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2016 software predictions

Why you need a systems reliability engineer

How can you make sure the software your company builds today will stand the test of time? Hire an SRE.

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Fog is coming, and that's good news for the cloud

Fog allows data to be processed, analyzed, stored, and acted upon more quickly through the use of more local devices. This leaves the cloud free to do what it does best.

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Serverless computing: Freedom for devs at last

Strip away your infrastructure headaches with our clear-eyed guide to serverless and the public cloud and on-premises options fueling its possibilities

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The technological foundation for the age of the customer

Technological prowess is essential in the Age of the Customer. Many companies, however, are investing in Big Data, the omni-channel experience, cool apps and more before laying the foundation. Discover the first step you need to take...

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Get your company ready for artificial intelligence

Companies need to resolve issues regarding data quality, ERP and business process improvement first, before implementing artificial intelligence solutions.

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OSGi at the UK's biggest science lab

Developers at Diamond Light Source set out to migrate a mission-critical, Java-based acquisition system to dynamic class loading. Here’s what they learned.


What’s in your architecture?

Why the architecture has far-reaching effects and how to get it right before you invest in implementing it

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Airbnb open sources data-science-sharing platform

The knowledge-sharing framework, still in beta, is designed to bring the discipline of computer-code sharing to data analysis.


IBM readies open standard for high performance interconnect

A consortium headed by IBM has inaugurated a new, faster standard for system interconnect, which will bring the next wave of system performance improvement. OpenCAPI, as the standard is called, will offer enterprise datacenter...

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These platforms will make your bots language-intelligent

Natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) are two of the technologies powering the fast-growing bot technology ecosystem. Beyond the hype, the last few years have produced major breakthroughs in...

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5 reasons why enterprise IoT is a tough market for startups

The internet of things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing segments of the enterprise IT marketplace. But unlike the markets for other hot emerging technologies, the enterprise IOT platform sector seems to be dominated by incumbents...

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Fragmentation could be the Achilles' heel of bot technologies

Bots are becoming one of the most popular trends in the modern technology ecosystem but with popularity comes challenges. The increasing number of bot technologies is causing an unprecedented fragmentation in the bot ecosystem that...

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Microsoft and IBM want to own your blockchain

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) is one of the newest and most intriguing trends in the blockchain ecosystem. In recent months, Microsoft and IBM have launched new BaaS offerings to incorporate blockchain technologies as part of their...

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Why every CIO needs to know that some APIs don’t matter

Your fate as CIO depends on an accurate understanding of APIs that matter.

Big Data Governance Storytelling

Beyond Acronyms: Humanizing big data and information governance through mindful storytelling

Six tips for effective data storytelling, as learned from work being done at the Navy.

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IoT platform wars: The battle for the 4th enterprise platform

IoT platforms are called to become the fourth major wave of enterprise platforms following the Web, cloud and mobile. The ecosystems for enterprise IoT platform remains incredibly crowded and complex to navigate but we can already see...

Obsolete software on obsolete hardware

What not upgrading enterprise software could cost you

Given the rapid rate of innovation in the software field, the costs of obsolete systems are usually much higher than most people realize. The only way to know for sure is to estimate that cost.

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Why IT and marketing need to work together

For years, the IT and marketing departments have had a rocky relationship. As marketer's need to better understand the customer, it requires the investment and use of a significant amount of technology. It's time that the feud come to...

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