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Introducing the scaled agile framework

SAFe is a programming knowledge base that aims to enable you to apply lean-agile practices at enterprise scale. Will it take your development projects where they need to go?

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The death of the 20th Century corporation

The 20th Century corporation is dying and it’s being replaced by a new breed of millennial organization that operates, scales and runs in an entirely new way, corporations need to learn, adapt and transform in order to survive.

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CIOs need to plan and prepare for disruption

A recent survey indicates that a number of CIO’s don’t think their industry is facing the prospect of disruption, meaning they're not preparing appropriately. Disruption is a reality, you must prepare and adapt.

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Decisions, Decisions: Choices Abound as Data Center Architecture Options Expand

Cloud, colocation, modular, outsourcing, virtualization and more efficient servers are all vying for your attention as you modernize your infrastructure. Sorting through all the options isn't easy, but here's how some IT managers are...

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6 Things to Know About Choosing a New IT Vendor

No one should sign a contract with an IT vendor without fully evaluating who they are and what they do. Asking vendors these six questions might throw them for a bit of a loop, but their (honest) answers will help you determine if...

A New Dawn for System Design

Are you building business apps that employees love to use and can pick up without training? If not, you need a different kind of design team, says design consultant Harold Hambrose.

Google's Move Into Home Automation Means Even Less Privacy

Plans by smart thermostat maker Nest Labs to share some customer data with corporate parent Google means the search engine giant will be fending off privacy concerns as it expands into home automation.

Why You Need to Load Test Your Website

There are multiple approaches to load testing your website, but one thing is certain: Organizations that fail to see how their sites will handle sudden surges in traffic do so at their own risk.

HP Places Its Data Center Bet on 'The Machine'

Many industry leaders over the years have developed technology to drive data center innovation. However, CIO.com columnist Rob Enderle writes that HP's Machine concept -- which treats the data center as an appliance -- looks to...

Dell Executive Says HP's New Machine Architecture is 'Laughable'

Hewlett-Packard's attempt to come up with a new architecture for computers is "laughable" and would make trillions of dollars in software investment obsolete, a top Dell executive said Thursday.

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Top Ten Competencies of the Modern CIO

Top Ten Competencies of the Modern CIO: A Work in Progress

Making the Clinical Data Warehouse Relevant Again

The clinical data warehouse used to represent what was wrong with healthcare IT: An incomplete data source that was siloed to boot. But Texas Children's Hospital has turned its data warehouse into a valuable tool for clinical and...

Google Looks to Unite Work and Pleasure By Acquiring Divide

Divide consolidates work and personal apps on people's own mobile devices

New CEO tries to break Acer's reliance on PCs

Jason Chen is moving the company into wearables and other non-PC segments

Big Data Giants Cloudera and MongoDB Join Forces

The leading Hadoop distribution provider and the leading NoSQL database provider announced a partnership that spans engineering, support, sales and marketing efforts.

US Tech Spending to See 'solid, Steady Growth' This Year and Next, Forrester Says

Stability in the federal government is spurring Forrester's confident outlook

6 Amazing Advances in Cloud Technology

The cloud is more than just dirt-cheap data storage and lightning-fast apps. These six innovations show that it's possible to manage servers, develop applications, run virtual machines and even sequence the human genome using cloud...

Startup Claims Wearables with its Chips Can have Up to 30 Days of Battery Life

Ineda Systems, backed by Samsung and Qualcomm, will ship its chips in the second half of the year

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