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Google Maps' Street View ascends 3,000 feet to the top of El Capitan

Google is looking up, way up with its latest addition to Street View, Yosemite National Park's El Capitan.

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Office 365 vs. Google for Work: A cloud comparison for small businesses

Microsoft and Google offer low-cost cloud tools for small- and medium-size businesses, but each of their offerings has unique strengths and weaknesses. Here's a high-level comparison of Office 365 and Google for Work, specifically for...

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Office 365 and Google for Work adoption rates to grow rapidly

Many large businesses are hesitant to forsake their legacy systems for a fully cloud-based infrastructure, but the number of smaller organizations that will run all of their IT services in the cloud is expected to more than double...

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Google Photos: How big a threat to Apple?

Google Photos, the amped up cloud-based photo storage service, organizer and editor, was one of the big reveals at Google I/O. So should Apple be nervous?

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IT pros say Google slowly infiltrating enterprise, education

Google for Work was a no-show at the company's I/O conference last week, but Google is still making its mark on the enterprise. Here's how three IT professionals measure Google's impact on the business world and what they expect to...

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Why I'll pass on Google Photos for iOS

Read the fine print before you sign up for Google's new Photos service.

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Why you want Google Photos

Google Photos is a powerful photo editing, cloud storage and search service. It solves all the major problems associated with taking thousands of photos over time -- problems of discovery, storage, management, editing and more.

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Here’s what the floor at Google I/O 2015 looks like

Check out what actually happened at Google’s big annual shindig in San Francisco.

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Enterprise tech a no-show at Google I/O

Google for Work and the company's other enterprise tools received nary a mention at its annual I/O developer conference this week. Google also notably omitted its cloud computing, TV, social media initiatives and focused on Android,...


Hands-on: Google’s Cardboard Expeditions almost made me barf

Sure, it was cool. But will kids really be into Google Cardboard app?

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Google targets online wannabes with offline maps and lightweight browsers

Google's quest to reach the billion or so people in the world who still can't connect to the Internet has produced several novel wireless technologies to make up for slow or poor networks.

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OK Google, bring me pizza: Now you can order food directly from search results

Looking for pizza delivery? Now you can start your order with Google.


Google killing PageSpeed website service

Google has alerted users of its PageSpeed Service for making websites zippier that it will be killing off the tools as of Aug. 3.

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Google senior VP talks about when the company nearly failed

One of those times came when the boom came to a sudden end in the early 2000s, Urs Holzle recalled.

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Google as your mom: New Chrome add-on nags about password reuse habit

Google released a free Chrome extension that preempts users from entering their Google account password into bogus websites and hampers the bad habit of reusing credentials.

Google: Cloud on verge of major transformation

The pace of innovation in the cloud is speeding. Think of what the smartphone looked like before the iPhone. That’s how primitive today’s cloud is going to look five years from now, Google’s infrastructure chief says.

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Currently useless Google Fi app surfaces on Play Store

The Google Fi app showed up for the first time Wednesday on the Play Store: The catch is that you'll need a Nexus 6 phablet and an invitation to the new wireless service in order to make any use of it.

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Everest avalanche kills privacy-focused Google engineer Dan Fredinburg

Dan Fredinburg, an engineer who worked on many of Google's most exciting projects during his 8 years with the company, died over the weekend in an avalanche on Mount Everest triggered by Nepal's devastating earthquake.

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