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Most CEOs Still Don’t Get Social Media

Social media participation among the world’s leading CEOs is inching upward, but the overall level of activity is still surprising low. Almost seven out of every 10 Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence at all.

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Learn the Science of When to Post on Facebook and Twitter

What’s the best time and frequency to post on Facebook or Twitter? Digital marketers struggle with these questions 24/7. Here’s how to map out a game plan for scheduling your social media activity.

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Don't Blink! Facebook Tries Out Disappearing Posts

Facebook is testing whether to offer disappearing posts and comments with a small group of mobile users.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

Nowadays, successful social media campaigns can be just as effective as multi-million-dollar ad campaigns. Failures can fall just as flat, too. The difference between winning and losing often comes down to a few key strategies that...

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How to Automate Your Facebook and Twitter Posts With Buffer

If you're a social media butterfly, posting interesting content can be a full-time job. Buffer lets you focus on the content and takes care of posting for you.

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Facebook Tries to Quell Messenger Rumors

Facebook is going on the offensive, trying to do damage control for its Messenger app.

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Facebook Vows to Destroy Click Bait and the Results Could Be Shocking

Facebook says it’s growing tired of some publisher’s bait-for-click tactics and wants to reduce the amount of sensationalized content that appears in users’ news feeds. It won’t be easy, though.

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How Social Networks Are Changing Mobile Advertising

Why is Facebook, and more recently Twitter, delivering results in mobile advertising while most others continue to struggle? Digital marketing experts weigh in on the secret to mobile advertising success.

Google, Facebook Go Beyond Social, Beyond Identity

In order to understand the strange but spectacularly profitable world of Google and Facebook today, it's important to start in the fall of 2010.

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How to Generate Leads From 4 Top Social Networks

The largest platforms in social media continue to make it easier for brands to generate leads. Some of the most effective methods are also the easiest to deploy. Here’s five ways marketers are generating leads on Facebook, Twitter,...

Facebook Moves to Protect User Data With PrivateCore Buy

Cybersecurity startup PrivateCore's tech can help prevent hackers -- or anyone -- from accessing Facebook user data

Facebook Outage Hits Users

Social network reports having an issue affecting all of its platforms at noon ET

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Do Your Employees Use Facebook? You Might Have a Problem

A recent study ties Facebook use to divorce. (Either as a cause or an effect. Or both.) Social networks could have a similar adverse effect on the relationship status of employees and your company. It might be time to keep an eye on...

Facebook Users Still an Irresistible Target for Phishing Attackers, Says Kaspersky

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Facebook, T-Mobile Owe Customers Sincere Apologies – but Don't Hold Your Breath

Both Facebook and T-Mobile recently admitted mistakes and apologized to their customers...sort of. CIO.com columnist Bill Snyder says tech companies should at least act sincere if they're going to say they're sorry.

Like Other Tech Giants, Facebook is Very White and Very Male

The company has become the latest in a string of major tech players to disclose employee diversity details.

Are Social Media Giants Betraying Your Trust?

The leading social media companies are outraged over NSA surveillance, but would that spying even be possible if Facebook, Google and Twitter weren't collecting data and selling it to online marketers? Social media companies...

Facebook Takes Another Swipe at Snapchat With Slingshot

Facebook is taking another run at Snapchat. This time with an app that works more like a boomerang than a slingshot. The app's unique features and silly sounds make for a playful experience, but CIO.com's Matt Kapko writes it's also...

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