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Over 90% off Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification - Deal Alert

Anyone can point and shoot a camera, but few have what it takes to go pro. For $19.99, you can pick up the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification and learn the skills used by industry pros to take beautiful shots...

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Limited time offer: Pre-Order The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course - Deal Alert

Whether you’re mastering the fundamentals of programming, or digging into iOS 10-specific features (improved AI and Siri function, anyone?)--this course will have you covered.

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$29.99 for the IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training ($1,895 value) - Deal Alert

For a limited time, the bundle of courses is only $29.99 and jam-packed with over 48 hours of courses and 50 hours of advanced training.

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Universities must build innovators in new ways

The future doesn’t care how you became an expert.The experts of tomorrow will learn differently.

corinne warnshuis

How one nonprofit is making tech education open to everyone

"Just because you didn't learn when you were ten doesn't mean you can't learn now," says Girl Develop It executive director Corinne Warnshuis.


Researchers add software bugs to reduce the number of… software bugs

A new strategy for training bug-finding tools could help catch more vulnerabilities.

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OLPC redux: Spin-off delivers successors to XO hardware

Non-profit One Education has an ambitious plan in a competitive PC market: to sell Windows 10 tablets and laptops inspired by the innovative spirit of One Laptop Per Child, which designed groundbreaking low-cost PCs almost a decade...

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Pressed by falling numbers, Apple adds iPhone and iPad Pro to back-to-school promotion

Apple is including the iPhone and iPad Pro in this year's back-to-school promotion because the company must manage a slumping smartphone as well as a stuck-in-decline tablet market, an analyst said.

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The art of maximizing work not done

How should your technology organization decrease wasteful work? Following lean and agile principles will guide the way. Increase flow and decrease variability using Donald Reinertsen's techniques.

internships ts

Why unpaid internships are underrated

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that experience matters, so taking that low or no-pay internship now can pay off big time in the long run.

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Hillary Clinton's tech agenda draws cheers from IT industry

Presumptive Democratic nominee calls for investments in STEM education, cybersecurity and job training, pledging to make an open Internet a cornerstone of her administration's diplomacy.

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Brown University offers Ivy League CISO creds

Freshly minted CISOs as well as other mid-career professionals with a need for a broad grounding in cybersecurity can get an advanced degree in the topic through a new program at Brown University.

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Why one Cisco shop is willing to give Wi-Fi startup Mist a shot

Bowdoin College CIO tests startup Mist's WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy offerings to complement campus-wide Cisco WLAN and deliver new location-based services

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Clinton’s tech plan defers student loans for risk takers

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's tech policy agenda includes a proposal to make it easier for recent college graduates to start businesses.

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Ethnic, gender imbalances plague computer science education

Amid a new report from BSA, quantifying the economic impact of the software industry, Obama administration officials stress importance of broadening access to programming instruction in K-12 schools.

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Tech pros share advice for new computer science graduates

Tips, lessons learned, and advice for computer science graduates entering the workforce

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Save Hundreds on the Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle - Deal Alert

This premium e-learning bundle from Adobe features top-notch instruction on all things photography. You’ll dive into over 65 hours of content, encompassing everything from shooting black-and-white photography to acing the Photoshop...

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How to combat new college grads' lack of security awareness

New graduates aren’t just bringing their skills and experience to the workplace – they’re also bringing poor cybersecurity habits.

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