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Interns Loving Life at Facebook, Google & Apple

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple are among the highest rated tech companies for interns to work for, according to Glassdoor ranking

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Zuckerberg Talks Connectivity, Another Billion Users and Working with Google

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company could pick up another 1 billion users by 2020 and he would consider working with Google to extend Internet connectivity around the world.

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Facebook Virtual Reality Apps Could Be 'Revolutionary'

Facebook is developing virtual reality software, the technology could revolutionize the way people work and play online.

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Despite Apple and Facebook's Latest Plays, Virtual Reality Has a Long Way to Go

Who will spur virtual reality headsets to mainstream adoption? The odds are on Facebook.

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7 Reasons Friends Unfollow You on Facebook

Facebook, the social network that everyone from your kids to your grandparents loves, isn't always easy to maneuver. In the third installment of our four-part Social Media Rules of Engagement series, CIO.com's Matt Kapko shares advice...

How a Bug Almost Ate All of Your Facebook Photos

A researcher found out how to delete anyone’s Facebook pictures but rather than do it, reported the flaw to the company, which patched it and gave him a reward.

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In Case You Die Off Before Facebook Does

Facebook has added an option for users to delegate management of their account for when they die.

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10 Social Media Accounts Sports Fans Should Follow

You love sports and follow your favorite teams and hometown heroes. But the world of sports on social media is a wide one, so why limit yourself? Here are 10 sports celebrities who are especially open and entertaining on Twitter,...

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It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's the Rebirth of Satellite Internet

SpaceX, Facebook, Virgin Galactic and Google have all announced major initiatives that would help connect the world -- especially developing nations -- to the Internet. But the next thing in worldwide connectivity isn't going to be in...

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Super Bowl Dominates Social Media With Dancing Sharks and Crazy Plays

Twitter and Facebook saw a slew of posts, photos, and videos during one of the most exciting Super Bowl games in recent memory.

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Facebook Edges into Foursquare Territory with Place Tips on iOS

The social network will use a combination of Wi-Fi, GPS, and new Bluetooth beacons to show you location-based info.

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Facebook and Twitter Battle to Be Your Super Bowl Second Screen

The social networks need your attention to serve up more ads.

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How Facebook is Using Autoplaying Videos and Ad Tech to Make Billions

Now a $10 billion+ business, Facebook looks to the next decade.

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'Parks And Recreation,' Facebook and The New Privacy

Tuesday's episode of Parks And Recreation raises an important question about Facebook and privacy.

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Why Social Listening Platforms Are Failing

Social listening services promise to capture and analyze the buzz about a particular brand on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The problem is they don’t come cheap and they aren’t working.


Facebook Denies Attack Brought Down its Site

Facebook denied that the outage which took down Facebook and Instagram Monday night was related to a third-party attack by The Lizard Squad or anyone else.


How Facebook Stimulates the Economy and Creates Millions of Jobs

According to a Facebook-commissioned report from Deloitte, the world's largest social network stimulated $227 billion in economic impact and created 4.5 million jobs across the globe in 2014.


Internet Problems Take Out Facebook, Instagram, Others; Lizard Squad Takes Credit

Unexplained outages take out several popular Internet services, including Facebook, Instagram, and HipChat. Hacker group The Lizard Squad takes credit.

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