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Facebook's Instant Articles

Facebook's Instant Articles

Facebook: The other Internet

People use search engines and other means to discover places to do these things. But Facebook envisions an end to all that. It envisions a world in which people use only one site or one app: Facebook.

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Is Facebook still an innovative company?

It may not always seem like it, but the pace of innovation at Facebook is as swift as ever. Today the majority of the company's most significant improvements relate to its 'family of apps.'

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Why Twitter will never be Facebook (and that's OK)

Facebook is the clear king of social, and it's unlikely that Twitter will ever seriously infringe on its throne. The fact is that Twitter shouldn't try to compete with mainstream rivals, such as Facebook — and social media users...

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Zuckerberg’s zeal for free Internet shows in Internet.org video

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn't an evangelical preacher, but his latest video promoting the new Internet.org Platform is filled with a missionary zeal.


Meerkat integrates address books, befriends Facebook after Twitter snub

The live streaming video app starts reducing its Twitter dependency after losing access to the network's social graph.

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IT execs on Facebook at Work strengths and weaknesses

A handful of senior IT executives agree that Facebook needs to overcome some significant challenges before organizations can seriously consider its Facebook at Work enterprise collaboration platform.

Dropcam footage, Facebook posts sink suspected serial burglar (see video)

A man suspected of committing as many as 2 dozen car and house break-ins was arrested for burglary in a Boston suburb on Tuesday after being identified from a Dropcam home surveillance camera and implicating himself via Facebook.

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Facebook gives priority to friends in News Feed change

Facebook announced that it is changing the algorithm that handles what posts, photos and videos users are shown on their News Feeds. The change is geared to giving users more information from their favorite friends.

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Is anyone using Facebook at Work?

Very few companies have access to Facebook at Work, the company's social network for business, and the platform wasn’t mentioned at all during Facebook’s annual developer conference last month. However, the company says it is working...

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What Facebook's bold vision for virtual reality means to you

Facebook spent billions of dollars on a virtual reality company and dedicated a significant portion of a recent conference keynote to the subject. The company is betting big on VR and says the technology will be the dominant form of...

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Want to secure your social info? Facebook shows you how

Facebook today launched 11 interactive guides and how-tos to help users secure their social information.

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Facebook's future could include app consolidation

Facebook currently offers a family of apps, and for now its users are embracing the differences, but if the lines between apps and services blur the company could very well consolidate.

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Facebook Messenger born to die as a 'platform'

Facebook introduced this week at its F8 developer conference a new API for one of its messaging apps. It's a terrible idea.


Facebook's future: Internet by drone, VR with friends

Facebook wants to beam Internet access from drones and let you connect with your friends through virtual reality.


Facebook's future: Internet by drone, VR with friends

Facebook wants to beam Internet access from drones and let you connect with your friends through virtual reality.


World Tech Update - Facebook's F8 announcements, 8K for Windows 10, drone laws

On World Tech Update Facebook brings Messenger to businesses, Ford debuts technology that helps drivers avoid speeding tickets and astronauts prepare for a year in space.

Oculus VR

At F8 today, virtual reality may be next phase of social networking

Virtual reality is among the topics that Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, is expected to talk about today, the second day of the company's annual F8 developer conference being held in San Francisco.

Facebook's iOS UI development framework goes open source

ComponentKit framework, now offered for general use, reduces the complexity of writing code

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