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15 of the Best Google Chrome Experiments Ever

A look at some of the coolest bits of Chrome experimentation out there, in honor of Google’s 1000th Chrome experiment being published this week.

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Android for Work Brings Container Security to Google Play Apps

IT can secure any Play Store apps for Lollipop users, but earlier Android versions require special app versions


Google Search Test Feature Adds Live Chats With Businesses

Google already lets you call businesses via Hangouts directly from search results. Now it's testing text-based Hangouts chats with businesses too.

Microsofts Pulling Facebook, Google Chat From

Say goodbye to Google Talk and Facebook chat in, because within about two weeks Microsoft's webmail app will be all about Skype and nothing but Skype.

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Watch Out! Gmail's Autocomplete is Suggesting the Wrong Email Addresses

You'd better check that recipient field twice before you click Send, because Gmail's autocomplete is having some issues.


Google Buying Softcard Tech, Partnering With Carriers to Boost Wallet Service

Google Wallet will now come preloaded on phones running KitKat on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Google Inbox

Google Wants to Manage Your Work Email With Inbox

Google is moving ahead with plans to roll out Inbox for Google Apps so people in the workplace can use it to manage email.

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Zuckerberg Talks Connectivity, Another Billion Users and Working with Google

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company could pick up another 1 billion users by 2020 and he would consider working with Google to extend Internet connectivity around the world.

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IT Execs Share Experiences With Google for Work

Many companies are still slowly shifting toward cloud-based infrastructure, but the organizations that take the plunge see a number of potential business benefits and productivity gains. Here are some of the ways CIOs and technology...

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Google Hangouts Never Works

The right browser, the right app, the right plug-in...or the wrong one...we'll help you sort out the worst hangups of Hangouts.

Google Hands Out Free Drive Space for Running Quick Security Checklist

Google today said it would give users of its Google Drive cloud storage service an additional 2GB if they ran a three-step security checkup.

How (and Why) to Use Google Drive as a Powerful Note-Taking Tool

If you want to easily collect, search, and share your digital notes, Google Drive could be the key.

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Google Earth Pro, Once $399, is Now Free

Google Earth Pro, which had a price tag of $399, is now available for free.

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Microsoft Office 365 Adoption Takes Off, War With Google Apps Rages On

Microsoft's efforts to overcome concerns about adopting its cloud-based Office suite seem to be paying off. Now the company is focusing on fending off the challenge from Google Apps.

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Why Betting on Google is Risky Business for Enterprises

Not everything that comes out of Google is gold. Some projects die quickly, others languish for years, but the risk is the same for companies that decide to invest early in Google's ambitious and unproven concepts, including its Glass...

New Year's Eve party

How to DJ Your New Year's Eve Party Using a Chromecast and Google Play Music

Be the expert mixmaster all with a few taps of your phone and Google's streaming dongle.

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Google Adds Song Lyrics to Search Results But it Feels Like a Cheap Cash Grab

Google's instant answer results for song lyrics are partial and push you towards the Google Play Store.

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Lollipops, Cardboard, and Barges: Google's 14 Biggest Hits and Misses of 2014

A tech company as big as Google is bound to do some amazing things every year, but it's also not immune to failure. Let's look back at where the search giant went right and wrong in 2014.

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