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Artificial intelligence computer brain circuits electronics grid

The state of artificial intelligence for the enterprise

The rise of cloud computing has opened the door for artificial intelligence in the marketplace. Learn how three of the largest technology companies are delivering A.I.-based features to engage customers in entirely new ways.


Want to live on Mars with 1M of your closest friends?

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, envisions the day when there is a working, thriving, self-sustaining civilization of a million people on Mars.

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Qualcomm sets up competition to stimulate IoT innovation

Qualcomm put Teams Blue and Orange in a large room together for three days with tools and IoT components, including a complete circuit board with a Snapdragon processor on it, and told them to come up with an invention that could save...


Microsoft commits to running data centers off 50% renewable energy by 2018

Microsoft announced it plans to run its data centers off 50% renewable energy by 2018. The company’s worldwide production, licensing and logistic centers already run off 100% renewable energy.

cio sept 2016 cover

CIO September 2016 Digital Magazine: Big data on campus

Cover story: Facing federal and state pressure to raise retention and graduation rates, dozens of colleges and universities are developing analytics tools to help students make better decisions about everything from courses to social...

Ranault ZOE, Nissan LEAF

Microsoft to connect Renault-Nissan self-driving cars through Azure cloud

Microsoft has signed a deal to work with Renault-Nissan to create a new vehicle communications platform via the Azure cloud.

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Censorship and healthcare's redactable blockchain trapdoor

Leaked encryption keys, offensive material, and errors as in the case of a medical record suggests that an editable blockchain is worth reflection.

ignobels 2016 intro

Here are the 2016 Ig Nobel Prize 'winners'

Let’s say you’re a scientist, and you’ve worked your entire adult life at your discipline. You do a sort of offbeat study, for valid scientific reasons, and figure, hey, this’ll get a laugh in whatever journal is relevant to your...

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Why Accenture broke the blockchain with IBM's help

Let me guess. You thought blockchains were immutable. Exploring the mystery behind breaking the blockchain. What does this all mean for business?

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Banks turn to AI for improved customer service, competitive edge

How Capital One, RBS and TD Bank use artificial intelligence to boost customer service and revenue.


Teleporting a photon leads researchers to quantum security

It's still early days, but teleporting photons could lead to unbreakable security; tampering with photons creates obvious changes in code keys.

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Renewable energy makes up almost one-third of the world's electrical capacity

A new report from the World Energy Council has revealed 30% of installed power generating equipment is made up by renewable technology and it is responsible for 23% of total global electricity production.

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Five technologies that will change our lives in five years

Analysts see a handful of technologies that are poised to radically change our lives by 2021.

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Apple chief says AR will trump VR in commercial scenarios

Apple's Tim Cook suggests that the company is currently exploring augmented reality rather than virtual reality. However, despite the success of Pokemon Go both technologies remain stronger in the enterprise.

roboat self-driving autonomous boat

Autonomous boats — yes, boats — to hit the water in 2017

MIT and two Dutch universities are collaborating on a $27 million project to create a fleet of autonomous canal-going vessels. At the same time, private companies are already building open water vessels for a myriad of transportation...

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Autopilot tech supplier fears Tesla is pushing safety envelope too far

Autopilot supplier Mobileye has ended its relationship with Tesla because it believes the all-electric carmaker has been taking too many risks with semi-autonomous technology.

self driving uber

As self-driving cars hit Pittsburgh's roads, Boston wants to be next

Uber today announced that some customers in Pittsburgh will find themselves in its first self-driving vehicles; meanwhile, Boston's mayor said he wants his city wants to welcome the testing of autonomous vehicles.

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Augmenting the project manager

The enthusiasm for the application of artificial intelligence is encouraging and indicating that people's readiness to adopt the technology in their life and work is bright. The technology will replace some of the tasks of the project...

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