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Winning strategies for MACRA and MIPS

We have received the almost 2,400 pages of the final rule on MACRA. It's complicated, and now is the time to prepare.

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Unpacking new HHS guidelines on healthcare data in the cloud

The new HHS guidelines recognize the growing importance of cloud computing in healthcare and are the right step in the bringing cloud service providers into the broader discussion on healthcare data security and privacy. However,...

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Doctors: E-health records raise costs, don’t help patient outcomes

Most physicians believe mandated electronic health records not only increase operating costs but draw their attention away from patients and have little effect on patient outcomes.

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Apple's big plan for HealthKit would put all your medical data in one spot

Apple is reportedly working on electronic health record software that would take all of your information and make it easier for doctors to diagnose.

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Will forensics thwart data thieves lurking in hospital EHR corridors?

Healthcare data theft has bedeviled some of the best IT security organizations in the business. Existing solutions aren't working. It's time for a disruption. We need to cast down from the cloud a digital “fingerprint” safety net of...

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Connecting patient data solving healthcare interoperability and the ONC Blockchain Challenge

Propogated by experts, veterans of industry, and healthcare players spanning every facet of the healthcare ecosystem is the myth that healthcare interoperablity is a fantansy.

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National ONC Blockchain Challenge explores micro-identities to improve healthcare interoperability

Blockchain technologies will enable patient identity matching. A paper that Peter B. Nichol and Dr. William Dailey submitted to the ONC Blockchain Challenge proposes solutions for healthcare interoperability in the United States.

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Jump-starting population health management

Aurora Health Care, a healthcare system with 15 hospitals and over 150 clinics, has just entered the second phase of an effort to use startup software developers to create the applications it needs for population health management.

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ONC blockchain challenge and the birth of the cryptocitizen for healthcare

In a paper submitted to the ONC Blockchain Challenge, Jeff Brandt and Peter B. Nichol seek to redefine health, introducing co-creation of trust for healthcare.

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The ACA and the death of medical privacy

When you sign a release, exactly who is authorized to see your medical records? How has the ACA made matters worse?

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Connected medical device makers need to step up security

The internet of things (IoT) shows huge promise in the healthcare sector, but there are serious security implications. Device manufacturers need to do more to secure devices and hospital CIOs need to demand better security.

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4 reasons why healthcare needs a digital code of ethics

There is the distinct possibility that the best use of health information technology is to find new ways to listen to patients and enhance the doctor patient relationship rather than dictate or placate it. Ethics, and not data...

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Is digital health the snake oil of our times?

Ineffective EHR and interoperability issues are significant barriers in the adoption of digital health tools. However, some market leaders are finding ways to overcome these headwinds.


Healthcare CIO slams new Medicare proposal

CIO.com talks to Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, about his opposition to the health IT aspects of Medicare’s new approach to paying doctors.

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Health IT adoption lags due to lack of patient interest

New Nielsen survey highlights slow rate of adoption and interoperability in health technology as patients don’t see the value of online scheduling, mobile apps and EMRs.

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Code red: Health IT must fix its security crisis

Poor understanding of risk leaves health providers vulnerable to attack, as malicious hackers threaten to wreak havoc

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How to use advanced analytics to mitigate EHR data risks

Consulting firm PwC says healthcare organizations should leverage advanced analytics to mitigate the risks associated with electronic health record data.

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Blockchain health record bank replaces EHRs and EMRs

Blockchain consensus and chain-of-custody for the healthcare supply chain are coming to your neighborhood.

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