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Facebook’s New Groups App Helps You Separate Your Friends

The social network has launched a Facebook Groups app designed to help people share more easily with all their groups.

Huddle Claims 'Facebook at Work' Won't Be Suitable For Enterprise

Facebook at Work would allow users to chat to colleagues and collaborate on documents

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Facebook May Be Building Social Network for the Enterprise

Facebook may be expanding from a social website where users share photos of their favorite sandwiches and pets, to a network focused on business users.

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'Facebook for Work' to Take on Yammer and Slack

There's no shortage of enterprise-centric Facebook facsimiles, but now Facebook itself may be looking to enter the fray.

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Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Earnings Tell Very Different Tales

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are often lumped together as the kings of social media. They are also often unjustly compared. The reality is the companies have little in common, as evidenced by their recent earnings reports.

Half a Billion People Now Use Messenger, After Facebook Forced Them Into It

Several months after requiring the app, some users still lament the change

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Facebook Gives You More News Feed Control With Faster Unfollowing

New settings let you weed out friends you don't want to hear from without cutting them off completely.

Facebook Gives Users More Ways to Filter Their Feeds

Users can now see how prominently certain friends or pages appear in their feeds

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Zuckerberg Speaks: Why Facebook Isn’t Cool and the Reason Behind the Forced Messenger Migration

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered your burning questions in a crowdsourced Q&A.


Facebook's Anonymous 'Rooms' Could Cause IT Headaches

Facebook released a new app that's designed to provide anonymity and encourage users to discuss things, in secret, that they might not normally share with friends. CIOs and their IT teams would be wise to keep an eye on apps like...

Facebook Will be Mostly Video in 5 Years , Zuckerberg Says

Video will appear more prominently in users' feeds over time, the CEO said

Facebook Users Still Being Suckered by Common Scams, Says BitDefender

Guess who viewed your profile?


How Facebook Can Influence Your Vote This Election Day

By telling you that your friends voted, the social network might push you to the polls.

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How Brands Can Convert Facebook Users Into Customers

Converting users into customers on Facebook isn't a science, but the social network is quickly becoming a valuable way companies to boost sales. Brands need to embrace potential influencers and provide insights with a purpose if they...

Facebook Says You Can be Social and Secure, Acquires .Onion Address for Tor Users

Facebook, anonymous? Hardly, but users may still want Tor's location-hiding security while they use the service. Facebook's .onion address makes that all easier.

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8 Ways Facebook and Twitter Make Money

It may be unclear to the casual observer just how Facebook and Twitter monetize their hugely popular social sites, but both companies are raking in the ad dollars. These eight examples detail the ways Facebook and Twitter make money...

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Facebook is Betting Big on the Future and Plans to Lose Money in the Process

CEO Mark Zuckerberg is focused on Internet.org, WhatsApp, and Oculus as long-term opportunities for Facebook.

10 Tools That Will Make You a Social Media Guru

These 10 tools will help you manage your individual or business social media accounts without breaking the bank.

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