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Google for Work much quicker to deploy than Office 365

Companies that deploy Google for Work do it an average of four months faster than those that choose Microsoft Office 365, according to a new report. However, Microsoft stole more customers away from Google than it lost to the rival...

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8 free Chrome extensions that enhance Google Drive

If you regularly use Google Drive through the Chrome browser or Chrome OS, here’s a selection of extensions that enhance the features of Google’s cloud storage service. All of these are free and we have tested all of them.

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Forget Google Glass: Carl Zeiss's smart lens prototype proves smart glasses can be subtle

This could be the breakthrough that pushes smart glasses into the mainstream.

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Google said to be working on messaging app that employs AI

Google is working on a new messaging app that will employ artificial intelligence to bring some of the company's data smarts to a chat bot service in the software, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

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Google updates Maps for iOS to show gas prices

Google buffs Maps to include gasoline prices, will Apple follow suit?

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Why Microsoft will beat Google in the enterprise cloud war

Google beat Microsoft to market with its cloud-based suite of business apps, but the tables have turned and many organizations, particularly large enterprises, are now looking to Microsoft for their cloud needs.

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Google's biggest hits, misses, and WTF moments of 2015

Google may have spent most of 2015 in rebuilding mode, but its products and services still managed to shake things up—for better and worse.

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Google's About Me page helps users control personal info

The About Me page, tailored for each user and editable, contains information including work history, contact information, educational background and places the user has lived, along with gender and birthday.

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No connectivity? No problem for Google Maps

Ever tried to use Google Maps in an area with spotty – or even no – Internet access? That may no longer be an issue.

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2M businesses pay for Google for Work, but what does that mean?

Google has in the past been tightlipped on how many businesses pay for its Google for Work suite of productivity apps, but this week it said 2 million companies are paid subscribers. It did not, however, specify how many people within...

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iPad face-off: Microsoft Office vs. Apple iWork vs. Google Apps

iPad office apps, round 10: Microsoft Office and Apple iWork get big upgrades for the iPad's new multitasking capabilities

Office 365 migration path

Why companies are switching from Google Apps to Office 365

The combination of familiar software and enterprise-class support is bringing early adopters disappointed by Google’s lack of progress back to Microsoft.

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How Motorola Solutions (and its 22,000 workers) ditched Microsoft for Google

One CIO's mission to move thousands of employees to Google for Work from Microsoft Office turned into the most significant IT training exercise of his career. Here's how he made sure the company continued to run smoothly during the...

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4 out of 5 Google for Work customers avoid Google Drive

Google released new statistics that reveal that only 20 percent of its business customers use its Drive cloud storage service each month. The company also announced that Ernst & Young has verified Drive's support for privacy...

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3 new Google Docs features enterprises will appreciate

Google Docs users gain three new productivity features released this week, including voice input and a research tool.

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Mother Nature teaches Google a lesson

Four successive lightning strikes on a local utility grid in Europe caused a data loss at Google's Belgium data center.

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5 things you need to know about Google and Alphabet

The Google restructuring unveiled earlier this week will bring a lot of changes to what is easily one of the world's best-known companies. Here's what it means.


Don’t look for Google to make big, quick changes after Alphabet pronouncement

The declaration Monday that saw Google reorganize under the banner of new holding company Alphabet was Big News, we all seem to agree, but it’s much less clear exactly what kind of Big News it is.

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