to learning programming, some things have changed -- but not everything.

Microsoft testing new Office 365 features to entice educators

Microsoft is improving its education chops as school IT managers ramp up for a new year

Chinese university opens Microsoft-backed U.S. outpost

$40 million grant underwriting new Global Innovation Exchange with University of Washington


Hiring recent college grads: 5 strategies that work

Tech grads have many options right out of college, so find something that sets your company apart and gets them excited.

project management advice

What advice would you give an aspiring project manager?

Experienced project managers get contacted by aspiring PMs for career advice from time to time. There are really no wrong or right answers - we just try to encourage and give them as clear a picture as possible of what to expect. ...

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Really smart phones: Now they can predict your GPA

Researchers at Dartmouth College and the University of Texas at Austin have developed an Android app that they say can predict students’ grade point averages. The technology could also have future applications for predicting employee...

My future roads paths businessman

CIOs need to plan and prepare for disruption

A recent survey indicates that a number of CIO’s don’t think their industry is facing the prospect of disruption, meaning they're not preparing appropriately. Disruption is a reality, you must prepare and adapt.

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Geekiest and techiest new Scrabble words

The new Collins Official Scrabble Words book is out, and a lot of the new words are technology related.

Tim Cook Apple CEO George Washington University commencement speech transcript 2015

Apple's Tim Cook tells GW grads: Ignore the cynics, change the world like Steve Jobs did

Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered the commencement address to the George Washington University Class of 2015 on Sunday, May 17. He reflected on negative and positive influences in his life, from Gov. George Wallace to President Jimmy...

oceans of data

Companies must teach employees to swim in oceans of data

Analytics is becoming a part of the job at every level of the organization, but few companies are prepared

UNESCO, Chinese school tech fund helps Liberia recover from Ebola

Schools in the country reopened in February after taking a six-month break in a bid to curtail spread of the Ebola virus

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UCLA commencement speaker choice ripped as 'patent troll'

While complaints about college commencement speaker choices have become a rite of Spring on campuses in recent years, most technology industry-related commencement speakers have avoided such controversy. However, an editorial writer...

Start Menu: Windows 10 Build 10056

Windows 10 PCs for back-to-school? Highly unlikely

Barring a miracle, devices pre-loaded with Windows 10 won't make it to stores in time for the critical back-to-school sales season.

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