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How to overcome internal SLA misconceptions

Formal, internal service-level agreements creates a truly professional business relationship between IT and their 'clients,' driving value and boosting morale.

Think your management job is safe? Beware: the 'iCEO' is coming

Upper-level positions may be much more amenable to automation than you think

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Taking IT reorgs to the extreme

IT departments are constantly reorganizing, but a few companies have gone so far as to break the traditional IT department into pieces.

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2014 IT Outsourcing in Review: Grading Our Predictions

Last year, we predicted that smart machines would radically alter outsourcing, insourcing would increase and cloud computing would come down to earth. Now it's time to grade those and the rest of our predictions.


Getting Real About Information Governance

Even mature organizations can use IG to reduce risk and increase value. After all, everything from families to snowflakes operates under governance.

AHIMA Information Governance

Inside AHIMA's Framework for Healthcare Information Governance

Healthcare historically struggles with information governance. That's not surprising, given how much data there is and how many disparate sources it comes from. The American Health Information Management Association hopes to change...

New Role for CIOs: Governance for Data Analytics

There's a new Wild West to be tamed: all those (uncoordinated) data analytics projects sprouting throughout your organization.

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How to Make Accounting and CRM Systems Play Nice

It's a natural request: Integrate CRM with expense claim, accounts receivable and other accounting systems. It's also a bad idea, because accountants are from Mars and salespeople are from Venus.

End of Support for Windows XP a Danger to Tech Freedom

Everybody knows about Microsoft ending Windows XP support, but most of the articles and bloggers are hitting on the wrong point. Microsoft could very well be putting the IT industry in danger of becoming heavily regulated by the...

CIO Discovers the 'Terrifying' Reality of Cloud Apps Running Wild

Rogue cloud services are ripping gaping holes in the security fabric of most companies, putting the CIO in a tough spot. But as the fallout from the Target attack shows, IT and business leaders will go down together if the breach hits...

Why CIOs Shouldn't Block Rogue Cloud Apps

Enterprises have an average 461 cloud apps running in their organizations (nine to 10 times IT's estimates), according to some reports. Line-of-business managers hesitate to bring in the CIO out of fear of being blocked. If CIOs can...

Are You Too Old to Land a New IT Job?

Age really is just a number. If you're keeping current on new technologies and advancement, and show a willingness to keep learning and growing, there's no reason it should be an impediment to your job search.

How to Bring Shadow IT Under Control

Most business units these days are leveraging cloud services, and a majority of them are bypassing IT to do it, according to a new study. While many IT departments want to take charge of provisioning cloud services, it may make more...

CIOs Must Learn the Politics of No

CIOs may have good reason to reject a proposal or nix a technology request, but an inept or frequent 'no' will get you sidelined.

Good Governance Is a Make-or-Break Factor for IT

CIOs say that governance rules will ensure that IT initiatives are transparent, efficiently managed and provide maximum business impact.

How to Overcome Resistance to Global IT Standardization

There’s inevitable tension between enforcing global IT standardization and allowing flexibility at the local level. Here’s how to find the right balance.

Most Data Breaches Caused by Human Error, System Glitches

Companies can significantly decrease the cost of data breaches by teaching employees not to cut corners and by adopting a strong security posture and an incident response plan.

CISOs Must Engage the Board About Information Security

With technology now at the center of nearly all business processes, information security is no longer simply an operational concern. It deserves a place on the board's strategic agenda. And that means the CISO needs to step up in the...

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