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security phishing hook

Google Drive phishing is back -- with obfuscation

If you have a Google account and a stranger sends you a link to a document on Google Drive, think twice before clicking -- it could be a phishing scam designed to harvest your Google credentials

master lock with root password

Google: Users still aren’t getting message about online security

Google researchers say that experts and non-experts go about protecting their digital privacy in very different ways, according to survey results they plan to present at the upcoming Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security.

gogle drive in office

Dogs and cats, living together: Google Drive comes to Office

No service is a standalone service any more. Even Google Drive is being connected to Microsoft Office.

gmail vs. inbox

Google tests $2 custom Gmail addresses

Gmail users who want more professional and unique email addresses now have a new low-cost option, thanks to the 'Gmail at work' service, which offers custom addresses. But is it really a good deal?

google cardboard gettingstarted lead

How to get started with Cardboard, Google's DIY virtual reality headset

Want to strap your smartphone to your face? It's cheap and relatively easy.

Google opens its cloud to Microsoft workloads

Google Cloud Platform now supports Windows virtual machine images.

google hits misses google right to be forgotten

Is it Google's job to fix society?

Why does everyone want a search engine company to correct what's wrong with humanity?

google atap regina dugan

Inside Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group

Using the playbook she brought from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Regina Dugan drives rapid technology innovation at Google’s ATAP group.

collaboration tools

An IT view of Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word Online

Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online are more similar than ever, so total cost of ownership, training and support may be more important considerations for CIOs and IT managers than feature sets.


Google Maps' Street View ascends 3,000 feet to the top of El Capitan

Google is looking up, way up with its latest addition to Street View, Yosemite National Park's El Capitan.

cloud contracts thinkstock

Office 365 vs. Google for Work: A cloud comparison for small businesses

Microsoft and Google offer low-cost cloud tools for small- and medium-size businesses, but each of their offerings has unique strengths and weaknesses. Here's a high-level comparison of Office 365 and Google for Work, specifically for...

cloud development ts

Office 365 and Google for Work adoption rates to grow rapidly

Many large businesses are hesitant to forsake their legacy systems for a fully cloud-based infrastructure, but the number of smaller organizations that will run all of their IT services in the cloud is expected to more than double...

google photos ios 3up

Google Photos: How big a threat to Apple?

Google Photos, the amped up cloud-based photo storage service, organizer and editor, was one of the big reveals at Google I/O. So should Apple be nervous?

google for work

IT pros say Google slowly infiltrating enterprise, education

Google for Work was a no-show at the company's I/O conference last week, but Google is still making its mark on the enterprise. Here's how three IT professionals measure Google's impact on the business world and what they expect to...

google photos ios

Why I'll pass on Google Photos for iOS

Read the fine print before you sign up for Google's new Photos service.

google photos leak

Why you want Google Photos

Google Photos is a powerful photo editing, cloud storage and search service. It solves all the major problems associated with taking thousands of photos over time -- problems of discovery, storage, management, editing and more.

google io 2015 1

Here’s what the floor at Google I/O 2015 looks like

Check out what actually happened at Google’s big annual shindig in San Francisco.

Google I/O

Enterprise tech a no-show at Google I/O

Google for Work and the company's other enterprise tools received nary a mention at its annual I/O developer conference this week. Google also notably omitted its cloud computing, TV, social media initiatives and focused on Android,...

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